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Chemoprophylaxis with sporozoite immunization in P. knowlesi rhesus monkeys confers protection and elicits sporozoite-specific memory T cells in the liver.

Pichyangkul S, Spring MD, Yongvanitchit K, Kum-Arb U, Limsalakpetch A, Im-Erbsin R, Ubalee R, Vanachayangkul P, Remarque EJ, Angov E, Smith PL, Saunders DL.

PLoS One. 2017 Feb 9;12(2):e0171826. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0171826. eCollection 2017.


Controlling the cytokine storm in severe bacterial diarrhoea with an oral Toll-like receptor 4 antagonist.

Islam D, Lombardini E, Ruamsap N, Imerbsin R, Khantapura P, Teo I, Neesanant P, Gonwong S, Yongvanitchit K, Swierczewski BE, Mason CJ, Shaunak S.

Immunology. 2016 Feb;147(2):178-89. doi: 10.1111/imm.12549. Epub 2015 Nov 24.


Tissue Distribution of Memory T and B Cells in Rhesus Monkeys following Influenza A Infection.

Pichyangkul S, Yongvanitchit K, Limsalakpetch A, Kum-Arb U, Im-Erbsin R, Boonnak K, Thitithayanont A, Jongkaewwattana A, Wiboon-ut S, Mongkolsirichaikul D, Mahanonda R, Spring M, Chuang I, Mason CJ, Saunders DL.

J Immunol. 2015 Nov 1;195(9):4378-86. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1501702. Epub 2015 Sep 25.


Pre-existing cross-reactive antibodies to avian influenza H5N1 and 2009 pandemic H1N1 in US military personnel.

Pichyangkul S, Krasaesub S, Jongkaewwattana A, Thitithanyanont A, Wiboon-Ut S, Yongvanitchit K, Limsalakpetch A, Kum-Arb U, Mongkolsirichaikul D, Khemnu N, Mahanonda R, Garcia JM, Mason CJ, Walsh DS, Saunders DL.

Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2014 Jan;90(1):149-52. doi: 10.4269/ajtmh.13-0151. Epub 2013 Nov 25.


Comparison of the immune responses induced by soluble and particulate Plasmodium vivax circumsporozoite vaccine candidates formulated in AS01 in rhesus macaques.

Vanloubbeeck Y, Pichyangkul S, Bayat B, Yongvanitchit K, Bennett JW, Sattabongkot J, Schaecher K, Ockenhouse CF, Cohen J, Yadava A; P. vivax vaccine study group.

Vaccine. 2013 Dec 16;31(52):6216-24. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2013.10.041. Epub 2013 Oct 19.


Evaluation of in vitro cross-reactivity to avian H5N1 and pandemic H1N1 2009 influenza following prime boost regimens of seasonal influenza vaccination in healthy human subjects: a randomised trial.

Bethell D, Saunders D, Jongkaewwattana A, Kramyu J, Thitithayanont A, Wiboon-ut S, Yongvanitchit K, Limsalakpetch A, Kum-Arb U, Uthaimongkol N, Garcia JM, Timmermans AE, Peiris M, Thomas S, Engering A, Jarman RG, Mongkolsirichaikul D, Mason C, Khemnu N, Tyner SD, Fukuda MM, Walsh DS, Pichyangkul S.

PLoS One. 2013;8(3):e59674. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0059674. Epub 2013 Mar 26.


Evaluation of the safety and immunogenicity in rhesus monkeys of a recombinant malaria vaccine for Plasmodium vivax with a synthetic Toll-like receptor 4 agonist formulated in an emulsion.

Lumsden JM, Pichyangkul S, Srichairatanakul U, Yongvanitchit K, Limsalakpetch A, Nurmukhambetova S, Klein J, Bertholet S, Vedvick TS, Reed SG, Sattabongkot J, Bennett JW, Polhemus ME, Ockenhouse CF, Howard RF, Yadava A.

Infect Immun. 2011 Sep;79(9):3492-500. doi: 10.1128/IAI.05257-11. Epub 2011 Jun 20.


Antiviral immune responses in H5N1-infected human lung tissue and possible mechanisms underlying the hyperproduction of interferon-inducible protein IP-10.

Thitithanyanont A, Engering A, Uiprasertkul M, Ekchariyawat P, Wiboon-Ut S, Kraivong R, Limsalakpetch A, Kum-Arb U, Yongvanitchit K, Sa-Ard-Iam N, Rukyen P, Mahanonda R, Kawkitinarong K, Auewarakul P, Utaisincharoen P, Sirisinha S, Mason CJ, Fukuda MM, Pichyangkul S.

Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2010 Aug 6;398(4):752-8. doi: 10.1016/j.bbrc.2010.07.017. Epub 2010 Jul 11.


Evaluation of the safety and immunogenicity of Plasmodium falciparum apical membrane antigen 1, merozoite surface protein 1 or RTS,S vaccines with adjuvant system AS02A administered alone or concurrently in rhesus monkeys.

Pichyangkul S, Tongtawe P, Kum-Arb U, Yongvanitchit K, Gettayacamin M, Hollingdale MR, Limsalakpetch A, Stewart VA, Lanar DE, Dutta S, Angov E, Ware LA, Bergmann-Leitner ES, House B, Voss G, Dubois MC, Cohen JD, Fukuda MM, Heppner DG, Miller RS.

Vaccine. 2009 Dec 11;28(2):452-62. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2009.10.022. Epub 2009 Oct 24.


Cross-reactive Antibodies against avian influenza virus A (H5N1).

Pichyangkul S, Jongkaewwattana A, Thitithanyanont A, Ekchariyawat P, Wiboon-ut S, Limsalakpetch A, Yongvanitchit K, Kum-Arb U, Mahanonda R, Utaisincharoen P, Sirisinha S, Mason CJ, Fukuda MM.

Emerg Infect Dis. 2009 Sep;15(9):1537-9. doi: 10.3201/eid1509.090471. No abstract available.


Expression and function of Toll-like receptors on dendritic cells and other antigen presenting cells from non-human primates.

Ketloy C, Engering A, Srichairatanakul U, Limsalakpetch A, Yongvanitchit K, Pichyangkul S, Ruxrungtham K.

Vet Immunol Immunopathol. 2008 Sep 15;125(1-2):18-30. doi: 10.1016/j.vetimm.2008.05.001. Epub 2008 May 8.


Preclinical evaluation of the safety and immunogenicity of a vaccine consisting of Plasmodium falciparum liver-stage antigen 1 with adjuvant AS01B administered alone or concurrently with the RTS,S/AS01B vaccine in rhesus primates.

Pichyangkul S, Kum-Arb U, Yongvanitchit K, Limsalakpetch A, Gettayacamin M, Lanar DE, Ware LA, Stewart VA, Heppner DG, Mettens P, Cohen JD, Ballou WR, Fukuda MM.

Infect Immun. 2008 Jan;76(1):229-38. Epub 2007 Oct 22.


High susceptibility of human dendritic cells to avian influenza H5N1 virus infection and protection by IFN-alpha and TLR ligands.

Thitithanyanont A, Engering A, Ekchariyawat P, Wiboon-ut S, Limsalakpetch A, Yongvanitchit K, Kum-Arb U, Kanchongkittiphon W, Utaisincharoen P, Sirisinha S, Puthavathana P, Fukuda MM, Pichyangkul S.

J Immunol. 2007 Oct 15;179(8):5220-7.


Expression of toll-like receptors on antigen-presenting cells in patients with falciparum malaria.

Loharungsikul S, Troye-Blomberg M, Amoudruz P, Pichyangkul S, Yongvanitchit K, Looareesuwan S, Mahakunkijcharoen Y, Sarntivijai S, Khusmith S.

Acta Trop. 2008 Jan;105(1):10-5. Epub 2007 Aug 9.


Randomized, controlled, double-blind trial of daily oral azithromycin in adults for the prophylaxis of Plasmodium vivax malaria in Western Thailand.

Heppner DG Jr, Walsh DS, Uthaimongkol N, Tang DB, Tulyayon S, Permpanich B, Wimonwattrawatee T, Chuanak N, Laoboonchai A, Sookto P, Brewer TG, McDaniel P, Eamsila C, Yongvanitchit K, Uhl K, Kyle DE, Keep LW, Miller RE, Wongsrichanalai C.

Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2005 Nov;73(5):842-9.


Characterization of circulating monocytes expressing HLA-DR or CD71 and related soluble factors for 2 weeks after severe, non-thermal injury.

Walsh DS, Thavichaigarn P, Pattanapanyasat K, Siritongtaworn P, Kongcharoen P, Tongtawe P, Yongvanitchit K, Jiarakul N, Dheeradhada C, Pearce FJ, Wiesmann WP, Webster HK.

J Surg Res. 2005 Dec;129(2):221-30. Epub 2005 Jul 19.


Malaria blood stage parasites activate human plasmacytoid dendritic cells and murine dendritic cells through a Toll-like receptor 9-dependent pathway.

Pichyangkul S, Yongvanitchit K, Kum-arb U, Hemmi H, Akira S, Krieg AM, Heppner DG, Stewart VA, Hasegawa H, Looareesuwan S, Shanks GD, Miller RS.

J Immunol. 2004 Apr 15;172(8):4926-33.


Robust in vitro replication of Plasmodium falciparum in glycosyl-phosphatidylinositol-anchored membrane glycoprotein-deficient red blood cells.

Pattanapanyasat K, Walsh DS, Yongvanitchit K, Piyawatthanasakul N, Wanachiwanawin W, Webster HK.

Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2003 Oct;69(4):360-5.


A blunted blood plasmacytoid dendritic cell response to an acute systemic viral infection is associated with increased disease severity.

Pichyangkul S, Endy TP, Kalayanarooj S, Nisalak A, Yongvanitchit K, Green S, Rothman AL, Ennis FA, Libraty DH.

J Immunol. 2003 Nov 15;171(10):5571-8.


Generation of gingival T cell lines/clones specific with Porphyromonas gingivalis pulsed dendritic cells from periodontitis patients.

Aroonrerk N, Pichyangkul S, Yongvanitchit K, Wisetchang M, Sa-Ard-Iam N, Sirisinha S, Mahanonda R.

J Periodontal Res. 2003 Jun;38(3):262-8.


Upregulation of co-stimulatory molecule expression and dendritic cell marker (CD83) on B cells in periodontal disease.

Mahanonda R, Sa-Ard-Iam N, Yongvanitchit K, Wisetchang M, Ishikawa I, Nagasawa T, Walsh DS, Pichyangkul S.

J Periodontal Res. 2002 Jun;37(3):177-83.


Effects of hydroxypyridinone iron chelators in combination with antimalarial drugs on the in vitro growth of Plasmodium falciparum.

Pattanapanyasat K, Kotipun K, Yongvanitchit K, Hider RC, Kyle DE, Heppner DG, Walsh DS.

Southeast Asian J Trop Med Public Health. 2001 Mar;32(1):64-9.


Isolation and characterization of rhesus blood dendritic cells using flow cytometry.

Pichyangkul S, Saengkrai P, Yongvanitchit K, Limsomwong C, Gettayacamin M, Walsh DS, Stewart VA, Ballou WR, Heppner DG.

J Immunol Methods. 2001 Jun 1;252(1-2):15-23.


Whole blood cultures to assess the immunostimulatory activities of CpG oligodeoxynucleotides.

Pichyangkul S, Yongvanitchit K, Kum-arb U, Krieg AM, Heppner DG, Walsh DS.

J Immunol Methods. 2001 Jan 1;247(1-2):83-94.


The immune modulation of B-cell responses by Porphyromonas ginginvalis and interleukin-10.

Champaiboon C, Yongvanitchit K, Pichyangkul S, Mahanonda R.

J Periodontol. 2000 Mar;71(3):468-75.


Lymphocyte activation after non-thermal trauma.

Walsh DS, Siritongtaworn P, Pattanapanyasat K, Thavichaigarn P, Kongcharoen P, Jiarakul N, Tongtawe P, Yongvanitchit K, Komoltri C, Dheeradhada C, Pearce FC, Wiesmann WP, Webster HK.

Br J Surg. 2000 Feb;87(2):223-30.


Impairment of Plasmodium falciparum growth in thalassemic red blood cells: further evidence by using biotin labeling and flow cytometry.

Pattanapanyasat K, Yongvanitchit K, Tongtawe P, Tachavanich K, Wanachiwanawin W, Fucharoen S, Walsh DS.

Blood. 1999 May 1;93(9):3116-9.


Regulation of leukocyte adhesion molecules CD11b/CD18 and leukocyte adhesion molecule-1 on phagocytic cells activated by malaria pigment.

Pichyangkul S, Saengkrai P, Yongvanitchit K, Heppner DG, Kyle DE, Webster HK.

Am J Trop Med Hyg. 1997 Oct;57(4):383-8.


Activation of gammadelta T cells in malaria: interaction of cytokines and a schizont-associated Plasmodium falciparum antigen.

Pichyangkul S, Saengkrai P, Yongvanitchit K, Stewart A, Heppner DG.

J Infect Dis. 1997 Jul;176(1):233-41.


Flow cytometric assessment of hydroxypyridinone iron chelators on in vitro growth of drug-resistant malaria.

Pattanapanyasat K, Thaithong S, Kyle DE, Udomsangpetch R, Yongvanitchit K, Hider RC, Webster HK.

Cytometry. 1997 Jan 1;27(1):84-91.


Culture of malaria parasites in two different red blood cell populations using biotin and flow cytometry.

Pattanapanyasat K, Yongvanitchit K, Heppner DG, Tongtawe P, Kyle DE, Webster HK.

Cytometry. 1996 Nov 1;25(3):287-94.


Flow cytometric immunophenotyping of lymphocyte subsets in samples that contain a high proportion of non-lymphoid cells.

Pattanapanyasat K, Kyle DE, Tongtawe P, Yongvanitchit K, Fucharoen S.

Cytometry. 1994 Dec 15;18(4):199-208.


Flow cytometric two-color staining technique for simultaneous determination of human erythrocyte membrane antigen and intracellular malarial DNA.

Pattanapanyasat K, Webster HK, Udomsangpetch R, Wanachiwanawin W, Yongvanitchit K.

Cytometry. 1992;13(2):182-7.


In vitro antimalarial activity of Brucea javanica against multi-drug resistant Plasmodium falciparum.

Pavanand K, Nutakul W, Dechatiwongse T, Yoshihira K, Yongvanitchit K, Scovill JP, Flippen-Anderson JL, Gilardi R, George C, Kanchanapee P, et al.

Planta Med. 1986 Apr;(2):108-11. No abstract available.


Cloning and characterization of mefloquine-resistant Plasmodium falciparum from Thailand.

Webster HK, Thaithong S, Pavanand K, Yongvanitchit K, Pinswasdi C, Boudreau EF.

Am J Trop Med Hyg. 1985 Nov;34(6):1022-7.


Antimalarial drug susceptibility testing of Plasmodium falciparum in Thailand using a microdilution radioisotope method.

Webster HK, Boudreau EF, Pavanand K, Yongvanitchit K, Pang LW.

Am J Trop Med Hyg. 1985 Mar;34(2):228-35.


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