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Differential kidney proximal tubule cell responses to protein overload by albumin and its ligands.

Long KR, Rbaibi Y, Gliozzi ML, Ren Q, Weisz OA.

Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2020 Feb 18. doi: 10.1152/ajprenal.00490.2019. [Epub ahead of print]


Effects of Proximal Tubule Shortening on Protein Excretion in a Lowe Syndrome Model.

Gliozzi ML, Espiritu EB, Shipman KE, Rbaibi Y, Long KR, Roy N, Duncan AW, Lazzara MJ, Hukriede NA, Baty CJ, Weisz OA.

J Am Soc Nephrol. 2020 Jan;31(1):67-83. doi: 10.1681/ASN.2019020125. Epub 2019 Nov 1.


Hemoglobin alters vitamin carrier uptake and vitamin D metabolism in proximal tubule cells: implications for sickle cell disease.

Gliozzi ML, Rbaibi Y, Long KR, Vitturi DA, Weisz OA.

Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2019 Nov 1;317(5):C993-C1000. doi: 10.1152/ajpcell.00287.2019. Epub 2019 Sep 11.


Lose the lipid: renoprotection conferred by Gb3 synthase knockout.

Labilloy A, Weisz OA.

Kidney Int. 2019 Aug;96(2):270-272. doi: 10.1016/j.kint.2019.03.034.


Shear stress and oxygen availability drive differential changes in opossum kidney proximal tubule cell metabolism and endocytosis.

Ren Q, Gliozzi ML, Rittenhouse NL, Edmunds LR, Rbaibi Y, Locker JD, Poholek AC, Jurczak MJ, Baty CJ, Weisz OA.

Traffic. 2019 Jun;20(6):448-459. doi: 10.1111/tra.12648. Epub 2019 May 9.


Small-Molecule Inhibitor of FosA Expands Fosfomycin Activity to Multidrug-Resistant Gram-Negative Pathogens.

Tomich AD, Klontz EH, Deredge D, Barnard JP, McElheny CL, Eshbach ML, Weisz OA, Wintrode P, Doi Y, Sundberg EJ, Sluis-Cremer N.

Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2019 Feb 26;63(3). pii: e01524-18. doi: 10.1128/AAC.01524-18. Print 2019 Mar.


Lemmings into the sea or back across the bridge? The fate of albumin in nephrotic syndrome.

Weisz OA, Baty CJ.

Kidney Int. 2018 Feb;93(2):296-298. doi: 10.1016/j.kint.2017.08.037.


Cdc42 activation couples fluid shear stress to apical endocytosis in proximal tubule cells.

Bhattacharyya S, Jean-Alphonse FG, Raghavan V, McGarvey JC, Rbaibi Y, Vilardaga JP, Carattino MD, Weisz OA.

Physiol Rep. 2017 Oct;5(19). pii: e13460. doi: 10.14814/phy2.13460. Epub 2017 Oct 16.


Proximal tubule apical endocytosis is modulated by fluid shear stress via an mTOR-dependent pathway.

Long KR, Shipman KE, Rbaibi Y, Menshikova EV, Ritov VB, Eshbach ML, Jiang Y, Jackson EK, Baty CJ, Weisz OA.

Mol Biol Cell. 2017 Sep 15;28(19):2508-2517. doi: 10.1091/mbc.E17-04-0211. Epub 2017 Jul 18.


The transcriptome of the Didelphis virginiana opossum kidney OK proximal tubule cell line.

Eshbach ML, Sethi R, Avula R, Lamb J, Hollingshead DJ, Finegold DN, Locker JD, Chandran UR, Weisz OA.

Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2017 Sep 1;313(3):F585-F595. doi: 10.1152/ajprenal.00228.2017. Epub 2017 Jun 14.


Hemoglobin inhibits albumin uptake by proximal tubule cells: implications for sickle cell disease.

Eshbach ML, Kaur A, Rbaibi Y, Tejero J, Weisz OA.

Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2017 Jun 1;312(6):C733-C740. doi: 10.1152/ajpcell.00021.2017. Epub 2017 Mar 29.


Receptor-Mediated Endocytosis in the Proximal Tubule.

Eshbach ML, Weisz OA.

Annu Rev Physiol. 2017 Feb 10;79:425-448. doi: 10.1146/annurev-physiol-022516-034234. Epub 2016 Oct 28. Review.


Characterization and phosphoproteomic analysis of a human immortalized podocyte model of Fabry disease generated using CRISPR/Cas9 technology.

Pereira EM, Labilloy A, Eshbach ML, Roy A, Subramanya AR, Monte S, Labilloy G, Weisz OA.

Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2016 Nov 1;311(5):F1015-F1024. doi: 10.1152/ajprenal.00283.2016. Epub 2016 Sep 28.


Convergent Signaling Pathways Regulate Parathyroid Hormone and Fibroblast Growth Factor-23 Action on NPT2A-mediated Phosphate Transport.

Sneddon WB, Ruiz GW, Gallo LI, Xiao K, Zhang Q, Rbaibi Y, Weisz OA, Apodaca GL, Friedman PA.

J Biol Chem. 2016 Sep 2;291(36):18632-42. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M116.744052. Epub 2016 Jul 18.


Discerning the role of mechanosensors in regulating proximal tubule function.

Raghavan V, Weisz OA.

Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2016 Jan 1;310(1):F1-5. doi: 10.1152/ajprenal.00373.2015. Epub 2015 Oct 14. Review.


Flow stimulated endocytosis in the proximal tubule.

Raghavan V, Weisz OA.

Curr Opin Nephrol Hypertens. 2015 Jul;24(4):359-65. doi: 10.1097/MNH.0000000000000135. Review.


Shear stress-dependent regulation of apical endocytosis in renal proximal tubule cells mediated by primary cilia.

Raghavan V, Rbaibi Y, Pastor-Soler NM, Carattino MD, Weisz OA.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Jun 10;111(23):8506-11. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1402195111. Epub 2014 May 27. Erratum in: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016 Mar 15;113(11):E1587.


VAMP7 modulates ciliary biogenesis in kidney cells.

Szalinski CM, Labilloy A, Bruns JR, Weisz OA.

PLoS One. 2014 Jan 22;9(1):e86425. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0086425. eCollection 2014.


Defining kidney biology to understand renal disease.

Little MH, Brown D, Humphreys BD, McMahon AP, Miner JH, Sands JM, Weisz OA, Mullins C, Hoshizaki D; Kidney Research National Dialogue (KRND).

Clin J Am Soc Nephrol. 2014 Apr;9(4):809-11. doi: 10.2215/CJN.10851013. Epub 2013 Dec 26.


Altered dynamics of a lipid raft associated protein in a kidney model of Fabry disease.

Labilloy A, Youker RT, Bruns JR, Kukic I, Kiselyov K, Halfter W, Finegold D, do Monte SJ, Weisz OA.

Mol Genet Metab. 2014 Feb;111(2):184-92. doi: 10.1016/j.ymgme.2013.10.010. Epub 2013 Oct 19.


Rab11a-positive compartments in proximal tubule cells sort fluid-phase and membrane cargo.

Mattila PE, Raghavan V, Rbaibi Y, Baty CJ, Weisz OA.

Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2014 Mar 1;306(5):C441-9. doi: 10.1152/ajpcell.00236.2013. Epub 2013 Oct 23.


Evidence for core 2 to core 1 O-glycan remodeling during the recycling of MUC1.

Razawi H, Kinlough CL, Staubach S, Poland PA, Rbaibi Y, Weisz OA, Hughey RP, Hanisch FG.

Glycobiology. 2013 Aug;23(8):935-45. doi: 10.1093/glycob/cwt030. Epub 2013 May 1.


Multiple motifs regulate apical sorting of p75 via a mechanism that involves dimerization and higher-order oligomerization.

Youker RT, Bruns JR, Costa SA, Rbaibi Y, Lanni F, Kashlan OB, Teng H, Weisz OA.

Mol Biol Cell. 2013 Jun;24(12):1996-2007. doi: 10.1091/mbc.E13-02-0078. Epub 2013 May 1.


PIP5KIβ selectively modulates apical endocytosis in polarized renal epithelial cells.

Szalinski CM, Guerriero CJ, Ruiz WG, Docter BE, Rbaibi Y, Pastor-Soler NM, Apodaca G, Puthenveedu MA, Weisz OA.

PLoS One. 2013;8(1):e53790. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0053790. Epub 2013 Jan 16.


High-tailing it to the apical surface. Focus on "Apical targeting of the P2Y(4) receptor is directed by hydrophobic and basic residues in the cytoplasmic tail".

Weisz OA.

Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2013 Feb 1;304(3):C226-7. doi: 10.1152/ajpcell.00327.2012. Epub 2012 Oct 17. No abstract available.


Apical targeting and endocytosis of the sialomucin endolyn are essential for establishment of zebrafish pronephric kidney function.

Mo D, Ihrke G, Costa SA, Brilli L, Labilloy A, Halfter W, Cianciolo Cosentino C, Hukriede NA, Weisz OA.

J Cell Sci. 2012 Nov 15;125(Pt 22):5546-54. doi: 10.1242/jcs.111468. Epub 2012 Sep 12.


Sialylation of N-linked glycans mediates apical delivery of endolyn in MDCK cells via a galectin-9-dependent mechanism.

Mo D, Costa SA, Ihrke G, Youker RT, Pastor-Soler N, Hughey RP, Weisz OA.

Mol Biol Cell. 2012 Sep;23(18):3636-46. doi: 10.1091/mbc.E12-04-0329. Epub 2012 Aug 1. Erratum in: Mol Biol Cell. 2012 Oct;23(20):4142.


OCRL1 modulates cilia length in renal epithelial cells.

Rbaibi Y, Cui S, Mo D, Carattino M, Rohatgi R, Satlin LM, Szalinski CM, Swanhart LM, Fölsch H, Hukriede NA, Weisz OA.

Traffic. 2012 Sep;13(9):1295-305. doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0854.2012.01387.x. Epub 2012 Jul 4.


Loss of lysosomal ion channel transient receptor potential channel mucolipin-1 (TRPML1) leads to cathepsin B-dependent apoptosis.

Colletti GA, Miedel MT, Quinn J, Andharia N, Weisz OA, Kiselyov K.

J Biol Chem. 2012 Mar 9;287(11):8082-91. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M111.285536. Epub 2012 Jan 18.


Multiple biosynthetic trafficking routes for apically secreted proteins in MDCK cells.

Mattila PE, Youker RT, Mo D, Bruns JR, Cresawn KO, Hughey RP, Ihrke G, Weisz OA.

Traffic. 2012 Mar;13(3):433-42. doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0854.2011.01315.x. Epub 2011 Dec 14.


Core-glycosylated mucin-like repeats from MUC1 are an apical targeting signal.

Kinlough CL, Poland PA, Gendler SJ, Mattila PE, Mo D, Weisz OA, Hughey RP.

J Biol Chem. 2011 Nov 11;286(45):39072-81. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M111.289504. Epub 2011 Sep 20.


Galectin-7 modulates the length of the primary cilia and wound repair in polarized kidney epithelial cells.

Rondanino C, Poland PA, Kinlough CL, Li H, Rbaibi Y, Myerburg MM, Al-bataineh MM, Kashlan OB, Pastor-Soler NM, Hallows KR, Weisz OA, Apodaca G, Hughey RP.

Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2011 Sep;301(3):F622-33. doi: 10.1152/ajprenal.00134.2011. Epub 2011 Jun 15.


Sorting it out in endosomes: an emerging concept in renal epithelial cell transport regulation.

Welling PA, Weisz OA.

Physiology (Bethesda). 2010 Oct;25(5):280-92. doi: 10.1152/physiol.00022.2010. Review.


Nucleofection disrupts tight junction fence function to alter membrane polarity of renal epithelial cells.

Mo D, Potter BA, Bertrand CA, Hildebrand JD, Bruns JR, Weisz OA.

Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2010 Nov;299(5):F1178-84. doi: 10.1152/ajprenal.00152.2010. Epub 2010 Aug 11.


OCRL1 function in renal epithelial membrane traffic.

Cui S, Guerriero CJ, Szalinski CM, Kinlough CL, Hughey RP, Weisz OA.

Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2010 Feb;298(2):F335-45. doi: 10.1152/ajprenal.00453.2009. Epub 2009 Nov 25.


Apical trafficking in epithelial cells: signals, clusters and motors.

Weisz OA, Rodriguez-Boulan E.

J Cell Sci. 2009 Dec 1;122(Pt 23):4253-66. doi: 10.1242/jcs.032615. Review.


HIV-1 matrix dependent membrane targeting is regulated by Gag mRNA trafficking.

Jin J, Sturgeon T, Weisz OA, Mothes W, Montelaro RC.

PLoS One. 2009 Aug 7;4(8):e6551. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0006551.


Taking the scenic route: biosynthetic traffic to the plasma membrane in polarized epithelial cells.

Fölsch H, Mattila PE, Weisz OA.

Traffic. 2009 Aug;10(8):972-81. doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0854.2009.00927.x. Epub 2009 May 12. Review.


MUC1 traverses apical recycling endosomes along the biosynthetic pathway in polarized MDCK cells.

Mattila PE, Kinlough CL, Bruns JR, Weisz OA, Hughey RP.

Biol Chem. 2009 Jul;390(7):551-6. doi: 10.1515/BC.2009.088.


Rab11a-dependent exocytosis of discoidal/fusiform vesicles in bladder umbrella cells.

Khandelwal P, Ruiz WG, Balestreire-Hawryluk E, Weisz OA, Goldenring JR, Apodaca G.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008 Oct 14;105(41):15773-8. doi: 10.1073/pnas.0805636105. Epub 2008 Oct 8.


Some assembly required: putting the epithelial sodium channel together.

Butterworth MB, Weisz OA, Johnson JP.

J Biol Chem. 2008 Dec 19;283(51):35305-9. doi: 10.1074/jbc.R800044200. Epub 2008 Aug 18. Review. No abstract available.


Interferon-gamma inhibits enterocyte migration by reversibly displacing connexin43 from lipid rafts.

Leaphart CL, Dai S, Gribar SC, Richardson W, Ozolek J, Shi XH, Bruns JR, Branca M, Li J, Weisz OA, Sodhi C, Hackam DJ.

Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2008 Sep;295(3):G559-69. doi: 10.1152/ajpgi.90320.2008. Epub 2008 Jul 17.


Membrane traffic and turnover in TRP-ML1-deficient cells: a revised model for mucolipidosis type IV pathogenesis.

Miedel MT, Rbaibi Y, Guerriero CJ, Colletti G, Weixel KM, Weisz OA, Kiselyov K.

J Exp Med. 2008 Jun 9;205(6):1477-90. doi: 10.1084/jem.20072194. Epub 2008 May 26.


Differential sorting and Golgi export requirements for raft-associated and raft-independent apical proteins along the biosynthetic pathway.

Guerriero CJ, Lai Y, Weisz OA.

J Biol Chem. 2008 Jun 27;283(26):18040-7. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M802048200. Epub 2008 Apr 22.


Phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate 5-kinase reduces cell surface expression of the epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) in cultured collecting duct cells.

Weixel KM, Edinger RS, Kester L, Guerriero CJ, Wang H, Fang L, Kleyman TR, Welling PA, Weisz OA, Johnson JP.

J Biol Chem. 2007 Dec 14;282(50):36534-42. Epub 2007 Oct 16.


Exocyst requirement for endocytic traffic directed toward the apical and basolateral poles of polarized MDCK cells.

Oztan A, Silvis M, Weisz OA, Bradbury NA, Hsu SC, Goldenring JR, Yeaman C, Apodaca G.

Mol Biol Cell. 2007 Oct;18(10):3978-92. Epub 2007 Aug 8.


Differential involvement of endocytic compartments in the biosynthetic traffic of apical proteins.

Cresawn KO, Potter BA, Oztan A, Guerriero CJ, Ihrke G, Goldenring JR, Apodaca G, Weisz OA.

EMBO J. 2007 Aug 22;26(16):3737-48. Epub 2007 Aug 2.


Association of gag multimers with filamentous actin during equine infectious anemia virus assembly.

Chen C, Jin J, Rubin M, Huang L, Sturgeon T, Weixel KM, Stolz DB, Watkins SC, Bamburg JR, Weisz OA, Montelaro RC.

Curr HIV Res. 2007 May;5(3):315-23.


Epithelial Na+ channels are fully activated by furin- and prostasin-dependent release of an inhibitory peptide from the gamma-subunit.

Bruns JB, Carattino MD, Sheng S, Maarouf AB, Weisz OA, Pilewski JM, Hughey RP, Kleyman TR.

J Biol Chem. 2007 Mar 2;282(9):6153-60. Epub 2007 Jan 1.

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