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Microstructural and functional gradients are increasingly dissociated in transmodal cortices.

Paquola C, Vos De Wael R, Wagstyl K, Bethlehem RAI, Hong SJ, Seidlitz J, Bullmore ET, Evans AC, Misic B, Margulies DS, Smallwood J, Bernhardt BC.

PLoS Biol. 2019 May 20;17(5):e3000284. doi: 10.1371/journal.pbio.3000284. eCollection 2019 May.


Mapping Cortical Laminar Structure in the 3D BigBrain.

Wagstyl K, Lepage C, Bludau S, Zilles K, Fletcher PC, Amunts K, Evans AC.

Cereb Cortex. 2018 Jul 1;28(7):2551-2562. doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhy074.


Automated detection of focal cortical dysplasia type II with surface-based magnetic resonance imaging postprocessing and machine learning.

Jin B, Krishnan B, Adler S, Wagstyl K, Hu W, Jones S, Najm I, Alexopoulos A, Zhang K, Zhang J, Ding M, Wang S; Pediatric Imaging, Neurocognition, and Genetics Study, Wang ZI.

Epilepsia. 2018 May;59(5):982-992. doi: 10.1111/epi.14064. Epub 2018 Apr 10.


Morphometric Similarity Networks Detect Microscale Cortical Organization and Predict Inter-Individual Cognitive Variation.

Seidlitz J, Váša F, Shinn M, Romero-Garcia R, Whitaker KJ, Vértes PE, Wagstyl K, Kirkpatrick Reardon P, Clasen L, Liu S, Messinger A, Leopold DA, Fonagy P, Dolan RJ, Jones PB, Goodyer IM; NSPN Consortium, Raznahan A, Bullmore ET.

Neuron. 2018 Jan 3;97(1):231-247.e7. doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2017.11.039. Epub 2017 Dec 21.


Novel surface features for automated detection of focal cortical dysplasias in paediatric epilepsy.

Adler S, Wagstyl K, Gunny R, Ronan L, Carmichael D, Cross JH, Fletcher PC, Baldeweg T.

Neuroimage Clin. 2016 Dec 30;14:18-27. doi: 10.1016/j.nicl.2016.12.030. eCollection 2017.


Obesity associated with increased brain age from midlife.

Ronan L, Alexander-Bloch AF, Wagstyl K, Farooqi S, Brayne C, Tyler LK; Cam-CAN, Fletcher PC.

Neurobiol Aging. 2016 Nov;47:63-70. doi: 10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2016.07.010. Epub 2016 Jul 27.


Gene transcription profiles associated with inter-modular hubs and connection distance in human functional magnetic resonance imaging networks.

Vértes PE, Rittman T, Whitaker KJ, Romero-Garcia R, Váša F, Kitzbichler MG, Wagstyl K, Fonagy P, Dolan RJ, Jones PB, Goodyer IM; NSPN Consortium, Bullmore ET.

Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 2016 Oct 5;371(1705). pii: 20150362. doi: 10.1098/rstb.2015.0362.


Adolescence is associated with genomically patterned consolidation of the hubs of the human brain connectome.

Whitaker KJ, Vértes PE, Romero-Garcia R, Váša F, Moutoussis M, Prabhu G, Weiskopf N, Callaghan MF, Wagstyl K, Rittman T, Tait R, Ooi C, Suckling J, Inkster B, Fonagy P, Dolan RJ, Jones PB, Goodyer IM; NSPN Consortium, Bullmore ET.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016 Aug 9;113(32):9105-10. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1601745113. Epub 2016 Jul 25.


Multiple markers of cortical morphology reveal evidence of supragranular thinning in schizophrenia.

Wagstyl K, Ronan L, Whitaker KJ, Goodyer IM, Roberts N, Crow TJ, Fletcher PC.

Transl Psychiatry. 2016 Apr 12;6:e780. doi: 10.1038/tp.2016.43.


Cortical thickness gradients in structural hierarchies.

Wagstyl K, Ronan L, Goodyer IM, Fletcher PC.

Neuroimage. 2015 May 1;111:241-50. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2015.02.036. Epub 2015 Feb 25.

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