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Reference samples guide variable selection for correlation of wine sensory and volatile profiling data.

Sherman E, Harbertson JF, Greenwood DR, Villas-Bôas SG, Fiehn O, Heymann H.

Food Chem. 2018 Nov 30;267:344-354. doi: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2017.10.073. Epub 2017 Oct 12.


Whole grain-rich diet reduces body weight and systemic low-grade inflammation without inducing major changes of the gut microbiome: a randomised cross-over trial.

Roager HM, Vogt JK, Kristensen M, Hansen LBS, Ibrügger S, Mærkedahl RB, Bahl MI, Lind MV, Nielsen RL, Frøkiær H, Gøbel RJ, Landberg R, Ross AB, Brix S, Holck J, Meyer AS, Sparholt MH, Christensen AF, Carvalho V, Hartmann B, Holst JJ, Rumessen JJ, Linneberg A, Sicheritz-Pontén T, Dalgaard MD, Blennow A, Frandsen HL, Villas-Bôas S, Kristiansen K, Vestergaard H, Hansen T, Ekstrøm CT, Ritz C, Nielsen HB, Pedersen OB, Gupta R, Lauritzen L, Licht TR.

Gut. 2017 Nov 1. pii: gutjnl-2017-314786. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2017-314786. [Epub ahead of print]


Modulation of Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Accumulation by Primary Metabolites in Denitrifying Cultures Adapting to Changes in Environmental C and N.

Perez-Garcia O, Mankelow C, Chandran K, Villas-Boas SG, Singhal N.

Environ Sci Technol. 2017 Dec 5;51(23):13678-13688. doi: 10.1021/acs.est.7b03345. Epub 2017 Nov 16.


Analysis of Intracellular Metabolites from Microorganisms: Quenching and Extraction Protocols.

Pinu FR, Villas-Boas SG, Aggio R.

Metabolites. 2017 Oct 23;7(4). pii: E53. doi: 10.3390/metabo7040053. Review.


Rapid Quantification of Major Volatile Metabolites in Fermented Food and Beverages Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry.

Pinu FR, Villas-Boas SG.

Metabolites. 2017 Jul 26;7(3). pii: E37. doi: 10.3390/metabo7030037.


Extracellular Microbial Metabolomics: The State of the Art.

Pinu FR, Villas-Boas SG.

Metabolites. 2017 Aug 22;7(3). pii: E43. doi: 10.3390/metabo7030043. Review.


Genome Sequence of the Saprophytic Ascomycete Epicoccumnigrum Strain ICMP 19927, Isolated from New Zealand.

Fokin M, Fleetwood D, Weir BS, Villas-Boas S.

Genome Announc. 2017 Jun 15;5(24). pii: e00557-17. doi: 10.1128/genomeA.00557-17.


Differential expression of novel metabolic and immunological biomarkers in oysters challenged with a virulent strain of OsHV-1.

Young T, Kesarcodi-Watson A, Alfaro AC, Merien F, Nguyen TV, Mae H, Le DV, Villas-Bôas S.

Dev Comp Immunol. 2017 Aug;73:229-245. doi: 10.1016/j.dci.2017.03.025. Epub 2017 Apr 1.


Mitochondrial mutations and metabolic adaptation in pancreatic cancer.

Hardie RA, van Dam E, Cowley M, Han TL, Balaban S, Pajic M, Pinese M, Iconomou M, Shearer RF, McKenna J, Miller D, Waddell N, Pearson JV, Grimmond SM; Australian Pancreatic Cancer Genome Initiative, Sazanov L, Biankin AV, Villas-Boas S, Hoy AJ, Turner N, Saunders DN.

Cancer Metab. 2017 Jan 30;5:2. doi: 10.1186/s40170-017-0164-1. eCollection 2017.


Fully Automated Trimethylsilyl (TMS) Derivatisation Protocol for Metabolite Profiling by GC-MS.

Zarate E, Boyle V, Rupprecht U, Green S, Villas-Boas SG, Baker P, Pinu FR.

Metabolites. 2016 Dec 29;7(1). pii: E1. doi: 10.3390/metabo7010001.


A Comparative Proteome Analysis of Escherichia coli ΔrelA Mutant Cells.

Carneiro S, Villas-Bôas S, Ferreira EC, Rocha I.

Front Bioeng Biotechnol. 2016 Oct 27;4:78. eCollection 2016.


Corrigendum: Fish oil supplements in New Zealand are highly oxidised and do not meet label content of n-3 PUFA.

Albert BB, Derraik JG, Cameron-Smith D, Hofman PL, Tumanov S, Villas-Boas SG, Garg ML, Cutfield WS.

Sci Rep. 2016 Nov 7;6:35092. doi: 10.1038/srep35092. No abstract available.


Use of metabolomics for the identification and validation of clinical biomarkers for preterm birth: Preterm SAMBA.

Cecatti JG, Souza RT, Sulek K, Costa ML, Kenny LC, McCowan LM, Pacagnella RC, Villas-Boas SG, Mayrink J, Passini R Jr, Franchini KG, Baker PN; Preterm SAMBA and SCOPE study groups.

BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 2016 Aug 8;16(1):212. doi: 10.1186/s12884-016-1006-9.


Vinegar Metabolomics: An Explorative Study of Commercial Balsamic Vinegars Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry.

Pinu FR, de Carvalho-Silva S, Trovatti Uetanabaro AP, Villas-Boas SG.

Metabolites. 2016 Jul 23;6(3). pii: E22. doi: 10.3390/metabo6030022.


The effect of linoleic acid on the Sauvignon blanc fermentation by different wine yeast strains.

Casu F, Pinu FR, Fedrizzi B, Greenwood DR, Villas-Boas SG.

FEMS Yeast Res. 2016 Aug;16(5). pii: fow050. doi: 10.1093/femsyr/fow050. Epub 2016 Jun 30.


Metabolic Engineering of Fusarium oxysporum to Improve Its Ethanol-Producing Capability.

Anasontzis GE, Kourtoglou E, Villas-Boâs SG, Hatzinikolaou DG, Christakopoulos P.

Front Microbiol. 2016 May 4;7:632. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2016.00632. eCollection 2016.


Erratum to: Metabolic fingerprinting of Lactobacillus paracasei: the optimal quenching strategy.

Jäpelt KB, Christensen JH, Villas-Bôas SG.

Microb Cell Fact. 2016 Jan 20;15:18. doi: 10.1186/s12934-016-0413-y. No abstract available.


Metabolite profiling of symbiont and host during thermal stress and bleaching in a model cnidarian-dinoflagellate symbiosis.

Hillyer KE, Tumanov S, Villas-Bôas S, Davy SK.

J Exp Biol. 2016 Feb;219(Pt 4):516-27. doi: 10.1242/jeb.128660. Epub 2015 Dec 18.


Metabolite Profile of Cervicovaginal Fluids from Early Pregnancy Is Not Predictive of Spontaneous Preterm Birth.

Thomas MM, Sulek K, McKenzie EJ, Jones B, Han TL, Villas-Boas SG, Kenny LC, McCowan LM, Baker PN.

Int J Mol Sci. 2015 Nov 19;16(11):27741-8. doi: 10.3390/ijms161126052.


Assessment of nitric oxide (NO) redox reactions contribution to nitrous oxide (N2 O) formation during nitrification using a multispecies metabolic network model.

Perez-Garcia O, Chandran K, Villas-Boas SG, Singhal N.

Biotechnol Bioeng. 2016 May;113(5):1124-36. doi: 10.1002/bit.25880. Epub 2015 Nov 26.


Can we predict the intracellular metabolic state of a cell based on extracellular metabolite data?

Granucci N, Pinu FR, Han TL, Villas-Boas SG.

Mol Biosyst. 2015 Dec;11(12):3297-304. doi: 10.1039/c5mb00292c.


Metabolic fingerprinting of Lactobacillus paracasei: the optimal quenching strategy.

Jäpelt KB, Christensen JH, Villas-Bôas SG.

Microb Cell Fact. 2015 Sep 4;14:132. doi: 10.1186/s12934-015-0322-5. Erratum in: Microb Cell Fact. 2016;15:18.


Postprandial Responses to Lipid and Carbohydrate Ingestion in Repeated Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Biopsies in Healthy Adults.

Dordevic AL, Pendergast FJ, Morgan H, Villas-Boas S, Caldow MK, Larsen AE, Sinclair AJ, Cameron-Smith D.

Nutrients. 2015 Jul 1;7(7):5347-61. doi: 10.3390/nu7075224.


Maternal hair metabolome analysis identifies a potential marker of lipid peroxidation in gestational diabetes mellitus.

He X, de Seymour JV, Sulek K, Qi H, Zhang H, Han TL, Villas-Bôas SG, Baker PN.

Acta Diabetol. 2016 Feb;53(1):119-22. doi: 10.1007/s00592-015-0737-9. Epub 2015 Apr 24. No abstract available.


Comprehensive lipidome profiling of Sauvignon blanc grape juice.

Tumanov S, Zubenko Y, Greven M, Greenwood DR, Shmanai V, Villas-Boas SG.

Food Chem. 2015 Aug 1;180:249-256. doi: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2015.01.134. Epub 2015 Feb 7.


Fish oil supplements in New Zealand are highly oxidised and do not meet label content of n-3 PUFA.

Albert BB, Derraik JG, Cameron-Smith D, Hofman PL, Tumanov S, Villas-Boas SG, Garg ML, Cutfield WS.

Sci Rep. 2015 Jan 21;5:7928. doi: 10.1038/srep07928. Erratum in: Sci Rep. 2016 Nov 07;6:35092.


Chemicals eluting from disposable plastic syringes and syringe filters alter neurite growth, axogenesis and the microtubule cytoskeleton in cultured hippocampal neurons.

Lee TW, Tumanov S, Villas-Bôas SG, Montgomery JM, Birch NP.

J Neurochem. 2015 Apr;133(1):53-65. doi: 10.1111/jnc.13009. Epub 2015 Feb 24.


Nitrogen and carbon assimilation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae during Sauvignon blanc juice fermentation.

Pinu FR, Edwards PJ, Gardner RC, Villas-Boas SG.

FEMS Yeast Res. 2014 Dec;14(8):1206-22. doi: 10.1111/1567-1364.12222. Epub 2014 Nov 17.


Early pregnancy metabolite profiling discovers a potential biomarker for the subsequent development of gestational diabetes mellitus.

de Seymour JV, Conlon CA, Sulek K, Villas Bôas SG, McCowan LM, Kenny LC, Baker PN.

Acta Diabetol. 2014 Oct;51(5):887-90. doi: 10.1007/s00592-014-0626-7. Epub 2014 Jul 27.


The growth and survival of Mycobacterium smegmatis is enhanced by co-metabolism of atmospheric H2.

Greening C, Villas-Bôas SG, Robson JR, Berney M, Cook GM.

PLoS One. 2014 Jul 24;9(7):e103034. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0103034. eCollection 2014.


Hair metabolomics: identification of fetal compromise provides proof of concept for biomarker discovery.

Sulek K, Han TL, Villas-Boas SG, Wishart DS, Soh SE, Kwek K, Gluckman PD, Chong YS, Kenny LC, Baker PN.

Theranostics. 2014 Jul 20;4(9):953-9. doi: 10.7150/thno.9265. eCollection 2014.


Clarifying the regulation of NO/N2O production in Nitrosomonas europaea during anoxic-oxic transition via flux balance analysis of a metabolic network model.

Perez-Garcia O, Villas-Boas SG, Swift S, Chandran K, Singhal N.

Water Res. 2014 Sep 1;60:267-77. doi: 10.1016/j.watres.2014.04.049. Epub 2014 May 14.


Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM affects vitamin E acetate metabolism and intestinal bile acid signature in monocolonized mice.

Roager HM, Sulek K, Skov K, Frandsen HL, Smedsgaard J, Wilcks A, Skov TH, Villas-Boas SG, Licht TR.

Gut Microbes. 2014 May-Jun;5(3):296-303. doi: 10.4161/gmic.28806. Epub 2014 Apr 9.


Global metabolic response of Enterococcus faecalis to oxygen.

Portela CA, Smart KF, Tumanov S, Cook GM, Villas-Bôas SG.

J Bacteriol. 2014 Jun;196(11):2012-22. doi: 10.1128/JB.01354-13. Epub 2014 Mar 21.


Constitutive homologous expression of phosphoglucomutase and transaldolase increases the metabolic flux of Fusarium oxysporum.

Anasontzis GE, Kourtoglou E, Mamma D, Villas-Boâs SG, Hatzinikolaou DG, Christakopoulos P.

Microb Cell Fact. 2014 Mar 20;13(1):43. doi: 10.1186/1475-2859-13-43.


Syncope in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy without apparent cardiovascular disease.

Alves-Leon SV, Pinto MP, Andraus ME, Pereira VC, Meira ID, Oliveira Rde C, Villas Boas S, Rêgo CC, Souza JP, Pedrosa RC.

Arq Neuropsiquiatr. 2013 Dec;71(12):925-30. doi: 10.1590/0004-282X20130179.


Bioengineering silicon quantum dot theranostics using a network analysis of metabolomic and proteomic data in cardiac ischemia.

Erogbogbo F, May J, Swihart M, Prasad PN, Smart K, Jack SE, Korcyk D, Webster M, Stewart R, Zeng I, Jullig M, Bakeev K, Jamieson M, Kasabov N, Gopalan B, Liang L, Hu R, Schliebs S, Villas-Boas S, Gladding P.

Theranostics. 2013 Sep 4;3(9):719-28. doi: 10.7150/thno.5010. eCollection 2013.


Metabolic response of Candida albicans to phenylethyl alcohol under hyphae-inducing conditions.

Han TL, Tumanov S, Cannon RD, Villas-Boas SG.

PLoS One. 2013 Aug 12;8(8):e71364. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0071364. eCollection 2013. Erratum in: PLoS One. 2013;8(8). doi:10.1371/annotation/d395f7a5-ac0a-41e2-abd8-fa947717f6a3.


Stable isotope coded derivatizing reagents as internal standards in metabolite profiling.

Bruheim P, Kvitvang HF, Villas-Boas SG.

J Chromatogr A. 2013 Jun 28;1296:196-203. doi: 10.1016/j.chroma.2013.03.072. Epub 2013 Apr 9. Review.


Analytical techniques & applications of metabolomics in systems medicine and systems biotechnology.

Villas-Boas SG.

Comput Struct Biotechnol J. 2013 Feb 18;4:e201301001. doi: 10.5936/csbj.201301001. eCollection 2013. No abstract available.


The metabolic response of Candida albicans to farnesol under hyphae-inducing conditions.

Han TL, Cannon RD, Villas-Bôas SG.

FEMS Yeast Res. 2012 Dec;12(8):879-89. doi: 10.1111/j.1567-1364.2012.00837.x. Epub 2012 Sep 4.


Transcriptional and metabolomic consequences of LuxS inactivation reveal a metabolic rather than quorum-sensing role for LuxS in Lactobacillus reuteri 100-23.

Wilson CM, Aggio RB, O'Toole PW, Villas-Boas S, Tannock GW.

J Bacteriol. 2012 Apr;194(7):1743-6. doi: 10.1128/JB.06318-11. Epub 2012 Jan 27.


Influence of the RelA Activity on E. coli Metabolism by Metabolite Profiling of Glucose-Limited Chemostat Cultures.

Carneiro S, Villas-Bôas SG, Ferreira EC, Rocha I.

Metabolites. 2012 Oct 12;2(4):717-32. doi: 10.3390/metabo2040717.


Toxin-antitoxin systems of Mycobacterium smegmatis are essential for cell survival.

Frampton R, Aggio RB, Villas-Bôas SG, Arcus VL, Cook GM.

J Biol Chem. 2012 Feb 17;287(8):5340-56. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M111.286856. Epub 2011 Dec 23.


Species-specific chemical signatures in scale insect honeydew.

Dhami MK, Gardner-Gee R, Van Houtte J, Villas-Bôas SG, Beggs JR.

J Chem Ecol. 2011 Nov;37(11):1231-41. doi: 10.1007/s10886-011-0030-5. Epub 2011 Nov 17.


Analysis of high-molecular-weight fructan polymers in crude plant extracts by high-resolution LC-MS.

Harrison S, Fraser K, Lane G, Hughes D, Villas-Boas S, Rasmussen S.

Anal Bioanal Chem. 2011 Nov;401(9):2955-63. doi: 10.1007/s00216-011-5374-8. Epub 2011 Sep 17.


An exometabolomics approach to monitoring microbial contamination in microalgal fermentation processes by using metabolic footprint analysis.

Sue T, Obolonkin V, Griffiths H, Villas-Bôas SG.

Appl Environ Microbiol. 2011 Nov;77(21):7605-10. doi: 10.1128/AEM.00469-11. Epub 2011 Sep 2.


Metab: an R package for high-throughput analysis of metabolomics data generated by GC-MS.

Aggio R, Villas-Bôas SG, Ruggiero K.

Bioinformatics. 2011 Aug 15;27(16):2316-8. doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btr379. Epub 2011 Jun 22.


The metabolic basis of Candida albicans morphogenesis and quorum sensing.

Han TL, Cannon RD, Villas-Bôas SG.

Fungal Genet Biol. 2011 Aug;48(8):747-63. doi: 10.1016/j.fgb.2011.04.002. Epub 2011 Apr 12. Review.


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