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Environmental sampling to assess the bioburden of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis in drylot pens on California dairies.

Chamchoy T, Williams DR, Adaska JM, Anderson RJ, Aly SS.

PeerJ. 2019 Nov 19;7:e8081. doi: 10.7717/peerj.8081. eCollection 2019.


Risk factors affecting dairy cattle protective grouping behavior, commonly known as bunching, against Stomoxys calcitrans (L.) on California dairies.

El Ashmawy WR, Williams DR, Gerry AC, Champagne JD, Lehenbauer TW, Aly SS.

PLoS One. 2019 Nov 7;14(11):e0224987. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0224987. eCollection 2019.


Understanding how discrimination can affect health.

Williams DR, Lawrence JA, Davis BA, Vu C.

Health Serv Res. 2019 Dec;54 Suppl 2:1374-1388. doi: 10.1111/1475-6773.13222. Epub 2019 Oct 29.


Confronting Bias and Discrimination in Health Care-When Silence Is Not Golden.

Cooper LA, Beach MC, Williams DR.

JAMA Intern Med. 2019 Oct 28. doi: 10.1001/jamainternmed.2019.4100. [Epub ahead of print] No abstract available.


Anti-oxidant activity reinforced reduced graphene oxide/alginate microgels: Mesenchymal stem cell encapsulation and regeneration of infarcted hearts.

Choe G, Kim SW, Park J, Park J, Kim S, Kim YS, Ahn Y, Jung DW, Williams DR, Lee JY.

Biomaterials. 2019 Dec;225:119513. doi: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2019.119513. Epub 2019 Sep 24.


Response by Burroughs Peña et al to Letter Regarding Article, "Cumulative Psychosocial Stress and Ideal Cardiovascular Health in Older Women".

Burroughs Peña MS, Mbassa RS, Slopen NB, Williams DR, Buring JE, Albert MA.

Circulation. 2019 Oct;140(14):e716-e717. doi: 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.119.042454. Epub 2019 Sep 30. No abstract available.


Racial and ethnic differences in individual-level and area-based socioeconomic status and 12-month DSM-IV mental disorders.

Chen R, Kessler RC, Sadikova E, NeMoyer A, Sampson NA, Alvarez K, Vilsaint CL, Green JG, McLaughlin KA, Jackson JS, Alegría M, Williams DR.

J Psychiatr Res. 2019 Dec;119:48-59. doi: 10.1016/j.jpsychires.2019.09.006. Epub 2019 Sep 14.


Opinion: Putting all foods on the same table: Achieving sustainable food systems requires full accounting.

Halpern BS, Cottrell RS, Blanchard JL, Bouwman L, Froehlich HE, Gephart JA, Sand Jacobsen N, Kuempel CD, McIntyre PB, Metian M, Moran DD, Nash KL, Többen J, Williams DR.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2019 Sep 10;116(37):18152-18156. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1913308116. No abstract available.


Chemical characterization and biological activity data for a novel indirubin derivative, LDD-1819.

Kim WH, Jeong P, Kim SW, Cho H, Lee JM, Seo S, Shen H, Ahn Y, Jung DW, Kim YC, Williams DR.

Data Brief. 2019 Aug 9;25:104373. doi: 10.1016/j.dib.2019.104373. eCollection 2019 Aug.


Improved adsorption reactions, kinetics and stability for model and therapeutic proteins immobilised on affinity resins.

Hedberg SHM, Brown LG, Meghdadi A, Williams DR.

Adsorption (Boston). 2019;25(6):1177-1190. doi: 10.1007/s10450-019-00106-5. Epub 2019 May 16.


Brief Psychiatric Screening Questionnaire in Parkinson's Disease.

Lee W, Williams DR, Evans A.

Parkinsons Dis. 2019 Jul 24;2019:8143868. doi: 10.1155/2019/8143868. eCollection 2019.


Let it rest: Sleep and health as positive correlates of forgiveness of others and self-forgiveness.

Toussaint L, Gall AJ, Cheadle A, Williams DR.

Psychol Health. 2019 Jul 31:1-16. doi: 10.1080/08870446.2019.1644335. [Epub ahead of print]


Sleep debt: the impact of weekday sleep deprivation on cardiovascular health in older women.

Cabeza de Baca T, Chayama KL, Redline S, Slopen N, Matsushita F, Prather AA, Williams DR, Buring JE, Zaslavsky AM, Albert MA.

Sleep. 2019 Oct 9;42(10). pii: zsz149. doi: 10.1093/sleep/zsz149.


Early Parental Death and Risk of Psychosis in Offspring: A Six-Country Case-Control Study.

Misra S, Gelaye B, Koenen KC, Williams DR, Borba CPC, Quattrone D, Di Forti M, La Cascia C, La Barbera D, Tarricone I, Berardi D, Szöke A, Arango C, Tortelli A, de Haan L, Velthorst E, Bobes J, Bernardo M, Sanjuán J, Santos JL, Arrojo M, Del-Ben CM, Menezes PR, Selten JP, Jones PB, Kirkbride JB; EU-GEI WP2 Group, Rutten BPF, van Os J, Murray RM, Gayer-Anderson C, Morgan C.

J Clin Med. 2019 Jul 23;8(7). pii: E1081. doi: 10.3390/jcm8071081.


Effectiveness of zinc supplementation on diarrhea and average daily gain in pre-weaned dairy calves: A double-blind, block-randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial.

Feldmann HR, Williams DR, Champagne JD, Lehenbauer TW, Aly SS.

PLoS One. 2019 Jul 10;14(7):e0219321. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0219321. eCollection 2019.


The influence of the closure format on the storage stability and moisture content of freeze-dried influenza antigen.

Duralliu A, Matejtschuk P, Dubey S, Koroma H, Gubinelli F, Williams DR.

Vaccine. 2019 Jul 26;37(32):4485-4490. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2019.06.070. Epub 2019 Jul 2.


Socioenvironmental adversity and risk of prostate cancer in non-Hispanic black and white men.

Kantor ED, Haneuse S, Valdimarsdóttir UA, Williams DR, Signorello LB, Rider JR.

Cancer Causes Control. 2019 Sep;30(9):997-1007. doi: 10.1007/s10552-019-01196-w. Epub 2019 Jul 1.


Measuring the specific surface area (SSA) of freeze-dried biologics using inverse gas chromatography.

Duralliu A, Matejtschuk P, Williams DR.

Eur J Pharm Biopharm. 2019 Sep;142:216-221. doi: 10.1016/j.ejpb.2019.06.026. Epub 2019 Jun 22.


Back to the basics: Rethinking partial correlation network methodology.

Williams DR, Rast P.

Br J Math Stat Psychol. 2019 Jun 17. doi: 10.1111/bmsp.12173. [Epub ahead of print]


Management factors associated with bovine respiratory disease in preweaned calves on California dairies: The BRD 100 study.

Maier GU, Love WJ, Karle BM, Dubrovsky SA, Williams DR, Champagne JD, Anderson RJ, Rowe JD, Lehenbauer TW, Van Eenennaam AL, Aly SS.

J Dairy Sci. 2019 Aug;102(8):7288-7305. doi: 10.3168/jds.2018-14773. Epub 2019 Jun 13.


Development of a clinical scoring system for bovine respiratory disease in weaned dairy calves.

Maier GU, Rowe JD, Lehenbauer TW, Karle BM, Williams DR, Champagne JD, Aly SS.

J Dairy Sci. 2019 Aug;102(8):7329-7344. doi: 10.3168/jds.2018-15474. Epub 2019 Jun 13.


Chemically Tuning Quantized Acoustic Phonons in 2D Layered MoO3 Nanoribbons.

Reed BW, Williams DR, Moser BP, Koski KJ.

Nano Lett. 2019 Jul 10;19(7):4406-4412. doi: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.9b01068. Epub 2019 Jun 13.


A novel indirubin derivative that increases somatic cell plasticity and inhibits tumorigenicity.

Kim WH, Jeong P, Kim SW, Cho H, Lee JM, Seo S, Shen H, Ahn Y, Jung DW, Kim YC, Williams DR.

Bioorg Med Chem. 2019 Jul 1;27(13):2923-2934. doi: 10.1016/j.bmc.2019.05.025. Epub 2019 May 20.


The Association Between Perceived Discrimination and Allostatic Load in the Boston Puerto Rican Health Study.

Cuevas AG, Wang K, Williams DR, Mattei J, Tucker KL, Falcon LM.

Psychosom Med. 2019 Sep;81(7):659-667. doi: 10.1097/PSY.0000000000000715.


Thin Air, Thick Vessels: Historical and Current Perspectives on Hypoxic Pulmonary Hypertension.

Young JM, Williams DR, Thompson AAR.

Front Med (Lausanne). 2019 May 1;6:93. doi: 10.3389/fmed.2019.00093. eCollection 2019. Review.


A Bayesian nonlinear mixed-effects location scale model for learning.

Williams DR, Zimprich DR, Rast P.

Behav Res Methods. 2019 Oct;51(5):1968-1986. doi: 10.3758/s13428-019-01255-9.


Developmental timing of initial racial discrimination exposure is associated with cardiovascular health conditions in adulthood.

Cuevas AG, Ho T, Rodgers J, DeNufrio D, Alley L, Allen J, Williams DR.

Ethn Health. 2019 May 7:1-14. doi: 10.1080/13557858.2019.1613517. [Epub ahead of print]


Disparities in insulin resistance between black and white adults in the United States: The role of lifespan stress exposure.

Fuller-Rowell TE, Homandberg LK, Curtis DS, Tsenkova VK, Williams DR, Ryff CD.

Psychoneuroendocrinology. 2019 Sep;107:1-8. doi: 10.1016/j.psyneuen.2019.04.020. Epub 2019 Apr 29.


The Relationship Between Discrimination and Missed HIV Care Appointments Among Women Living with HIV.

Cressman AE, Howe CJ, Nunn AS, Adimora AA, Williams DR, Kempf MC, Chandran A, Wentz EL, Blackstock OJ, Kassaye SG, Cohen J, Cohen MH, Wingood GM, Metsch LR, Wilson TE.

AIDS Behav. 2019 May 2. doi: 10.1007/s10461-019-02522-8. [Epub ahead of print]


Validity of details in databases logging police killings - Authors' reply.

Bor J, Venkataramani AS, Williams DR, Tsai AC.

Lancet. 2019 Apr 6;393(10179):1413. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(18)33060-5. Epub 2019 Apr 4. No abstract available.


On Nonregularized Estimation of Psychological Networks.

Williams DR, Rhemtulla M, Wysocki AC, Rast P.

Multivariate Behav Res. 2019 Sep-Oct;54(5):719-750. doi: 10.1080/00273171.2019.1575716. Epub 2019 Apr 8.


Association between herd management practices and antimicrobial resistance in Salmonella spp. from cull dairy cattle in Central California.

Pereira R, Williams DR, Rossitto P, Adaska J, Okello E, Champagne J, Lehenbauer TW, Li X, Chase J, Nguyen T, Pires AFA, Atwill ER, Aly SS.

PeerJ. 2019 Mar 21;7:e6546. doi: 10.7717/peerj.6546. eCollection 2019.


Psychosocial Stress and Overweight and Obesity: Findings From the Chicago Community Adult Health Study.

Cuevas AG, Chen R, Thurber KA, Slopen N, Williams DR.

Ann Behav Med. 2019 Oct 7;53(11):NP. doi: 10.1093/abm/kaz008.


Placing prostate cancer disparities within a psychosocial context: challenges and opportunities for future research.

Cuevas AG, Trudel-Fitzgerald C, Cofie L, Zaitsu M, Allen J, Williams DR.

Cancer Causes Control. 2019 May;30(5):443-456. doi: 10.1007/s10552-019-01159-1. Epub 2019 Mar 22. Review.


Contextual religiosity and the risk of alcohol use disorders and suicidal thoughts among adults in the united states.

Ransome Y, Perez A, Strayhorn S, Gilman SE, Williams DR, Krause N.

J Affect Disord. 2019 May 1;250:439-446. doi: 10.1016/j.jad.2019.03.021. Epub 2019 Mar 6.


Constraints on Minute-Scale Transient Astrophysical Neutrino Sources.

Aartsen MG, Ackermann M, Adams J, Aguilar JA, Ahlers M, Ahrens M, Al Samarai I, Altmann D, Andeen K, Anderson T, Ansseau I, Anton G, Argüelles C, Auffenberg J, Axani S, Backes P, Bagherpour H, Bai X, Barbano A, Barron JP, Barwick SW, Baum V, Bay R, Beatty JJ, Becker Tjus J, Becker KH, BenZvi S, Berley D, Bernardini E, Besson DZ, Binder G, Bindig D, Blaufuss E, Blot S, Bohm C, Börner M, Bos F, Böser S, Botner O, Bourbeau E, Bourbeau J, Bradascio F, Braun J, Brenzke M, Bretz HP, Bron S, Brostean-Kaiser J, Burgman A, Busse RS, Carver T, Cheung E, Chirkin D, Christov A, Clark K, Classen L, Collin GH, Conrad JM, Coppin P, Correa P, Cowen DF, Cross R, Dave P, Day M, de André JPAM, De Clercq C, DeLaunay JJ, Dembinski H, Deoskar K, De Ridder S, Desiati P, de Vries KD, de Wasseige G, de With M, DeYoung T, Díaz-Vélez JC, di Lorenzo V, Dujmovic H, Dumm JP, Dunkman M, Dvorak E, Eberhardt B, Ehrhardt T, Eichmann B, Eller P, Evans PA, Evenson PA, Fahey S, Fazely AR, Felde J, Filimonov K, Finley C, Franckowiak A, Friedman E, Fritz A, Gaisser TK, Gallagher J, Ganster E, Gerhardt L, Ghorbani K, Giang W, Glauch T, Glüsenkamp T, Goldschmidt A, Gonzalez JG, Grant D, Griffith Z, Haack C, Hallgren A, Halve L, Halzen F, Hanson K, Hebecker D, Heereman D, Helbing K, Hellauer R, Hickford S, Hignight J, Hill GC, Hoffman KD, Hoffmann R, Hoinka T, Hokanson-Fasig B, Hoshina K, Huang F, Huber M, Hultqvist K, Hünnefeld M, Hussain R, In S, Iovine N, Ishihara A, Jacobi E, Japaridze GS, Jeong M, Jero K, Jones BJP, Kalaczynski P, Kang W, Kappes A, Kappesser D, Karg T, Karle A, Katz U, Kauer M, Keivani A, Kelley JL, Kheirandish A, Kim J, Kintscher T, Kiryluk J, Kittler T, Klein SR, Koirala R, Kolanoski H, Köpke L, Kopper C, Kopper S, Koschinsky JP, Koskinen DJ, Kowalski M, Krings K, Kroll M, Krückl G, Kunwar S, Kurahashi N, Kyriacou A, Labare M, Lanfranchi JL, Larson MJ, Lauber F, Leonard K, Leuermann M, Liu QR, Lohfink E, Lozano Mariscal CJ, Lu L, Lünemann J, Luszczak W, Madsen J, Maggi G, Mahn KBM, Makino Y, Mancina S, Mariş IC, Maruyama R, Mase K, Maunu R, Meagher K, Medici M, Meier M, Menne T, Merino G, Meures T, Miarecki S, Micallef J, Momenté G, Montaruli T, Moore RW, Moulai M, Nagai R, Nahnhauer R, Nakarmi P, Naumann U, Neer G, Niederhausen H, Nowicki SC, Nygren DR, Obertacke Pollmann A, Olivas A, O'Murchadha A, Osborne JP, O'Sullivan E, Palczewski T, Pandya H, Pankova DV, Peiffer P, Pepper JA, Pérez de Los Heros C, Pieloth D, Pinat E, Pizzuto A, Plum M, Price PB, Przybylski GT, Raab C, Rameez M, Rauch L, Rawlins K, Rea IC, Reimann R, Relethford B, Renzi G, Resconi E, Rhode W, Richman M, Robertson S, Rongen M, Rott C, Ruhe T, Ryckbosch D, Rysewyk D, Safa I, Sanchez Herrera SE, Sandrock A, Sandroos J, Santander M, Sarkar S, Sarkar S, Satalecka K, Schaufel M, Schlunder P, Schmidt T, Schneider A, Schneider J, Schöneberg S, Schumacher L, Sclafani S, Seckel D, Seunarine S, Soedingrekso J, Soldin D, Song M, Spiczak GM, Spiering C, Stachurska J, Stamatikos M, Stanev T, Stasik A, Stein R, Stettner J, Steuer A, Stezelberger T, Stokstad RG, Stößl A, Strotjohann NL, Stuttard T, Sullivan GW, Sutherland M, Taboada I, Tenholt F, Ter-Antonyan S, Terliuk A, Tilav S, Toale PA, Tobin MN, Tönnis C, Toscano S, Tosi D, Tselengidou M, Tung CF, Turcati A, Turley CF, Ty B, Unger E, Unland Elorrieta MA, Usner M, Vandenbroucke J, Van Driessche W, van Eijk D, van Eijndhoven N, Vanheule S, van Santen J, Vraeghe M, Walck C, Wallace A, Wallraff M, Wandler FD, Wandkowsky N, Watson TB, Waza A, Weaver C, Weiss MJ, Wendt C, Werthebach J, Westerhoff S, Whelan BJ, Whitehorn N, Wiebe K, Wiebusch CH, Wille L, Williams DR, Wills L, Wolf M, Wood J, Wood TR, Woolsey E, Woschnagg K, Wrede G, Xu DL, Xu XW, Xu Y, Yanez JP, Yodh G, Yoshida S, Yuan T.

Phys Rev Lett. 2019 Feb 8;122(5):051102. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.122.051102.


Cumulative Psychosocial Stress and Ideal Cardiovascular Health in Older Women.

Burroughs Peña MS, Mbassa RS, Slopen NB, Williams DR, Buring JE, Albert MA.

Circulation. 2019 Apr 23;139(17):2012-2021. doi: 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.118.033915.


Self-stigma in patients with schizophrenia: a multicentric study from three Latin-America countries.

Caqueo-Urízar A, Boyer L, Urzúa A, Williams DR.

Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol. 2019 Aug;54(8):905-909. doi: 10.1007/s00127-019-01671-4. Epub 2019 Feb 26.


Reducing Racial Inequities in Health: Using What We Already Know to Take Action.

Williams DR, Cooper LA.

Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2019 Feb 19;16(4). pii: E606. doi: 10.3390/ijerph16040606. Review.


Cellular-scale evaluation of induced photoreceptor degeneration in the living primate eye.

Walters S, Schwarz C, Sharma R, Rossi EA, Fischer WS, DiLoreto DA Jr, Strazzeri J, Nelidova D, Roska B, Hunter JJ, Williams DR, Merigan WH.

Biomed Opt Express. 2018 Dec 5;10(1):66-82. doi: 10.1364/BOE.10.000066. eCollection 2019 Jan 1.


We've Come This Far by Faith: The Role of the Black Church in Public Health.

Brewer LC, Williams DR.

Am J Public Health. 2019 Mar;109(3):385-386. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2018.304939. No abstract available.


12,23-Dione dammarane triterpenes from Gynostemma longipes and their muscle cell proliferation activities via activation of the AMPK pathway.

Ha TKQ, Pham HTT, Cho HM, Tran VO, Yang JL, Jung DW, Williams DR, Oh WK.

Sci Rep. 2019 Feb 4;9(1):1186. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-37808-9.


Lifetime discrimination, global sleep quality, and inflammation burden in a multiethnic sample of middle-aged adults.

Ong AD, Williams DR.

Cultur Divers Ethnic Minor Psychol. 2019 Jan;25(1):82-90. doi: 10.1037/cdp0000233.


Racism and the Life Course: Taking Time Seriously.

Gee GC, Hing A, Mohammed S, Tabor DC, Williams DR.

Am J Public Health. 2019 Jan;109(S1):S43-S47. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2018.304766.


The Role of Parents' Ethnic-Racial Socialization Practices in the Discrimination-Depression Link among Mexican-Origin Adolescents.

Park IJK, Du H, Wang L, Williams DR, Alegría M.

J Clin Child Adolesc Psychol. 2019 Jan 28:1-14. doi: 10.1080/15374416.2018.1547969. [Epub ahead of print]


ENOblock inhibits the pathology of diet-induced obesity.

Cho H, Lee JH, Um J, Kim S, Kim Y, Kim WH, Kim YS, Pagire HS, Ahn JH, Ahn Y, Chang YT, Jung DW, Williams DR.

Sci Rep. 2019 Jan 24;9(1):493. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-36715-3.


Biotransformed Metabolites of the Hop Prenylflavanone Isoxanthohumol.

Kim HJ, Yim SH, Han F, Kang BY, Choi HJ, Jung DW, Williams DR, Gustafson KR, Kennelly EJ, Lee IS.

Molecules. 2019 Jan 22;24(3). pii: E394. doi: 10.3390/molecules24030394.


CAF-Derived IL6 and GM-CSF Cooperate to Induce M2-like TAMs-Response.

Cho H, Kim JH, Jun CD, Jung DW, Williams DR.

Clin Cancer Res. 2019 Jan 15;25(2):894-895. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-18-3344. No abstract available.


Science in the Learning Gardens (SciLG): a study of students' motivation, achievement, and science identity in low-income middle schools.

Williams DR, Brule H, Kelley SS, Skinner EA.

Int J STEM Educ. 2018;5(1):8. doi: 10.1186/s40594-018-0104-9. Epub 2018 Mar 26.


Transitions between lifetime alcohol use, regular use and remission: Results from the 2004 South African Stress and Health Survey.

Harker Burnhams N, Bharat C, Williams DR, Stein DJ, Myers B.

S Afr Med J. 2018 Dec 13;109(1):40-46. doi: 10.7196/SAMJ.2018.v109i1.13061.

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