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Association of brain heptachlor epoxide and other organochlorine compounds with lewy pathology.

Ross GW, Abbott RD, Petrovitch H, Duda JE, Tanner CM, Zarow C, Uyehara-Lock JH, Masaki KH, Launer LJ, Studabaker WB, White LR.

Mov Disord. 2019 Feb;34(2):228-235. doi: 10.1002/mds.27594. Epub 2018 Dec 30.


Marinesco bodies and substantia nigra neuron density in Parkinson's disease.

Abbott RD, Nelson JS, Ross GW, Uyehara-Lock JH, Tanner CM, Masaki KH, Launer LJ, White LR, Petrovitch H.

Neuropathol Appl Neurobiol. 2017 Dec;43(7):621-630. doi: 10.1111/nan.12419. Epub 2017 Jul 9.


Selenoprotein S Reduces Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-Induced Phosphorylation of Tau: Potential Role in Selenate Mitigation of Tau Pathology.

Rueli RH, Torres DJ, Dewing AS, Kiyohara AC, Barayuga SM, Bellinger MT, Uyehara-Lock JH, White LR, Moreira PI, Berry MJ, Perry G, Bellinger FP.

J Alzheimers Dis. 2017;55(2):749-762.


ECMO Maintains Cerebral Blood Flow During Endotoxic Shock in Piglets.

Batts SG, Mu TS, Uyehara-Lock JH, Murata LA, Uyehara CF.

ASAIO J. 2016 Nov/Dec;62(6):732-736.


Medical School Hotline: Liaison Committee on Medical Education Accreditation, Part IV: Pre-clerkship Education.

Fong SF, Sakai DH, Kasuya RT, Kramer K, Wong VS, Haning W, Asano I, Uyehara-Lock JH, Thompson K, Omori JS, Hirose-Wong SM, Horio DT.

Hawaii J Med Public Health. 2016 Feb;75(2):48-51. No abstract available.


Neuropathologic comorbidity and cognitive impairment in the Nun and Honolulu-Asia Aging Studies.

White LR, Edland SD, Hemmy LS, Montine KS, Zarow C, Sonnen JA, Uyehara-Lock JH, Gelber RP, Ross GW, Petrovitch H, Masaki KH, Lim KO, Launer LJ, Montine TJ.

Neurology. 2016 Mar 15;86(11):1000-8. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000002480. Epub 2016 Feb 17.


Associations of brain lesions at autopsy with polysomnography features before death.

Gelber RP, Redline S, Ross GW, Petrovitch H, Sonnen JA, Zarow C, Uyehara-Lock JH, Masaki KH, Launer LJ, White LR.

Neurology. 2015 Jan 20;84(3):296-303. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000001163. Epub 2014 Dec 10.


Increased selenoprotein P in choroid plexus and cerebrospinal fluid in Alzheimer's disease brain.

Rueli RH, Parubrub AC, Dewing AS, Hashimoto AC, Bellinger MT, Weeber EJ, Uyehara-Lock JH, White LR, Berry MJ, Bellinger FP.

J Alzheimers Dis. 2015;44(2):379-83. doi: 10.3233/JAD-141755.


Selenium and selenoprotein function in brain disorders.

Pillai R, Uyehara-Lock JH, Bellinger FP.

IUBMB Life. 2014 Apr;66(4):229-39. doi: 10.1002/iub.1262. Epub 2014 Mar 25. Review.


Changes in selenoprotein P in substantia nigra and putamen in Parkinson's disease.

Bellinger FP, Raman AV, Rueli RH, Bellinger MT, Dewing AS, Seale LA, Andres MA, Uyehara-Lock JH, White LR, Ross GW, Berry MJ.

J Parkinsons Dis. 2012;2(2):115-26. doi: 10.3233/JPD-2012-11052.


Continuous renal replacement therapy to reduce inflammation in a piglet hemorrhage-reperfusion extracorporeal membrane oxygenation model.

Mu TS, Palmer EG, Batts SG, Lentz-Kapua SL, Uyehara-Lock JH, Uyehara CF.

Pediatr Res. 2012 Sep;72(3):249-55. doi: 10.1038/pr.2012.69. Epub 2012 Jun 5.


A healthy young man presenting with multiple rib fractures.

Harle L, Chan C, Bhagavan NV, Rios CN, Sugiyama CE, Loscalzo M, Uyehara-Lock J, Honda SA.

Clin Chem. 2010 Sep;56(9):1390-2. doi: 10.1373/clinchem.2009.135095. No abstract available.


Characterization of Japanese-American men with a single neocortical AD lesion type.

Petrovitch H, Ross GW, He Q, Uyehara-Lock J, Markesbery W, Davis D, Nelson J, Masaki K, Launer L, White LR.

Neurobiol Aging. 2008 Oct;29(10):1448-55. Epub 2007 May 17.


The neurodegeneration sequence in prion diseases: evidence from functional, morphological and ultrastructural studies of the GABAergic system.

Bouzamondo-Bernstein E, Hopkins SD, Spilman P, Uyehara-Lock J, Deering C, Safar J, Prusiner SB, Ralston HJ 3rd, DeArmond SJ.

J Neuropathol Exp Neurol. 2004 Aug;63(8):882-99.


The role of PCV chemotherapy in the treatment of central neurocytoma: illustration of a case and review of the literature.

von Koch CS, Schmidt MH, Uyehara-Lock JH, Berger MS, Chang SM.

Surg Neurol. 2003 Dec;60(6):560-5. Review.


Challenging the clinical utility of the 14-3-3 protein for the diagnosis of sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

Geschwind MD, Martindale J, Miller D, DeArmond SJ, Uyehara-Lock J, Gaskin D, Kramer JH, Barbaro NM, Miller BL.

Arch Neurol. 2003 Jun;60(6):813-6.


Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease mimicking variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

Martindale J, Geschwind MD, De Armond S, Young G, Dillon WP, Henry R, Uyehara-Lock JH, Gaskin DA, Miller BL.

Arch Neurol. 2003 May;60(5):767-70.


Aberrant p53, mdm2, and proliferation differ in glioblastomas from long-term compared with typical survivors.

Burton EC, Lamborn KR, Forsyth P, Scott J, O'Campo J, Uyehara-Lock J, Prados M, Berger M, Passe S, Uhm J, O'Neill BP, Jenkins RB, Aldape KD.

Clin Cancer Res. 2002 Jan;8(1):180-7.

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