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Betulinic acid, derived from the desert lavender Hyptis emoryi, attenuates paclitaxel-, HIV-, and nerve injury-associated peripheral sensory neuropathy via block of N- and T-type calcium channels.

Bellampalli SS, Ji Y, Moutal A, Cai S, Wijeratne EMK, Gandini MA, Yu J, Chefdeville A, Dorame A, Chew LA, Madura CL, Luo S, Molnar G, Khanna M, Streicher JM, Zamponi GW, Gunatilaka AAL, Khanna R.

Pain. 2018 Aug 28. doi: 10.1097/j.pain.0000000000001385. [Epub ahead of print]


A Membrane Potential- and Calpain-Dependent Reversal of Caspase-1 Inhibition Regulates Canonical NLRP3 Inflammasome.

Zhang Y, Rong H, Zhang FX, Wu K, Mu L, Meng J, Xiao B, Zamponi GW, Shi Y.

Cell Rep. 2018 Aug 28;24(9):2356-2369.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2018.07.098.


Selective inhibition of CaV3.2 channels reverses hyperexcitability of peripheral nociceptors and alleviates postsurgical pain.

Joksimovic SL, Joksimovic SM, Tesic V, García-Caballero A, Feseha S, Zamponi GW, Jevtovic-Todorovic V, Todorovic SM.

Sci Signal. 2018 Aug 28;11(545). pii: eaao4425. doi: 10.1126/scisignal.aao4425.


Microglial pannexin-1 channel activation is a spinal determinant of joint pain.

Mousseau M, Burma NE, Lee KY, Leduc-Pessah H, Kwok CHT, Reid AR, O'Brien M, Sagalajev B, Stratton JA, Patrick N, Stemkowski PL, Biernaskie J, Zamponi GW, Salo P, McDougall JJ, Prescott SA, Matyas JR, Trang T.

Sci Adv. 2018 Aug 8;4(8):eaas9846. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aas9846. eCollection 2018 Aug.


Binding mechanism investigations guiding the synthesis of novel condensed 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives with L-/T-type calcium channel blocking activity.

Schaller D, Gündüz MG, Zhang FX, Zamponi GW, Wolber G.

Eur J Med Chem. 2018 Jul 15;155:1-12. doi: 10.1016/j.ejmech.2018.05.032. Epub 2018 May 23.


T-type calcium channels functionally interact with spectrin (α/β) and ankyrin B.

Garcia-Caballero A, Zhang FX, Hodgkinson V, Huang J, Chen L, Souza IA, Cain S, Kass J, Alles S, Snutch TP, Zamponi GW.

Mol Brain. 2018 May 2;11(1):24. doi: 10.1186/s13041-018-0368-5.


Cav3.1 overexpression is associated with negative characteristics and prognosis in non-small cell lung cancer.

Suo A, Childers A, D'Silva A, Petersen LF, Otsuka S, Dean M, Li H, Enwere EK, Pohorelic B, Klimowicz A, Souza IA, Hamid J, Zamponi GW, Bebb D.

Oncotarget. 2018 Jan 12;9(9):8573-8583. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.24194. eCollection 2018 Feb 2.


BK Potassium Channels Suppress Cavα2δ Subunit Function to Reduce Inflammatory and Neuropathic Pain.

Zhang FX, Gadotti VM, Souza IA, Chen L, Zamponi GW.

Cell Rep. 2018 Feb 20;22(8):1956-1964. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2018.01.073.


A Crash Course in Calcium Channels.

Zamponi GW.

ACS Chem Neurosci. 2017 Dec 20;8(12):2583-2585. doi: 10.1021/acschemneuro.7b00415. Epub 2017 Nov 13. Review.


Activity-Dependent Facilitation of CaV1.3 Calcium Channels Promotes KCa3.1 Activation in Hippocampal Neurons.

Sahu G, Asmara H, Zhang FX, Zamponi GW, Turner RW.

J Neurosci. 2017 Nov 15;37(46):11255-11270. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0967-17.2017. Epub 2017 Oct 16.


The Cacna1h mutation in the GAERS model of absence epilepsy enhances T-type Ca2+ currents by altering calnexin-dependent trafficking of Cav3.2 channels.

Proft J, Rzhepetskyy Y, Lazniewska J, Zhang FX, Cain SM, Snutch TP, Zamponi GW, Weiss N.

Sci Rep. 2017 Sep 14;7(1):11513. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-11591-5.


Discovery and mode of action of a novel analgesic β-toxin from the African spider Ceratogyrus darlingi.

Sousa SR, Wingerd JS, Brust A, Bladen C, Ragnarsson L, Herzig V, Deuis JR, Dutertre S, Vetter I, Zamponi GW, King GF, Alewood PF, Lewis RJ.

PLoS One. 2017 Sep 7;12(9):e0182848. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0182848. eCollection 2017.


A T-type channel-calmodulin complex triggers αCaMKII activation.

Asmara H, Micu I, Rizwan AP, Sahu G, Simms BA, Zhang FX, Engbers JDT, Stys PK, Zamponi GW, Turner RW.

Mol Brain. 2017 Aug 11;10(1):37. doi: 10.1186/s13041-017-0317-8.


Identification of interleukin-1 beta as a key mediator in the upregulation of Cav3.2-USP5 interactions in the pain pathway.

Stemkowski PL, Garcia-Caballero A, Gadotti VM, M'Dahoma S, Chen L, Souza IA, Zamponi GW.

Mol Pain. 2017 Jan-Dec;13:1744806917724698. doi: 10.1177/1744806917724698.


Synthesis and biological evaluation of fluoro-substituted 3,4-dihydroquinazoline derivatives for cytotoxic and analgesic effects.

Kim JH, Jeong HR, Jung DW, Yoon HB, Kim SY, Kim HJ, Lee KT, Gadotti VM, Huang J, Zhang FX, Zamponi GW, Lee JY.

Bioorg Med Chem. 2017 Sep 1;25(17):4656-4664. doi: 10.1016/j.bmc.2017.07.010. Epub 2017 Jul 8.


Surfen is a broad-spectrum calcium channel inhibitor with analgesic properties in mouse models of acute and chronic inflammatory pain.

Rivas-Ramirez P, Gadotti VM, Zamponi GW, Weiss N.

Pflugers Arch. 2017 Oct;469(10):1325-1334. doi: 10.1007/s00424-017-2017-8. Epub 2017 Jun 30.


Recent advances in the development of T-type calcium channel blockers for pain intervention.

Snutch TP, Zamponi GW.

Br J Pharmacol. 2018 Jun;175(12):2375-2383. doi: 10.1111/bph.13906. Epub 2017 Jul 12. Review.


Erratum: Blocking microglial pannexin-1 channels alleviates morphine withdrawal in rodents.

Burma NE, Bonin RP, Leduc-Pessah H, Baimel C, Cairncross ZF, Mousseau M, Shankara JV, Stemkowski PL, Baimoukhametova D, Bains JS, Antle MC, Zamponi GW, Cahill CM, Borgland SL, DeKoninck Y, Trang T.

Nat Med. 2017 Jun 6;23(6):788. doi: 10.1038/nm0617-788c. No abstract available.


Down-regulation of T-type Cav3.2 channels by hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated channel 1 (HCN1): Evidence of a signaling complex.

Fan J, Gandini MA, Zhang FX, Chen L, Souza IA, Zamponi GW.

Channels (Austin). 2017 Sep 3;11(5):434-443. doi: 10.1080/19336950.2017.1326233. Epub 2017 May 3.


Synthesis of new N3-substituted dihydropyrimidine derivatives as L-/T- type calcium channel blockers.

Teleb M, Zhang FX, Farghaly AM, Aboul Wafa OM, Fronczek FR, Zamponi GW, Fahmy H.

Eur J Med Chem. 2017 Jul 7;134:52-61. doi: 10.1016/j.ejmech.2017.03.080. Epub 2017 Apr 3.


N-type Ca2+ channels are affected by full-length mutant huntingtin expression in a mouse model of Huntington's disease.

Silva FR, Miranda AS, Santos RPM, Olmo IG, Zamponi GW, Dobransky T, Cruz JS, Vieira LB, Ribeiro FM.

Neurobiol Aging. 2017 Jul;55:1-10. doi: 10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2017.03.015. Epub 2017 Mar 18.


TRPV1 Nociceptor Activity Initiates USP5/T-type Channel-Mediated Plasticity.

Stemkowski P, García-Caballero A, De Maria Gadotti V, M'Dahoma S, Huang S, Gertrud Black SA, Chen L, Souza IA, Zhang Z, Zamponi GW.

Cell Rep. 2017 Feb 28;18(9):2289-2290. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2017.02.050. No abstract available.


Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel N3-substituted dihydropyrimidine derivatives as T-type calcium channel blockers and their efficacy as analgesics in mouse models of inflammatory pain.

Teleb M, Zhang FX, Huang J, Gadotti VM, Farghaly AM, AboulWafa OM, Zamponi GW, Fahmy H.

Bioorg Med Chem. 2017 Mar 15;25(6):1926-1938. doi: 10.1016/j.bmc.2017.02.015. Epub 2017 Feb 13.


Carisbamate blockade of T-type voltage-gated calcium channels.

Kim DY, Zhang FX, Nakanishi ST, Mettler T, Cho IH, Ahn Y, Hiess F, Chen L, Sullivan PG, Chen SR, Zamponi GW, Rho JM.

Epilepsia. 2017 Apr;58(4):617-626. doi: 10.1111/epi.13710. Epub 2017 Feb 23.


Blocking microglial pannexin-1 channels alleviates morphine withdrawal in rodents.

Burma NE, Bonin RP, Leduc-Pessah H, Baimel C, Cairncross ZF, Mousseau M, Shankara JV, Stemkowski PL, Baimoukhametova D, Bains JS, Antle MC, Zamponi GW, Cahill CM, Borgland SL, De Koninck Y, Trang T.

Nat Med. 2017 Mar;23(3):355-360. doi: 10.1038/nm.4281. Epub 2017 Jan 30. Erratum in: Nat Med. 2017 Jun 6;23 (6):788.


TRPV1 Nociceptor Activity Initiates USP5/T-type Channel-Mediated Plasticity.

Stemkowski P, García-Caballero A, Gadotti VM, M'Dahoma S, Huang S, Black SAG, Chen L, Souza IA, Zhang Z, Zamponi GW.

Cell Rep. 2016 Dec 13;17(11):2901-2912. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2016.11.047. Erratum in: Cell Rep. 2017 Feb 28;18(9):2289-2290.


Block of voltage-gated calcium channels by peptide toxins.

Bourinet E, Zamponi GW.

Neuropharmacology. 2017 Dec;127:109-115. doi: 10.1016/j.neuropharm.2016.10.016. Epub 2016 Oct 15. Review.


Regulation of voltage gated calcium channels by GPCRs and post-translational modification.

Huang J, Zamponi GW.

Curr Opin Pharmacol. 2017 Feb;32:1-8. doi: 10.1016/j.coph.2016.10.001. Epub 2016 Oct 18. Review.


Cooperative roles of glucose and asparagine-linked glycosylation in T-type calcium channel expression.

Lazniewska J, Rzhepetskyy Y, Zhang FX, Zamponi GW, Weiss N.

Pflugers Arch. 2016 Nov;468(11-12):1837-1851. Epub 2016 Sep 23.


A cell-permeant peptide corresponding to the cUBP domain of USP5 reverses inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

Garcia-Caballero A, Gadotti VM, Chen L, Zamponi GW.

Mol Pain. 2016 Apr 29;12. pii: 1744806916642444. doi: 10.1177/1744806916642444. Print 2016.


Synthesis and characterization of a disubstituted piperazine derivative with T-type channel blocking action and analgesic properties.

Pudukulatham Z, Zhang FX, Gadotti VM, M'Dahoma S, Swami P, Tamboli Y, Zamponi GW.

Mol Pain. 2016 Apr 6;12. pii: 1744806916641678. doi: 10.1177/1744806916641678. Print 2016.


Reduced Hyperpolarization-Activated Current Contributes to Enhanced Intrinsic Excitability in Cultured Hippocampal Neurons from PrP(-/-) Mice.

Fan J, Stemkowski PL, Gandini MA, Black SA, Zhang Z, Souza IA, Chen L, Zamponi GW.

Front Cell Neurosci. 2016 Mar 24;10:74. doi: 10.3389/fncel.2016.00074. eCollection 2016.


Assessing the role of IKCa channels in generating the sAHP of CA1 hippocampal pyramidal cells.

Turner RW, Asmara H, Engbers JD, Miclat J, Rizwan AP, Sahu G, Zamponi GW.

Channels (Austin). 2016 Jul 3;10(4):313-9. doi: 10.1080/19336950.2016.1161988. Epub 2016 Mar 7.


Two heterozygous Cav3.2 channel mutations in a pediatric chronic pain patient: recording condition-dependent biophysical effects.

Souza IA, Gandini MA, Wan MM, Zamponi GW.

Pflugers Arch. 2016 Apr;468(4):635-42. doi: 10.1007/s00424-015-1776-3. Epub 2015 Dec 26.


Anticonvulsant mechanisms of piperine, a piperidine alkaloid.

Mishra A, Punia JK, Bladen C, Zamponi GW, Goel RK.

Channels (Austin). 2015;9(5):317-23. doi: 10.1080/19336950.2015.1092836.


Targeting voltage-gated calcium channels in neurological and psychiatric diseases.

Zamponi GW.

Nat Rev Drug Discov. 2016 Jan;15(1):19-34. doi: 10.1038/nrd.2015.5. Epub 2015 Nov 6. Review.


Protein interactome mining defines melatonin MT1 receptors as integral component of presynaptic protein complexes of neurons.

Benleulmi-Chaachoua A, Chen L, Sokolina K, Wong V, Jurisica I, Emerit MB, Darmon M, Espin A, Stagljar I, Tafelmeyer P, Zamponi GW, Delagrange P, Maurice P, Jockers R.

J Pineal Res. 2016 Jan;60(1):95-108. doi: 10.1111/jpi.12294. Epub 2015 Nov 30.


Possible role of trace elements in epilepsy and febrile seizures: a meta-analysis.

Saghazadeh A, Mahmoudi M, Meysamie A, Gharedaghi M, Zamponi GW, Rezaei N.

Nutr Rev. 2015 Nov;73(11):760-79. doi: 10.1093/nutrit/nuv026. Epub 2015 Oct 2.


RIM1/2-Mediated Facilitation of Cav1.4 Channel Opening Is Required for Ca2+-Stimulated Release in Mouse Rod Photoreceptors.

Grabner CP, Gandini MA, Rehak R, Le Y, Zamponi GW, Schmitz F.

J Neurosci. 2015 Sep 23;35(38):13133-47. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0658-15.2015.


The Physiology, Pathology, and Pharmacology of Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels and Their Future Therapeutic Potential.

Zamponi GW, Striessnig J, Koschak A, Dolphin AC.

Pharmacol Rev. 2015 Oct;67(4):821-70. doi: 10.1124/pr.114.009654. Review.


Effect of the T-type channel blocker KYS-05090S in mouse models of acute and neuropathic pain.

M'Dahoma S, Gadotti VM, Zhang FX, Park B, Nam JH, Onnis V, Balboni G, Lee JY, Zamponi GW.

Pflugers Arch. 2016 Feb;468(2):193-9. doi: 10.1007/s00424-015-1733-1. Epub 2015 Sep 10.


Analgesic effect of a broad-spectrum dihydropyridine inhibitor of voltage-gated calcium channels.

Gadotti VM, Bladen C, Zhang FX, Chen L, Gündüz MG, Şimşek R, Şafak C, Zamponi GW.

Pflugers Arch. 2015 Dec;467(12):2485-93. doi: 10.1007/s00424-015-1725-1. Epub 2015 Aug 19.


All roads lead to presynaptic calcium channel inhibition by the ghrelin receptor: Separate agonist-dependent and -independent signaling pathways.

Weiss N, Zamponi GW.

J Gen Physiol. 2015 Sep;146(3):201-4. doi: 10.1085/jgp.201511462. Epub 2015 Aug 17. No abstract available.


Role of Prelimbic GABAergic Circuits in Sensory and Emotional Aspects of Neuropathic Pain.

Zhang Z, Gadotti VM, Chen L, Souza IA, Stemkowski PL, Zamponi GW.

Cell Rep. 2015 Aug 4;12(5):752-9. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2015.07.001. Epub 2015 Jul 23.


The Triggle effect.

Snutch TP, Zamponi GW.

Biochem Pharmacol. 2015 Nov 15;98(2):322-6. doi: 10.1016/j.bcp.2015.07.003. Epub 2015 Jul 20. Review.


Inhibitory effect of positively charged triazine antagonists of prokineticin receptors on the transient receptor vanilloid type-1 (TRPV1) channel.

De Petrocellis L, Schiano Moriello A, Byun JS, Sohn JM, Lee JY, Vázquez-Romero A, Garrido M, Messeguer A, Zhang FX, Zamponi GW, Deplano A, Congiu C, Onnis V, Balboni G, Di Marzo V.

Pharmacol Res. 2015 Sep;99:362-9. doi: 10.1016/j.phrs.2015.07.009. Epub 2015 Jul 17.


Calcium Channel Signaling Complexes with Receptors and Channels.

Zamponi GW.

Curr Mol Pharmacol. 2015;8(1):8-11. Review.


Small organic molecule disruptors of Cav3.2 - USP5 interactions reverse inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

Gadotti VM, Caballero AG, Berger ND, Gladding CM, Chen L, Pfeifer TA, Zamponi GW.

Mol Pain. 2015 Mar 14;11:12. doi: 10.1186/s12990-015-0011-8.


Glutamate receptors function as scaffolds for the regulation of β-amyloid and cellular prion protein signaling complexes.

Hamilton A, Zamponi GW, Ferguson SS.

Mol Brain. 2015 Mar 24;8:18. doi: 10.1186/s13041-015-0107-0. Review.

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