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Sanghuangporus toxicodendri sp. nov. (Hymenochaetales, Basidiomycota) from China.

Wu SH, Chang CC, Wei CL, Jiang GZ, Cui BK.

MycoKeys. 2019 Aug 22;57:101-111. doi: 10.3897/mycokeys.57.36376. eCollection 2019.


What happens after HIV self-testing? Results from a longitudinal cohort of Chinese men who have sex with men.

Tang W, Huang W, Lu H, Cao B, Wu D, Ong J, Fu H, Zhang Y, Yang B, Wang C, Ma W, Wei C, Tucker JD.

BMC Infect Dis. 2019 Sep 14;19(1):807. doi: 10.1186/s12879-019-4455-8.


Propofol Attenuates α-Synuclein Aggregation and Neuronal Damage in a Mouse Model of Ischemic Stroke.

Wang Y, Tian D, Wei C, Cui V, Wang H, Zhu Y, Wu A, Yue Y.

Neurosci Bull. 2019 Sep 13. doi: 10.1007/s12264-019-00426-0. [Epub ahead of print]


Relationships between the lithology of purple rocks and the pedogenesis of purple soils in the Sichuan Basin, China.

Zhong S, Han Z, Du J, Ci E, Ni J, Xie D, Wei C.

Sci Rep. 2019 Sep 13;9(1):13272. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-49687-9.


Adsorption thermodynamic characteristics of Chlorella vulgaris with organic polymer adsorbent cationic starch: Effect of temperature on adsorption capacity and rate.

Wei C, Huang Y, Liao Q, Xia A, Zhu X, Zhu X.

Bioresour Technol. 2019 Aug 24;293:122056. doi: 10.1016/j.biortech.2019.122056. [Epub ahead of print]


Cataluminescence coupled with photo-assisted technology: a highly efficient metal-free gas sensor for carbon monoxide.

Li L, Wei C, Song H, Yang Y, Xue Y, Deng D, Lv Y.

Anal Chem. 2019 Sep 11. doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.9b03452. [Epub ahead of print]


Tunable single-mode microwave signal generation utilizing an all-optical coupled microwave oscillator.

Luo H, Jiang Y, Dong R, Tian J, Zi Y, Liu H, Wei C, Wang R.

Opt Express. 2019 Sep 2;27(18):25829-25840. doi: 10.1364/OE.27.025829.


Pediatric Autoimmune Encephalitis: Case Series From Two Chinese Tertiary Pediatric Neurology Centers.

Zhang J, Ji T, Chen Q, Jiang Y, Cheng H, Zheng P, Ma W, Lei T, Zhang Y, Jin Y, Wei C, Wu Y, Chang X, Bao X, Zhang Y, Xiong H, Ji X, Feng S, Ren H, Yang J, Jiang Y.

Front Neurol. 2019 Aug 22;10:906. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2019.00906. eCollection 2019.


Theoretical prediction of superconductivity in monolayer CoO2.

Nguyen DL, Hsing CR, Wei CM.

Nanoscale. 2019 Sep 11. doi: 10.1039/c9nr03954f. [Epub ahead of print]


Time-resolved laser absorption imaging of ethane at 2  kHz in unsteady partially premixed flames.

Schwarm KK, Wei C, Pineda DI, Mitchell Spearrin R.

Appl Opt. 2019 Jul 20;58(21):5656-5662. doi: 10.1364/AO.58.005656.


Increased torulene production by the red yeast, Sporidiobolus pararoseus, using citrus juice.

Wei C, Wu T, Ao H, Qian X, Wang Z, Sun J.

Prep Biochem Biotechnol. 2019 Sep 10:1-8. doi: 10.1080/10826068.2019.1663533. [Epub ahead of print]


Multi-input chemical control of protein dimerization for programming graded cellular responses.

Foight GW, Wang Z, Wei CT, Jr Greisen P, Warner KM, Cunningham-Bryant D, Park K, Brunette TJ, Sheffler W, Baker D, Maly DJ.

Nat Biotechnol. 2019 Sep 9. doi: 10.1038/s41587-019-0242-8. [Epub ahead of print]


MicroRNA-330-3p promotes brain metastasis and epithelial-mesenchymal transition via GRIA3 in non-small cell lung cancer.

Wei C, Zhang R, Cai Q, Gao X, Tong F, Dong J, Hu Y, Wu G, Dong X.

Aging (Albany NY). 2019 Sep 8;11. doi: 10.18632/aging.102201. [Epub ahead of print]


Assembly of (l+d)-Tryptophan Derivatives Containing an Imidazole Group Selectively Forms a Rare Purple Ni2+-Hydrogel.

Wang XJ, Wei CW, Gao SQ, He B, Lin YW.

ChemistryOpen. 2019 Jul 29;8(9):1172-1175. doi: 10.1002/open.201900214. eCollection 2019 Sep.


Dementia in China: epidemiology, clinical management, and research advances.

Jia L, Quan M, Fu Y, Zhao T, Li Y, Wei C, Tang Y, Qin Q, Wang F, Qiao Y, Shi S, Wang YJ, Du Y, Zhang J, Zhang J, Luo B, Qu Q, Zhou C, Gauthier S, Jia J; Group for the Project of Dementia Situation in China.

Lancet Neurol. 2019 Sep 4. pii: S1474-4422(19)30290-X. doi: 10.1016/S1474-4422(19)30290-X. [Epub ahead of print] Review.


Comparison of adjuvants to optimize influenza neutralizing antibody responses.

Rudicell RS, Garinot M, Kanekiyo M, Kamp HD, Swanson K, Chou TH, Dai S, Bedel O, Simard D, Gillespie RA, Yang K, Reardon M, Avila LZ, Besev M, Dhal PK, Dharanipragada R, Zheng L, Duan X, Dinapoli J, Vogel TU, Kleanthous H, Mascola JR, Graham BS, Haensler J, Wei CJ, Nabel GJ.

Vaccine. 2019 Sep 30;37(42):6208-6220. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2019.08.030. Epub 2019 Sep 5.


HOXA11-AS promotes the migration and invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma cells by inhibiting miR-124 expression by binding to EZH2.

Zhang WL, Zhao YN, Shi ZZ, Gu GY, Cong D, Wei C, Bai YS.

Hum Cell. 2019 Sep 6. doi: 10.1007/s13577-019-00269-x. [Epub ahead of print]


Serum Uric Acid and Risk of Hemorrhagic Transformation in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke.

Song Q, Wang Y, Cheng Y, Liu J, Wei C, Liu M.

J Mol Neurosci. 2019 Sep 5. doi: 10.1007/s12031-019-01404-x. [Epub ahead of print]


NH4+-N alleviates iron deficiency in rice seedlings under calcareous conditions.

Zhang X, Liu H, Zhang S, Wang J, Wei C.

Sci Rep. 2019 Sep 3;9(1):12712. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-49207-9.


Effect of different ranges of systolic blood pressure on left ventricular structure and diastolic function in a Chinese population: a cross-sectional population-based Shunyi study.

Yongtai L, Jinzhi L, Lixin Z, Feifei Z, Dingding Z, Zhuang T, Yanlin Z, Wei C, Hua B, Hui W, Yicheng Z, Liying C, Zhengyu J, Zhang S.

BMJ Open. 2019 Sep 3;9(8):e028398. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-028398.


Wogonoside Inhibits Prostate Cancer Cell Growth and Metastasis via Regulating Wnt/β-Catenin Pathway and Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition.

Wei C, Jing J, Zhang Y, Fang L.

Pharmacology. 2019 Sep 3:1-8. doi: 10.1159/000502400. [Epub ahead of print]


Hunterines A-C, Three Unusual Monoterpenoid Indole Alkaloids from Hunteria zeylanica.

Zhang J, Liu ZW, Ao YL, Hu LJ, Wei CJ, Zhang QH, Yuan MF, Wang Y, Zhang QW, Ye WC, Zhang XQ.

J Org Chem. 2019 Sep 10. doi: 10.1021/acs.joc.9b01835. [Epub ahead of print]


Transparent and strong polymer nanocomposites generated from Pickering emulsion gels stabilized by cellulose nanofibrils.

Liu X, Qi X, Guan Y, He Y, Li S, Liu H, Zhou L, Wei C, Yu C, Chen Y.

Carbohydr Polym. 2019 Nov 15;224:115202. doi: 10.1016/j.carbpol.2019.115202. Epub 2019 Aug 13.


A biosonar model of finless porpoise (Neophocaena phocaenoides) for material composition discrimination of cylinders.

Feng W, Zhang Y, Wei C.

J Acoust Soc Am. 2019 Aug;146(2):1362. doi: 10.1121/1.5122981.


Polycyclic aromatic compounds (PAHs, oxygenated PAHs, nitrated PAHs and azaarenes) in soils from China and their relationship with geographic location, land use and soil carbon fractions.

Musa Bandowe BA, Wei C, Han Y, Cao J, Zhan C, Wilcke W.

Sci Total Environ. 2019 Nov 10;690:1268-1276. doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2019.07.022. Epub 2019 Jul 3.


MANF inhibits liver cancer via SUMOylation-related suppression of NF-κB/Snail signaling pathway and epithelial-mesenchymal transition.

Liu J, Wu Z, Han D, Wei C, Liang Y, Jiang T, Chen L, Sha M, Cao Y, Huang F, Geng X, Yu J, Shen Y, Wang H, Feng L, Wang D, Fang S, Wang S, Shen Y.

Hepatology. 2019 Aug 30. doi: 10.1002/hep.30917. [Epub ahead of print]


CYP2E1 and miRNA-378a-3p contribute to acetaminophen or tripterygium glycosides induced hepatotoxicity.

Chen K, Guo N, Zhang R, Wei C, Guo R.

Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol. 2019 Aug 29. doi: 10.1111/bcpt.13313. [Epub ahead of print]


Evaluation of Red Cell Distribution Width to Lymphocyte Ratio as Potential Biomarker for Detection of Colorectal Cancer.

Huang J, Zhao Y, Liao L, Liu S, Lu S, Wu C, Wei C, Xu S, Zhong H, Liu J, Guo Y, Zhang S, Gao F, Tang W.

Biomed Res Int. 2019 Jul 31;2019:9852782. doi: 10.1155/2019/9852782. eCollection 2019.


Thermoelectric Figure-of-Merit of Fully Dense Single-Crystalline SnSe.

Wei PC, Bhattacharya S, Liu YF, Liu F, He J, Tung YH, Yang CC, Hsing CR, Nguyen DL, Wei CM, Chou MY, Lai YC, Hung TL, Guan SY, Chang CS, Wu HJ, Lee CH, Li WH, Hermann RP, Chen YY, Rao AM.

ACS Omega. 2019 Mar 19;4(3):5442-5450. doi: 10.1021/acsomega.8b03323. eCollection 2019 Mar 31.


Crystallization-Induced Red Phosphorescence and Grinding-Induced Blue-Shifted Emission of a Benzobis(1,2,5-thiadiazole)-Thiophene Conjugate.

He G, Du L, Gong Y, Liu Y, Yu C, Wei C, Yuan WZ.

ACS Omega. 2019 Jan 7;4(1):344-351. doi: 10.1021/acsomega.8b02805. eCollection 2019 Jan 31.


PM2.5 and NOx exposure promote myopia: clinical evidence and experimental proof.

Wei CC, Lin HJ, Lim YP, Chen CS, Chang CY, Lin CJ, Chen JJ, Tien PT, Lin CL, Wan L.

Environ Pollut. 2019 Aug 15;254(Pt B):113031. doi: 10.1016/j.envpol.2019.113031. [Epub ahead of print]


Anatomical study of the anterior neurovascular interval approach of the elbow: observation of the neurovascular interval and relevant branches.

Yang XH, Wei C, Li GP, Wang JJ, Zhao HT, Shi LT, Cao XY, Zhang YZ.

Folia Morphol (Warsz). 2019 Aug 26. doi: 10.5603/FM.a2019.0093. [Epub ahead of print]


Alignment of Rutaceae Genomes Reveals Lower Genome Fractionation Level Than Eudicot Genomes Affected by Extra Polyploidization.

Yuan J, Wang J, Yu J, Meng F, Zhao Y, Li J, Sun P, Sun S, Zhang Z, Liu C, Wei C, Guo H, Li X, Duan X, Shen S, Xie Y, Hou Y, Zhang J, Shehzad T, Wang X.

Front Plant Sci. 2019 Aug 6;10:986. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2019.00986. eCollection 2019.


Loss of control over mild aversive events produces significant helplessness in mice.

Yao L, Li Y, Qian Z, Wu M, Yang H, Chen N, Qiao Y, Wei C, Zheng Q, Han J, Tian Y, Liu Z, Ren W.

Behav Brain Res. 2019 Aug 22;376:112173. doi: 10.1016/j.bbr.2019.112173. [Epub ahead of print]


Precise in vivo genome editing via single homology arm donor mediated intron-targeting gene integration for genetic disease correction.

Suzuki K, Yamamoto M, Hernandez-Benitez R, Li Z, Wei C, Soligalla RD, Aizawa E, Hatanaka F, Kurita M, Reddy P, Ocampo A, Hishida T, Sakurai M, Nemeth AN, Nuñez Delicado E, Campistol JM, Magistretti P, Guillen P, Rodriguez Esteban C, Gong J, Yuan Y, Gu Y, Liu GH, López-Otín C, Wu J, Zhang K, Izpisua Belmonte JC.

Cell Res. 2019 Aug 23. doi: 10.1038/s41422-019-0213-0. [Epub ahead of print]


The E3 ubiquitin ligase MARCH8 regulates TNF-α-induced apoptosis in hippocampal neurons by targeting myosin light chain 2 for degradation.

Guo S, Zhang Y, Wei C, Shi L, Feng Y.

Anat Rec (Hoboken). 2019 Aug 23. doi: 10.1002/ar.24238. [Epub ahead of print]


Concentration-dependent cellular behavior and osteogenic differentiation effect induced in bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells treated with magnetic graphene oxide.

He Y, Li Y, Chen G, Wei C, Zhang X, Zeng B, Yi C, Wang C, Yu D.

J Biomed Mater Res A. 2019 Aug 23. doi: 10.1002/jbm.a.36791. [Epub ahead of print]


Evaluation of in vitro Streptococcus mutans and Actinomyces naeslundii attachment and growth on restorative materials surfaces.

Wei CX, Leung WK, Burrow MF.

Aust Dent J. 2019 Aug 23. doi: 10.1111/adj.12715. [Epub ahead of print]


Adult-onset vanishing white matter disease with the EIF2B2 gene mutation presenting as menometrorrhagia.

Wei C, Qin Q, Chen F, Zhou A, Wang F, Zuo X, Chen R, Lyu J, Jia J.

BMC Neurol. 2019 Aug 22;19(1):203. doi: 10.1186/s12883-019-1429-9.


Effects of dopamine on immune signaling pathway factors, phagocytosis and exocytosis in hemocytes of Litopenaeus vannamei.

Tong R, Wei C, Pan L, Zhang X.

Dev Comp Immunol. 2019 Aug 19;102:103473. doi: 10.1016/j.dci.2019.103473. [Epub ahead of print]


Precontoured Quadrilateral Surface Acetabular Plate Fixation Demonstrates Increased Stability When Compared With Pelvic Reconstruction Plates: A Biomechanical Study.

Ryan W, Alfonso NA, Baldini T, Kumparatana P, Reiter M, Joyce C, Wei C, Zhang Y, Mauffrey C.

J Orthop Trauma. 2019 Sep;33(9):e325-e330. doi: 10.1097/BOT.0000000000001496.


Big on Change, Small on Innovation: Evolutionary Consequences of RNA Sequence Duplication.

Plebanek A, Larnerd C, Popović M, Wei C, Pohorille A, Ditzler MA.

J Mol Evol. 2019 Sep;87(7-8):240-253. doi: 10.1007/s00239-019-09906-3. Epub 2019 Aug 21.


Sox2-Dependent 3D Chromatin Interactomes in Transcription, Neural Stem Cell Proliferation and Neurodevelopmental Diseases.

Wei CL, Nicolis SK, Zhu Y, Pagin M.

J Exp Neurosci. 2019 Aug 7;13:1179069519868224. doi: 10.1177/1179069519868224. eCollection 2019.


Transition Cliffs for Young Adults with Anxiety and Depression: Is Integrated Mental Health Care a Solution?

Babajide A, Ortin A, Wei C, Mufson L, Duarte CS.

J Behav Health Serv Res. 2019 Aug 19. doi: 10.1007/s11414-019-09670-8. [Epub ahead of print]


Elevated kindlin-2 promotes tumour progression and angiogenesis through the mTOR/VEGFA pathway in melanoma.

Wei CY, Zhu MX, Zhang PF, Yang X, Wang L, Ying JH, Luan WJ, Chen C, Liu JQ, Zhu M, Yang YW, Feng ZH, Qi FZ, Gu JY.

Aging (Albany NY). 2019 Aug 19;11(16):6273-6285. doi: 10.18632/aging.102187. Epub 2019 Aug 19.


SNHG16 promotes osteosarcoma progression and enhances cisplatin resistance by sponging miR-16 to upregulate ATG4B expression.

Liu Y, Gu S, Li H, Wang J, Wei C, Liu Q.

Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2019 Oct 8;518(1):127-133. doi: 10.1016/j.bbrc.2019.08.019. Epub 2019 Aug 16.


Spatial distribution of and historical changes in heavy metals in the surface seawater and sediments of the Beibu Gulf, China.

Lao Q, Su Q, Liu G, Shen Y, Chen F, Lei X, Qing S, Wei C, Zhang C, Gao J.

Mar Pollut Bull. 2019 Jul 9;146:427-434. doi: 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2019.06.080. [Epub ahead of print]


[Risk factor analysis of perioperative complications in patients with radical gastrectomy for gastric cancer].

Zhang P, Lan TH, Zhou YM, Deng JP, Wei CZ, Wang GH, Tian L.

Zhonghua Wei Chang Wai Ke Za Zhi. 2019 Aug 25;22(8):736-741. doi: 10.3760/cma.j.issn.1671-0274.2019.08.007. Chinese.


Structure and function of microbial community involved in a novel full-scale prefix oxic coking wastewater treatment O/H/O system.

Zhu S, Wu H, Wu C, Qiu G, Feng C, Wei C.

Water Res. 2019 Nov 1;164:114963. doi: 10.1016/j.watres.2019.114963. Epub 2019 Aug 8.


What factors hinder ethnic minority women in rural China from getting antenatal care? A retrospective data analysis.

Liu B, Shi D, Wang W, Nan L, Yin B, Wei C, Emu A, Zhou H, Wazha W, Zhu J, Wang S, Ma W.

BMJ Open. 2019 Aug 15;9(8):e023699. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-023699.

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