PMID- 28609366
DCOM- 20180410
LR  - 20180803
IS  - 1536-4828 (Electronic)
IS  - 0885-3177 (Linking)
VI  - 46
IP  - 6
DP  - 2017 Jul
TI  - Visceral Adiposity Predicts Severity of Acute Pancreatitis.
PG  - 776-781
LID - 10.1097/MPA.0000000000000845 [doi]
AB  - OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to determine the association of visceral
      adiposity with severe outcomes in acute pancreatitis (AP). METHODS: This
      retrospective study included consecutive patients with AP admitted to a tertiary 
      care hospital between January 2010 and January 2015 who underwent a computed
      tomography scan. The visceral adipose tissue (VAT) volume was estimated using the
      method of Linder and colleagues. Multivariable logistic regression analysis was
      conducted to assess VAT as a predictor of severe AP compared with other validated
      predictors of severity. RESULTS: Five hundred and seventy four patients were
      admitted during the study period, of which 252 had a computed tomography scan
      available. Patients with severe AP had a larger VAT area compared with those with
      mild or moderate AP (mean: 184.9 cm vs 79.9 cm, P = 0.006). Patients who
      developed multisystem organ failure or had acute necrotic collections had a
      larger VAT area than those who did not (150.6 cm vs 91.0 cm, P = 0.004 and 174.0 
      cm vs 91.9 cm, P = 0.003, respectively). Visceral adipose tissue area
      demonstrated superior discrimination of severe AP compared with other severity
      predictors. CONCLUSIONS: Increased VAT area is a strong predictor of severe
      pancreatitis, necrosis, and multisystem organ failure.
FAU - Natu, Ashwinee
AU  - Natu A
AD  - From the *Department of Internal Medicine, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical
      Center; daggerDepartment of Gastroenterology, Digestive Disease Institute,
      Cleveland Clinic; double daggerCase Western Reserve University School of
      Medicine; section signDepartment of Quantitative Health Sciences, Cleveland
      Clinic; parallelDepartment of Gastroenterology, Digestive Disease Institute,
      University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center; paragraph signDepartment of
      Abdominal Imaging, Imaging Institute, Cleveland Clinic; #Department of Radiology,
      University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, Cleveland, OH.
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SO  - Pancreas. 2017 Jul;46(6):776-781. doi: 10.1097/MPA.0000000000000845.