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An Adaptive Mutation in Enterococcus faecium LiaR Associated with Antimicrobial Peptide Resistance Mimics Phosphorylation and Stabilizes LiaR in an Activated State.

Davlieva M, Tovar-Yanez A, DeBruler K, Leonard PG, Zianni MR, Arias CA, Shamoo Y.

J Mol Biol. 2016 Nov 6;428(22):4503-4519. doi: 10.1016/j.jmb.2016.09.016. Epub 2016 Sep 23.


A variable DNA recognition site organization establishes the LiaR-mediated cell envelope stress response of enterococci to daptomycin.

Davlieva M, Shi Y, Leonard PG, Johnson TA, Zianni MR, Arias CA, Ladbury JE, Shamoo Y.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2015 May 19;43(9):4758-73. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkv321. Epub 2015 Apr 19.


Altered residues in key proteins influence the expression and activity of the nitrogenase complex in an adaptive CO2 fixation-deficient mutant strain of Rhodobacter sphaeroides.

Farmer RM, Laguna R, Panescu J, McCoy A, Logsdon B, Zianni M, Moskvin OV, Gomelsky M, Tabita FR.

Microbiology. 2014 Jan;160(Pt 1):198-208. doi: 10.1099/mic.0.073031-0. Epub 2013 Oct 14.


Borrelia burgdorferi oxidative stress regulator BosR directly represses lipoproteins primarily expressed in the tick during mammalian infection.

Wang P, Dadhwal P, Cheng Z, Zianni MR, Rikihisa Y, Liang FT, Li X.

Mol Microbiol. 2013 Sep;89(6):1140-53. doi: 10.1111/mmi.12337. Epub 2013 Aug 14.


Comparison of commercially available target enrichment methods for next-generation sequencing.

Bodi K, Perera AG, Adams PS, Bintzler D, Dewar K, Grove DS, Kieleczawa J, Lyons RH, Neubert TA, Noll AC, Singh S, Steen R, Zianni M.

J Biomol Tech. 2013 Jul;24(2):73-86. doi: 10.7171/jbt.13-2402-002.


Rapid discrimination between Anopheles gambiae s.s. and Anopheles arabiensis by High-Resolution Melt (HRM) analysis.

Zianni MR, Nikbakhtzadeh MR, Jackson BT, Panescu J, Foster WA.

J Biomol Tech. 2013 Apr;24(1):1-7. doi: 10.7171/jbt.13-2401-001.


Sequencing of the Dutch elm disease fungus genome using the Roche/454 GS-FLX Titanium System in a comparison of multiple genomics core facilities.

Forgetta V, Leveque G, Dias J, Grove D, Lyons R Jr, Genik S, Wright C, Singh S, Peterson N, Zianni M, Kieleczawa J, Steen R, Perera A, Bintzler D, Adams S, Hintz W, Jacobi V, Bernier L, Levesque R, Dewar K.

J Biomol Tech. 2013 Apr;24(1):39-49. doi: 10.7171/jbt.12-2401-005.


Regulatory twist and synergistic role of metabolic coinducer- and response regulator-mediated CbbR-cbbI interactions in Rhodopseudomonas palustris CGA010.

Joshi GS, Zianni M, Bobst CE, Tabita FR.

J Bacteriol. 2013 Apr;195(7):1381-8. doi: 10.1128/JB.02060-12. Epub 2013 Jan 4.


Further unraveling the regulatory twist by elucidating metabolic coinducer-mediated CbbR-cbbI promoter interactions in Rhodopseudomonas palustris CGA010.

Joshi GS, Zianni M, Bobst CE, Tabita FR.

J Bacteriol. 2012 Mar;194(6):1350-60. doi: 10.1128/JB.06418-11. Epub 2012 Jan 13.


Identification of optimal protocols for sequencing difficult templates: results of the 2008 ABRF DNA Sequencing Research Group difficult template study 2008.

Kieleczawa J, Adam D, Bintzler D, Detwiler M, Needleman D, Schweitzer P, Singh S, Steen R, Zianni M.

J Biomol Tech. 2009 Apr;20(2):116-27.


Application of physicochemically modified silicon substrates as reverse-phase protein microarrays.

Nijdam AJ, Zianni MR, Herderick EE, Cheng MM, Prosperi JR, Robertson FA, Petricoin EF, Liotta LA, Ferrari M.

J Proteome Res. 2009 Mar;8(3):1247-54. doi: 10.1021/pr800455y.


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