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Therapeutic potential of SGN-CD19B, a PBD-based anti-CD19 drug conjugate, for treatment of B-cell malignancies.

Ryan MC, Palanca-Wessels MC, Schimpf B, Gordon KA, Kostner H, Meyer B, Yu C, Van Epps HA, Benjamin D.

Blood. 2017 Nov 2;130(18):2018-2026. doi: 10.1182/blood-2017-04-779389. Epub 2017 Sep 13.


The molecular architecture of the yeast spindle pole body core determined by Bayesian integrative modeling.

Viswanath S, Bonomi M, Kim SJ, Klenchin VA, Taylor KC, Yabut KC, Umbreit NT, Van Epps HA, Meehl J, Jones MH, Russel D, Velazquez-Muriel JA, Winey M, Rayment I, Davis TN, Sali A, Muller EG.

Mol Biol Cell. 2017 Nov 7;28(23):3298-3314. doi: 10.1091/mbc.E17-06-0397. Epub 2017 Aug 16.


SGN-LIV1A: a novel antibody-drug conjugate targeting LIV-1 for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer.

Sussman D, Smith LM, Anderson ME, Duniho S, Hunter JH, Kostner H, Miyamoto JB, Nesterova A, Westendorf L, Van Epps HA, Whiting N, Benjamin DR.

Mol Cancer Ther. 2014 Dec;13(12):2991-3000. doi: 10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-13-0896. Epub 2014 Sep 24.


Improved reporting of statistical design and analysis: guidelines, education, and editorial policies.

Mazumdar M, Banerjee S, Van Epps HL.

Methods Mol Biol. 2010;620:563-98. doi: 10.1007/978-1-60761-580-4_22.


Nuclear pre-mRNA 3'-end processing regulates synapse and axon development in C. elegans.

Van Epps H, Dai Y, Qi Y, Goncharov A, Jin Y.

Development. 2010 Jul;137(13):2237-50. doi: 10.1242/dev.049692.


The JIP3 scaffold protein UNC-16 regulates RAB-5 dependent membrane trafficking at C. elegans synapses.

Brown HM, Van Epps HA, Goncharov A, Grant BD, Jin Y.

Dev Neurobiol. 2009 Feb 1-15;69(2-3):174-90. doi: 10.1002/dneu.20690.


Show me the data.

Rossner M, Van Epps H, Hill E.

Cardiovasc J Afr. 2008 Jan-Feb;19(1):3-4. No abstract available.


Irreproducible results--a response to Thomson Scientific.

Rossner M, Van Epps H, Hill E.

J Gen Physiol. 2008 Feb;131(2):183-4. doi: 10.1085/jgp.200809957. No abstract available.


Irreproducible results: a response to Thomson Scientific.

Rossner M, Van Epps H, Hill E.

J Cell Biol. 2008 Jan 28;180(2):254-5. doi: 10.1083/jcb.200801036. Epub 2008 Jan 11. No abstract available.


Irreproducible results: a response to Thomson Scientific.

Rossner M, Van Epps H, Hill E.

J Exp Med. 2008 Feb 18;205(2):260-1. doi: 10.1084/jem.20080053. Epub 2008 Jan 10. No abstract available.


Show me the data.

Rossner M, Van Epps H, Hill E.

J Gen Physiol. 2008 Jan;131(1):3-4. doi: 10.1085/jgp.200709940. No abstract available.


Show me the data.

Rossner M, Van Epps H, Hill E.

J Cell Biol. 2007 Dec 17;179(6):1091-2. No abstract available.


Show me the data.

Rossner M, Van Epps H, Hill E.

J Exp Med. 2007 Dec 24;204(13):3052-3. Epub 2007 Dec 17. No abstract available.


Innate immune activation and CD4+ T cell priming during respiratory fungal infection.

Rivera A, Ro G, Van Epps HL, Simpson T, Leiner I, Sant'Angelo DB, Pamer EG.

Immunity. 2006 Oct;25(4):665-75. Epub 2006 Oct 5.


Bringing order to early B cell chaos.

Van Epps HL.

J Exp Med. 2006 Jun 12;203(6):1389.


Ignoring endotoxin.

Van Epps HL.

J Exp Med. 2006 May 15;203(5):1137.


Singapore's multibillion dollar gamble.

Van Epps HL.

J Exp Med. 2006 May 15;203(5):1139-42.


Influenza: exposing the true killer.

Van Epps HL.

J Exp Med. 2006 Apr 17;203(4):803.


René Dubos: unearthing antibiotics.

Van Epps HL.

J Exp Med. 2006 Feb 20;203(2):259.


Aspergillus fumigatus triggers inflammatory responses by stage-specific beta-glucan display.

Hohl TM, Van Epps HL, Rivera A, Morgan LA, Chen PL, Feldmesser M, Pamer EG.

PLoS Pathog. 2005 Nov;1(3):e30. Epub 2005 Nov 18.


How Heidelberger and Avery sweetened immunology.

Van Epps HL.

J Exp Med. 2005 Nov 21;202(10):1306.


Distinct CD4+-T-cell responses to live and heat-inactivated Aspergillus fumigatus conidia.

Rivera A, Van Epps HL, Hohl TM, Rizzuto G, Pamer EG.

Infect Immun. 2005 Nov;73(11):7170-9.


T cell traffic signals.

Van Epps HL.

J Exp Med. 2005 Aug 15;202(4):460.


Harry Goldblatt and the discovery of renin.

Van Epps HL.

J Exp Med. 2005 May 2;201(9):1351.


Discovering lymphocyte subsets.

Van Epps HL.

J Exp Med. 2005 Jan 3;201(1):5.


The zebrafish nrc mutant reveals a role for the polyphosphoinositide phosphatase synaptojanin 1 in cone photoreceptor ribbon anchoring.

Van Epps HA, Hayashi M, Lucast L, Stearns GW, Hurley JB, De Camilli P, Brockerhoff SE.

J Neurosci. 2004 Oct 6;24(40):8641-50.


A zebrafish model for pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency: rescue of neurological dysfunction and embryonic lethality using a ketogenic diet.

Taylor MR, Hurley JB, Van Epps HA, Brockerhoff SE.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004 Mar 30;101(13):4584-9. Epub 2004 Mar 15.


Immune responses to Puumala virus infection and the pathogenesis of nephropathia epidemica.

Terajima M, Vapalahti O, Van Epps HL, Vaheri A, Ennis FA.

Microbes Infect. 2004 Feb;6(2):238-45. Review.


Voriconazole inhibits fungal growth without impairing antigen presentation or T-cell activation.

Van Epps HL, Feldmesser M, Pamer EG.

Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2003 Jun;47(6):1818-23.


Long-lived memory T lymphocyte responses after hantavirus infection.

Van Epps HL, Terajima M, Mustonen J, Arstila TP, Corey EA, Vaheri A, Ennis FA.

J Exp Med. 2002 Sep 2;196(5):579-88.


Generation of recombinant vaccinia viruses expressing Puumala virus proteins and use in isolating cytotoxic T cells specific for Puumala virus.

Terajima M, Van Epps HL, Li D, Leporati AM, Juhlin SE, Mustonen J, Vaheri A, Ennis FA.

Virus Res. 2002 Mar 20;84(1-2):67-77.


Investigations of photoreceptor synaptic transmission and light adaptation in the zebrafish visual mutant nrc.

Van Epps HA, Yim CM, Hurley JB, Brockerhoff SE.

Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2001 Mar;42(3):868-74.


Biochemical analysis of phototransduction and visual cycle in zebrafish larvae.

Taylor MR, Van Epps HA, Kennedy MJ, Saari JC, Hurley JB, Brockerhoff SE.

Methods Enzymol. 2000;316:536-57. No abstract available.


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