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Menopausal symptoms in relationship to breast cancer-specific quality of life after adjuvant cytotoxic treatment in young breast cancer survivors.

Yeo W, Pang E, Liem GS, Suen JJS, Ng RYW, Yip CCH, Li L, Yip CHW, Mo FKF.

Health Qual Life Outcomes. 2020 Feb 10;18(1):24. doi: 10.1186/s12955-020-1283-x.


Large osteophyte removal from the posterior femoral condyle significantly improves extension at the time of surgery in a total knee arthroplasty.

Leie MA, Klasan A, Oshima T, Putnis SE, Yeo WW, Luk L, Coolican M.

J Orthop. 2019 Nov 18;19:76-83. doi: 10.1016/j.jor.2019.10.021. eCollection 2020 May-Jun.


Clinical and radiographic outcomes of computer-navigated total knee arthroplasty are not adversely affected by body mass index.

Puah KL, Yeo W, Tan MH.

J Orthop. 2019 Nov 12;19:54-58. doi: 10.1016/j.jor.2019.11.002. eCollection 2020 May-Jun.


Skin-conformal, soft material-enabled bioelectronic system with minimized motion artifacts for reliable health and performance monitoring of athletes.

Kwon S, Kwon YT, Kim YS, Lim HR, Mahmood M, Yeo WH.

Biosens Bioelectron. 2020 Mar 1;151:111981. doi: 10.1016/j.bios.2019.111981. Epub 2019 Dec 23.


NEPA efficacy and tolerability during (neo)adjuvant breast cancer chemotherapy with cyclophosphamide and doxorubicin.

Yeo W, Lau TK, Kwok CC, Lai KT, Chan VT, Li L, Chan V, Wong A, Soo WM, Yeung EW, Wong KH, Tang NL, Suen JJ, Mo FK.

BMJ Support Palliat Care. 2020 Jan 29. pii: bmjspcare-2019-002037. doi: 10.1136/bmjspcare-2019-002037. [Epub ahead of print]


Thin Dielectric Layer Enabled Low Voltage Operation of Fully Printed Flexible Carbon Nanotube Thin Film Transistors.

Chen J, Mishra S, Vaca D, Kumar N, Yeo WH, Sitaraman SK, Kumar S.

Nanotechnology. 2020 Jan 27. doi: 10.1088/1361-6528/ab703f. [Epub ahead of print]


A randomized study of olanzapine-containing versus standard antiemetic regimens for the prevention of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in Chinese breast cancer patients.

Yeo W, Lau TK, Li L, Lai KT, Pang E, Cheung M, Chan VT, Wong A, Soo WM, Yeung VT, Tse T, Lam DC, Yeung EW, Ng KP, Tang NL, Tong M, Suen JJ, Mo FK.

Breast. 2020 Jan 14;50:30-38. doi: 10.1016/j.breast.2020.01.005. [Epub ahead of print]


Removal of Cesium in Water Using Novel Composites Synthesized Nano-Sized Prussian Blue with Carbonyl Iron.

Kim JK, Yeo W, Joo JC.

J Nanosci Nanotechnol. 2020 Jul 1;20(7):4458-4460. doi: 10.1166/jnn.2020.17596.


Biosynthetic engineering of the antifungal, anti-MRSA auroramycin.

Yeo WL, Heng E, Tan LL, Lim YW, Ching KC, Tsai DJ, Jhang YW, Lauderdale TL, Shia KS, Zhao H, Ang EL, Zhang MM, Lim YH, Wong FT.

Microb Cell Fact. 2020 Jan 6;19(1):3. doi: 10.1186/s12934-019-1274-y.


Laminar flow does not affect risk of prosthetic joint infection after primary total knee replacement in Asian patients.

Teo BJX, Woo YL, Phua JKS, Chong HC, Yeo W, Tan AHC.

J Hosp Infect. 2019 Dec 24. pii: S0195-6701(19)30535-3. doi: 10.1016/j.jhin.2019.12.014. [Epub ahead of print]


Coronary venoplasty during cardiac resynchronization therapy device implantations: Acute results and clinical outcomes.

Boey E, Tan ESJ, Yeo WT, Singh D, Lim TW, Kojodjojo P, Seow SC.

Heart Rhythm. 2019 Dec 17. pii: S1547-5271(19)31104-X. doi: 10.1016/j.hrthm.2019.12.012. [Epub ahead of print]


Left ventricular pacing in patients with preexisting tricuspid valve disease.

Li TYW, Seow SC, Singh D, Yeo WT, Kojodjojo P, Lim TW.

J Arrhythm. 2019 Nov 11;35(6):836-841. doi: 10.1002/joa3.12257. eCollection 2019 Dec.


Soft Materials, Stretchable Mechanics, and Optimized Designs for Body-Wearable Compliant Antennas.

Kim YS, Basir A, Herbert R, Kim J, Yoo H, Yeo WH.

ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. 2020 Jan 15;12(2):3059-3067. doi: 10.1021/acsami.9b20233. Epub 2019 Dec 31.


Magnetic resonance imaging of dilated cardiomyopathy: prognostic benefit of identifying late gadolinium enhancement in Asian patients.

Infante AN, Koo CCY, Yip A, Lim YH, Yeo WT, Quek ST, Lim TW, Seow SC, Chai P, Ong CC, Teo L, Singh D, Kojodjojo P.

Singapore Med J. 2019 Dec 10. doi: 10.11622/smedj.2019166. [Epub ahead of print]


Wireless, Skin-Like Membrane Electronics with Multifunctional Ergonomic Sensors for Enhanced Pediatric Care.

Kim YS, Mahmood M, Kwon S, Maher K, Kang JW, Yeo WH.

IEEE Trans Biomed Eng. 2019 Nov 26. doi: 10.1109/TBME.2019.2956048. [Epub ahead of print]


Electrocardiography findings and clinical presentation in Ebstein's anomaly.

Dalakoti M, Singh D, Yeo WT, Tay LWE, Poh KK.

Singapore Med J. 2019 Nov;60(11):560-564. doi: 10.11622/smedj.2019146.


Escitalopram-induced liver injury: A case report and review of literature.

Ng QX, Yong CSK, Loke W, Yeo WS, Soh AYS.

World J Hepatol. 2019 Oct 27;11(10):719-724. doi: 10.4254/wjh.v11.i10.719.


A systematic review of the clinical use of Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) to ameliorate cognitive dysfunction.

Ng QX, Loke W, Foo NX, Tan WJ, Chan HW, Lim DY, Yeo WS.

Phytother Res. 2019 Nov 19. doi: 10.1002/ptr.6552. [Epub ahead of print] Review.


The Diagnostic Value of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Identifying Unsuspected Malignancy in Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Vertebral Augmentation for Vertebral Compression Fractures.

Zhihong C, Jowell CSD, Aftab S, Tan SB, Guo CM, Tat JCL, Fong PL, Yeo W, Siddiqui MA.

Int J Spine Surg. 2019 Oct 31;13(5):464-469. doi: 10.14444/6061. eCollection 2019 Oct.


Perioperative Factors Influencing Postoperative Satisfaction After Lateral Access Surgery for Degenerative Lumbar Spondylolisthesis.

Xu S, Liow MHL, Goh KMJ, Yeo W, Ling ZM, Soh CCR, Tan SB, Chen LTJ, Guo CM.

Int J Spine Surg. 2019 Oct 31;13(5):415-422. doi: 10.14444/6056. eCollection 2019 Oct.


Patients With Poor Baseline Mental Health May Experience Significant Improvements in Pain and Disability After Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion: A 5-Year Follow-up Study.

Goh GS, Liow MHL, Yeo W, Ling ZM, Yue WM, Guo CM, Tan SB, Chen JL.

Clin Spine Surg. 2019 Nov 8. doi: 10.1097/BSD.0000000000000912. [Epub ahead of print]


Mechanically transformative electronics, sensors, and implantable devices.

Byun SH, Sim JY, Zhou Z, Lee J, Qazi R, Walicki MC, Parker KE, Haney MP, Choi SH, Shon A, Gereau GB, Bilbily J, Li S, Liu Y, Yeo WH, McCall JG, Xiao J, Jeong JW.

Sci Adv. 2019 Nov 1;5(11):eaay0418. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aay0418. eCollection 2019 Nov.


Clinical Role of Aspirin in Mood Disorders: A Systematic Review.

Ng QX, Ramamoorthy K, Loke W, Lee MWL, Yeo WS, Lim DY, Sivalingam V.

Brain Sci. 2019 Oct 29;9(11). pii: E296. doi: 10.3390/brainsci9110296.


Use of Superelastic Nitinol and Highly-Stretchable Latex to Develop a Tongue Prosthetic Assist Device and Facilitate Swallowing for Dysphagia Patients.

Shayan M, Gildener-Leapman N, Elsisy M, Hastings JT, Kwon S, Yeo WH, Kim JH, Shridhar P, Salazar G, Chun Y.

Materials (Basel). 2019 Oct 30;12(21). pii: E3555. doi: 10.3390/ma12213555.


Corrigendum to "Nivolumab in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma: Sorafenib-experienced Asian cohort analysis" [J Hepatol 71 (2019) 543-552].

Yau T, Hsu C, Kim TY, Choo SP, Kang YK, Hou MM, Numata K, Yeo W, Chopra A, Ikeda M, Kuromatsu R, Moriguchi M, Chao Y, Zhao H, Anderson J, Dela Cruz C, Kudo M.

J Hepatol. 2019 Dec;71(6):1278. doi: 10.1016/j.jhep.2019.09.013. Epub 2019 Oct 25. No abstract available.


Tumor Suppression of Ras GTPase-Activating Protein RASA5 through Antagonizing Ras Signaling Perturbation in Carcinomas.

Li L, Fan Y, Huang X, Luo J, Zhong L, Shu XS, Lu L, Xiang T, Chan ATC, Yeo W, Chen C, Chan WY, Huganir RL, Tao Q.

iScience. 2019 Nov 22;21:1-18. doi: 10.1016/j.isci.2019.10.007. Epub 2019 Oct 8.


Lithium-associated renal dysfunction: To stop or not to stop?

Ng QX, Yeo WS, Sivalingam V.

Bipolar Disord. 2019 Oct 18. doi: 10.1111/bdi.12853. [Epub ahead of print] No abstract available.


Is there an association between Helicobacter pylori infection and irritable bowel syndrome? A meta-analysis.

Ng QX, Foo NX, Loke W, Koh YQ, Seah VJM, Soh AYS, Yeo WS.

World J Gastroenterol. 2019 Oct 7;25(37):5702-5710. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v25.i37.5702.


Radiotherapy-Compatible Robotic System for Multi-Landmark Positioning in Head and Neck Cancer Treatments.

Ostyn M, Wang S, Kim YS, Kim S, Yeo WH.

Sci Rep. 2019 Oct 7;9(1):14358. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-50797-7.


Response to the Letter to the Editor on "Advanced Age Is Not a Barrier to Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Detailed Analysis of Outcomes and Complications in an Elderly Cohort Compared With Average Age Total Knee Arthroplasty Patients".

Klasan A, Putnis SE, Yeo WW, Fritsch BA, Coolican MR, Parker DA.

J Arthroplasty. 2019 Dec;34(12):3135-3136. doi: 10.1016/j.arth.2019.09.006. Epub 2019 Sep 11. No abstract available.


Fully Printed, Wireless, Stretchable Implantable Biosystem toward Batteryless, Real-Time Monitoring of Cerebral Aneurysm Hemodynamics.

Herbert R, Mishra S, Lim HR, Yoo H, Yeo WH.

Adv Sci (Weinh). 2019 Aug 7;6(18):1901034. doi: 10.1002/advs.201901034. eCollection 2019 Sep 18.


Response to Sung, Rosenberg, and Yang.

Lin CH, Yap YS, Lee KH, Yeo W, Ueno T, Li H, Huang SM, Lu YS.

J Natl Cancer Inst. 2019 Sep 23. pii: djz191. doi: 10.1093/jnci/djz191. [Epub ahead of print] No abstract available.


An extensive perioral rash.

Ng NB, Yeo WS.

BMJ. 2019 Sep 19;366:l5014. doi: 10.1136/bmj.l5014. No abstract available.


The Association Between Psychological Resilience and Physical Function Among Older Adults With Hip Fracture Surgery.

Lim KK, Matchar DB, Tan CS, Yeo W, Østbye T, Howe TS, Koh JSB.

J Am Med Dir Assoc. 2020 Feb;21(2):260-266.e2. doi: 10.1016/j.jamda.2019.07.005. Epub 2019 Sep 12.


All-in-One, Wireless, Stretchable Hybrid Electronics for Smart, Connected, and Ambulatory Physiological Monitoring.

Kim YS, Mahmood M, Lee Y, Kim NK, Kwon S, Herbert R, Kim D, Cho HC, Yeo WH.

Adv Sci (Weinh). 2019 Jul 24;6(17):1900939. doi: 10.1002/advs.201900939. eCollection 2019 Sep 4.


Correction: Chemogenomic profiling in yeast reveals antifungal mode-of-action of polyene macrolactam auroramycin.

Wong JH, Alfatah M, Kong KW, Hoon S, Yeo WL, Ching KC, Goh CJH, Zhang MM, Lim YH, Wong FT, Arumugam P.

PLoS One. 2019 Aug 8;14(8):e0221074. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0221074. eCollection 2019.


Zoonosis: an unusual case of chronic osteomyelitis.

Ng QX, Seng C, Chan FZY, Yeo WS.

Singapore Med J. 2019 Jul;60(7):379-381. doi: 10.11622/smedj.2019076. No abstract available.


A Meta-Analysis of the Utility of Preoperative Intravenous Paracetamol for Post-Caesarean Analgesia.

Ng QX, Loke W, Yeo WS, Chng KYY, Tan CH.

Medicina (Kaunas). 2019 Jul 31;55(8). pii: E424. doi: 10.3390/medicina55080424.


Effect of Diabetes Mellitus on Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy and to Prognosis in Heart Failure (from the Prospective Evaluation of Asian With Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy for Heart Failure Study).

Tan ESJ, Lim J, Chan SP, Seow JT, Singh D, Yeo WT, Lim TW, Kojodjojo P, Seow SC.

Am J Cardiol. 2019 Sep 15;124(6):899-906. doi: 10.1016/j.amjcard.2019.06.004. Epub 2019 Jun 24.


Causes and prognosis of symptomatic pericardial effusions treated by pericardiocentesis in an Asian academic medical centre.

Cheong XP, Law LKP, Seow SC, Tay LWE, Tan HC, Yeo WT, Low AF, Kojodjojo P.

Singapore Med J. 2019 Jul 11. doi: 10.11622/smedj.2019065. [Epub ahead of print]


Targeting Mannitol Metabolism as an Alternative Antimicrobial Strategy Based on the Structure-Function Study of Mannitol-1-Phosphate Dehydrogenase in Staphylococcus aureus.

Nguyen T, Kim T, Ta HM, Yeo WS, Choi J, Mizar P, Lee SS, Bae T, Chaurasia AK, Kim KK.

mBio. 2019 Jul 9;10(4). pii: e02660-18. doi: 10.1128/mBio.02660-18.


Advanced Soft Materials, Sensor Integrations, and Applications of Wearable Flexible Hybrid Electronics in Healthcare, Energy, and Environment.

Lim HR, Kim HS, Qazi R, Kwon YT, Jeong JW, Yeo WH.

Adv Mater. 2019 Jul 8:e1901924. doi: 10.1002/adma.201901924. [Epub ahead of print] Review.


Treating HR+/HER2- breast cancer in premenopausal Asian women: Asian Breast Cancer Cooperative Group 2019 Consensus and position on ovarian suppression.

Yeo W, Ueno T, Lin CH, Liu Q, Lee KH, Leung R, Naito Y, Park YH, Im SA, Li H, Yap YS, Lu YS; Asian Breast Cancer Cooperative Group.

Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2019 Oct;177(3):549-559. doi: 10.1007/s10549-019-05318-5. Epub 2019 Jul 4. Review.


Chemogenomic profiling in yeast reveals antifungal mode-of-action of polyene macrolactam auroramycin.

Wong JH, Alfatah M, Kong KW, Hoon S, Yeo WL, Ching KC, Jie Hui Goh C, Zhang MM, Lim YH, Wong FT, Arumugam P.

PLoS One. 2019 Jun 10;14(6):e0218189. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0218189. eCollection 2019. Erratum in: PLoS One. 2019 Aug 8;14(8):e0221074.


Nivolumab in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma: Sorafenib-experienced Asian cohort analysis.

Yau T, Hsu C, Kim TY, Choo SP, Kang YK, Hou MM, Numata K, Yeo W, Chopra A, Ikeda M, Kuromatsu R, Moriguchi M, Chao Y, Zhao H, Anderson J, Cruz CD, Kudo M.

J Hepatol. 2019 Sep;71(3):543-552. doi: 10.1016/j.jhep.2019.05.014. Epub 2019 Jun 7. Erratum in: J Hepatol. 2019 Dec;71(6):1278.


Advanced Age Is Not a Barrier to Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Detailed Analysis of Outcomes and Complications in an Elderly Cohort Compared With Average Age Total Knee Arthroplasty Patients.

Klasan A, Putnis SE, Yeo WW, Fritsch BA, Coolican MR, Parker DA.

J Arthroplasty. 2019 Sep;34(9):1938-1945. doi: 10.1016/j.arth.2019.05.007. Epub 2019 May 9.


Byakangelicin as a modulator for improved distribution and bioactivity of natural compounds and synthetic drugs in the brain.

Kang YY, Song J, Kim JY, Jung H, Yeo WS, Lim Y, Mok H.

Phytomedicine. 2019 Sep;62:152963. doi: 10.1016/j.phymed.2019.152963. Epub 2019 May 17.


Contrasting Epidemiology and Clinicopathology of Female Breast Cancer in Asians vs the US Population.

Lin CH, Yap YS, Lee KH, Im SA, Naito Y, Yeo W, Ueno T, Kwong A, Li H, Huang SM, Leung R, Han W, Tan B, Hu FC, Huang CS, Cheng AL, Lu YS; Asian Breast Cancer Cooperative Group.

J Natl Cancer Inst. 2019 Dec 1;111(12):1298-1306. doi: 10.1093/jnci/djz090.


Characterization of Cas proteins for CRISPR-Cas editing in streptomycetes.

Yeo WL, Heng E, Tan LL, Lim YW, Lim YH, Hoon S, Zhao H, Zhang MM, Wong FT.

Biotechnol Bioeng. 2019 Sep;116(9):2330-2338. doi: 10.1002/bit.27021. Epub 2019 May 30.


A Systematic Review of the Role of Prebiotics and Probiotics in Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Ng QX, Loke W, Venkatanarayanan N, Lim DY, Soh AYS, Yeo WS.

Medicina (Kaunas). 2019 May 10;55(5). pii: E129. doi: 10.3390/medicina55050129.

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