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Pembrolizumab for Treating Relapsed or Refractory Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma: An Evidence Review Group Perspective of a NICE Single Technology Appraisal.

Grimm SE, Fayter D, Ramaekers BLT, Petersohn S, Riemsma R, Armstrong N, Pouwels X, Witlox W, Noake C, Worthy G, Kleijnen J, Joore MA.

Pharmacoeconomics. 2019 Mar 21. doi: 10.1007/s40273-019-00792-7. [Epub ahead of print] Review.


Obinutuzumab in Combination with Chemotherapy for the First-Line Treatment of Patients with Advanced Follicular Lymphoma : An Evidence Review Group Evaluation of the NICE Single Technology Appraisal.

Thielen FW, Büyükkaramikli NC, Riemsma R, Fayter D, Armstrong N, Wei CY, Huertas Carrera V, Misso K, Worthy G, Kleijnen J, Corro Ramos I.

Pharmacoeconomics. 2019 Aug;37(8):975-984. doi: 10.1007/s40273-018-0740-4. Review.


Arsenic Trioxide for Treating Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia: An Evidence Review Group Perspective of a NICE Single Technology Appraisal.

Ramaekers BLT, Riemsma R, Grimm S, Fayter D, Deshpande S, Armstrong N, Witlox W, Pouwels X, Duffy S, Worthy G, Kleijnen J, Joore MA.

Pharmacoeconomics. 2019 Jul;37(7):887-894. doi: 10.1007/s40273-018-0738-y. Review.


Nivolumab for Treating Metastatic or Unresectable Urothelial Cancer: An Evidence Review Group Perspective of a NICE Single Technology Appraisal.

Grimm SE, Armstrong N, Ramaekers BLT, Pouwels X, Lang S, Petersohn S, Riemsma R, Worthy G, Stirk L, Ross J, Kleijnen J, Joore MA.

Pharmacoeconomics. 2019 May;37(5):655-667. doi: 10.1007/s40273-018-0723-5. Review.


Break Down Silos.

Worthy GAJ, Yestrebsky CL.

Sci Am. 2018 Sep 18;319(4):64-67. doi: 10.1038/scientificamerican1018-64. No abstract available.


Ixekizumab for Treating Moderate-to-Severe Plaque Psoriasis: An Evidence Review Group Perspective of a NICE Single Technology Appraisal.

Ramaekers BLT, Wolff RF, Pouwels X, Oosterhoff M, Van Giessen A, Worthy G, Noake C, Armstrong N, Kleijnen J, Joore MA.

Pharmacoeconomics. 2018 Aug;36(8):917-927. doi: 10.1007/s40273-018-0629-2. Review.


Ticagrelor for Secondary Prevention of Atherothrombotic Events After Myocardial Infarction: An Evidence Review Group Perspective of a NICE Single Technology Appraisal.

Pouwels XGLV, Wolff R, Ramaekers BLT, Van Giessen A, Lang S, Ryder S, Worthy G, Duffy S, Armstrong N, Kleijnen J, Joore MA.

Pharmacoeconomics. 2018 May;36(5):533-543. doi: 10.1007/s40273-017-0607-0. Review.


Trifluridine-Tipiracil for Previously Treated Metastatic Colorectal Cancer: An Evidence Review Group Perspective of a NICE Single Technology Appraisal.

Ramaekers BLT, Wolff R, van Giessen A, Pouwels X, Fayter D, Lang S, Armstrong N, Worthy G, Duffy S, Kleijnen J, Joore MA.

Pharmacoeconomics. 2018 Mar;36(3):285-288. doi: 10.1007/s40273-017-0591-4. Review.


Pomalidomide with Dexamethasone for Treating Relapsed and Refractory Multiple Myeloma Previously Treated with Lenalidomide and Bortezomib: An Evidence Review Group Perspective of an NICE Single Technology Appraisal.

Büyükkaramikli NC, de Groot S, Fayter D, Wolff R, Armstrong N, Stirk L, Worthy G, Albuquerque de Almeida F, Kleijnen J, Al MJ.

Pharmacoeconomics. 2018 Feb;36(2):145-159. doi: 10.1007/s40273-017-0581-6. Review.


Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis on the Efficacy of Evolocumab and Other Therapies for the Management of Lipid Levels in Hyperlipidemia.

Toth PP, Worthy G, Gandra SR, Sattar N, Bray S, Cheng LI, Bridges I, Worth GM, Dent R, Forbes CA, Deshpande S, Ross J, Kleijnen J, Stroes ESG.

J Am Heart Assoc. 2017 Oct 2;6(10). pii: e005367. doi: 10.1161/JAHA.116.005367. Review.


Ramucirumab for Treating Advanced Gastric Cancer or Gastro-Oesophageal Junction Adenocarcinoma Previously Treated with Chemotherapy: An Evidence Review Group Perspective of a NICE Single Technology Appraisal.

Büyükkaramikli NC, Blommestein HM, Riemsma R, Armstrong N, Clay FJ, Ross J, Worthy G, Severens J, Kleijnen J, Al MJ.

Pharmacoeconomics. 2017 Dec;35(12):1211-1221. doi: 10.1007/s40273-017-0528-y. Review.


Telephone-supported computerised cognitive-behavioural therapy: REEACT-2 large-scale pragmatic randomised controlled trial.

Gilbody S, Brabyn S, Lovell K, Kessler D, Devlin T, Smith L, Araya R, Barkham M, Bower P, Cooper C, Knowles S, Littlewood E, Richards DA, Tallon D, White D, Worthy G; REEACT collaborative.

Br J Psychiatry. 2017 May;210(5):362-367. doi: 10.1192/bjp.bp.116.192435. Epub 2017 Mar 2.


The second Randomised Evaluation of the Effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and Acceptability of Computerised Therapy (REEACT-2) trial: does the provision of telephone support enhance the effectiveness of computer-delivered cognitive behaviour therapy? A randomised controlled trial.

Brabyn S, Araya R, Barkham M, Bower P, Cooper C, Duarte A, Kessler D, Knowles S, Lovell K, Littlewood E, Mattock R, Palmer S, Pervin J, Richards D, Tallon D, White D, Walker S, Worthy G, Gilbody S.

Health Technol Assess. 2016 Nov;20(89):1-64.


Comparative effectiveness of biologics for the management of rheumatoid arthritis: systematic review and network meta-analysis.

Alfonso-Cristancho R, Armstrong N, Arjunji R, Riemsma R, Worthy G, Ganguly R, Kleijnen J.

Clin Rheumatol. 2017 Jan;36(1):25-34. doi: 10.1007/s10067-016-3435-2. Epub 2016 Oct 10. Review.


The relationship between Lp(a) and CVD outcomes: a systematic review.

Forbes CA, Quek RG, Deshpande S, Worthy G, Wolff R, Stirk L, Kleijnen J, Gandra SR, Djedjos S, Wong ND.

Lipids Health Dis. 2016 May 17;15:95. doi: 10.1186/s12944-016-0258-8. Review.


Relationship between changes in coronary atherosclerotic plaque burden measured by intravascular ultrasound and cardiovascular disease outcomes: a systematic literature review.

Forbes C, Quek RG, Deshpande S, Worthy G, Ross J, Kleijnen J, Gandra SR, Kassahun H, Wong ND, Nicholls SJ.

Curr Med Res Opin. 2016 Jun;32(6):1143-50. doi: 10.1185/03007995.2016.1162775. Epub 2016 Mar 17. Review.


Integrated sensor-augmented pump therapy systems [the MiniMed® Paradigm™ Veo system and the Vibe™ and G4® PLATINUM CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) system] for managing blood glucose levels in type 1 diabetes: a systematic review and economic evaluation.

Riemsma R, Corro Ramos I, Birnie R, Büyükkaramikli N, Armstrong N, Ryder S, Duffy S, Worthy G, Al M, Severens J, Kleijnen J.

Health Technol Assess. 2016 Feb;20(17):v-xxxi, 1-251. doi: 10.3310/hta20170. Review.



Wielders LH, Lambermont VA, Schouten JS, van den Biggelaar FJ, Worthy G, Simons RW, Winkens B, Nuijts RM.

Am J Ophthalmol. 2016 Jan;161:222-3. doi: 10.1016/j.ajo.2015.10.006. Epub 2015 Oct 29. No abstract available.


Lenalidomide for the Treatment of Low- or Intermediate-1-Risk Myelodysplastic Syndromes Associated with Deletion 5q Cytogenetic Abnormality: An Evidence Review of the NICE Submission from Celgene.

Blommestein HM, Armstrong N, Ryder S, Deshpande S, Worthy G, Noake C, Riemsma R, Kleijnen J, Severens JL, Al MJ.

Pharmacoeconomics. 2016 Jan;34(1):23-31. doi: 10.1007/s40273-015-0318-3.


A systematic review of randomised controlled trials of radiotherapy for localised prostate cancer.

Wolff RF, Ryder S, Bossi A, Briganti A, Crook J, Henry A, Karnes J, Potters L, de Reijke T, Stone N, Burckhardt M, Duffy S, Worthy G, Kleijnen J.

Eur J Cancer. 2015 Nov;51(16):2345-67. doi: 10.1016/j.ejca.2015.07.019. Epub 2015 Aug 5. Review.


Prevention of Cystoid Macular Edema After Cataract Surgery in Nondiabetic and Diabetic Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Wielders LH, Lambermont VA, Schouten JS, van den Biggelaar FJ, Worthy G, Simons RW, Winkens B, Nuijts RM.

Am J Ophthalmol. 2015 Nov;160(5):968-981.e33. doi: 10.1016/j.ajo.2015.07.032. Epub 2015 Jul 29. Review.


Systematic review and mixed treatment comparison of intravitreal aflibercept with other therapies for diabetic macular edema (DME).

Korobelnik JF, Kleijnen J, Lang SH, Birnie R, Leadley RM, Misso K, Worthy G, Muston D, Do DV.

BMC Ophthalmol. 2015 May 15;15:52. doi: 10.1186/s12886-015-0035-x. Review.


Statistical analysis and reporting: common errors found during peer review and how to avoid them.

Worthy G.

Swiss Med Wkly. 2015 Feb 4;145:w14076. doi: 10.4414/smw.2015.14076. eCollection 2015. Review.


Review of historical unusual mortality events (UMEs) in the Gulf of Mexico (1990-2009): providing context for the multi-year northern Gulf of Mexico cetacean UME declared in 2010.

Litz JA, Baran MA, Bowen-Stevens SR, Carmichael RH, Colegrove KM, Garrison LP, Fire SE, Fougeres EM, Hardy R, Holmes S, Jones W, Mase-Guthrie BE, Odell DK, Rosel PE, Saliki JT, Shannon DK, Shippee SF, Smith SM, Stratton EM, Tumlin MC, Whitehead HR, Worthy GA, Rowles TK.

Dis Aquat Organ. 2014 Dec 2;112(2):161-75. doi: 10.3354/dao02807. Review.


Aortic remodelling following the treatment and regression of hypertensive left ventricular hypertrophy: a cardiovascular magnetic resonance study.

Ripley DP, Negrou K, Oliver JJ, Worthy G, Struthers AD, Plein S, Greenwood JP.

Clin Exp Hypertens. 2015;37(4):308-16. doi: 10.3109/10641963.2014.960974. Epub 2014 Oct 1.


Dose efficiency of erythropoiesis-stimulating agents for the treatment of patients with chemotherapy-induced anemia: a systematic review.

Forbes CA, Worthy G, Harker J, Kleijnen J, Kutikova L, Zelek L, Van Belle S.

Clin Ther. 2014 Apr 1;36(4):594-610. doi: 10.1016/j.clinthera.2014.02.007. Epub 2014 Mar 18. Review.


Nurse facilitated Self-management support for people with heart failure and their family carers (SEMAPHFOR): a randomised controlled trial.

Cockayne S, Pattenden J, Worthy G, Richardson G, Lewin R.

Int J Nurs Stud. 2014 Sep;51(9):1207-13. doi: 10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2014.01.010. Epub 2014 Jan 22.


Digestive efficiencies of ex situ and in situ West Indian manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris).

Worthy GA, Worthy TA.

Physiol Biochem Zool. 2014 Jan-Feb;87(1):77-91. doi: 10.1086/673545. Epub 2013 Nov 21. Erratum in: Physiol Biochem Zool. 2014 May-Jun;87(3):498.


No evidence of metabolic depression in Western Alaskan juvenile Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus).

Hoopes LA, Rea LD, Christ A, Worthy GA.

PLoS One. 2014 Jan 9;9(1):e85339. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0085339. eCollection 2014.


Isotope turnover rates and diet-tissue discrimination in skin of ex situ bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus).

Browning NE, Dold C, I-Fan J, Worthy GA.

J Exp Biol. 2014 Jan 15;217(Pt 2):214-21. doi: 10.1242/jeb.093963. Epub 2013 Sep 26.


Hypertensive left ventricular hypertrophy: a mechanistic approach to optimizing regression assessed by cardiovascular magnetic resonance.

Burns J, Ball SG, Worthy G, Struthers AD, Mary DA, Greenwood JP.

J Hypertens. 2012 Oct;30(10):2039-46. doi: 10.1097/HJH.0b013e328356b850.


Were multiple stressors a 'perfect storm' for northern Gulf of Mexico bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in 2011?

Carmichael RH, Graham WM, Aven A, Worthy G, Howden S.

PLoS One. 2012;7(7):e41155. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0041155. Epub 2012 Jul 18.


Epidemiology of chronic pain in denmark and sweden.

Harker J, Reid KJ, Bekkering GE, Kellen E, Bala MM, Riemsma R, Worthy G, Misso K, Kleijnen J.

Pain Res Treat. 2012;2012:371248. doi: 10.1155/2012/371248. Epub 2012 May 23.


Systematic review of tapentadol in chronic severe pain.

Riemsma R, Forbes C, Harker J, Worthy G, Misso K, Schäfer M, Kleijnen J, Stürzebecher S.

Curr Med Res Opin. 2011 Oct;27(10):1907-30. doi: 10.1185/03007995.2011.611494. Epub 2011 Sep 12. Review. Erratum in: Curr Med Res Opin. 2012 Jan;28(1):148.


Diffusion-weighted MRI determined cerebral embolic infarction following transcatheter aortic valve implantation: assessment of predictive risk factors and the relationship to subsequent health status.

Fairbairn TA, Mather AN, Bijsterveld P, Worthy G, Currie S, Goddard AJ, Blackman DJ, Plein S, Greenwood JP.

Heart. 2012 Jan;98(1):18-23. doi: 10.1136/heartjnl-2011-300065. Epub 2011 Jul 7.


Relationship between FEV1 change and patient-reported outcomes in randomised trials of inhaled bronchodilators for stable COPD: a systematic review.

Westwood M, Bourbeau J, Jones PW, Cerulli A, Capkun-Niggli G, Worthy G.

Respir Res. 2011 Apr 8;12:40. doi: 10.1186/1465-9921-12-40. Review.


Use of weekly, low dose, high frequency ultrasound for hard to heal venous leg ulcers: the VenUS III randomised controlled trial.

Watson JM, Kang'ombe AR, Soares MO, Chuang LH, Worthy G, Bland JM, Iglesias C, Cullum N, Torgerson D, Nelson EA; VenUS III Team.

BMJ. 2011 Mar 8;342:d1092. doi: 10.1136/bmj.d1092.


VenUS III: a randomised controlled trial of therapeutic ultrasound in the management of venous leg ulcers.

Watson JM, Kang'ombe AR, Soares MO, Chuang LH, Worthy G, Bland JM, Iglesias C, Cullum N, Torgerson D, Nelson EA; VenUS III team.

Health Technol Assess. 2011 Mar;15(13):1-192. doi: 10.3310/hta15130.


Relationship of dysglycemia to acute myocardial infarct size and cardiovascular outcome as determined by cardiovascular magnetic resonance.

Mather AN, Crean A, Abidin N, Worthy G, Ball SG, Plein S, Greenwood JP.

J Cardiovasc Magn Reson. 2010 Nov 2;12:61. doi: 10.1186/1532-429X-12-61.


Glycopeptide vs. non-glycopeptide antibiotics for prophylaxis of surgical site infections: a systematic review.

Chambers D, Worthy G, Myers L, Weatherly H, Elliott R, Hawkins N, Sculpher M, Eastwood A.

Surg Infect (Larchmt). 2010 Oct;11(5):455-62. doi: 10.1089/sur.2009.055. Review.


Change in serum lipids after acute coronary syndromes: secondary analysis of SPACE ROCKET study data and a comparative literature review.

Barth JH, Jackson BM, Farrin AJ, Efthymiou M, Worthy G, Copeland J, Bailey KM, Romaine SP, Balmforth AJ, McCormack T, Whitehead A, Flather MD, Nixon J, Hall AS; SPACE ROCKET Trial Group.

Clin Chem. 2010 Oct;56(10):1592-8. doi: 10.1373/clinchem.2010.145631. Epub 2010 Aug 20. Review.


Current evidence for the management of rheumatoid arthritis with biological disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs: a systematic literature review informing the EULAR recommendations for the management of RA.

Nam JL, Winthrop KL, van Vollenhoven RF, Pavelka K, Valesini G, Hensor EM, Worthy G, Landewé R, Smolen JS, Emery P, Buch MH.

Ann Rheum Dis. 2010 Jun;69(6):976-86. doi: 10.1136/ard.2009.126573. Epub 2010 May 6. Review. Erratum in: Ann Rheum Dis. 2011 Aug;70(8):1519.


A pragmatic multi-centred randomised controlled trial of yoga for chronic low back pain: trial protocol.

Cox H, Tilbrook H, Aplin J, Chuang LH, Hewitt C, Jayakody S, Semlyen A, Soares MO, Torgerson D, Trewhela A, Watt I, Worthy G.

Complement Ther Clin Pract. 2010 May;16(2):76-80. doi: 10.1016/j.ctcp.2009.09.010. Epub 2009 Nov 11.


VenUS II: a randomised controlled trial of larval therapy in the management of leg ulcers.

Dumville JC, Worthy G, Soares MO, Bland JM, Cullum N, Dowson C, Iglesias C, McCaughan D, Mitchell JL, Nelson EA, Torgerson DJ; VenUS II team.

Health Technol Assess. 2009 Nov;13(55):1-182, iii-iv. doi: 10.3310/hta13550.


Protocol for the ProFHER (PROximal Fracture of the Humerus: Evaluation by Randomisation) trial: a pragmatic multi-centre randomised controlled trial of surgical versus non-surgical treatment for proximal fracture of the humerus in adults.

Handoll H, Brealey S, Rangan A, Torgerson D, Dennis L, Armstrong A, Chuang LH, Cross B, Dumville J, Gardner S, Goodchild L, Hamilton S, Hewitt C, Madhok R, Maffulli N, Micklewright L, Wadsworth V, Wallace A, Williams J, Worthy G.

BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2009 Nov 16;10:140. doi: 10.1186/1471-2474-10-140.


Carbon and nitrogen stable isotope turnover rates and diet-tissue discrimination in Florida manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris).

Alves-Stanley CD, Worthy GA.

J Exp Biol. 2009 Aug;212(Pt 15):2349-55. doi: 10.1242/jeb.027565.


Cost effectiveness analysis of larval therapy for leg ulcers.

Soares MO, Iglesias CP, Bland JM, Cullum N, Dumville JC, Nelson EA, Torgerson DJ, Worthy G; VenUS II team.

BMJ. 2009 Mar 19;338:b825. doi: 10.1136/bmj.b825.


Larval therapy for leg ulcers (VenUS II): randomised controlled trial.

Dumville JC, Worthy G, Bland JM, Cullum N, Dowson C, Iglesias C, Mitchell JL, Nelson EA, Soares MO, Torgerson DJ; VenUS II team.

BMJ. 2009 Mar 19;338:b773. doi: 10.1136/bmj.b773.


Population tobacco control interventions and their effects on social inequalities in smoking: systematic review.

Thomas S, Fayter D, Misso K, Ogilvie D, Petticrew M, Sowden A, Whitehead M, Worthy G.

Tob Control. 2008 Aug;17(4):230-7. doi: 10.1136/tc.2007.023911. Epub 2008 Apr 21. Review.


The harvest plot: a method for synthesising evidence about the differential effects of interventions.

Ogilvie D, Fayter D, Petticrew M, Sowden A, Thomas S, Whitehead M, Worthy G.

BMC Med Res Methodol. 2008 Feb 25;8:8. doi: 10.1186/1471-2288-8-8. Review.

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