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The major hurdle for effective baculovirus transduction into mammalian cells is passing early endosomes.

Hu L, Li Y, Ning YJ, Deng F, Vlak JM, Hu Z, Wang H, Wang M.

J Virol. 2019 May 15. pii: JVI.00709-19. doi: 10.1128/JVI.00709-19. [Epub ahead of print]


Baculovirus Per Os Infectivity Factor Complex: Components and Assembly.

Wang X, Shang Y, Chen C, Liu S, Chang M, Zhang N, Hu H, Zhang F, Zhang T, Wang Z, Liu X, Lin Z, Deng F, Wang H, Zou Z, Vlak JM, Wang M, Hu Z.

J Virol. 2019 Mar 5;93(6). pii: e02053-18. doi: 10.1128/JVI.02053-18. Print 2019 Mar 15.


RNA interference-based antiviral immune response against the salivary gland hypertrophy virus in Glossina pallidipes.

Meki IK, Kariithi HM, Parker AG, Vreysen MJB, Ros VID, Vlak JM, van Oers MM, Abd-Alla AMM.

BMC Microbiol. 2018 Nov 23;18(Suppl 1):170. doi: 10.1186/s12866-018-1298-1.


Hytrosavirus genetic diversity and eco-regional spread in Glossina species.

Meki IK, Kariithi HM, Ahmadi M, Parker AG, Vreysen MJB, Vlak JM, van Oers MM, Abd-Alla AMM.

BMC Microbiol. 2018 Nov 23;18(Suppl 1):143. doi: 10.1186/s12866-018-1297-2.


Coevolution of hytrosaviruses and host immune responses.

Kariithi HM, Boucias DG, Murungi EK, Meki IK, Demirbaş-Uzel G, van Oers MM, Vreysen MJB, Abd-Alla AMM, Vlak JM.

BMC Microbiol. 2018 Nov 23;18(Suppl 1):183. doi: 10.1186/s12866-018-1296-3. Review.


Enhancing vector refractoriness to trypanosome infection: achievements, challenges and perspectives.

Kariithi HM, Meki IK, Schneider DI, De Vooght L, Khamis FM, Geiger A, Demirbaş-Uzel G, Vlak JM, iNCE IA, Kelm S, Njiokou F, Wamwiri FN, Malele II, Weiss BL, Abd-Alla AMM.

BMC Microbiol. 2018 Nov 23;18(Suppl 1):179. doi: 10.1186/s12866-018-1280-y.


Expression Profile of Glossina pallidipes MicroRNAs During Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Infection With Glossina pallidipes Salivary Gland Hypertrophy Virus (Hytrosavirus).

Meki IK, İnce İA, Kariithi HM, Boucias DG, Ozcan O, Parker AG, Vlak JM, van Oers MM, Abd-Alla AMM.

Front Microbiol. 2018 Sep 3;9:2037. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2018.02037. eCollection 2018.


Quantitative analysis of the dose-response of white spot syndrome virus in shrimp.

Ngo TTN, Senior AM, Culina A, Santos ESA, Vlak JM, Zwart MP.

J Fish Dis. 2018 Nov;41(11):1733-1744. doi: 10.1111/jfd.12877. Epub 2018 Aug 17.


The Functional Oligomeric State of Tegument Protein GP41 Is Essential for Baculovirus Budded Virion and Occlusion-Derived Virion Assembly.

Li Y, Shen S, Hu L, Deng F, Vlak JM, Hu Z, Wang H, Wang M.

J Virol. 2018 May 29;92(12). pii: e02083-17. doi: 10.1128/JVI.02083-17. Print 2018 Jun 15.


The group I alphabaculovirus-specific protein, AC5, is a novel component of the occlusion body but is not associated with ODVs or the PIF complex.

Wang X, Chen C, Zhang N, Li J, Deng F, Wang H, Vlak JM, Hu Z, Wang M.

J Gen Virol. 2018 Apr;99(4):585-595. doi: 10.1099/jgv.0.001031. Epub 2018 Feb 21.


Genotype assembly, biological activity and adaptation of spatially separated isolates of Spodoptera litura nucleopolyhedrovirus.

Ali G, Abma-Henkens MHC, van der Werf W, Hemerik L, Vlak JM.

J Invertebr Pathol. 2018 Mar;153:20-29. doi: 10.1016/j.jip.2018.01.009. Epub 2018 Feb 6.


Hairpin structures with conserved sequence motifs determine the 3' ends of non-polyadenylated invertebrate iridovirus transcripts.

İnce İA, Pijlman GP, Vlak JM, van Oers MM.

Virology. 2017 Nov;511:344-353. doi: 10.1016/j.virol.2017.06.026. Epub 2017 Jul 11.


Deltabaculoviruses encode a functional type I budded virus envelope fusion protein.

Wang M, Shen S, Wang H, Hu Z, Becnel J, Vlak JM.

J Gen Virol. 2017 Apr;98(4):847-852. doi: 10.1099/jgv.0.000745. Epub 2017 Apr 28.


Construction and Rescue of a Functional Synthetic Baculovirus.

Shang Y, Wang M, Xiao G, Wang X, Hou D, Pan K, Liu S, Li J, Wang J, Arif BM, Vlak JM, Chen X, Wang H, Deng F, Hu Z.

ACS Synth Biol. 2017 Jul 21;6(7):1393-1402. doi: 10.1021/acssynbio.7b00028. Epub 2017 Apr 6.


Enhanced insecticidal activity of Chilo iridescent virus expressing an insect specific neurotoxin.

Nalcacioglu R, Muratoglu H, Yesilyurt A, van Oers MM, Vlak JM, Demirbag Z.

J Invertebr Pathol. 2016 Jul;138:104-11. doi: 10.1016/j.jip.2016.06.010. Epub 2016 Jun 28.


Comparative Analysis of Salivary Gland Proteomes of Two Glossina Species that Exhibit Differential Hytrosavirus Pathologies.

Kariithi HM, İnce İA, Boeren S, Murungi EK, Meki IK, Otieno EA, Nyanjom SR, van Oers MM, Vlak JM, Abd-Alla AM.

Front Microbiol. 2016 Feb 9;7:89. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2016.00089. eCollection 2016.


Comprehensive annotation of Glossina pallidipes salivary gland hypertrophy virus from Ethiopian tsetse flies: a proteogenomics approach.

Abd-Alla AM, Kariithi HM, Cousserans F, Parker NJ, İnce İA, Scully ED, Boeren S, Geib SM, Mekonnen S, Vlak JM, Parker AG, Vreysen MJ, Bergoin M.

J Gen Virol. 2016 Apr;97(4):1010-31. doi: 10.1099/jgv.0.000409. Epub 2016 Jan 21.


Mutational and functional analysis of N-linked glycosylation of envelope fusion protein F of Helicoverpa armigera nucleopolyhedrovirus.

Shen S, Wang M, Li X, Li S, van Oers MM, Vlak JM, Braakman I, Hu Z, Deng F, Wang H.

J Gen Virol. 2016 Apr;97(4):988-99. doi: 10.1099/jgv.0.000404. Epub 2016 Jan 14.


Budded baculovirus particle structure revisited.

Wang Q, Bosch BJ, Vlak JM, van Oers MM, Rottier PJ, van Lent JWM.

J Invertebr Pathol. 2016 Feb;134:15-22. doi: 10.1016/j.jip.2015.12.001. Epub 2015 Dec 29.


Baculovirus infection triggers a positive phototactic response in caterpillars: a response to Dobson et al. (2015).

van Houte S, van Oers MM, Han Y, Vlak JM, Ros VI.

Biol Lett. 2015 Oct;11(10). pii: 20150633. doi: 10.1098/rsbl.2015.0633. No abstract available.


Mosquito Rasputin interacts with chikungunya virus nsP3 and determines the infection rate in Aedes albopictus.

Fros JJ, Geertsema C, Zouache K, Baggen J, Domeradzka N, van Leeuwen DM, Flipse J, Vlak JM, Failloux AB, Pijlman GP.

Parasit Vectors. 2015 Sep 17;8:464. doi: 10.1186/s13071-015-1070-4.


Comparative Usutu and West Nile virus transmission potential by local Culex pipiens mosquitoes in north-western Europe.

Fros JJ, Miesen P, Vogels CB, Gaibani P, Sambri V, Martina BE, Koenraadt CJ, van Rij RP, Vlak JM, Takken W, Pijlman GP.

One Health. 2015 Sep 6;1:31-36. doi: 10.1016/j.onehlt.2015.08.002. eCollection 2015 Dec.


Alphavirus capsid proteins self-assemble into core-like particles in insect cells: A promising platform for nanoparticle vaccine development.

Hikke MC, Geertsema C, Wu V, Metz SW, van Lent JW, Vlak JM, Pijlman GP.

Biotechnol J. 2016 Feb;11(2):266-73. doi: 10.1002/biot.201500147. Epub 2015 Sep 24.


West Nile Virus: High Transmission Rate in North-Western European Mosquitoes Indicates Its Epidemic Potential and Warrants Increased Surveillance.

Fros JJ, Geertsema C, Vogels CB, Roosjen PP, Failloux AB, Vlak JM, Koenraadt CJ, Takken W, Pijlman GP.

PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2015 Jul 30;9(7):e0003956. doi: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0003956. eCollection 2015.


Folding of influenza virus hemagglutinin in insect cells is fast and efficient.

Li X, van Oers MM, Vlak JM, Braakman I.

J Biotechnol. 2015 Jun 10;203:77-83. doi: 10.1016/j.jbiotec.2015.03.018. Epub 2015 Mar 28.


Identification of Spodoptera exigua nucleopolyhedrovirus genes involved in pathogenicity and virulence.

Serrano A, Pijlman GP, Vlak JM, Muñoz D, Williams T, Caballero P.

J Invertebr Pathol. 2015 Mar;126:43-50. doi: 10.1016/j.jip.2015.01.008. Epub 2015 Jan 31.


Baculovirus infection triggers a positive phototactic response in caterpillars to induce 'tree-top' disease.

van Houte S, van Oers MM, Han Y, Vlak JM, Ros VI.

Biol Lett. 2014 Dec;10(12):20140680. doi: 10.1098/rsbl.2014.0680.


Temporal proteomic analysis and label-free quantification of viral proteins of an invertebrate iridovirus.

İnce İA, Boeren S, van Oers MM, Vlak JM.

J Gen Virol. 2015 Jan;96(Pt 1):196-205. doi: 10.1099/vir.0.068312-0. Epub 2014 Oct 3.


Salmonid alphavirus glycoprotein E2 requires low temperature and E1 for virion formation and induction of protective immunity.

Hikke MC, Braaen S, Villoing S, Hodneland K, Geertsema C, Verhagen L, Frost P, Vlak JM, Rimstad E, Pijlman GP.

Vaccine. 2014 Oct 29;32(47):6206-12. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2014.09.026. Epub 2014 Sep 27.


Thirty years of baculovirus-insect cell protein expression: from dark horse to mainstream technology.

van Oers MM, Pijlman GP, Vlak JM.

J Gen Virol. 2015 Jan;96(Pt 1):6-23. doi: 10.1099/vir.0.067108-0. Epub 2014 Sep 22. Review.


Horizontal transmission dynamics of White spot syndrome virus by cohabitation trials in juvenile Penaeus monodon and P. vannamei.

Tuyen NX, Verreth J, Vlak JM, de Jong MC.

Prev Vet Med. 2014 Nov 1;117(1):286-94. doi: 10.1016/j.prevetmed.2014.08.007. Epub 2014 Aug 23.


Identification and functional analysis of inter-subunit disulfide bonds of the F protein of Helicoverpa armigera nucleopolyhedrovirus.

Yin F, Wang M, Tan Y, Deng F, Vlak JM, Hu Z, Wang H.

J Gen Virol. 2014 Dec;95(Pt 12):2820-30. doi: 10.1099/vir.0.068122-0. Epub 2014 Aug 11.


Live imaging of baculovirus infection of midgut epithelium cells: a functional assay of per os infectivity factors.

Mu J, van Lent JW, Smagghe G, Wang Y, Chen X, Vlak JM, van Oers MM.

J Gen Virol. 2014 Nov;95(Pt 11):2531-9. doi: 10.1099/vir.0.068262-0. Epub 2014 Jul 8.


Construction and characterization of a recombinant invertebrate iridovirus.

Ozgen A, Muratoglu H, Demirbag Z, Vlak JM, van Oers MM, Nalcacioglu R.

Virus Res. 2014 Aug 30;189:286-92. doi: 10.1016/j.virusres.2014.05.012. Epub 2014 Jun 12.


Transmission of white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) from Dendronereis spp. (Peters) (Nereididae) to penaeid shrimp.

Haryadi D, Verreth JA, Verdegem MC, Vlak JM.

J Fish Dis. 2015 May;38(5):419-28. doi: 10.1111/jfd.12247. Epub 2014 Apr 10.


Salmonid alphavirus replication in mosquito cells: towards a novel vaccine production system.

Hikke MC, Verest M, Vlak JM, Pijlman GP.

Microb Biotechnol. 2014 Sep;7(5):480-4. doi: 10.1111/1751-7915.12100. Epub 2014 Jan 14.


Unraveling the entry mechanism of baculoviruses and its evolutionary implications.

Wang M, Wang J, Yin F, Tan Y, Deng F, Chen X, Jehle JA, Vlak JM, Hu Z, Wang H.

J Virol. 2014 Feb;88(4):2301-11. doi: 10.1128/JVI.03204-13. Epub 2013 Dec 11.


Chikungunya virus-like particles are more immunogenic in a lethal AG129 mouse model compared to glycoprotein E1 or E2 subunits.

Metz SW, Martina BE, van den Doel P, Geertsema C, Osterhaus AD, Vlak JM, Pijlman GP.

Vaccine. 2013 Dec 9;31(51):6092-6. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2013.09.045. Epub 2013 Oct 5.


The C-terminal domain of chikungunya virus nsP2 independently governs viral RNA replication, cytopathicity, and inhibition of interferon signaling.

Fros JJ, van der Maten E, Vlak JM, Pijlman GP.

J Virol. 2013 Sep;87(18):10394-400. doi: 10.1128/JVI.00884-13. Epub 2013 Jul 17.


Replication of white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) in the polychaete Dendronereis spp.

Desrina, Verreth JA, Prayitno SB, Rombout JH, Vlak JM, Verdegem MC.

J Invertebr Pathol. 2013 Sep;114(1):7-10. doi: 10.1016/j.jip.2013.05.002. Epub 2013 May 14.


Effective chikungunya virus-like particle vaccine produced in insect cells.

Metz SW, Gardner J, Geertsema C, Le TT, Goh L, Vlak JM, Suhrbier A, Pijlman GP.

PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2013;7(3):e2124. doi: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0002124. Epub 2013 Mar 14.


Virology, Epidemiology and Pathology of Glossina Hytrosavirus, and Its Control Prospects in Laboratory Colonies of the Tsetse Fly, Glossina pallidipes (Diptera; Glossinidae).

Kariithi HM, van Oers MM, Vlak JM, Vreysen MJ, Parker AG, Abd-Alla AM.

Insects. 2013 Jul 2;4(3):287-319. doi: 10.3390/insects4030287. Review.


Betabaculovirus F proteins showed different efficiencies when rescuing the infectivity of gp64-null Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus.

Yin F, Wang M, Tan Y, Deng F, Vlak JM, Hu Z, Wang H.

Virology. 2013 Feb 5;436(1):59-66. doi: 10.1016/j.virol.2012.10.017. Epub 2012 Dec 13.


The DNA virus Invertebrate iridescent virus 6 is a target of the Drosophila RNAi machinery.

Bronkhorst AW, van Cleef KW, Vodovar N, Ince IA, Blanc H, Vlak JM, Saleh MC, van Rij RP.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012 Dec 18;109(51):E3604-13. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1207213109. Epub 2012 Nov 14.


Truncated VP28 as oral vaccine candidate against WSSV infection in shrimp: an uptake and processing study in the midgut of Penaeus monodon.

Kulkarni A, Rombout JH, Singh IS, Sudheer NS, Vlak JM, Caipang CM, Brinchmann MF, Kiron V.

Fish Shellfish Immunol. 2013 Jan;34(1):159-66. doi: 10.1016/j.fsi.2012.10.028. Epub 2012 Oct 26.


Correlation between structure, protein composition, morphogenesis and cytopathology of Glossina pallidipes salivary gland hypertrophy virus.

Kariithi HM, van Lent JW, Boeren S, Abd-Alla AM, Ince IA, van Oers MM, Vlak JM.

J Gen Virol. 2013 Jan;94(Pt 1):193-208. doi: 10.1099/vir.0.047423-0. Epub 2012 Oct 10.


Temporal classification and mapping of non-polyadenylated transcripts of an invertebrate iridovirus.

Ince IA, Ozcan K, Vlak JM, van Oers MM.

J Gen Virol. 2013 Jan;94(Pt 1):187-92. doi: 10.1099/vir.0.046359-0. Epub 2012 Oct 10.


Noncoding flavivirus RNA displays RNA interference suppressor activity in insect and Mammalian cells.

Schnettler E, Sterken MG, Leung JY, Metz SW, Geertsema C, Goldbach RW, Vlak JM, Kohl A, Khromykh AA, Pijlman GP.

J Virol. 2012 Dec;86(24):13486-500. doi: 10.1128/JVI.01104-12. Epub 2012 Oct 3.


Low numbers of repeat units in variable number of tandem repeats (VNTR) regions of white spot syndrome virus are correlated with disease outbreaks.

Hoa TT, Zwart MP, Phuong NT, de Jong MC, Vlak JM.

J Fish Dis. 2012 Nov;35(11):817-26. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2761.2012.01406.x. Epub 2012 Aug 23.


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