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L445P mutation on heavy chain stabilizes IgG4 under acidic conditions.

Xu CA, Feng AZ, Ramineni CK, Wallace M, Culyba E, Guay K, Mehta K, Mabry R, Farrand S, Xu J, Feng J.

MAbs. 2019 Jun 14. doi: 10.1080/19420862.2019.1631116. [Epub ahead of print]


Maternal allergic asthma during pregnancy alters fetal lung and immune development in sheep: potential mechanisms for programming asthma and allergy.

Wooldridge AL, Clifton VL, Moss TJ, Lu H, Jamali M, Agostino S, Muhlhausler BS, Morrison JL, De Matteo R, Wallace MJ, Bischof RJ, Gatford KL.

J Physiol. 2019 Jun 13. doi: 10.1113/JP277952. [Epub ahead of print]


Marjolin's Tumor Complicating Chronic Periprosthetic Infection of a Total Knee Arthroplasty.

Horan T, Wallace MT, Aboulafia AJ, Conway JD.

J Bone Jt Infect. 2019 Apr 20;4(3):115-119. doi: 10.7150/jbji.34679. eCollection 2019.


Firefighters' absorption of PAHs and VOCs during controlled residential fires by job assignment and fire attack tactic.

Fent KW, Toennis C, Sammons D, Robertson S, Bertke S, Calafat AM, Pleil JD, Wallace MAG, Kerber S, Smith D, Horn GP.

J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol. 2019 Jun 7. doi: 10.1038/s41370-019-0145-2. [Epub ahead of print]


Comparison of reproductive history gathered by interview and by vital records linkage after 40 years of follow-up: Bogalusa Babies.

Harville EW, Jacobs M, Shu T, Breckner D, Wallace M.

BMC Med Res Methodol. 2019 Jun 4;19(1):114. doi: 10.1186/s12874-019-0758-0.


Adipocyte ACLY Facilitates Dietary Carbohydrate Handling to Maintain Metabolic Homeostasis in Females.

Fernandez S, Viola JM, Torres A, Wallace M, Trefely S, Zhao S, Affronti HC, Gengatharan JM, Guertin DA, Snyder NW, Metallo CM, Wellen KE.

Cell Rep. 2019 May 28;27(9):2772-2784.e6. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2019.04.112.


Recovery and reactivity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons collected on selected sorbent tubes and analyzed by thermal desorption-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry.

Wallace MAG, Pleil JD, Whitaker DA, Oliver KD.

J Chromatogr A. 2019 May 16. pii: S0021-9673(19)30536-9. doi: 10.1016/j.chroma.2019.05.030. [Epub ahead of print]


Identification of betamethasone regulated target genes and cell pathways in fetal rat lung mesenchymal fibroblasts.

Seow BKL, McDougall ARA, Short KL, Wallace MJ, Hooper SB, Cole TJ.

Endocrinology. 2019 May 20. pii: en.2018-01071. doi: 10.1210/en.2018-01071. [Epub ahead of print]


Right-Sided Location Not Associated with Missed Colorectal Adenomas in an Individual-Level Reanalysis of Tandem Colonoscopy Studies.

Zimmermann-Fraedrich K, Sehner S, Rex DK, Kaltenbach T, Soetniko R, Wallace M, Leung WK, Guo C, Gralnek IM, Brand EC, Groth S, Schachschal G, Ikematsu H, Siersema PD, Rösch T.

Gastroenterology. 2019 May 16. pii: S0016-5085(19)40891-3. doi: 10.1053/j.gastro.2019.05.011. [Epub ahead of print]


Evaluation of surgical models for training veterinary students to perform enterotomies.

Grimes JA, Wallace ML, Schmiedt CW, Parks AH.

Vet Surg. 2019 May 17. doi: 10.1111/vsu.13228. [Epub ahead of print]


Prophylactic Snare Tip Soft Coagulation and Its Impact on Adenoma Recurrence After Colonic Endoscopic Mucosal Resection.

Kandel P, Werlang ME, Ahn IR, Woodward TA, Raimondo M, Bouras EP, Wallace MB, Gómez V.

Dig Dis Sci. 2019 May 16. doi: 10.1007/s10620-019-05666-8. [Epub ahead of print]


Autism-linked dopamine transporter mutation alters striatal dopamine neurotransmission and dopamine-dependent behaviors.

DiCarlo GE, Aguilar JI, Matthies HJ, Harrison FE, Bundschuh KE, West A, Hashemi P, Herborg F, Rickhag M, Chen H, Gether U, Wallace MT, Galli A.

J Clin Invest. 2019 May 16;130. pii: 127411. doi: 10.1172/JCI127411.


Postnatal inflammation following intrauterine inflammation exacerbates the development of atherosclerosis in ApoE-/- mice.

Bekkering S, Limawan AP, Nguyen MU, Widiasmoko LK, Lu H, Pepe S, Cheung MM, Menheniott TR, Wallace MJ, Burgner DP, Moss TJ.

Clin Sci (Lond). 2019 May 30;133(10):1185-1196. doi: 10.1042/CS20190141. Print 2019 May 31.


Moderators of response to cognitive behavior therapy for major depression in patients with heart failure.

Smagula SF, Freedland KE, Steinmeyer BC, Wallace MJ, Carney RM, Rich MW.

Psychosom Med. 2019 May 10. doi: 10.1097/PSY.0000000000000712. [Epub ahead of print]


Self-reported Sensory Hypersensitivity Moderates Association Between Tactile Psychophysical Performance and Autism-Related Traits in Neurotypical Adults.

Bryant LK, Woynaroski TG, Wallace MT, Cascio CJ.

J Autism Dev Disord. 2019 May 9. doi: 10.1007/s10803-019-04043-8. [Epub ahead of print]


Preliminary Evidence That Real World Sleep Timing and Duration are Associated With Laboratory-Assessed Alcohol Response.

Hasler BP, Wallace ML, White SJ, Molina BSG, Pedersen SL.

Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2019 May 9. doi: 10.1111/acer.14076. [Epub ahead of print]


Defining new mechanistic roles for αII spectrin in cardiac function.

Lubbers ER, Murphy NP, Musa H, Huang CY, Gupta R, Price MV, Han M, Daoud G, Gratz D, El Refaey M, Xu X, Hoeflinger NK, Friel EL, Lancione P, Wallace MJ, Cavus O, Simmons SL, Williams JL, Skaf M, Koenig SN, Janssen PML, Rasband MN, Hund TJ, Mohler PJ.

J Biol Chem. 2019 Jun 14;294(24):9576-9591. doi: 10.1074/jbc.RA119.007714. Epub 2019 May 7.


Volumetric laser endomicroscopy and its application to Barrett's esophagus: results from a 1,000 patient registry.

Smith MS, Cash B, Konda V, Trindade AJ, Gordon S, DeMeester S, Joshi V, Diehl D, Ganguly E, Mashimo H, Singh S, Jobe B, McKinley M, Wallace M, Komatsu Y, Thakkar S, Schnoll-Sussman F, Sharaiha R, Kahaleh M, Tarnasky P, Wolfsen H, Hawes R, Lipham J, Khara H, Pleskow D, Navaneethan U, Kedia P, Hasan M, Sethi A, Samarasena J, Siddiqui UD, Gress F, Rodriguez R, Lee C, Gonda T, Waxman I, Hyder S, Poneros J, Sharzehi K, Di Palma JA, Sejpal DV, Oh D, Hagen J, Rothstein R, Sawhney M, Berzin T, Malik Z, Chang K.

Dis Esophagus. 2019 Apr 30. pii: doz029. doi: 10.1093/dote/doz029. [Epub ahead of print]


Review: Endogenously Produced Volatiles for In Vitro Toxicity Testing Using Cell Lines.

Winters BR, Pleil JD, Boyer JC, Nylander-French LA, Wallace MAG, Madden MC.

Appl In Vitro Toxicol. 2018 Jun 1;4(2):129-138. doi: 10.1089/aivt.2017.0038. Review.


Draft Genome Sequence of a bla NDM-1- and bla PME-1-Harboring Pseudomonas aeruginosa Clinical Isolate from Pakistan.

Irum S, Potter RF, Kamran R, Mustafa Z, Wallace MA, Burnham CA, Dantas G, Andleeb S.

Microbiol Resour Announc. 2019 Apr 25;8(17). pii: e00107-19. doi: 10.1128/MRA.00107-19.


Long-term outcome and risk factors associated with death or the need for revision surgery in dogs with permanent tracheostomies.

Grimes JA, Davis AM, Wallace ML, Sterman AA, Thieman-Mankin KM, Lin S, Scharf VF, Hlusko KC, Matz BM, Cornell KK, Vetter CAM, Schmiedt CW.

J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2019 May 1;254(9):1086-1093. doi: 10.2460/javma.254.9.1086.


Radial Artery Cannulation.

Wallace MW, Solano JJ.

StatPearls [Internet]. Treasure Island (FL): StatPearls Publishing; 2019 Jan-.
2019 Mar 20.


Taste manipulation during a food cue-reactivity task: Effects on cue-elicited food craving and subsequent food intake among individuals with overweight and obesity.

Germeroth LJ, Wallace ML, Levine MD.

Eat Behav. 2019 Apr;33:61-66. doi: 10.1016/j.eatbeh.2019.03.005. Epub 2019 Mar 29.



Corral JE, Mareth KF, Riegert-Johnson DL, Das A, Wallace MB.

Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2019 Apr 5. pii: S1542-3565(19)30364-7. doi: 10.1016/j.cgh.2019.04.006. [Epub ahead of print] No abstract available.


Cost-effectiveness of Pancreatic Cancer Surveillance in High-Risk Individuals: An Economic Analysis.

Corral JE, Das A, Bruno MJ, Wallace MB.

Pancreas. 2019 Apr;48(4):526-536. doi: 10.1097/MPA.0000000000001268.


Guided Digital Cognitive Behavioral Program for Anxiety in Primary Care: Propensity-Matched Controlled Trial.

Oser M, Wallace ML, Solano F, Szigethy EM.

JMIR Ment Health. 2019 Apr 4;6(4):e11981. doi: 10.2196/11981.


A Cost-Effectiveness Model for Adjunctive Smoked Cannabis in the Treatment of Chronic Neuropathic Pain.

Tyree GA, Sarkar R, Bellows BK, Ellis RJ, Atkinson JH, Marcotte TD, Wallace MS, Grant I, Shi Y, Murphy JD, Grelotti DJ.

Cannabis Cannabinoid Res. 2019 Mar 13;4(1):62-72. doi: 10.1089/can.2018.0027. eCollection 2019.


The longitudinal relationship between social media activity and article citations in the journal Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.

Smith ZL, Chiang AL, Bowman D, Wallace MB.

Gastrointest Endosc. 2019 Mar 29. pii: S0016-5107(19)30219-6. doi: 10.1016/j.gie.2019.03.028. [Epub ahead of print]


Targeted GC-MS analysis of firefighters' exhaled breath: Exploring biomarker response at the individual level.

Wallace MAG, Pleil JD, Oliver KD, Whitaker DA, Mentese S, Fent KW, Horn GP.

J Occup Environ Hyg. 2019 May;16(5):355-366. doi: 10.1080/15459624.2019.1588973. Epub 2019 Apr 1.


Quality assurance of computer-aided detection and diagnosis in colonoscopy.

Vinsard DG, Mori Y, Misawa M, Kudo SE, Rastogi A, Bagci U, Rex DK, Wallace MB.

Gastrointest Endosc. 2019 Mar 26. pii: S0016-5107(19)30210-X. doi: 10.1016/j.gie.2019.03.019. [Epub ahead of print] Review.


Mortality advantage among migrants according to duration of stay in France, 2004-2014.

Wallace M, Khlat M, Guillot M.

BMC Public Health. 2019 Mar 21;19(1):327. doi: 10.1186/s12889-019-6652-1.


Discovery of Branebrutinib (BMS-986195): A Strategy for Identifying a Highly Potent and Selective Covalent Inhibitor Providing Rapid in Vivo Inactivation of Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase (BTK).

Watterson SH, Liu Q, Beaudoin Bertrand M, Batt DG, Li L, Pattoli MA, Skala S, Cheng L, Obermeier MT, Moore R, Yang Z, Vickery R, Elzinga PA, Discenza L, D'Arienzo C, Gillooly KM, Taylor TL, Pulicicchio C, Zhang Y, Heimrich E, McIntyre KW, Ruan Q, Westhouse RA, Catlett IM, Zheng N, Chaudhry C, Dai J, Galella MA, Tebben AJ, Pokross M, Li J, Zhao R, Smith D, Rampulla R, Allentoff A, Wallace MA, Mathur A, Salter-Cid L, Macor JE, Carter PH, Fura A, Burke JR, Tino JA.

J Med Chem. 2019 Apr 11;62(7):3228-3250. doi: 10.1021/acs.jmedchem.9b00167. Epub 2019 Mar 29.


Clip Closure Prevents Bleeding After Endoscopic Resection of Large Colon Polyps in a Randomized Trial.

Pohl H, Grimm IS, Moyer MT, Hasan MK, Pleskow D, Elmunzer BJ, Khashab MA, Sanaei O, Al-Kawas FH, Gordon SR, Mathew A, Levenick JM, Aslanian HR, Antaki F, von Renteln D, Crockett SD, Rastogi A, Gill JA, Law RJ, Elias PA, Pellise M, Wallace MB, Mackenzie TA, Rex DK.

Gastroenterology. 2019 Mar 15. pii: S0016-5085(19)33573-5. doi: 10.1053/j.gastro.2019.03.019. [Epub ahead of print]


Expanding Hydrophobically Modified Chitosan Foam for Internal Surgical Hemostasis: Safety Evaluation in a Murine Model.

Logun MT, Dowling MB, Raghavan SR, Wallace ML, Schmiedt C, Stice S, Karumbaiah L.

J Surg Res. 2019 Jul;239:269-277. doi: 10.1016/j.jss.2019.01.060. Epub 2019 Mar 16.


SEIS: Insight's Seismic Experiment for Internal Structure of Mars.

Lognonné P, Banerdt WB, Giardini D, Pike WT, Christensen U, Laudet P, de Raucourt S, Zweifel P, Calcutt S, Bierwirth M, Hurst KJ, Ijpelaan F, Umland JW, Llorca-Cejudo R, Larson SA, Garcia RF, Kedar S, Knapmeyer-Endrun B, Mimoun D, Mocquet A, Panning MP, Weber RC, Sylvestre-Baron A, Pont G, Verdier N, Kerjean L, Facto LJ, Gharakanian V, Feldman JE, Hoffman TL, Klein DB, Klein K, Onufer NP, Paredes-Garcia J, Petkov MP, Willis JR, Smrekar SE, Drilleau M, Gabsi T, Nebut T, Robert O, Tillier S, Moreau C, Parise M, Aveni G, Ben Charef S, Bennour Y, Camus T, Dandonneau PA, Desfoux C, Lecomte B, Pot O, Revuz P, Mance D, tenPierick J, Bowles NE, Charalambous C, Delahunty AK, Hurley J, Irshad R, Liu H, Mukherjee AG, Standley IM, Stott AE, Temple J, Warren T, Eberhardt M, Kramer A, Kühne W, Miettinen EP, Monecke M, Aicardi C, André M, Baroukh J, Borrien A, Bouisset A, Boutte P, Brethomé K, Brysbaert C, Carlier T, Deleuze M, Desmarres JM, Dilhan D, Doucet C, Faye D, Faye-Refalo N, Gonzalez R, Imbert C, Larigauderie C, Locatelli E, Luno L, Meyer JR, Mialhe F, Mouret JM, Nonon M, Pahn Y, Paillet A, Pasquier P, Perez G, Perez R, Perrin L, Pouilloux B, Rosak A, Savin de Larclause I, Sicre J, Sodki M, Toulemont N, Vella B, Yana C, Alibay F, Avalos OM, Balzer MA, Bhandari P, Blanco E, Bone BD, Bousman JC, Bruneau P, Calef FJ, Calvet RJ, D'Agostino SA, de Los Santos G, Deen RG, Denise RW, Ervin J, Ferraro NW, Gengl HE, Grinblat F, Hernandez D, Hetzel M, Johnson ME, Khachikyan L, Lin JY, Madzunkov SM, Marshall SL, Mikellides IG, Miller EA, Raff W, Singer JE, Sunday CM, Villalvazo JF, Wallace MC, Banfield D, Rodriguez-Manfredi JA, Russell CT, Trebi-Ollennu A, Maki JN, Beucler E, Böse M, Bonjour C, Berenguer JL, Ceylan S, Clinton J, Conejero V, Daubar I, Dehant V, Delage P, Euchner F, Estève I, Fayon L, Ferraioli L, Johnson CL, Gagnepain-Beyneix J, Golombek M, Khan A, Kawamura T, Kenda B, Labrot P, Murdoch N, Pardo C, Perrin C, Pou L, Sauron A, Savoie D, Stähler S, Stutzmann E, Teanby NA, Tromp J, van Driel M, Wieczorek M, Widmer-Schnidrig R, Wookey J.

Space Sci Rev. 2019;215(1):12. doi: 10.1007/s11214-018-0574-6. Epub 2019 Jan 28. Review.


EZH1/2 function mostly within canonical PRC2 and exhibit proliferation-dependent redundancy that shapes mutational signatures in cancer.

Wassef M, Luscan A, Aflaki S, Zielinski D, Jansen PWTC, Baymaz HI, Battistella A, Kersouani C, Servant N, Wallace MR, Romero P, Kosmider O, Just PA, Hivelin M, Jacques S, Vincent-Salomon A, Vermeulen M, Vidaud M, Pasmant E, Margueron R.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2019 Mar 26;116(13):6075-6080. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1814634116. Epub 2019 Mar 13.


Osteogenesis Imperfecta: A Pediatric Orthopedic Perspective.

Franzone JM, Shah SA, Wallace MJ, Kruse RW.

Orthop Clin North Am. 2019 Apr;50(2):193-209. doi: 10.1016/j.ocl.2018.10.003. Review.


Controlling Anomalous Diffusion in Lipid Membranes.

Coker HLE, Cheetham MR, Kattnig DR, Wang YJ, Garcia-Manyes S, Wallace MI.

Biophys J. 2019 Mar 19;116(6):1085-1094. doi: 10.1016/j.bpj.2018.12.024. Epub 2019 Jan 16.


What Is Your Diagnosis?

Witherow AS, Wallace ML, Secrest SA.

J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2019 Mar 15;254(6):673-674. doi: 10.2460/javma.254.6.673. No abstract available.


Leveraging Technology and Cultural Adaptations to Increase Access and Engagement Among Trauma-Exposed African American Youth: Exploratory Study of School-Based Telehealth Delivery of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Stewart RW, Orengo-Aguayo R, Wallace M, Metzger IW, Rheingold AA.

J Interpers Violence. 2019 Mar 2:886260519831380. doi: 10.1177/0886260519831380. [Epub ahead of print]


Recent advancement in EUS-guided fine needle sampling.

Kandel P, Wallace MB.

J Gastroenterol. 2019 May;54(5):377-387. doi: 10.1007/s00535-019-01552-2. Epub 2019 Feb 26. Review.


Genetic improvement of hip-extended scores in 3 breeds of guide dogs using estimated breeding values: Notable progress but more improvement is needed.

Leighton EA, Holle D, Biery DN, Gregor TP, McDonald-Lynch MB, Wallace ML, Reagan JK, Smith GK.

PLoS One. 2019 Feb 22;14(2):e0212544. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0212544. eCollection 2019.


Female-biased embryonic death from inflammation induced by genomic instability.

McNairn AJ, Chuang CH, Bloom JC, Wallace MD, Schimenti JC.

Nature. 2019 Mar;567(7746):105-108. doi: 10.1038/s41586-019-0936-6. Epub 2019 Feb 20.


Multidimensional Sleep and Mortality in Older Adults: A Machine-Learning Comparison with Other Risk Factors.

Wallace ML, Buysse DJ, Redline S, Stone K, Ensrud K, Leng Y, Ancoli-Israel S, Hall MH.

J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2019 Feb 18. pii: glz044. doi: 10.1093/gerona/glz044. [Epub ahead of print]


Antenatal care as a means to increase participation in the continuum of maternal and child healthcare: an analysis of the poorest regions of four Mesoamérican countries.

McNellan CR, Dansereau E, Wallace MCG, Colombara DV, Palmisano EB, Johanns CK, Schaefer A, Ríos-Zertuche D, Zúñiga-Brenes P, Hernandez B, Iriarte E, Mokdad AH.

BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 2019 Feb 12;19(1):66. doi: 10.1186/s12884-019-2207-9.


Efficacy of Per-oral Methylene Blue Formulation for Screening Colonoscopy.

Repici A, Wallace MB, East JE, Sharma P, Ramirez FC, Bruining DH, Young M, Gatof D, Irene Mimi Canto M, Marcon N, Cannizzaro R, Kiesslich R, Rutter M, Dekker E, Siersema PD, Spaander M, Kupcinskas L, Jonaitis L, Bisschops R, Radaelli F, Bhandari P, Wilson A, Early D, Gupta N, Vieth M, Lauwers GY, Rossini M, Hassan C.

Gastroenterology. 2019 Jun;156(8):2198-2207.e1. doi: 10.1053/j.gastro.2019.02.001. Epub 2019 Feb 10.


Correction to "Supramolecular Nucleoside-Based Gel: Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Characterization of Its Nanoarchitecture and Self-Assembly Mechanism".

Angelerou MGF, Frederix PWJM, Wallace M, Yang B, Rodger A, Adams DJ, Marlow M, Zelzer M.

Langmuir. 2019 Feb 19;35(7):2885. doi: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.9b00009. Epub 2019 Feb 7. No abstract available.


Low mutation burden and frequent loss of CDKN2A/B and SMARCA2, but not PRC2, define pre-malignant neurofibromatosis type 1-associated atypical neurofibromas.

Pemov A, Hansen NF, Sindiri S, Patidar R, Higham CS, Dombi E, Miettinen MM, Fetsch P, Brems H, Chandrasekharappa S, Jones K, Zhu B, Wei JS; NISC Comparative Sequencing Program; NCI DCEG Cancer Genomics Research Laboratory, Mullikin JC, Wallace MR, Khan J, Legius E, Widemann BC, Stewart DR.

Neuro Oncol. 2019 Feb 5. doi: 10.1093/neuonc/noz028. [Epub ahead of print]


Endoscopic identification of endoluminal esophageal landmarks for radial and longitudinal orientation and lesion location.

Emura F, Gomez-Esquivel R, Rodriguez-Reyes C, Benias P, Preciado J, Wallace M, Giraldo-Cadavid L.

World J Gastroenterol. 2019 Jan 28;25(4):498-508. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v25.i4.498.


Venous identity requires BMP signalling through ALK3.

Neal A, Nornes S, Payne S, Wallace MD, Fritzsche M, Louphrasitthiphol P, Wilkinson RN, Chouliaras KM, Liu K, Plant K, Sholapurkar R, Ratnayaka I, Herzog W, Bond G, Chico T, Bou-Gharios G, De Val S.

Nat Commun. 2019 Jan 28;10(1):453. doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-08315-w.

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