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DP  - 2017 Sep 1
TI  - Developing a local antimicrobial resistance action plan: the Cornwall One Health 
      Antimicrobial Resistance Group.
PG  - 2661-2665
LID - 10.1093/jac/dkx164 [doi]
AB  - Objectives: The UK Five Year Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Strategy was
      published in September 2013 and recommended a One Health approach emphasizing the
      importance of collaboration to tackle AMR. We describe the inauguration of what
      we believe to be the first regional One Health group established in the UK. The
      purpose of the group was to ensure the implementation of a coordinated
      Cornwall-wide response to the UK AMR Strategy and we describe the outputs of the 
      group to date. Methods: The Cornwall Antimicrobial Resistance Group was set up as
      a sub-group of the Health & Wellbeing Board's Health Protection Committee.
      Stakeholders reviewed the key objectives set out within the Five Year AMR
      strategy, identified local priorities and existing work streams within Cornwall, 
      and completed a gap analysis. The annual work plan was developed from the gap
      analysis and provided a foundation for improved coordination of One Health
      antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) activity in Cornwall. Results: To date, outputs
      from the group can be arranged under the following themes: education and
      engagement with the public; education and engagement with healthcare workers and 
      veterinarians; and a comprehensive AMS programme for all sectors. The group
      continues to grow in size with wider stakeholder engagement and increased variety
      of work streams. Conclusions: This unique group facilitates discussions across
      sectors, which has enabled the sharing of knowledge, ideas and resources,
      stimulated local AMS initiatives, and ensured a platform for the development of
      future AMR and AMS work.
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