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Age-Dependent Translocation of Gold Nanoparticles across the Air-Blood Barrier.

Tsuda A, Donaghey TC, Konduru NV, Pyrgiotakis G, Van Winkle LS, Zhang Z, Edwards P, Bustamante JM, Brain JD, Demokritou P.

ACS Nano. 2019 Aug 16. doi: 10.1021/acsnano.9b03019. [Epub ahead of print]


Metabolism and Lung Toxicity of Inhaled Naphthalene: Effects of Postnatal Age and Sex.

Carratt SA, Kovalchuk N, Ding X, Van Winkle LS.

Toxicol Sci. 2019 Aug 1;170(2):536-548. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfz100.


Naphthalene genotoxicity: DNA adducts in primate and mouse airway explants.

Carratt SA, Hartog M, Buchholz BA, Kuhn EA, Collette NM, Ding X, Van Winkle LS.

Toxicol Lett. 2019 May 1;305:103-109. doi: 10.1016/j.toxlet.2019.01.009. Epub 2019 Jan 24.


Naphthalene DNA Adduct Formation and Tolerance in the Lung.

Buchholz BA, Carratt SA, Kuhn EA, Collette NM, Ding X, Van Winkle LS.

Nucl Instrum Methods Phys Res B. 2019 Jan 1;438:119-123. doi: 10.1016/j.nimb.2018.07.004. Epub 2018 Jul 13.


Prenatal Bisphenol A Exposure Alters Epithelial Cell Composition in the Rhesus Macaque Fetal Oviduct.

Hung PH, Van Winkle LS, Williams CJ, Hunt PA, VandeVoort CA.

Toxicol Sci. 2019 Feb 1;167(2):450-457. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfy251.


Preparation of Specific Compartments of the Lungs for Pathologic and Biochemical Analysis of Toxicologic Responses.

Van Winkle LS, Kelty JS, Plopper CG.

Curr Protoc Toxicol. 2017 Feb 1;71:24.5.1-24.5.26. doi: 10.1002/cptx.18.


Novel multi-functional europium-doped gadolinium oxide nanoparticle aerosols facilitate the study of deposition in the developing rat lung.

Das GK, Anderson DS, Wallis CD, Carratt SA, Kennedy IM, Van Winkle LS.

Nanoscale. 2016 Jun 2;8(22):11518-30. doi: 10.1039/c6nr00897f.


Size-Dependent Deposition, Translocation, and Microglial Activation of Inhaled Silver Nanoparticles in the Rodent Nose and Brain.

Patchin ES, Anderson DS, Silva RM, Uyeminami DL, Scott GM, Guo T, Van Winkle LS, Pinkerton KE.

Environ Health Perspect. 2016 Dec;124(12):1870-1875. Epub 2016 May 6.


Aerosolized Silver Nanoparticles in the Rat Lung and Pulmonary Responses over Time.

Silva RM, Anderson DS, Peake J, Edwards PC, Patchin ES, Guo T, Gordon T, Chen LC, Sun X, Van Winkle LS, Pinkerton KE.

Toxicol Pathol. 2016 Jul;44(5):673-86. doi: 10.1177/0192623316629804. Epub 2016 Mar 29.


Naphthalene cytotoxicity in microsomal epoxide hydrolase deficient mice.

Carratt SA, Morin D, Buckpitt AR, Edwards PC, Van Winkle LS.

Toxicol Lett. 2016 Mar 30;246:35-41. doi: 10.1016/j.toxlet.2016.01.019. Epub 2016 Feb 1.


Single-Cell Mechanics Provides an Effective Means To Probe in Vivo Interactions between Alveolar Macrophages and Silver Nanoparticles.

Liu YX, Karsai A, Anderson DS, Silva RM, Uyeminami DL, Van Winkle LS, Pinkerton KE, Liu GY.

J Phys Chem B. 2015 Dec 10;119(49):15118-29. doi: 10.1021/acs.jpcb.5b07656. Epub 2015 Nov 25.


Women and Lung Disease. Sex Differences and Global Health Disparities.

Pinkerton KE, Harbaugh M, Han MK, Jourdan Le Saux C, Van Winkle LS, Martin WJ 2nd, Kosgei RJ, Carter EJ, Sitkin N, Smiley-Jewell SM, George M.

Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2015 Jul 1;192(1):11-6. doi: 10.1164/rccm.201409-1740PP. Review.


Pulmonary effects of silver nanoparticle size, coating, and dose over time upon intratracheal instillation.

Silva RM, Anderson DS, Franzi LM, Peake JL, Edwards PC, Van Winkle LS, Pinkerton KE.

Toxicol Sci. 2015 Mar;144(1):151-62. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfu265. Epub 2015 Jan 26.


Influence of particle size on persistence and clearance of aerosolized silver nanoparticles in the rat lung.

Anderson DS, Patchin ES, Silva RM, Uyeminami DL, Sharmah A, Guo T, Das GK, Brown JM, Shannahan J, Gordon T, Chen LC, Pinkerton KE, Van Winkle LS.

Toxicol Sci. 2015 Apr;144(2):366-81. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfv005. Epub 2015 Jan 9.


Evolution of silver nanoparticles in the rat lung investigated by X-ray absorption spectroscopy.

Davidson RA, Anderson DS, Van Winkle LS, Pinkerton KE, Guo T.

J Phys Chem A. 2015 Jan 15;119(2):281-9. doi: 10.1021/jp510103m. Epub 2014 Dec 30.


Biological dose response to PM2.5: effect of particle extraction method on platelet and lung responses.

Van Winkle LS, Bein K, Anderson D, Pinkerton KE, Tablin F, Wilson D, Wexler AS.

Toxicol Sci. 2015 Feb;143(2):349-59. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfu230. Epub 2014 Nov 11.


Short versus long silver nanowires: a comparison of in vivo pulmonary effects post instillation.

Silva RM, Xu J, Saiki C, Anderson DS, Franzi LM, Vulpe CD, Gilbert B, Van Winkle LS, Pinkerton KE.

Part Fibre Toxicol. 2014 Oct 8;11:52. doi: 10.1186/s12989-014-0052-6.


Persistence of silver nanoparticles in the rat lung: Influence of dose, size, and chemical composition.

Anderson DS, Silva RM, Lee D, Edwards PC, Sharmah A, Guo T, Pinkerton KE, Van Winkle LS.

Nanotoxicology. 2015;9(5):591-602. doi: 10.3109/17435390.2014.958116. Epub 2014 Sep 18.


Instillation versus inhalation of multiwalled carbon nanotubes: exposure-related health effects, clearance, and the role of particle characteristics.

Silva RM, Doudrick K, Franzi LM, TeeSy C, Anderson DS, Wu Z, Mitra S, Vu V, Dutrow G, Evans JE, Westerhoff P, Van Winkle LS, Raabe OG, Pinkerton KE.

ACS Nano. 2014 Sep 23;8(9):8911-31. doi: 10.1021/nn503887r. Epub 2014 Aug 21.


Ozone-induced airway epithelial cell death, the neurokinin-1 receptor pathway, and the postnatal developing lung.

Murphy SR, Oslund KL, Hyde DM, Miller LA, Van Winkle LS, Schelegle ES.

Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2014 Sep 15;307(6):L471-81. doi: 10.1152/ajplung.00324.2013. Epub 2014 Jul 25.


Sex differences in the acute nasal antioxidant/antielectrophilic response of the rat to inhaled naphthalene.

Cichocki JA, Smith GJ, Mendoza R, Buckpitt AR, Van Winkle LS, Morris JB.

Toxicol Sci. 2014 May;139(1):234-44. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfu031. Epub 2014 Feb 22.


Combustion-derived flame generated ultrafine soot generates reactive oxygen species and activates Nrf2 antioxidants differently in neonatal and adult rat lungs.

Chan JK, Charrier JG, Kodani SD, Vogel CF, Kado SY, Anderson DS, Anastasio C, Van Winkle LS.

Part Fibre Toxicol. 2013 Aug 1;10:34. doi: 10.1186/1743-8977-10-34.


Fetal exposure of rhesus macaques to bisphenol a alters cellular development of the conducting airway by changing epithelial secretory product expression.

Van Winkle LS, Murphy SR, Boetticher MV, VandeVoort CA.

Environ Health Perspect. 2013 Aug;121(8):912-8. doi: 10.1289/ehp.1206064. Epub 2013 Jun 11.


Ozone exposure alters serotonin and serotonin receptor expression in the developing lung.

Murphy SR, Schelegle ES, Miller LA, Hyde DM, Van Winkle LS.

Toxicol Sci. 2013 Jul;134(1):168-79. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kft090. Epub 2013 Apr 9.


Combustion derived ultrafine particles induce cytochrome P-450 expression in specific lung compartments in the developing neonatal and adult rat.

Chan JK, Vogel CF, Baek J, Kodani SD, Uppal RS, Bein KJ, Anderson DS, Van Winkle LS.

Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2013 May 15;304(10):L665-77. doi: 10.1152/ajplung.00370.2012. Epub 2013 Mar 15.


Novel lanthanide-labeled metal oxide nanoparticles improve the measurement of in vivo clearance and translocation.

Abid AD, Anderson DS, Das GK, Van Winkle LS, Kennedy IM.

Part Fibre Toxicol. 2013 Jan 10;10:1. doi: 10.1186/1743-8977-10-1.


Matrix metalloproteinase-7 coordinates airway epithelial injury response and differentiation of ciliated cells.

Gharib SA, Altemeier WA, Van Winkle LS, Plopper CG, Schlesinger SY, Buell CA, Brauer R, Lee V, Parks WC, Chen P.

Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2013 Mar;48(3):390-6. doi: 10.1165/rcmb.2012-0083OC. Epub 2012 Dec 20.


Age-specific effects on rat lung glutathione and antioxidant enzymes after inhaling ultrafine soot.

Chan JK, Kodani SD, Charrier JG, Morin D, Edwards PC, Anderson DS, Anastasio C, Van Winkle LS.

Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2013 Jan;48(1):114-24. doi: 10.1165/rcmb.2012-0108OC. Epub 2012 Oct 11.


Postnatal exposure history and airways: oxidant stress responses in airway explants.

Murphy SR, Schelegle ES, Edwards PC, Miller LA, Hyde DM, Van Winkle LS.

Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2012 Dec;47(6):815-23. doi: 10.1165/rcmb.2012-0110OC. Epub 2012 Sep 6.


Lung effects of inhaled corticosteroids in a rhesus monkey model of childhood asthma.

Plopper CG, Joad JP, Miller LA, Schelegle ES, Fanucchi MV, Van Winkle LS, Tyler NK, Avdalovic MV, Evans MJ, Lasley WL, Buckpitt AR, Pinkerton KE, Tarkington BK, Davis S, Nishio SJ, Gershwin LJ, Wu R, Hyde DM.

Clin Exp Allergy. 2012 Jul;42(7):1104-18. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2222.2012.04005.x.


Sex differences in the development of airway epithelial tolerance to naphthalene.

Sutherland KM, Edwards PC, Combs TJ, Van Winkle LS.

Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2012 Jan 1;302(1):L68-81. doi: 10.1152/ajplung.00089.2011. Epub 2011 Oct 14.


Susceptibility to inhaled flame-generated ultrafine soot in neonatal and adult rat lungs.

Chan JK, Fanucchi MV, Anderson DS, Abid AD, Wallis CD, Dickinson DA, Kumfer BM, Kennedy IM, Wexler AS, Van Winkle LS.

Toxicol Sci. 2011 Dec;124(2):472-86. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfr233. Epub 2011 Sep 13.


Environmental tobacco smoke and progesterone alter lung inflammation and mucous metaplasia in a mouse model of allergic airway disease.

Mitchell VL, Van Winkle LS, Gershwin LJ.

Clin Rev Allergy Immunol. 2012 Aug;43(1-2):57-68. doi: 10.1007/s12016-011-8280-0.


Disruption of tracheobronchial airway growth following postnatal exposure to ozone and ultrafine particles.

Lee D, Wallis C, Van Winkle LS, Wexler AS.

Inhal Toxicol. 2011 Aug;23(9):520-31. doi: 10.3109/08958378.2011.591447. Epub 2011 Jul 22.


Age specific responses to acute inhalation of diffusion flame soot particles: cellular injury and the airway antioxidant response.

Van Winkle LS, Chan JK, Anderson DS, Kumfer BM, Kennedy IM, Wexler AS, Wallis C, Abid AD, Sutherland KM, Fanucchi MV.

Inhal Toxicol. 2010 Dec;22 Suppl 2:70-83. doi: 10.3109/08958378.2010.513403. Epub 2010 Oct 21.


Site-specific differences in gene expression of secreted proteins in the mouse lung: comparison of methods to show differences by location.

Sutherland KM, Combs TJ, Edwards PC, Van Winkle LS.

J Histochem Cytochem. 2010 Dec;58(12):1107-19. doi: 10.1369/jhc.2010.956052. Epub 2010 Sep 17.


Small particles disrupt postnatal airway development.

Lee D, Wallis C, Wexler AS, Schelegle ES, Van Winkle LS, Plopper CG, Fanucchi MV, Kumfer B, Kennedy IM, Chan JK.

J Appl Physiol (1985). 2010 Oct;109(4):1115-24. doi: 10.1152/japplphysiol.00295.2010. Epub 2010 Jul 15.


Airway mast cells in a rhesus model of childhood allergic airways disease.

Van Winkle LS, Baker GL, Chan JK, Schelegle ES, Plopper CG.

Toxicol Sci. 2010 Jul;116(1):313-22. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfq119. Epub 2010 Apr 19.


Airway trefoil factor expression during naphthalene injury and repair.

Greeley MA, Van Winkle LS, Edwards PC, Plopper CG.

Toxicol Sci. 2010 Feb;113(2):453-67. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfp268. Epub 2009 Oct 30.


Postnatal lung development of rhesus monkey airways: cellular expression of Clara cell secretory protein.

Coppens JT, Plopper CG, Murphy SR, Van Winkle LS.

Dev Dyn. 2009 Dec;238(12):3016-24. doi: 10.1002/dvdy.22132.


Keratinocyte growth factor protects against Clara cell injury induced by naphthalene.

Yildirim AO, Veith M, Rausch T, Müller B, Kilb P, Van Winkle LS, Fehrenbach H.

Eur Respir J. 2008 Sep;32(3):694-704. doi: 10.1183/09031936.00155107. Epub 2008 Apr 2.


Asthma/allergic airways disease: does postnatal exposure to environmental toxicants promote airway pathobiology?

Plopper CG, Smiley-Jewell SM, Miller LA, Fanucchi MV, Evans MJ, Buckpitt AR, Avdalovic M, Gershwin LJ, Joad JP, Kajekar R, Larson S, Pinkerton KE, Van Winkle LS, Schelegle ES, Pieczarka EM, Wu R, Hyde DM.

Toxicol Pathol. 2007 Jan;35(1):97-110.


Distribution of Clara cell secretory protein expression in the tracheobronchial airways of rhesus monkeys.

Coppens JT, Van Winkle LS, Pinkerton K, Plopper CG.

Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2007 May;292(5):L1155-62. Epub 2007 Jan 19.


Cyclic exposure to ozone alters distal airway development in infant rhesus monkeys.

Fanucchi MV, Plopper CG, Evans MJ, Hyde DM, Van Winkle LS, Gershwin LJ, Schelegle ES.

Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2006 Oct;291(4):L644-50. Epub 2006 Apr 28.


Estrous cycle alters naphthalene metabolism in female mouse airways.

Stelck RL, Baker GL, Sutherland KM, Van Winkle LS.

Drug Metab Dispos. 2005 Nov;33(11):1597-602. Epub 2005 Aug 5.


Consequences of abrupt glutathione depletion in murine Clara cells: ultrastructural and biochemical investigations into the role of glutathione loss in naphthalene cytotoxicity.

Phimister AJ, Williams KJ, Van Winkle LS, Plopper CG.

J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2005 Aug;314(2):506-13. Epub 2005 Apr 21.


Smooth muscle hypertrophy in distal airways of sensitized infant rhesus monkeys exposed to house dust mite allergen.

Tran MU, Weir AJ, Fanucchi MV, Rodriguez AE, Pantle LM, Smiley-Jewell SM, Van Winkle LS, Evans MJ, Miller LA, Schelegle ES, Gershwin LJ, Hyde DM, Plopper CG.

Clin Exp Allergy. 2004 Oct;34(10):1627-33.


Impaired recovery from naphthalene-induced bronchiolar epithelial injury in mice exposed to aged and diluted sidestream cigarette smoke.

Van Winkle LS, Brown CD, Shimizu JA, Gunderson AD, Evans MJ, Plopper CG.

Toxicol Lett. 2004 Dec 1;154(1-2):1-9.


Smooth muscle development during postnatal growth of distal bronchioles in infant rhesus monkeys.

Tran MU, Weir AJ, Fanucchi MV, Murphy AE, Van Winkle LS, Evans MJ, Smiley-Jewell SM, Miller L, Schelegle ES, Gershwin LJ, Hyde DM, Plopper CG.

J Appl Physiol (1985). 2004 Dec;97(6):2364-71; discussion 2354. Epub 2004 Sep 3.


Epithelial cell distribution and abundance in rhesus monkey airways during postnatal lung growth and development.

Van Winkle LS, Fanucchi MV, Miller LA, Baker GL, Gershwin LJ, Schelegle ES, Hyde DM, Evans MJ, Plopper CG.

J Appl Physiol (1985). 2004 Dec;97(6):2355-63; discussion 2354. Epub 2004 Aug 6.

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