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Hydrocortisone in Vasodilatory Shock.

Venkatesh B, Cohen J.

Crit Care Clin. 2019 Apr;35(2):263-275. doi: 10.1016/j.ccc.2018.11.005. Epub 2019 Jan 28. Review.


Sepsis and septic shock: current approaches to management.

Thompson K, Venkatesh B, Finfer S.

Intern Med J. 2019 Feb;49(2):160-170. doi: 10.1111/imj.14199.


Adjunctive Corticosteroid Treatment in Septic Shock.

Cohen J, Venkatesh B.

Anesthesiology. 2019 Jan 28. doi: 10.1097/ALN.0000000000002604. [Epub ahead of print] Review. No abstract available.


Overexpression of ß-Ketoacyl Co-A Synthase1 Gene Improves Tolerance of Drought Susceptible Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Cultivar K-6 by Increased Leaf Epicuticular Wax Accumulation.

Lokesh U, Venkatesh B, Kiranmai K, Nareshkumar A, Amarnathareddy V, Rao GL, Anthony Johnson AM, Pandurangaiah M, Sudhakar C.

Front Plant Sci. 2019 Jan 11;9:1869. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2018.01869. eCollection 2018.


Vitamin D status and supplementation in adult patients receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.

Nair P, Venkatesh B, Hoechter DJ, Buscher H, Kerr S, Center JR, Myburgh JA.

Anaesth Intensive Care. 2018 Nov;46(6):589-595.


Collective Effects in Casimir-Polder Forces.

Sinha K, Venkatesh BP, Meystre P.

Phys Rev Lett. 2018 Nov 2;121(18):183605. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.121.183605.


Development and preliminary evaluation of a self-guided, internet-based tool for coping with stress and trauma: Life Improvement for Teens (LIFT).

Jaycox LH, Ayer L, Vona P, Hehman C, Stein BD, Mahmud A, Woolley M, Meza E, Thornton E, Venkatesh B.

Psychol Serv. 2019 Feb;16(1):85-94. doi: 10.1037/ser0000277. Epub 2018 Nov 15.


Whole exome sequencing identifies recessive germline mutations in FAM160A1 in familial NK/T cell lymphoma.

Chan JY, Ng AYJ, Cheng CL, Nairismägi ML, Venkatesh B, Cheah DMZ, Li ST, Chan SH, Ngeow J, Laurensia Y, Lim JQ, Pang JWL, Nagarajan S, Song T, Chia B, Tan J, Huang D, Goh YT, Poon E, Somasundaram N, Tao M, Quek RHH, Farid M, Khor CC, Bei JX, Tan SY, Lim ST, Ong CK, Tang T.

Blood Cancer J. 2018 Nov 12;8(11):111. doi: 10.1038/s41408-018-0149-5. No abstract available.


Vitamin D deficiency and supplementation in critical illness-the known knowns and known unknowns.

Nair P, Venkatesh B, Center JR.

Crit Care. 2018 Oct 29;22(1):276. doi: 10.1186/s13054-018-2185-8. Review.


Retention of fatty acyl desaturase 1 (fads1) in Elopomorpha and Cyclostomata provides novel insights into the evolution of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid biosynthesis in vertebrates.

Lopes-Marques M, Kabeya N, Qian Y, Ruivo R, Santos MM, Venkatesh B, Tocher DR, Castro LFC, Monroig Ó.

BMC Evol Biol. 2018 Oct 19;18(1):157. doi: 10.1186/s12862-018-1271-5.


Bone matrix hypermineralization associated with low bone turnover in a case of Nasu-Hakola disease.

Shboul M, Roschger P, Ganger R, Paschalis L, Rokidi S, Zandieh S, Behunova J, Muschitz C, Fahrleitner-Pammer A, Ng AYJ, Tohari S, Venkatesh B, Bonnard C, Reversade B, Klaushofer K, Al Kaissi A.

Bone. 2018 Oct 10. pii: S8756-3282(18)30372-7. doi: 10.1016/j.bone.2018.10.008. [Epub ahead of print]


Characterization of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH) Genes From Cartilaginous Fish: Evolutionary Perspectives.

Gaillard AL, Tay BH, Pérez Sirkin DI, Lafont AG, De Flori C, Vissio PG, Mazan S, Dufour S, Venkatesh B, Tostivint H.

Front Neurosci. 2018 Sep 6;12:607. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2018.00607. eCollection 2018.


Women in Intensive Care study: a preliminary assessment of international data on female representation in the ICU physician workforce, leadership and academic positions.

Venkatesh B, Mehta S, Angus DC, Finfer S, Machado FR, Marshall J, Mitchell I, Peake S, Zimmerman JL.

Crit Care. 2018 Sep 10;22(1):211. doi: 10.1186/s13054-018-2139-1.


Glucocorticoids with or without Fludrocortisone in Septic Shock.

Venkatesh B, Finfer S, Myburgh J; ADRENAL investigators.

N Engl J Med. 2018 Aug 30;379(9):895. doi: 10.1056/NEJMc1804993. No abstract available.


Diabetes mellitus and insulin resistance associate with left ventricular shape and torsion by cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging in asymptomatic individuals from the multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosis.

Yoneyama K, Venkatesh BA, Wu CO, Mewton N, Gjesdal O, Kishi S, McClelland RL, Bluemke DA, Lima JAC.

J Cardiovasc Magn Reson. 2018 Jul 30;20(1):53. doi: 10.1186/s12968-018-0472-9.


Cenani-Lenz syndactyly syndrome - a case report of a family with isolated syndactyly.

Hettiaracchchi D, Bonnard C, Jayawardana SMA, Ng AYJ, Tohari S, Venkatesh B, Reversade B, Singaraja R, Dissanayake VHW.

BMC Med Genet. 2018 Jul 24;19(1):125. doi: 10.1186/s12881-018-0646-1.


Health-related outcomes of critically ill patients with and without sepsis.

Thompson K, Taylor C, Jan S, Li Q, Hammond N, Myburgh J, Saxena M, Venkatesh B, Finfer S.

Intensive Care Med. 2018 Aug;44(8):1249-1257. doi: 10.1007/s00134-018-5274-x. Epub 2018 Jun 27.


Low-dose corticosteroids for adult patients with septic shock: a systematic review with meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis.

Rygård SL, Butler E, Granholm A, Møller MH, Cohen J, Finfer S, Perner A, Myburgh J, Venkatesh B, Delaney A.

Intensive Care Med. 2018 Jul;44(7):1003-1016. doi: 10.1007/s00134-018-5197-6. Epub 2018 May 14. Review.


Comprehensive phylogeny of ray-finned fishes (Actinopterygii) based on transcriptomic and genomic data.

Hughes LC, Ortí G, Huang Y, Sun Y, Baldwin CC, Thompson AW, Arcila D, Betancur-R R, Li C, Becker L, Bellora N, Zhao X, Li X, Wang M, Fang C, Xie B, Zhou Z, Huang H, Chen S, Venkatesh B, Shi Q.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018 Jun 12;115(24):6249-6254. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1719358115. Epub 2018 May 14.


Long-Term Outcomes of the ADRENAL Trial.

Venkatesh B, Finfer S, Myburgh J, Cohen J, Billot L.

N Engl J Med. 2018 May 3;378(18):1744-1745. doi: 10.1056/NEJMc1803563. Epub 2018 Apr 25. No abstract available.


A Novel WRKY Transcription Factor, MuWRKY3 (Macrotyloma uniflorum Lam. Verdc.) Enhances Drought Stress Tolerance in Transgenic Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Plants.

Kiranmai K, Lokanadha Rao G, Pandurangaiah M, Nareshkumar A, Amaranatha Reddy V, Lokesh U, Venkatesh B, Anthony Johnson AM, Sudhakar C.

Front Plant Sci. 2018 Mar 16;9:346. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2018.00346. eCollection 2018.


Novel mutations in the ciliopathy-associated gene CPLANE1 (C5orf42) cause OFD syndrome type VI rather than Joubert syndrome.

Bonnard C, Shboul M, Tonekaboni SH, Ng AYJ, Tohari S, Ghosh K, Lai A, Lim JY, Tan EC, Devisme L, Stichelbout M, Alkindi A, Banu N, Yüksel Z, Ghoumid J, Elkhartoufi N, Boutaud L, Micalizzi A, Brett MS, Venkatesh B, Valente EM, Attié-Bitach T, Reversade B, Kariminejad A.

Eur J Med Genet. 2018 Oct;61(10):585-595. doi: 10.1016/j.ejmg.2018.03.012. Epub 2018 Mar 30.


The first total synthesis of gobichelin B: a mixed-ligand siderophore of Streptomyces sp. NRRL F-4415.

Sridhar PR, Venkatesh BC, Kalesha S, Sudharani C.

Org Biomol Chem. 2018 May 23;16(20):3732-3740. doi: 10.1039/C8OB00263K.


Expansions, diversification, and interindividual copy number variations of AID/APOBEC family cytidine deaminase genes in lampreys.

Holland SJ, Berghuis LM, King JJ, Iyer LM, Sikora K, Fifield H, Peter S, Quinlan EM, Sugahara F, Shingate P, Trancoso I, Iwanami N, Temereva E, Strohmeier C, Kuratani S, Venkatesh B, Evanno G, Aravind L, Schorpp M, Larijani M, Boehm T.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018 Apr 3;115(14):E3211-E3220. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1720871115. Epub 2018 Mar 19.


Viwithan, a Standardized Withania somnifera Root Extract Induces Apoptosis in Murine Melanoma Cells.

Sudeep HV, Gouthamchandra K, Venkatesh BJ, Prasad KS.

Pharmacogn Mag. 2018 Jan;13(Suppl 4):S801-S806. doi: 10.4103/pm.pm_121_17. Epub 2018 Jan 31.


The Divergent Genomes of Teleosts.

Ravi V, Venkatesh B.

Annu Rev Anim Biosci. 2018 Feb 15;6:47-68. doi: 10.1146/annurev-animal-030117-014821.


The Ancient Origins of Neural Substrates for Land Walking.

Jung H, Baek M, D'Elia KP, Boisvert C, Currie PD, Tay BH, Venkatesh B, Brown SM, Heguy A, Schoppik D, Dasen JS.

Cell. 2018 Feb 8;172(4):667-682.e15. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2018.01.013.


Adjunctive Glucocorticoid Therapy in Patients with Septic Shock.

Venkatesh B, Finfer S, Cohen J, Rajbhandari D, Arabi Y, Bellomo R, Billot L, Correa M, Glass P, Harward M, Joyce C, Li Q, McArthur C, Perner A, Rhodes A, Thompson K, Webb S, Myburgh J; ADRENAL Trial Investigators and the Australian–New Zealand Intensive Care Society Clinical Trials Group.

N Engl J Med. 2018 Mar 1;378(9):797-808. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1705835. Epub 2018 Jan 19.


Factors associated with neonatal pneumonia in India: protocol for a systematic review and planned meta-analysis.

Nair S, Lewis LE, Godinho MA, Murthy S, Lakiang T, Venkatesh BT.

BMJ Open. 2018 Jan 10;8(1):e018790. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2017-018790.


WNT ligands contribute to the immune response during septic shock and amplify endotoxemia-driven inflammation in mice.

Gatica-Andrades M, Vagenas D, Kling J, Nguyen TTK, Benham H, Thomas R, Körner H, Venkatesh B, Cohen J, Blumenthal A.

Blood Adv. 2017 Jul 10;1(16):1274-1286. doi: 10.1182/bloodadvances.2017006163. eCollection 2017 Jul 11.


Determining the optimum capacity to train: a challenge for the College of Intensive Care Medicine of Australia and New Zealand.

Ashbolt M, Corke C, Venkatesh B.

Crit Care Resusc. 2017 Dec;19(4):283-284. No abstract available.


Antipsychotic treatment, psychoeducation & regular follow up as a public health strategy for schizophrenia: Results from a prospective study.

Kumar CN, Thirthalli J, Suresha KK, Venkatesh BK, Arunachala U, Gangadhar BN.

Indian J Med Res. 2017 Jul;146(1):34-41. doi: 10.4103/ijmr.IJMR_838_15.


Risk factors and barriers to case management of neonatal pneumonia: protocol for a pan-India qualitative study of stakeholder perceptions.

Nair NS, Lewis LE, Lakiang T, Godinho MA, Murthy S, Venkatesh BT.

BMJ Open. 2017 Sep 29;7(9):e017403. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2017-017403.


Priming of lineage-specifying genes by Bcl11b is required for lineage choice in post-selection thymocytes.

Kojo S, Tanaka H, Endo TA, Muroi S, Liu Y, Seo W, Tenno M, Kakugawa K, Naoe Y, Nair K, Moro K, Katsuragi Y, Kanai A, Inaba T, Egawa T, Venkatesh B, Minoda A, Kominami R, Taniuchi I.

Nat Commun. 2017 Sep 26;8(1):702. doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-00768-1.


Voltage-gated sodium channel gene repertoire of lampreys: gene duplications, tissue-specific expression and discovery of a long-lost gene.

Zakon HH, Li W, Pillai NE, Tohari S, Shingate P, Ren J, Venkatesh B.

Proc Biol Sci. 2017 Sep 27;284(1863). pii: 20170824. doi: 10.1098/rspb.2017.0824.


Treatment options and barriers to case management of neonatal pneumonia in India: a protocol for a scoping review.

Nair NS, Lewis LE, Murthy S, Godinho MA, Lakiang T, Venkatesh BT.

BMJ Open. 2017 Sep 15;7(9):e017617. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2017-017617. Review.


CDK10 Mutations in Humans and Mice Cause Severe Growth Retardation, Spine Malformations, and Developmental Delays.

Windpassinger C, Piard J, Bonnard C, Alfadhel M, Lim S, Bisteau X, Blouin S, Ali NB, Ng AYJ, Lu H, Tohari S, Talib SZA, van Hul N, Caldez MJ, Van Maldergem L, Yigit G, Kayserili H, Youssef SA, Coppola V, de Bruin A, Tessarollo L, Choi H, Rupp V, Roetzer K, Roschger P, Klaushofer K, Altmüller J, Roy S, Venkatesh B, Ganger R, Grill F, Ben Chehida F, Wollnik B, Altunoglu U, Al Kaissi A, Reversade B, Kaldis P.

Am J Hum Genet. 2017 Sep 7;101(3):391-403. doi: 10.1016/j.ajhg.2017.08.003.


Factors associated with mortality due to neonatal pneumonia in India: a protocol for systematic review and planned meta-analysis.

Nair NS, Lewis LE, Lakiang T, Godinho M, Murthy S, Venkatesh BT.

BMJ Open. 2017 Sep 6;7(9):e017616. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2017-017616.


Intensity of early correction of hyperglycaemia and outcome of critically ill patients with diabetic ketoacidosis.

Mårtensson J, Bailey M, Venkatesh B, Pilcher D, Deane A, Abdelhamid YA, Crisman M, Verma B, MacIsaac C, Wigmore G, Shehabi Y, Suzuki T, French C, Orford N, Kakho N, Prins J, Ekinci EI, Bellomo R.

Crit Care Resusc. 2017 Sep;19(3):266-273.


Emphysema Quantification on Cardiac CT Scans Using Hidden Markov Measure Field Model: The MESA Lung Study.

Yang J, Angelini ED, Balte PP, Hoffman EA, Wu CO, Venkatesh BA, Barr RG, Laine AF.

Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv. 2016 Oct;9901:624-631. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-46723-8_72. Epub 2016 Oct 2.


Lampreys, the jawless vertebrates, contain only two ParaHox gene clusters.

Zhang H, Ravi V, Tay BH, Tohari S, Pillai NE, Prasad A, Lin Q, Brenner S, Venkatesh B.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017 Aug 22;114(34):9146-9151. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1704457114. Epub 2017 Aug 7.


Cardiovascular magnetic resonance in an adult human population: serial observations from the multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosis.

Yoneyama K, Venkatesh BA, Bluemke DA, McClelland RL, Lima JAC.

J Cardiovasc Magn Reson. 2017 Jul 18;19(1):52. doi: 10.1186/s12968-017-0367-1. Review.


Corticosteroids in sepsis: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis (protocol).

Rochwerg B, Oczkowski S, Siemieniuk RA, Menon K, Szczeklik W, English S, Agoritsas T, Belley-Cote E, D'Aragon F, Alhazzani W, Duan E, Gossack-Keenan K, Sevransky J, Vandvik P, Venkatesh B, Guyatt G, Annane D.

BMJ Open. 2017 Jun 30;7(6):e016847. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2017-016847.


Statistical analysis plan for the Adjunctive Corticosteroid Treatment in Critically Ill Patients with Septic Shock (ADRENAL) trial.

Billot L, Venkatesh B, Myburgh J, Finfer S, Cohen J, Webb S, McArthur C, Joyce C, Bellomo R, Rhodes A, Perner A, Arabi Y, Rajbhandari D, Glass P, Thompson K, Correa M, Harward M.

Crit Care Resusc. 2017 Jun;19(2):183-191.


The College of Intensive Care Medicine of Australia and New Zealand supports global collaboration and respect.

Bevan R, Corke C, Raper R, Pinder M, Freebairn R, Venkatesh B, Stephens D, Joynt G, Morley P, Bellomo R, Yong S, Jacobe S, Hawker F, Ashbolt M, Lam S, Varghese B.

Crit Care Resusc. 2017 Jun;19(2):115-116. No abstract available.


Procoagulant serine glycoprotease from Cucumis sativus L.: action on human fibrinogen and fibrin clot.

Nafeesa Z, Shivalingu BR, Neema KN, Achar RR, Venkatesh BK, Hanchinal V, Priya BS, Nanjunda Swamy S.

3 Biotech. 2017 Jun;7(2):96. doi: 10.1007/s13205-017-0686-9. Epub 2017 May 29.


Angiotensin II for the Treatment of Vasodilatory Shock.

Khanna A, English SW, Wang XS, Ham K, Tumlin J, Szerlip H, Busse LW, Altaweel L, Albertson TE, Mackey C, McCurdy MT, Boldt DW, Chock S, Young PJ, Krell K, Wunderink RG, Ostermann M, Murugan R, Gong MN, Panwar R, Hästbacka J, Favory R, Venkatesh B, Thompson BT, Bellomo R, Jensen J, Kroll S, Chawla LS, Tidmarsh GF, Deane AM; ATHOS-3 Investigators.

N Engl J Med. 2017 Aug 3;377(5):419-430. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1704154. Epub 2017 May 21.


Draft genome of the lined seahorse, Hippocampus erectus.

Lin Q, Qiu Y, Gu R, Xu M, Li J, Bian C, Zhang H, Qin G, Zhang Y, Luo W, Chen J, You X, Fan M, Sun M, Xu P, Venkatesh B, Xu J, Fu H, Shi Q.

Gigascience. 2017 Jun 1;6(6):1-6. doi: 10.1093/gigascience/gix030.


Association of left atrial structure and function and incident cardiovascular disease in patients with diabetes mellitus: results from multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosis (MESA).

Markman TM, Habibi M, Venkatesh BA, Zareian M, Wu C, Heckbert SR, Bluemke DA, Lima JAC.

Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2017 Oct 1;18(10):1138-1144. doi: 10.1093/ehjci/jew332. Erratum in: Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2017 May 1;18(8):848.


Loss-of-Function Mutations in LGI4, a Secreted Ligand Involved in Schwann Cell Myelination, Are Responsible for Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita.

Xue S, Maluenda J, Marguet F, Shboul M, Quevarec L, Bonnard C, Ng AY, Tohari S, Tan TT, Kong MK, Monaghan KG, Cho MT, Siskind CE, Sampson JB, Rocha CT, Alkazaleh F, Gonzales M, Rigonnot L, Whalen S, Gut M, Gut I, Bucourt M, Venkatesh B, Laquerrière A, Reversade B, Melki J.

Am J Hum Genet. 2017 Apr 6;100(4):659-665. doi: 10.1016/j.ajhg.2017.02.006. Epub 2017 Mar 16.

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