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DP  - 2017 Sep
TI  - Current and Emerging Therapies in Multiple Sclerosis: Implications for the
      Radiologist, Part 1-Mechanisms, Efficacy, and Safety.
PG  - 1664-1671
LID - 10.3174/ajnr.A5147 [doi]
AB  - Imaging for the diagnosis and follow-up of patients with suspected or confirmed
      multiple sclerosis is a common scenario for many general radiologists and
      subspecialty neuroradiologists. The field of MS therapeutics has rapidly evolved 
      with multiple new agents now being used in routine clinical practice. To provide 
      an informed opinion in discussions concerning newer MS agents, radiologists must 
      have a working understanding of the strengths and limitations of the various
      novel therapies. The role of imaging in MS has advanced beyond monitoring and
      surveillance of disease activity to include treatment complications. An
      understanding of the new generation of MS drugs in conjunction with the key role 
      that MR imaging plays in the detection of disease progression, opportunistic
      infections, and drug-related adverse events is of vital importance to the
      radiologist and clinical physician alike. Radiologists are in a unique position
      to detect many of the described complications well in advance of clinical
      symptoms. Part 1 of this review outlines recent developments in the treatment of 
      MS and discusses the published clinical data on the efficacy and safety of the
      currently approved and emerging therapies in this condition as they apply to the 
      radiologist. Part 2 will cover pharmacovigilance and the role the
      neuroradiologist plays in monitoring patients for signs of opportunistic
      infection and/or disease progression.
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