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Quantitative Analysis of Human Red Blood Cell Proteome. Bryk AH et al. J Proteome Res. (2017)

Universal sample preparation method for proteome analysis. Wiśniewski JR et al. Nat Methods. (2009)

Filter-Aided Sample Preparation: The Versatile and Efficient Method for Proteomic Analysis. Wiśniewski JR et al. Methods Enzymol. (2017)

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Plasma fibrin clot proteomics in healthy subjects: Relation to clot permeability and lysis time.

Ząbczyk M, Stachowicz A, Natorska J, Olszanecki R, Wiśniewski JR, Undas A.

J Proteomics. 2019 Sep 30;208:103487. doi: 10.1016/j.jprot.2019.103487. Epub 2019 Aug 16.


HMGA1 Modulates Gene Transcription Sustaining a Tumor Signalling Pathway Acting on the Epigenetic Status of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells.

Penzo C, Arnoldo L, Pegoraro S, Petrosino S, Ros G, Zanin R, Wiśniewski JR, Manfioletti G, Sgarra R.

Cancers (Basel). 2019 Aug 2;11(8). pii: E1105. doi: 10.3390/cancers11081105.


Snap-heated freeze-free preservation and processing of the urine proteome using the combination of stabilizor-based technology and filter aided sample preparation.

Carvalho LB, Capelo-Martínez JL, Lodeiro C, Wiśniewski JR, Santos HM.

Anal Chim Acta. 2019 Oct 17;1076:82-90. doi: 10.1016/j.aca.2019.05.051. Epub 2019 May 24.


Toward a Consensus on Applying Quantitative Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Proteomics in Translational Pharmacology Research: A White Paper.

Prasad B, Achour B, Artursson P, Hop CECA, Lai Y, Smith PC, Barber J, Wisniewski JR, Spellman D, Uchida Y, Zientek MA, Unadkat JD, Rostami-Hodjegan A.

Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2019 Sep;106(3):525-543. doi: 10.1002/cpt.1537. Epub 2019 Jul 26.


Comparison of Proteome Composition of Serum Enriched in Extracellular Vesicles Isolated from Polycythemia Vera Patients and Healthy Controls.

Fel A, Lewandowska AE, Petrides PE, Wiśniewski JR.

Proteomes. 2019 May 6;7(2). pii: E20. doi: 10.3390/proteomes7020020.


Selective Roles of Vertebrate PCF11 in Premature and Full-Length Transcript Termination.

Kamieniarz-Gdula K, Gdula MR, Panser K, Nojima T, Monks J, Wiśniewski JR, Riepsaame J, Brockdorff N, Pauli A, Proudfoot NJ.

Mol Cell. 2019 Apr 4;74(1):158-172.e9. doi: 10.1016/j.molcel.2019.01.027. Epub 2019 Feb 25.


A simple approach for restoration of differentiation and function in cryopreserved human hepatocytes.

Ölander M, Wiśniewski JR, Flörkemeier I, Handin N, Urdzik J, Artursson P.

Arch Toxicol. 2019 Mar;93(3):819-829. doi: 10.1007/s00204-018-2375-9. Epub 2018 Dec 17.


Differences in plasma fibrin clot composition in patients with thrombotic antiphospholipid syndrome compared with venous thromboembolism.

Stachowicz A, Zabczyk M, Natorska J, Suski M, Olszanecki R, Korbut R, Wiśniewski JR, Undas A.

Sci Rep. 2018 Nov 23;8(1):17301. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-35034-x.


Filter-Aided Sample Preparation for Proteome Analysis.

Wiśniewski JR.

Methods Mol Biol. 2018;1841:3-10. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-8695-8_1.


In-Depth Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of Trophozoites and Pseudocysts of Trichomonas vaginalis.

Dias-Lopes G, Wiśniewski JR, de Souza NP, Vidal VE, Padrón G, Britto C, Cuervo P, De Jesus JB.

J Proteome Res. 2018 Nov 2;17(11):3704-3718. doi: 10.1021/acs.jproteome.8b00343. Epub 2018 Oct 3.


Global quantitative TPA-based proteomics of mouse brain structures reveals significant alterations in expression of proteins involved in neuronal plasticity during aging.

Duda P, Wójcicka O, Wiśniewski JR, Rakus D.

Aging (Albany NY). 2018 Jul 19;10(7):1682-1697. doi: 10.18632/aging.101501.


Systematic analysis of GSK-3 signaling pathways in aging of cerebral tissue.

Drulis-Fajdasz D, Rakus D, Wiśniewski JR, McCubrey JA, Gizak A.

Adv Biol Regul. 2018 Aug;69:35-42. doi: 10.1016/j.jbior.2018.06.001. Epub 2018 Jun 21. Review.


Intracellular Drug Bioavailability: Effect of Neutral Lipids and Phospholipids.

Treyer A, Mateus A, Wiśniewski JR, Boriss H, Matsson P, Artursson P.

Mol Pharm. 2018 Jun 4;15(6):2224-2233. doi: 10.1021/acs.molpharmaceut.8b00064. Epub 2018 May 11.


Aging-associated changes in hippocampal glycogen metabolism in mice. Evidence for and against astrocyte-to-neuron lactate shuttle.

Drulis-Fajdasz D, Gizak A, Wójtowicz T, Wiśniewski JR, Rakus D.

Glia. 2018 Jul;66(7):1481-1495. doi: 10.1002/glia.23319. Epub 2018 Mar 1.


Respiromics - An integrative analysis linking mitochondrial bioenergetics to molecular signatures.

Walheim E, Wiśniewski JR, Jastroch M.

Mol Metab. 2018 Mar;9:4-14. doi: 10.1016/j.molmet.2018.01.002. Epub 2018 Jan 5.


Linking FOXO3, NCOA3, and TCF7L2 to Ras pathway phenotypes through a genome-wide forward genetic screen in human colorectal cancer cells.

Kundu S, Ali MA, Handin N, Padhan N, Larsson J, Karoutsou M, Ban K, Wiśniewski JR, Artursson P, He L, Hellström M, Sjöblom T.

Genome Med. 2018 Jan 4;10(1):2. doi: 10.1186/s13073-017-0511-4.


Restoration of type 1 iodothyronine deiodinase expression in renal cancer cells downregulates oncoproteins and affects key metabolic pathways as well as anti-oxidative system.

Popławski P, Wiśniewski JR, Rijntjes E, Richards K, Rybicka B, Köhrle J, Piekiełko-Witkowska A.

PLoS One. 2017 Dec 22;12(12):e0190179. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0190179. eCollection 2017.


Optimization of quantitative proteomic analysis of clots generated from plasma of patients with venous thromboembolism.

Stachowicz A, Siudut J, Suski M, Olszanecki R, Korbut R, Undas A, Wiśniewski JR.

Clin Proteomics. 2017 Nov 28;14:38. doi: 10.1186/s12014-017-9173-x. eCollection 2017.


Variability in Mass Spectrometry-based Quantification of Clinically Relevant Drug Transporters and Drug Metabolizing Enzymes.

Wegler C, Gaugaz FZ, Andersson TB, Wiśniewski JR, Busch D, Gröer C, Oswald S, Norén A, Weiss F, Hammer HS, Joos TO, Poetz O, Achour B, Rostami-Hodjegan A, van de Steeg E, Wortelboer HM, Artursson P.

Mol Pharm. 2017 Sep 5;14(9):3142-3151. doi: 10.1021/acs.molpharmaceut.7b00364. Epub 2017 Aug 16.


Quantitative Analysis of Human Red Blood Cell Proteome.

Bryk AH, Wiśniewski JR.

J Proteome Res. 2017 Aug 4;16(8):2752-2761. doi: 10.1021/acs.jproteome.7b00025. Epub 2017 Jul 24.


Global Proteome Changes in Liver Tissue 6 Weeks after FOLFOX Treatment of Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases.

Urdzik J, Vildhede A, Wiśniewski JR, Duraj F, Haglund U, Artursson P, Norén A.

Proteomes. 2016 Oct 14;4(4). pii: E30. doi: 10.3390/proteomes4040030.


Label-Free and Standard-Free Absolute Quantitative Proteomics Using the "Total Protein" and "Proteomic Ruler" Approaches.

Wiśniewski JR.

Methods Enzymol. 2017;585:49-60. doi: 10.1016/bs.mie.2016.10.002. Epub 2016 Dec 1.


A Protocol for Large-Scale Proteomic Analysis of Microdissected Formalin Fixed and Paraffin Embedded Tissue.

Ostasiewicz P, Wiśniewski JR.

Methods Enzymol. 2017;585:159-176. doi: 10.1016/bs.mie.2016.09.017.


Filter-Aided Sample Preparation: The Versatile and Efficient Method for Proteomic Analysis.

Wiśniewski JR.

Methods Enzymol. 2017;585:15-27. doi: 10.1016/bs.mie.2016.09.013. Epub 2016 Oct 12.


Proteasome machinery is instrumental in a common gain-of-function program of the p53 missense mutants in cancer.

Walerych D, Lisek K, Sommaggio R, Piazza S, Ciani Y, Dalla E, Rajkowska K, Gaweda-Walerych K, Ingallina E, Tonelli C, Morelli MJ, Amato A, Eterno V, Zambelli A, Rosato A, Amati B, Wiśniewski JR, Del Sal G.

Nat Cell Biol. 2016 Aug;18(8):897-909. doi: 10.1038/ncb3380. Epub 2016 Jun 27.


Subcellular fractionation of human liver reveals limits in global proteomic quantification from isolated fractions.

Wiśniewski JR, Wegler C, Artursson P.

Anal Biochem. 2016 Sep 15;509:82-88. doi: 10.1016/j.ab.2016.06.006. Epub 2016 Jun 14.


Proteomics Unveils Fibroblast-Cardiomyocyte Lactate Shuttle and Hexokinase Paradox in Mouse Muscles.

Rakus D, Gizak A, Wiśniewski JR.

J Proteome Res. 2016 Aug 5;15(8):2479-90. doi: 10.1021/acs.jproteome.5b01149. Epub 2016 Jun 24.


A Proteomics Approach to the Protein Normalization Problem: Selection of Unvarying Proteins for MS-Based Proteomics and Western Blotting.

Wiśniewski JR, Mann M.

J Proteome Res. 2016 Jul 1;15(7):2321-6. doi: 10.1021/acs.jproteome.6b00403. Epub 2016 Jun 23.


Quantitative Evaluation of Filter Aided Sample Preparation (FASP) and Multienzyme Digestion FASP Protocols.

Wiśniewski JR.

Anal Chem. 2016 May 17;88(10):5438-43. doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.6b00859. Epub 2016 May 6.


The Proteome of Filter-Grown Caco-2 Cells With a Focus on Proteins Involved in Drug Disposition.

Ölander M, Wiśniewski JR, Matsson P, Lundquist P, Artursson P.

J Pharm Sci. 2016 Feb;105(2):817-827. doi: 10.1016/j.xphs.2015.10.030. Epub 2016 Jan 9.


In-depth quantitative analysis and comparison of the human hepatocyte and hepatoma cell line HepG2 proteomes.

Wiśniewski JR, Vildhede A, Norén A, Artursson P.

J Proteomics. 2016 Mar 16;136:234-47. doi: 10.1016/j.jprot.2016.01.016. Epub 2016 Jan 26.


Pattern of Melanotransferrin Expression in Human Colorectal Tissues: An Immunohistochemical Study on Potential Clinical Application.

Duś-Szachniewicz K, Ostasiewicz P, Woźniak M, Kołodziej P, Wiśniewski JR, Ziółkowski P.

Anticancer Res. 2015 Dec;35(12):6551-61.


Translating Proteomic Into Functional Data: An High Mobility Group A1 (HMGA1) Proteomic Signature Has Prognostic Value in Breast Cancer.

Maurizio E, Wiśniewski JR, Ciani Y, Amato A, Arnoldo L, Penzo C, Pegoraro S, Giancotti V, Zambelli A, Piazza S, Manfioletti G, Sgarra R.

Mol Cell Proteomics. 2016 Jan;15(1):109-23. doi: 10.1074/mcp.M115.050401. Epub 2015 Nov 2.


Absolute Proteome Analysis of Colorectal Mucosa, Adenoma, and Cancer Reveals Drastic Changes in Fatty Acid Metabolism and Plasma Membrane Transporters.

Wiśniewski JR, Duś-Szachniewicz K, Ostasiewicz P, Ziółkowski P, Rakus D, Mann M.

J Proteome Res. 2015 Sep 4;14(9):4005-18. doi: 10.1021/acs.jproteome.5b00523. Epub 2015 Aug 17.


Quantitative analysis of the Escherichia coli proteome.

Wiśniewski JR, Rakus D.

Data Brief. 2014 Aug 22;1:7-11. doi: 10.1016/j.dib.2014.08.004. eCollection 2014 Dec.


Addendum to 'Quantifying the impact of transporters on cellular drug permeability'.

Matsson P, Fenu LA, Lundquist P, Wiśniewski JR, Kansy M, Artursson P.

Trends Pharmacol Sci. 2015 Sep;36(9):559. doi: 10.1016/ Epub 2015 Jul 24. No abstract available.


Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Human Liver Tissue and Isolated Hepatocytes with a Focus on Proteins Determining Drug Exposure.

Vildhede A, Wiśniewski JR, Norén A, Karlgren M, Artursson P.

J Proteome Res. 2015 Aug 7;14(8):3305-14. doi: 10.1021/acs.jproteome.5b00334. Epub 2015 Jul 20.


Integrating Proteomics and Enzyme Kinetics Reveals Tissue-Specific Types of the Glycolytic and Gluconeogenic Pathways.

Wiśniewski JR, Gizak A, Rakus D.

J Proteome Res. 2015 Aug 7;14(8):3263-73. doi: 10.1021/acs.jproteome.5b00276. Epub 2015 Jul 1.


Insulin/IGF1-PI3K-dependent nucleolar localization of a glycolytic enzyme--phosphoglycerate mutase 2, is necessary for proper structure of nucleolus and RNA synthesis.

Gizak A, Grenda M, Mamczur P, Wisniewski J, Sucharski F, Silberring J, McCubrey JA, Wisniewski JR, Rakus D.

Oncotarget. 2015 Jul 10;6(19):17237-50.


Homogenous Phase Enrichment of Cysteine-Containing Peptides for Improved Proteome Coverage.

Wiśniewski JR, Pruś G.

Anal Chem. 2015 Jul 7;87(13):6861-7. doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.5b01215. Epub 2015 Jun 10.


Fast and sensitive total protein and Peptide assays for proteomic analysis.

Wiśniewski JR, Gaugaz FZ.

Anal Chem. 2015 Apr 21;87(8):4110-6. doi: 10.1021/ac504689z. Epub 2015 Apr 9.


Quantifying the impact of transporters on cellular drug permeability.

Matsson P, Fenu LA, Lundquist P, Wiśniewski JR, Kansy M, Artursson P.

Trends Pharmacol Sci. 2015 May;36(5):255-62. doi: 10.1016/ Epub 2015 Mar 19. Review. Erratum in: Trends Pharmacol Sci. 2015 Sep;36(9):559.


Absolute quantitative profiling of the key metabolic pathways in slow and fast skeletal muscle.

Rakus D, Gizak A, Deshmukh A, Wiśniewski JR.

J Proteome Res. 2015 Mar 6;14(3):1400-11. doi: 10.1021/pr5010357. Epub 2015 Feb 2.


Absolute protein quantification allows differentiation of cell-specific metabolic routes and functions.

Wiśniewski JR, Koepsell H, Gizak A, Rakus D.

Proteomics. 2015 Apr;15(7):1316-25. doi: 10.1002/pmic.201400456. Epub 2015 Feb 17.


The impact of high-fat diet on metabolism and immune defense in small intestine mucosa.

Wiśniewski JR, Friedrich A, Keller T, Mann M, Koepsell H.

J Proteome Res. 2015 Jan 2;14(1):353-65. doi: 10.1021/pr500833v. Epub 2014 Oct 23.


Astrocyte-neuron crosstalk regulates the expression and subcellular localization of carbohydrate metabolism enzymes.

Mamczur P, Borsuk B, Paszko J, Sas Z, Mozrzymas J, Wiśniewski JR, Gizak A, Rakus D.

Glia. 2015 Feb;63(2):328-40. doi: 10.1002/glia.22753. Epub 2014 Sep 24.


A "proteomic ruler" for protein copy number and concentration estimation without spike-in standards.

Wiśniewski JR, Hein MY, Cox J, Mann M.

Mol Cell Proteomics. 2014 Dec;13(12):3497-506. doi: 10.1074/mcp.M113.037309. Epub 2014 Sep 15.


Ultradeep human phosphoproteome reveals a distinct regulatory nature of Tyr and Ser/Thr-based signaling.

Sharma K, D'Souza RC, Tyanova S, Schaab C, Wiśniewski JR, Cox J, Mann M.

Cell Rep. 2014 Sep 11;8(5):1583-94. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2014.07.036. Epub 2014 Aug 21.

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