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Multicenter clinical evaluation of ETEST® Meropenem/Vaborbactam (bioMérieux) for susceptibility testing of Enterobacterales (Enterobacteriaceae) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Jean S, Garrett S, Anglade C, Bridon L, Davies L, Garner OB, Richards J, Wallace M, Wootton M, Burnham CA.

J Clin Microbiol. 2019 Oct 16. pii: JCM.01205-19. doi: 10.1128/JCM.01205-19. [Epub ahead of print]


UKMenCar4: A cross-sectional survey of asymptomatic meningococcal carriage amongst UK adolescents at a period of low invasive meningococcal disease incidence.

Bratcher HB, Rodrigues CMC, Finn A, Wootton M, Cameron JC, Smith A, Heath P, Ladhani S, Snape MD, Pollard AJ, Cunningham R, Borrow R, Trotter C, Gray SJ, Maiden MCJ, MacLennan JM.

Wellcome Open Res. 2019 Aug 6;4:118. doi: 10.12688/wellcomeopenres.15362.1. eCollection 2019.


Rapid detection of IMP, NDM, VIM, KPC and OXA-48-like carbapenemases from Enterobacteriales and Gram-negative non-fermenter bacteria by real-time PCR and melt-curve analysis.

Mentasti M, Prime K, Sands K, Khan S, Wootton M.

Eur J Clin Microbiol Infect Dis. 2019 Aug 5. doi: 10.1007/s10096-019-03637-5. [Epub ahead of print]


C-Reactive Protein Testing to Guide Antibiotic Prescribing for COPD Exacerbations.

Butler CC, Gillespie D, White P, Bates J, Lowe R, Thomas-Jones E, Wootton M, Hood K, Phillips R, Melbye H, Llor C, Cals JWL, Naik G, Kirby N, Gal M, Riga E, Francis NA.

N Engl J Med. 2019 Jul 11;381(2):111-120. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1803185.


Protocol for a double-blind placebo-controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of probiotics in reducing antibiotics for infection in care home residents: the Probiotics to Reduce Infections iN CarE home reSidentS (PRINCESS) trial.

Owen-Jones E, Lowe R, Lown M, Gillespie D, Addison K, Bayer T, Calder PC, Davies J, Davoudianfar M, Downs J, Edwards A, Francis NA, Fuller R, Hobbs R, Hood K, Lau M, Little P, Moore M, Shepherd V, Stanton H, Toghill A, Wootton M, Butler CC.

BMJ Open. 2019 Jun 20;9(6):e027513. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-027513.


The rise in ocean plastics evidenced from a 60-year time series.

Ostle C, Thompson RC, Broughton D, Gregory L, Wootton M, Johns DG.

Nat Commun. 2019 Apr 16;10(1):1622. doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-09506-1.


Point-of-care urine culture for managing urinary tract infection in primary care: a randomised controlled trial of clinical and cost-effectiveness.

Butler CC, Francis NA, Thomas-Jones E, Longo M, Wootton M, Llor C, Little P, Moore M, Bates J, Pickles T, Kirby N, Gillespie D, Rumsby K, Brugman C, Gal M, Hood K, Verheij T.

Br J Gen Pract. 2018 Apr;68(669):e268-e278. doi: 10.3399/bjgp18X695285. Epub 2018 Feb 26.


The rumen microbiome: an underexplored resource for novel antimicrobial discovery.

Oyama LB, Girdwood SE, Cookson AR, Fernandez-Fuentes N, Privé F, Vallin HE, Wilkinson TJ, Golyshin PN, Golyshina OV, Mikut R, Hilpert K, Richards J, Wootton M, Edwards JE, Maresca M, Perrier J, Lundy FT, Luo Y, Zhou M, Hess M, Mantovani HC, Creevey CJ, Huws SA.

NPJ Biofilms Microbiomes. 2017 Dec 1;3:33. doi: 10.1038/s41522-017-0042-1. eCollection 2017.


Variations in presentation, management, and patient outcomes of urinary tract infection: a prospective four-country primary care observational cohort study.

Butler CC, Francis N, Thomas-Jones E, Llor C, Bongard E, Moore M, Little P, Bates J, Lau M, Pickles T, Gal M, Wootton M, Kirby N, Gillespie D, Rumbsy K, Brugman C, Hood K, Verheij T.

Br J Gen Pract. 2017 Dec;67(665):e830-e841. doi: 10.3399/bjgp17X693641.


General practitioner use of a C-reactive protein point-of-care test to help target antibiotic prescribing in patients with acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (the PACE study): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial.

Bates J, Francis NA, White P, Gillespie D, Thomas-Jones E, Breen R, Kirby N, Hood K, Gal M, Phillips R, Naik G, Cals J, Llor C, Melbye H, Wootton M, Riga E, Cochrane A, Howe R, Fitzsimmons D, Sewell B, Alam MF, Butler CC.

Trials. 2017 Sep 29;18(1):442. doi: 10.1186/s13063-017-2144-8.


IMI-2 carbapenemase in a clinical Klebsiella variicola isolated in the UK.

Hopkins KL, Findlay J, Doumith M, Mather B, Meunier D, D'Arcy S, Pike R, Mustafa N, Howe R, Wootton M, Woodford N.

J Antimicrob Chemother. 2017 Jul 1;72(7):2129-2131. doi: 10.1093/jac/dkx103. No abstract available.


Clinicians' interpretations of point of care urine culture versus laboratory culture results: analysis from the four-country POETIC trial of diagnosis of uncomplicated urinary tract infection in primary care.

Hullegie S, Wootton M, Verheij TJM, Thomas-Jones E, Bates J, Hood K, Gal M, Francis NA, Little P, Moore M, Llor C, Pickles T, Gillespie D, Kirby N, Brugman C, Butler CC.

Fam Pract. 2017 Aug 1;34(4):392-399. doi: 10.1093/fampra/cmx009.


Oral and Topical Antibiotics for Clinically Infected Eczema in Children: A Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial in Ambulatory Care.

Francis NA, Ridd MJ, Thomas-Jones E, Butler CC, Hood K, Shepherd V, Marwick CA, Huang C, Longo M, Wootton M, Sullivan F; CREAM Trial Management Group.

Ann Fam Med. 2017 Mar;15(2):124-130. doi: 10.1370/afm.2038.


Comparison of microbiological diagnosis of urinary tract infection in young children by routine health service laboratories and a research laboratory: Diagnostic cohort study.

Birnie K, Hay AD, Wootton M, Howe R, MacGowan A, Whiting P, Lawton M, Delaney B, Downing H, Dudley J, Hollingworth W, Lisles C, Little P, O'Brien K, Pickles T, Rumsby K, Thomas-Jones E, Van der Voort J, Waldron CA, Harman K, Hood K, Butler CC, Sterne JA.

PLoS One. 2017 Feb 15;12(2):e0171113. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0171113. eCollection 2017.


Towards better antimicrobial susceptibility testing: impact of the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.

Wootton M, MacGowan AP, Howe RA.

J Antimicrob Chemother. 2017 Feb;72(2):323-329. doi: 10.1093/jac/dkw494. Review.


Faecal carriage of antibiotic resistant Escherichia coli in asymptomatic children and associations with primary care antibiotic prescribing: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Bryce A, Costelloe C, Hawcroft C, Wootton M, Hay AD.

BMC Infect Dis. 2016 Jul 25;16:359. doi: 10.1186/s12879-016-1697-6. Review.


The Diagnosis of Urinary Tract infection in Young children (DUTY): a diagnostic prospective observational study to derive and validate a clinical algorithm for the diagnosis of urinary tract infection in children presenting to primary care with an acute illness.

Hay AD, Birnie K, Busby J, Delaney B, Downing H, Dudley J, Durbaba S, Fletcher M, Harman K, Hollingworth W, Hood K, Howe R, Lawton M, Lisles C, Little P, MacGowan A, O'Brien K, Pickles T, Rumsby K, Sterne JA, Thomas-Jones E, van der Voort J, Waldron CA, Whiting P, Wootton M, Butler CC.

Health Technol Assess. 2016 Jul;20(51):1-294. doi: 10.3310/hta20510.


Improving the Diagnosis and Treatment of Urinary Tract Infection in Young Children in Primary Care: Results from the DUTY Prospective Diagnostic Cohort Study.

Hay AD, Sterne JA, Hood K, Little P, Delaney B, Hollingworth W, Wootton M, Howe R, MacGowan A, Lawton M, Busby J, Pickles T, Birnie K, O'Brien K, Waldron CA, Dudley J, Van Der Voort J, Downing H, Thomas-Jones E, Harman K, Lisles C, Rumsby K, Durbaba S, Whiting P, Butler CC.

Ann Fam Med. 2016 Jul;14(4):325-36. doi: 10.1370/afm.1954.


Nappy pad urine samples for investigation and treatment of UTI in young children: the 'DUTY' prospective diagnostic cohort study.

Butler CC, Sterne JA, Lawton M, O'Brien K, Wootton M, Hood K, Hollingworth W, Little P, Delaney BC, van der Voort J, Dudley J, Birnie K, Pickles T, Waldron CA, Downing H, Thomas-Jones E, Lisles C, Rumsby K, Durbaba S, Whiting P, Harman K, Howe R, MacGowan A, Fletcher M, Hay AD.

Br J Gen Pract. 2016 Jul;66(648):e516-24. doi: 10.3399/bjgp16X685873.


Structured, supported feeding admissions for restrictive eating disorders on paediatric wards.

Street K, Costelloe S, Wootton M, Upton S, Brough J.

Arch Dis Child. 2016 Sep;101(9):836-8. doi: 10.1136/archdischild-2016-310506. Epub 2016 May 11.


Genetic & virulence profiling of ESBL-positive E. coli from nosocomial & veterinary sources.

Tyrrell JM, Wootton M, Toleman MA, Howe RA, Woodward M, Walsh TR.

Vet Microbiol. 2016 Apr 15;186:37-43. doi: 10.1016/j.vetmic.2016.02.007. Epub 2016 Feb 18.


Empiric antibiotic treatment for urinary tract infection in preschool children: susceptibilities of urine sample isolates.

Butler CC, O'Brien K, Wootton M, Pickles T, Hood K, Howe R, Waldron CA, Thomas-Jones E, Dudley J, Van Der Voort J, Rumsby K, Little P, Downing H, Harman K, Hay AD; DUTY Study Team.

Fam Pract. 2016 Apr;33(2):127-32. doi: 10.1093/fampra/cmv104.


A randomised placebo-controlled trial of oral and topical antibiotics for children with clinically infected eczema in the community: the ChildRen with Eczema, Antibiotic Management (CREAM) study.

Francis NA, Ridd MJ, Thomas-Jones E, Shepherd V, Butler CC, Hood K, Huang C, Addison K, Longo M, Marwick C, Wootton M, Howe R, Roberts A, Haq MI, Madhok V, Sullivan F; CREAM team.

Health Technol Assess. 2016 Mar;20(19):i-xxiv, 1-84. doi: 10.3310/hta20190.


Antimicrobial susceptibility testing breakpoints and methods from BSAC to EUCAST.

Brown DF, Wootton M, Howe RA.

J Antimicrob Chemother. 2016 Jan;71(1):3-5. doi: 10.1093/jac/dkv287. Epub 2015 Sep 16. Review.


Analytic laboratory performance of a point of care urine culture kit for diagnosis and antibiotic susceptibility testing.

Bongard E, Frimodt-Møller N, Gal M, Wootton M, Howe R, Francis N, Goossens H, Butler CC.

Eur J Clin Microbiol Infect Dis. 2015 Oct;34(10):2111-9. doi: 10.1007/s10096-015-2460-4. Epub 2015 Aug 6.


Antibiotic prescribing and associated diarrhoea: a prospective cohort study of care home residents.

Gillespie D, Hood K, Bayer A, Carter B, Duncan D, Espinasse A, Evans M, Nuttall J, Stanton H, Acharjya A, Allen S, Cohen D, Groves S, Francis N, Howe R, Johansen A, Mantzourani E, Thomas-Jones E, Toghill A, Wood F, Wigglesworth N, Wootton M, Butler CC.

Age Ageing. 2015 Sep;44(5):853-60. doi: 10.1093/ageing/afv072. Epub 2015 Jun 23.


Childhood urinary tract infection in primary care: a prospective observational study of prevalence, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

Butler CC, O'Brien K, Pickles T, Hood K, Wootton M, Howe R, Waldron CA, Thomas-Jones E, Hollingworth W, Little P, Van Der Voort J, Dudley J, Rumsby K, Downing H, Harman K, Hay AD; DUTY study team.

Br J Gen Pract. 2015 Apr;65(633):e217-23. doi: 10.3399/bjgp15X684361.


A demonstration of the susceptibility of clinical isolates obtained from cystic fibrosis patients to manuka honey.

Jenkins R, Wootton M, Howe R, Cooper R.

Arch Microbiol. 2015 May;197(4):597-601. doi: 10.1007/s00203-015-1091-6. Epub 2015 Feb 14.


Point of care testing for urinary tract infection in primary care (POETIC): protocol for a randomised controlled trial of the clinical and cost effectiveness of FLEXICULT™ informed management of uncomplicated UTI in primary care.

Bates J, Thomas-Jones E, Pickles T, Kirby N, Gal M, Bongard E, Hood K, Francis N, Little P, Moore M, Rumsby K, Llor C, Burgman C, Verheij T, Cohen D, Wootton M, Howe R, Butler CC.

BMC Fam Pract. 2014 Nov 25;15:187. doi: 10.1186/s12875-014-0187-4.


Probiotics for Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhoea (PAAD): a prospective observational study of antibiotic-associated diarrhoea (including Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhoea) in care homes.

Hood K, Nuttall J, Gillespie D, Shepherd V, Wood F, Duncan D, Stanton H, Espinasse A, Wootton M, Acharjya A, Allen S, Bayer A, Carter B, Cohen D, Francis N, Howe R, Mantzourani E, Thomas-Jones E, Toghill A, Butler CC.

Health Technol Assess. 2014 Oct;18(63):1-84. doi: 10.3310/hta18630.


Cycloserine as an alternative urinary tract infection therapy: susceptibilities of 500 urinary pathogens to standard and alternative therapy antimicrobials.

Kugathasan R, Wootton M, Howe R.

Eur J Clin Microbiol Infect Dis. 2014 Jul;33(7):1169-72. doi: 10.1007/s10096-014-2051-9. Epub 2014 Jan 29.


Molecular epidemiology of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus from bacteraemia in northern Italy.

Aschbacher R, Pichon B, Wootton M, Davies L, Binazzi R, Pike R, Ganner M, Hill R, Pagani E, Agreiter I, Mian P, Larcher C, Kearns A.

Infez Med. 2012 Dec;20(4):256-64.


NDM-1 polymicrobial infections including Vibrio cholerae.

Darley E, Weeks J, Jones L, Daniels V, Wootton M, MacGowan A, Walsh T.

Lancet. 2012 Oct 13;380(9850):1358. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(12)60911-8. No abstract available.


The diagnosis of urinary tract infections in young children (DUTY): protocol for a diagnostic and prospective observational study to derive and validate a clinical algorithm for the diagnosis of UTI in children presenting to primary care with an acute illness.

Downing H, Thomas-Jones E, Gal M, Waldron CA, Sterne J, Hollingworth W, Hood K, Delaney B, Little P, Howe R, Wootton M, Macgowan A, Butler CC, Hay AD; DUTY study team.

BMC Infect Dis. 2012 Jul 19;12:158. doi: 10.1186/1471-2334-12-158.


Susceptibility to manuka honey of Staphylococcus aureus with varying sensitivities to vancomycin.

Jenkins R, Wootton M, Howe R, Cooper R.

Int J Antimicrob Agents. 2012 Jul;40(1):88-9. doi: 10.1016/j.ijantimicag.2012.03.014. Epub 2012 May 11. No abstract available.


Detection and characterization of pCT-like plasmid vectors for blaCTX-M-14 in Escherichia coli isolates from humans, turkeys and cattle in England and Wales.

Stokes MO, Cottell JL, Piddock LJ, Wu G, Wootton M, Mevius DJ, Randall LP, Teale CJ, Fielder MD, Coldham NG.

J Antimicrob Chemother. 2012 Jul;67(7):1639-44. doi: 10.1093/jac/dks126. Epub 2012 Apr 18.


Staphylococcus aureus with reduced glycopeptide susceptibility in Liverpool, UK.

Kirby A, Graham R, Williams NJ, Wootton M, Broughton CM, Alanazi M, Anson J, Neal TJ, Parry CM.

J Antimicrob Chemother. 2010 Apr;65(4):721-4. doi: 10.1093/jac/dkq009. Epub 2010 Feb 2.


Activity of mecillinam against Escherichia coli resistant to third-generation cephalosporins.

Wootton M, Walsh TR, Macfarlane L, Howe RA.

J Antimicrob Chemother. 2010 Jan;65(1):79-81. doi: 10.1093/jac/dkp404.


Trampolining injuries presenting to a children's emergency department.

Wootton M, Harris D.

Emerg Med J. 2009 Oct;26(10):728-31. doi: 10.1136/emj.2008.069344.


Evaluation of a new Etest vancomycin-teicoplanin strip for detection of glycopeptide-intermediate Staphylococcus aureus (GISA), in particular, heterogeneous GISA.

Yusof A, Engelhardt A, Karlsson A, Bylund L, Vidh P, Mills K, Wootton M, Walsh TR.

J Clin Microbiol. 2008 Sep;46(9):3042-7. doi: 10.1128/JCM.00265-08. Epub 2008 Jul 2.


The need for accuracy in performing vancomycin intermediate resistant Staphylococcus aureus (VISA) and hetero--VISA detection methods.

Wootton M.

Int J Antimicrob Agents. 2006 Dec;28(6):586. Epub 2006 Oct 17. No abstract available.


Expression of tcaA and mprF and glycopeptide resistance in clinical glycopeptide-intermediate Staphylococcus aureus (GISA) and heteroGISA strains.

Wootton M, Macgowan AP, Walsh TR.

Biochim Biophys Acta. 2005 Nov 30;1726(3):326-7. Epub 2005 Sep 22.


Evidence for reduction in breakpoints used to determine vancomycin susceptibility in Staphylococcus aureus.

Wootton M, Walsh TR, MacGowan AP.

Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2005 Sep;49(9):3982-3. No abstract available. Erratum in: Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2005 Nov;49(11):4819.


Strain-specific expression levels of pbp4 exist in isolates of glycopeptide-intermediate Staphylococcus aureus (GISA) and heterogeneous GISA.

Wootton M, Bennett PM, MacGowan AP, Walsh TR.

Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2005 Aug;49(8):3598-9. No abstract available.

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