PMID- 27432055
DCOM- 20180806
LR  - 20180806
IS  - 1471-6771 (Electronic)
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VI  - 117 Suppl 1
DP  - 2016 Sep
TI  - Ultrasonographic identification of the cricothyroid membrane: best evidence,
      techniques, and clinical impact.
PG  - i39-i48
LID - 10.1093/bja/aew176 [doi]
AB  - Inability to identify the cricothyroid membrane by inspection and palpation
      contributes substantially to the high failure rate of cricothyrotomy. This
      narrative review summarizes the current evidence for application of airway
      ultrasonography for identification of the cricothyroid membrane compared with the
      clinical techniques. We identified the best-documented techniques for bedside
      use, their success rates, and the necessary training for airway-ultrasound-naive 
      clinicians. After a short but structured training, the cricothyroid membrane can 
      be identified using ultrasound in difficult patients by previously
      airway-ultrasound naive anaesthetists with double the success rate of palpation. 
      Based on the literature, we recommend identifying the cricothyroid membrane
      before induction of anaesthesia in all patients. Although inspection and
      palpation may suffice in most patients, the remaining patients will need
      ultrasonographic identification; a service that we should aim at making available
      in all locations where anaesthesia is undertaken and where patients with
      difficult airways could be encountered.
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