PMID- 21906768
DCOM- 20120126
LR  - 20131121
IS  - 0035-3787 (Print)
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VI  - 167
IP  - 10
DP  - 2011 Oct
TI  - [Management of primary central nervous system lymphoma].
PG  - 721-8
LID - 10.1016/j.neurol.2011.08.004 [doi]
AB  - Primary CNS lymphoma is the malignant brain tumor whose prognosis has improved
      the most the two past decades. The majority of the patients achieve a complete
      remission with treatment and a substantial minority may hope to be cured. The
      treatment includes high-dose methotrexate polychemotherapy combined or not with
      whole brain radiotherapy (WBRT). Elderly patients who are exposed to a high risk 
      of treatment induced neurotoxicity need a specific management avoiding or
      defering WBRT. In young patients, the main questions concerning the treatment are
      the role of consolidation WBRT and intensive chemotherapy with peripheral blood
      stem cell rescue in the initial treatment of PCNSL. As recently shown, national
      and international collaborative efforts make now possible randomized trials for
      this rare disease, which would contribute to better define the treatment
      strategy. New insights in PCNSL tumorigenesis would help to better understand the
      heterogeneity of outcome and to develop efficient targeted therapies.
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AU  - Gonzalez-Aguilar A
AD  - UPMC, Service de neurologie Mazarin, groupe hospitalier Pitie-Salpetriere, 47
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TT  - Prise en charge des lymphomes primitifs du systeme nerveux central.
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TA  - Rev Neurol (Paris)
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