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Angiopoietin-1 Protects Spinal Cord Ischemia and Reperfusion Injury by Inhibiting Autophagy in Rats.

Yin J, Yin Z, Wang B, Zhu C, Sun C, Liu X, Gong G.

Neurochem Res. 2019 Oct 19. doi: 10.1007/s11064-019-02893-3. [Epub ahead of print]


MiR-337-3p suppresses proliferation of epithelial ovarian cancer by targeting PIK3CA and PIK3CB.

Zhang Z, Zhang L, Wang B, Wei R, Wang Y, Wan J, Zhang C, Zhao L, Zhu X, Zhang Y, Chu C, Guo Q, Yin X, Li X.

Cancer Lett. 2019 Oct 17. pii: S0304-3835(19)30518-X. doi: 10.1016/j.canlet.2019.10.021. [Epub ahead of print]


Metal(loid) oxides and metal sulfides nanomaterials reduced heavy metals uptake in soil cultivated cucumber plants.

Song C, Ye F, Zhang H, Hong J, Hua C, Wang B, Chen Y, Ji R, Zhao L.

Environ Pollut. 2019 Oct 7;255(Pt 3):113354. doi: 10.1016/j.envpol.2019.113354. [Epub ahead of print]


AIM2 Inflammasome Assembly and Signaling.

Wang B, Tian Y, Yin Q.

Adv Exp Med Biol. 2019;1172:143-155. doi: 10.1007/978-981-13-9367-9_7.


Multidimensional imaging provides evidence for down-regulation of T cell effector function by MDSC in human cancer tissue.

Si Y, Merz SF, Jansen P, Wang B, Bruderek K, Altenhoff P, Mattheis S, Lang S, Gunzer M, Klode J, Squire A, Brandau S.

Sci Immunol. 2019 Oct 18;4(40). pii: eaaw9159. doi: 10.1126/sciimmunol.aaw9159.


Comparative study on different pretreatment on enzymatic hydrolysis of corncob residues.

Liu W, Wu R, Wang B, Hu Y, Hou Q, Zhang P, Wu R.

Bioresour Technol. 2019 Oct 8;295:122244. doi: 10.1016/j.biortech.2019.122244. [Epub ahead of print]


Microglial activation contributes to depressive-like behavior in dopamine D3 receptor knockout mice.

Wang J, Lai S, Li G, Zhou T, Wang B, Cao F, Chen T, Zhang X, Chen Y.

Brain Behav Immun. 2019 Oct 15. pii: S0889-1591(19)30622-1. doi: 10.1016/j.bbi.2019.10.016. [Epub ahead of print]


Molecular Engineering of 3D Self-Supported Electrode for Oxygen Electrocatalysis in Neutral Media.

Xie L, Li X, Wang B, Meng J, Lei H, Zhang W, Cao R.

Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2019 Oct 18. doi: 10.1002/anie.201911441. [Epub ahead of print]


A meta-analysis of cisplatin-based concurrent chemoradiotherapy with or without cetuximab for locoregionally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

Wang BC, Shi LL, Fu C, Zhou HX, Zhang ZJ, Ding Q, Peng G.

Medicine (Baltimore). 2019 Oct;98(42):e17486. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000017486.


Genes acting in longevity-related pathways in the endoparasitoid, Pteromalus puparum.

Xiong S, Yu K, Ye X, Fang Q, Deng Y, Xiao S, Yang L, Wang B, Wang F, Yan Z, Wang F, Song Q, Stanley DW, Ye G.

Arch Insect Biochem Physiol. 2019 Oct 17:e21635. doi: 10.1002/arch.21635. [Epub ahead of print]


Bioconversion of coal to methane by microbial communities from soil and from an opencast mine in the Xilingol grassland of northeast China.

Wang B, Wang Y, Cui X, Zhang Y, Yu Z.

Biotechnol Biofuels. 2019 Oct 8;12:236. doi: 10.1186/s13068-019-1572-y. eCollection 2019.


[Perioperative clinical characteristics of patients with pathological fracture of proximal femur].

Cui YP, Mi C, Wang B, Pa YX, Lin YF, Shi XD.

Beijing Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban. 2019 Oct 18;51(5):875-880. Chinese.


Induced terreins production from marine red algal-derived endophytic fungus Aspergillus terreus EN-539 co-cultured with symbiotic fungus Paecilomyces lilacinus EN-531.

Li HL, Li XM, Yang SQ, Cao J, Li YH, Wang BG.

J Antibiot (Tokyo). 2019 Oct 17. doi: 10.1038/s41429-019-0242-4. [Epub ahead of print]


Gelatin and Antioxidant Peptides from Gelatin Hydrolysate of Skipjack Tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) Scales: Preparation, Identification and Activity Evaluation.

Qiu YT, Wang YM, Yang XR, Zhao YQ, Chi CF, Wang B.

Mar Drugs. 2019 Oct 3;17(10). pii: E565. doi: 10.3390/md17100565.


Ultrasound-Assisted Preparation of Chitosan/Nano-Activated Carbon Composite Beads Aminated with (3-Aminopropyl)Triethoxysilane for Adsorption of Acetaminophen from Aqueous Solutions.

Vakili M, Amouzgar P, Cagnetta G, Wang B, Guo X, Mojiri A, Zeimaran E, Salamatinia B.

Polymers (Basel). 2019 Oct 16;11(10). pii: E1701. doi: 10.3390/polym11101701.


Exploiting MATE efflux proteins to improve flavonoid accumulation in Camellia sinensis in silico.

Chen G, Liang H, Zhao Q, Wu AM, Wang B.

Int J Biol Macromol. 2019 Oct 14. pii: S0141-8130(19)32862-4. doi: 10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2019.10.028. [Epub ahead of print]


Mechanically resolved imaging of bacteria using expansion microscopy.

Lim Y, Shiver AL, Khariton M, Lane KM, Ng KM, Bray SR, Qin J, Huang KC, Wang B.

PLoS Biol. 2019 Oct 17;17(10):e3000268. doi: 10.1371/journal.pbio.3000268. eCollection 2019 Oct.


Investigating network structure of cross-regional environmental spillover effects and driving factors.

Wang B.

J Air Waste Manag Assoc. 2019 Oct 17. doi: 10.1080/10962247.2019.1680460. [Epub ahead of print]


[Effects of silver nanoparticles on pupation, eclosion, life span, apoptosis and protein expression in Drosophila melanogaster].

Meng SS, Wang B, Lin XD.

Ying Yong Sheng Tai Xue Bao. 2019 Oct;30(10):3579-3588. doi: 10.13287/j.1001-9332.201910.036. Chinese.


Factors associated with oral health service utilization among adults and older adults in China, 2015-2016.

Xu M, Cheng M, Gao X, Wu H, Ding M, Zhang C, Wang X, Feng X, Tai B, Hu D, Lin H, Wang B, Wang C, Zheng S, Liu X, Rong W, Wang W, Xu T, Si Y.

Community Dent Oral Epidemiol. 2019 Oct 16. doi: 10.1111/cdoe.12497. [Epub ahead of print]


A Correlation Analysis of HHV Infection and Its Predictive Factors in An HIV-seropositive Population in Yunnan, China.

Ren L, Wang B, Miao Z, Liu P, Zhou S, Feng Y, Yang S, Xia X, Wang K.

J Med Virol. 2019 Oct 17. doi: 10.1002/jmv.25609. [Epub ahead of print]


Single-incision versus conventional multiport laparoscopic cholecystectomy: a current meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

Lyu Y, Cheng Y, Wang B, Zhao S, Chen L.

Surg Endosc. 2019 Oct 16. doi: 10.1007/s00464-019-07198-8. [Epub ahead of print]


The California Telepathology Service: UCLA's Experience in Deploying a Regional Digital Pathology Subspecialty Consultation Network.

Chong T, Palma-Diaz MF, Fisher C, Gui D, Ostrzega NL, Sempa G, Sisk AE, Valasek M, Wang BY, Zuckerman J, Khacherian C, Binder S, Wallace WD.

J Pathol Inform. 2019 Sep 27;10:31. doi: 10.4103/jpi.jpi_22_19. eCollection 2019.


Less is more in solid-dominant lung cancer? Sublobar resection versus lobectomy for solid-dominant stage IA non-small-cell lung cancer: A meta-analysis study.

Guo J, Liu Y, Tian X, Ren Z, Lin J, Wang B, Liang C.

Mol Clin Oncol. 2019 Nov;11(5):465-473. doi: 10.3892/mco.2019.1914. Epub 2019 Aug 22.


New Ratios for Performance Improvement for Identifying Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiencies in Expanded Newborn Screening: A Retrospective Study.

Wang B, Zhang Q, Gao A, Wang Q, Ma J, Li H, Wang T.

Front Genet. 2019 Sep 18;10:811. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2019.00811. eCollection 2019.


Dietary Fiber-Induced Microbial Short Chain Fatty Acids Suppress ILC2-Dependent Airway Inflammation.

Lewis G, Wang B, Shafiei Jahani P, Hurrell BP, Banie H, Aleman Muench GR, Maazi H, Helou DG, Howard E, Galle-Treger L, Lo R, Santosh S, Baltus A, Bongers G, San-Mateo L, Gilliland FD, Rehan VK, Soroosh P, Akbari O.

Front Immunol. 2019 Sep 18;10:2051. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2019.02051. eCollection 2019.


Publisher Correction: Carrier lifetime enhancement in halide perovskite via remote epitaxy.

Jiang J, Sun X, Chen X, Wang B, Chen Z, Hu Y, Guo Y, Zhang L, Ma Y, Gao L, Zheng F, Jin L, Chen M, Ma Z, Zhou Y, Padture NP, Beach K, Terrones H, Shi Y, Gall D, Lu TM, Wertz E, Feng J, Shi J.

Nat Commun. 2019 Oct 16;10(1):4783. doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-12571-1.


effect of physical activity on independent living ability among community-dwelling elderly in urban areas of Liaoning Province in China: a population-based study.

Wang B, Wu Y, Zhang T, Han J, Yu L, Sun W.

BMJ Open. 2019 Oct 16;9(10):e023543. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-023543.


Approach and assessment of automated stereotactic radiotherapy planning for early stage non-small-cell lung cancer.

Bai X, Shan G, Chen M, Wang B.

Biomed Eng Online. 2019 Oct 16;18(1):101. doi: 10.1186/s12938-019-0721-7.


Solid acids assisted matrix solid-phase dispersion microextraction of alkaloids by capillary electrophoresis coupled with quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry.

Wang QY, Dong X, Yang J, Zhen XT, Ye LH, Chu C, Wang B, Hu YH, Zheng H, Cao J.

J Sep Sci. 2019 Oct 15. doi: 10.1002/jssc.201900647. [Epub ahead of print]


Gold nanoparticle-based signal enhancement of an aptasensor for ractopamine using liquid crystal based optical imaging.

Wang Y, Wang B, Xiong X, Deng S.

Mikrochim Acta. 2019 Oct 15;186(11):697. doi: 10.1007/s00604-019-3811-0.


Overexpression of thymosin β10 correlates with disease progression and poor prognosis in bladder cancer.

Wang B, Wang Z, Zhang T, Yang G.

Exp Ther Med. 2019 Nov;18(5):3759-3766. doi: 10.3892/etm.2019.8006. Epub 2019 Sep 13.


Increased Human Interleukin-32 Expression Is Related to Disease Activity of Graves' Disease.

Yao Q, Wang B, Jia X, Li Q, Yao W, Zhang JA.

Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). 2019 Sep 26;10:613. doi: 10.3389/fendo.2019.00613. eCollection 2019.


Coix seed oil ameliorates cancer cachexia by counteracting muscle loss and fat lipolysis.

Liu H, Li L, Zou J, Zhou T, Wang B, Sun H, Yu S.

BMC Complement Altern Med. 2019 Oct 15;19(1):267. doi: 10.1186/s12906-019-2684-4.


Candidate single nucleotide polymorphisms of irritable bowel syndrome: a systemic review and meta-analysis.

Zhu S, Wang B, Jia Q, Duan L.

BMC Gastroenterol. 2019 Oct 15;19(1):165. doi: 10.1186/s12876-019-1084-z.


[Kinematic parameters and related influencing factors of sitting lumbar spine manipulation with motion capture].

Gao CY, Wang BJ, Feng MS, Zhu LG, Gao JH, Chen X, Yin H, Wei X, Li J.

Zhongguo Gu Shang. 2019 Sep 25;32(9):802-806. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0034.2019.09.005. Chinese.


Anti-Inflammatory Activity of a Peptide from Skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis).

Wang ZG, Ying XG, Gao P, Wang CL, Wang YF, Yu XW, Chen J, Wang B, Luo HY.

Mar Drugs. 2019 Oct 13;17(10). pii: E582. doi: 10.3390/md17100582.


Distribution Characteristics and Environmental Control Factors of Lipophilic Marine Algal Toxins in Changjiang Estuary and the Adjacent East China Sea.

He X, Chen J, Wu D, Sun P, Ma X, Wang J, Liu L, Chen K, Wang B.

Toxins (Basel). 2019 Oct 12;11(10). pii: E596. doi: 10.3390/toxins11100596.


Transcription Factor CEBPB Inhibits the Expression of the Human HTR1A by Binding to 5' Regulatory Region in Vitro.

Liu YP, Wu X, Meng JH, Ding M, Xu FL, Zhang JJ, Yao J, Wang BJ.

Genes (Basel). 2019 Oct 12;10(10). pii: E802. doi: 10.3390/genes10100802.


An Innovative Fingerprint Location Algorithm for Indoor Positioning Based on Array Pseudolite.

Huang L, Gan X, Yu B, Zhang H, Li S, Cheng J, Liang X, Wang B.

Sensors (Basel). 2019 Oct 12;19(20). pii: E4420. doi: 10.3390/s19204420.


Evaluation of Aboveground Nitrogen Content of Winter Wheat Using Digital Imagery of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Yang B, Wang M, Sha Z, Wang B, Chen J, Yao X, Cheng T, Cao W, Zhu Y.

Sensors (Basel). 2019 Oct 12;19(20). pii: E4416. doi: 10.3390/s19204416.


miR-29a Regulates the Proliferation and Migration of Human Arterial Smooth Muscle Cells in Arteriosclerosis Obliterans of the Lower Extremities.

Wang K, Yu J, Wang B, Wang H, Shi Z, Li G.

Kidney Blood Press Res. 2019 Oct 15;44(5):1219-1232. doi: 10.1159/000502649. [Epub ahead of print]


MicroRNA-31 is a potential biomarker for screening B-lymphoblastic leukemia in children.

Zhang Y, Li X, Bai L, Li L, Li D, Ding X, Wang B, Li C.

Oncol Lett. 2019 Nov;18(5):4930-4935. doi: 10.3892/ol.2019.10843. Epub 2019 Sep 10.


Exploring Pharmacological Mechanisms of Xiang Ju Tablets in the Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis via a Network Pharmacology Approach.

Hu KX, Duan X, Han LZ, Ju HY, Wang B, Tang ZS, Song X.

Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2019 Sep 12;2019:6272073. doi: 10.1155/2019/6272073. eCollection 2019.


Enhanced Tolerance to Methyl Viologen-Mediated Oxidative Stress via AtGR2 Expression From Chloroplast Genome.

Wang B, Ding H, Chen Q, Ouyang L, Li S, Zhang J.

Front Plant Sci. 2019 Sep 27;10:1178. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2019.01178. eCollection 2019.


CRAGE enables rapid activation of biosynthetic gene clusters in undomesticated bacteria.

Wang G, Zhao Z, Ke J, Engel Y, Shi YM, Robinson D, Bingol K, Zhang Z, Bowen B, Louie K, Wang B, Evans R, Miyamoto Y, Cheng K, Kosina S, De Raad M, Silva L, Luhrs A, Lubbe A, Hoyt DW, Francavilla C, Otani H, Deutsch S, Washton NM, Rubin EM, Mouncey NJ, Visel A, Northen T, Cheng JF, Bode HB, Yoshikuni Y.

Nat Microbiol. 2019 Oct 14. doi: 10.1038/s41564-019-0573-8. [Epub ahead of print]


Effects of anemoside B4 on pharmacokinetics of florfenicol and mRNA expression of CXR, MDR1, CYP3A37 and UGT1E in broilers.

Li S, Li X, Yang R, Wang B, Li J, Cao L, Xiao S, Huang W.

J Vet Med Sci. 2019 Oct 14. doi: 10.1292/jvms.19-0293. [Epub ahead of print]


Simulation of transcranial magnetic stimulation in head model with morphologically-realistic cortical neurons.

Aberra AS, Wang B, Grill WM, Peterchev AV.

Brain Stimul. 2019 Oct 7. pii: S1935-861X(19)30409-7. doi: 10.1016/j.brs.2019.10.002. [Epub ahead of print]


FAL1: A critical oncogenic long non-coding RNA in human cancers.

Lv X, Li Y, Li Y, Li H, Zhou L, Wang B, Zhi Z, Tang W.

Life Sci. 2019 Oct 11;236:116918. doi: 10.1016/j.lfs.2019.116918. [Epub ahead of print] Review.


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