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Time-lapse single-cell transcriptomics reveals modulation of histone H3 for dormancy breaking in fission yeast.

Tsuyuzaki H, Hosokawa M, Arikawa K, Yoda T, Okada N, Takeyama H, Sato M.

Nat Commun. 2020 Mar 9;11(1):1265. doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-15060-y.


High-Dose Toremifene as a Promising Candidate Therapy for Hormone Receptor-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer with Secondary Resistance to Aromatase Inhibitors.

Fushimi A, Tabei I, Fuke A, Okamoto T, Takeyama H.

Int J Breast Cancer. 2020 Feb 12;2020:7156574. doi: 10.1155/2020/7156574. eCollection 2020.


Rapid inspection method for investigating the heat processing conditions employed for chicken meat using Raman spectroscopy.

Miyaoka R, Ando M, Harada R, Osaka H, Samuel AZ, Hosokawa M, Takeyama H.

J Biosci Bioeng. 2020 Feb 20. pii: S1389-1723(19)30990-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jbiosc.2020.01.002. [Epub ahead of print]


Active direct current (DC) shifts and "Red slow": two new concepts for seizure mechanisms and identification of the epileptogenic zone.

Ikeda A, Takeyama H, Bernard C, Nakatani M, Shimotake A, Daifu M, Matsuhashi M, Kikuchi T, Kunieda T, Matsumoto R, Kobayashi T, Sato K.

Neurosci Res. 2020 Feb 8. pii: S0168-0102(20)30035-3. doi: 10.1016/j.neures.2020.01.014. [Epub ahead of print] Review.


Single-cell genomics of uncultured bacteria reveals dietary fiber responders in the mouse gut microbiota.

Chijiiwa R, Hosokawa M, Kogawa M, Nishikawa Y, Ide K, Sakanashi C, Takahashi K, Takeyama H.

Microbiome. 2020 Jan 23;8(1):5. doi: 10.1186/s40168-019-0779-2.


Streptococcus pneumoniae triggers hierarchical autophagy through reprogramming of LAPosome-like vesicles via NDP52-delocalization.

Ogawa M, Takada N, Shizukuishi S, Tomokiyo M, Chang B, Yoshida M, Kakuta S, Tanida I, Ryo A, Guan JL, Takeyama H, Ohnishi M.

Commun Biol. 2020 Jan 13;3(1):25. doi: 10.1038/s42003-020-0753-3.


Lymph Node Positivity in One-Step Nucleic Acid Amplification is a Prognostic Factor for Postoperative Cancer Recurrence in Patients with Stage II Colorectal Cancer: A Prospective, Multicenter Study.

Itabashi M, Yamamoto H, Tomita N, Inomata M, Murata K, Hayashi S, Miyake Y, Igarashi S, Kato T, Noura S, Furuhata T, Ozawa H, Takemasa I, Yasui M, Takeyama H, Okamura S, Ohno Y, Matsuura N.

Ann Surg Oncol. 2020 Apr;27(4):1077-1083. doi: 10.1245/s10434-019-07971-y. Epub 2019 Nov 13.


A Randomized Controlled Trial of Telemedicine for Long-Term Sleep Apnea Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Management.

Murase K, Tanizawa K, Minami T, Matsumoto T, Tachikawa R, Takahashi N, Tsuda T, Toyama Y, Ohi M, Akahoshi T, Tomita Y, Narui K, Nakamura H, Ohdaira T, Yoshimine H, Tsuboi T, Yamashiro Y, Ando S, Kasai T, Kita H, Tatsumi K, Burioka N, Tomii K, Kondoh Y, Takeyama H, Handa T, Hamada S, Oga T, Nakayama T, Sakamaki T, Morita S, Kuroda T, Hirai T, Chin K.

Ann Am Thorac Soc. 2020 Mar;17(3):329-337. doi: 10.1513/AnnalsATS.201907-494OC.


Long-term outcome after one-stage surgery without preoperative decompression for stage II/III malignant colorectal obstruction: a propensity score-matched analysis.

Takeyama H, Ikeda K, Danno K, Nishigaki T, Yamashita M, Taniguchi H, Oka Y.

Int J Colorectal Dis. 2019 Nov;34(11):1933-1943. doi: 10.1007/s00384-019-03413-z. Epub 2019 Oct 30.


Robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery after placing a self-expanding metallic stent for malignant rectal obstruction: a case report.

Takeyama H, Danno K, Nishigaki T, Yamashita M, Yamazaki M, Yamakita T, Nishihara A, Taniguchi H, Mizutani M, Nakamichi I, Yura M, Ikeda K, Oka Y.

Surg Case Rep. 2019 Oct 25;5(1):156. doi: 10.1186/s40792-019-0719-1.


Frailty Predicts Severe Postoperative Complication after Elective Hepatic Resection.

Okabe H, Hayashi H, Higashi T, Nitta H, Ikuta Y, Yusa T, Takeyama H, Ogawa K, Ozaki N, Akahoshi S, Ogata K, Osaki T, Baba H, Takamori H.

Gastrointest Tumors. 2019 Aug;6(1-2):28-35. doi: 10.1159/000500086. Epub 2019 May 22.


Publisher Correction: A humanized mouse model identifies key amino acids for low immunogenicity of H7N9 vaccines.

Wada Y, Nithichanon A, Nobusawa E, Moise L, Martin WD, Yamamoto N, Terahara K, Hagiwara H, Odagiri T, Tashiro M, Lertmemongkolchai G, Takeyama H, De Groot AS, Ato M, Takahashi Y.

Sci Rep. 2019 Oct 8;9(1):14730. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-50828-3.


Hair regrowth using a properly fitted scalp cooling cap during adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Fushimi A, Shinozaki N, Takeyama H.

Int Cancer Conf J. 2019 Jun 17;8(4):181-184. doi: 10.1007/s13691-019-00380-8. eCollection 2019 Oct.


Clinical implications of drug-screening assay for recurrent metastatic hormone receptor-positive, human epidermal receptor 2-negative breast cancer using conditionally reprogrammed cells.

Mimoto R, Yogosawa S, Saijo H, Fushimi A, Nogi H, Asakura T, Yoshida K, Takeyama H.

Sci Rep. 2019 Sep 16;9(1):13405. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-49775-w.


Exposure of an occluded hemagglutinin epitope drives selection of a class of cross-protective influenza antibodies.

Adachi Y, Tonouchi K, Nithichanon A, Kuraoka M, Watanabe A, Shinnakasu R, Asanuma H, Ainai A, Ohmi Y, Yamamoto T, Ishii KJ, Hasegawa H, Takeyama H, Lertmemongkolchai G, Kurosaki T, Ato M, Kelsoe G, Takahashi Y.

Nat Commun. 2019 Aug 28;10(1):3883. doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-11821-6.


Human entorhinal cortex electrical stimulation evoked short-latency potentials in the broad neocortical regions: Evidence from cortico-cortical evoked potential recordings.

Takeyama H, Matsumoto R, Usami K, Nakae T, Kobayashi K, Shimotake A, Kikuchi T, Yoshida K, Kunieda T, Miyamoto S, Takahashi R, Ikeda A.

Brain Behav. 2019 Sep;9(9):e01366. doi: 10.1002/brb3.1366. Epub 2019 Jul 30.


High-throughput identification of peptide agonists against GPCRs by co-culture of mammalian reporter cells and peptide-secreting yeast cells using droplet microfluidics.

Yaginuma K, Aoki W, Miura N, Ohtani Y, Aburaya S, Kogawa M, Nishikawa Y, Hosokawa M, Takeyama H, Ueda M.

Sci Rep. 2019 Jul 29;9(1):10920. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-47388-x.


Do Decreased Breast Microcalcifications After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Predict Pathologic Complete Response?

Fushimi A, Kudo R, Takeyama H.

Clin Breast Cancer. 2020 Feb;20(1):e82-e88. doi: 10.1016/j.clbc.2019.05.015. Epub 2019 Jun 6.


Correction to: A CCR5+ memory subset within HIV-1-infected primary resting CD4+ T cells is permissive for replication-competent, latently infected viruses in vitro.

Terahara K, Iwabuchi R, Hosokawa M, Nishikawa Y, Takeyama H, Takahashi Y, Tsunetsugu-Yokota Y.

BMC Res Notes. 2019 Jun 10;12(1):322. doi: 10.1186/s13104-019-4357-2.


Breast cancer hormone receptor negativity, triple-negative type, mastectomy and not receiving adjuvant radiotherapy were associated with axillary recurrence after sentinel lymph node biopsy.

Sekine C, Nakano S, Mibu A, Otsuka M, Oinuma T, Takeyama H.

Asian J Surg. 2020 Jan;43(1):148-153. doi: 10.1016/j.asjsur.2019.05.001. Epub 2019 May 30.


Diagnostic effectiveness of preoperative water-soluble contrast enema in colorectal perforation.

Takeyama H, Ikeda K, Danno K, Kogita Y, Nishigaki T, Yamashita M, Tokunaga T, Taniguchi H, Oka Y.

Asian J Surg. 2019 Jun;42(6):696-701. doi: 10.1016/j.asjsur.2018.09.004. Epub 2018 Oct 26.


A CCR5+ memory subset within HIV-1-infected primary resting CD4+ T cells is permissive for replication-competent, latently infected viruses in vitro.

Terahara K, Iwabuchi R, Hosokawa M, Nishikawa Y, Takeyama H, Takahashi Y, Tsunetsugu-Yokota Y.

BMC Res Notes. 2019 Apr 29;12(1):242. doi: 10.1186/s13104-019-4281-5. Erratum in: BMC Res Notes. 2019 Jun 10;12(1):322.


Sequential Sensing by TLR2 and Mincle Directs Immature Myeloid Cells to Protect against Invasive Group A Streptococcal Infection in Mice.

Matsumura T, Ikebe T, Arikawa K, Hosokawa M, Aiko M, Iguchi A, Togashi I, Kai S, Ohara S, Ohara N, Ohnishi M, Watanabe H, Kobayashi K, Takeyama H, Yamasaki S, Takahashi Y, Ato M.

Cell Rep. 2019 Apr 9;27(2):561-571.e6. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2019.03.056.


Enrichment of bacteria and alginate lyase genes potentially involved in brown alga degradation in the gut of marine gastropods.

Ito M, Watanabe K, Maruyama T, Mori T, Niwa K, Chow S, Takeyama H.

Sci Rep. 2019 Feb 14;9(1):2129. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-38356-y.


Incidental discovery of follicular lymphoma by sentinel lymph node biopsy and skin-sparing mastectomy for Paget's disease associated with invasive breast cancer.

Fushimi A, Kinoshita S, Kudo R, Takeyama H.

J Surg Case Rep. 2019 Jan 24;2019(1):rjz008. doi: 10.1093/jscr/rjz008. eCollection 2019 Jan.


IgA tetramerization improves target breadth but not peak potency of functionality of anti-influenza virus broadly neutralizing antibody.

Saito S, Sano K, Suzuki T, Ainai A, Taga Y, Ueno T, Tabata K, Saito K, Wada Y, Ohara Y, Takeyama H, Odagiri T, Kageyama T, Ogawa-Goto K, Multihartina P, Setiawaty V, Pangesti KNA, Hasegawa H.

PLoS Pathog. 2019 Jan 3;15(1):e1007427. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1007427. eCollection 2019 Jan.


Sleep is associated with reduction of epileptiform discharges in benign adult familial myoclonus epilepsy.

Hitomi T, Inouchi M, Takeyama H, Kobayashi K, Sultana S, Inoue T, Nakayama Y, Shimotake A, Matsuhashi M, Matsumoto R, Chin K, Takahashi R, Ikeda A.

Epilepsy Behav Case Rep. 2018 Oct 16;11:18-21. doi: 10.1016/j.ebcr.2018.09.010. eCollection 2019.


Features of Microcalcifications on Screening Mammography in Young Women

Fushimi A, Fukushima N, Suzuki T, Kudo R, Takeyama H.

Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2018 Dec 25;19(12):3591-3596.


Effects of short-term endurance exercise on gut microbiota in elderly men.

Taniguchi H, Tanisawa K, Sun X, Kubo T, Hoshino Y, Hosokawa M, Takeyama H, Higuchi M.

Physiol Rep. 2018 Dec;6(23):e13935. doi: 10.14814/phy2.13935.


Effect of Heparin-Protamine Treatment on Thyroid Cancer Cell Lines.

Fushimi A, Takeyama H, Manome Y.

Anticancer Res. 2018 Dec;38(12):6759-6762. doi: 10.21873/anticanres.13046.


Correction to: An estrogen antagonist, cyclofenil, has anti-dengue-virus activity.

Tohma D, Tajima S, Kato F, Sato H, Kakisaka M, Hishiki T, Kataoka M, Takeyama H, Lim CK, Aida Y, Saijo M.

Arch Virol. 2019 Jan;164(1):235. doi: 10.1007/s00705-018-4107-0.


Cohort study exploring the effect of lenvatinib on differentiated thyroid cancer.

Tahara M, Takami H, Ito Y, Sugino K, Takahashi S, Takeyama H, Tsutsui H, Hara H, Mitsuma A, Yamashita H, Okamoto T, Sugitani I, Ohashi Y, Imai T.

Endocr J. 2018 Nov 29;65(11):1071-1074. doi: 10.1507/endocrj.EJ18-0261. Epub 2018 Oct 24.


An estrogen antagonist, cyclofenil, has anti-dengue-virus activity.

Tohma D, Tajima S, Kato F, Sato H, Kakisaka M, Hishiki T, Kataoka M, Takeyama H, Lim CK, Aida Y, Saijo M.

Arch Virol. 2019 Jan;164(1):225-234. doi: 10.1007/s00705-018-4079-0. Epub 2018 Oct 24. Erratum in: Arch Virol. 2018 Nov 24;:.


[Proposal of a diagnostic algorithm for autoimmune epilepsy: preliminary investigation of its utility].

Sakamoto M, Matsumoto R, Togawa J, Hashi Y, Takeyama H, Kobayashi K, Shimotake A, Kondo T, Takahashi R, Ikeda A.

Rinsho Shinkeigaku. 2018 Oct 24;58(10):609-616. doi: 10.5692/ Epub 2018 Sep 29. Japanese.


Thymidylate synthase expression in primary colorectal cancer as a predictive marker for the response to 5-fluorouracil- and oxaliplatin-based preoperative chemotherapy for liver metastases.

Takeyama H, Wakasa T, Inoue K, Kitani K, Tsujie M, Ogawa T, Yukawa M, Ohta Y, Inoue M.

Mol Clin Oncol. 2018 Jul;9(1):3-10. doi: 10.3892/mco.2018.1623. Epub 2018 May 10.


Introduction of Human Flt3-L and GM-CSF into Humanized Mice Enhances the Reconstitution and Maturation of Myeloid Dendritic Cells and the Development of Foxp3+CD4+ T Cells.

Iwabuchi R, Ikeno S, Kobayashi-Ishihara M, Takeyama H, Ato M, Tsunetsugu-Yokota Y, Terahara K.

Front Immunol. 2018 May 28;9:1042. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2018.01042. eCollection 2018.


Acyclovir Sensitivity and Neurovirulence of Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 with Amino Acid Substitutions in the Viral Thymidine Kinase Gene, Which Were Detected in the Patients with Intractable Herpes Simplex Encephalitis Previously Reported.

Inagaki T, Satoh M, Fujii H, Yamada S, Shibamura M, Yoshikawa T, Harada S, Takeyama H, Saijo M.

Jpn J Infect Dis. 2018 Sep 21;71(5):343-349. doi: 10.7883/yoken.JJID.2018.176. Epub 2018 May 31.


A Novel System for Constructing a Recombinant Highly-Attenuated Vaccinia Virus Strain (LC16m8) Expressing Foreign Genes and Its Application for the Generation of LC16m8-Based Vaccines against Herpes Simplex Virus 2.

Omura N, Yoshikawa T, Fujii H, Shibamura M, Inagaki T, Kato H, Egawa K, Harada S, Yamada S, Takeyama H, Saijo M.

Jpn J Infect Dis. 2018 May 24;71(3):229-233. doi: 10.7883/yoken.JJID.2017.458. Epub 2018 Apr 27.


Protection of Coral Larvae from Thermally Induced Oxidative Stress by Redox Nanoparticles.

Motone K, Takagi T, Aburaya S, Aoki W, Miura N, Minakuchi H, Takeyama H, Nagasaki Y, Shinzato C, Ueda M.

Mar Biotechnol (NY). 2018 Aug;20(4):542-548. doi: 10.1007/s10126-018-9825-5. Epub 2018 Apr 28.


Molecular mechanisms of Streptococcus pneumoniae-targeted autophagy via pneumolysin, Golgi-resident Rab41, and Nedd4-1-mediated K63-linked ubiquitination.

Ogawa M, Matsuda R, Takada N, Tomokiyo M, Yamamoto S, Shizukusihi S, Yamaji T, Yoshikawa Y, Yoshida M, Tanida I, Koike M, Murai M, Morita H, Takeyama H, Ryo A, Guan JL, Yamamoto M, Inoue JI, Yanagawa T, Fukuda M, Kawabe H, Ohnishi M.

Cell Microbiol. 2018 Aug;20(8):e12846. doi: 10.1111/cmi.12846. Epub 2018 Apr 22.


Combinatory use of distinct single-cell RNA-seq analytical platforms reveals the heterogeneous transcriptome response.

Kashima Y, Suzuki A, Liu Y, Hosokawa M, Matsunaga H, Shirai M, Arikawa K, Sugano S, Kohno T, Takeyama H, Tsuchihara K, Suzuki Y.

Sci Rep. 2018 Feb 22;8(1):3482. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-21161-y.


Preservation of the nipple-areola complex in skin-sparing mastectomy for early breast cancer.

Miyake R, Kinoshita S, Shimada N, Uchida K, Takeyama H, Morikawa T.

Surg Today. 2018 Jun;48(6):591-597. doi: 10.1007/s00595-018-1633-z. Epub 2018 Feb 21.


Single-bacterial genomics validates rich and varied specialized metabolism of uncultivated Entotheonella sponge symbionts.

Mori T, Cahn JKB, Wilson MC, Meoded RA, Wiebach V, Martinez AFC, Helfrich EJN, Albersmeier A, Wibberg D, Dätwyler S, Keren R, Lavy A, Rückert C, Ilan M, Kalinowski J, Matsunaga S, Takeyama H, Piel J.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018 Feb 20;115(8):1718-1723. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1715496115. Epub 2018 Feb 8.


Obtaining high-quality draft genomes from uncultured microbes by cleaning and co-assembly of single-cell amplified genomes.

Kogawa M, Hosokawa M, Nishikawa Y, Mori K, Takeyama H.

Sci Rep. 2018 Feb 1;8(1):2059. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-20384-3.


Genome-wide association study of Alzheimer's disease endophenotypes at prediagnosis stages.

Chung J, Wang X, Maruyama T, Ma Y, Zhang X, Mez J, Sherva R, Takeyama H; Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, Lunetta KL, Farrer LA, Jun GR.

Alzheimers Dement. 2018 May;14(5):623-633. doi: 10.1016/j.jalz.2017.11.006. Epub 2017 Dec 20.


Subareolar breast abscess in male patients: a report of two patients with a literature review.

Kazama T, Tabei I, Sekine C, Funamizu N, Onda S, Okamoto T, Takeyama H, Morikawa T.

Surg Case Rep. 2017 Dec 19;3(1):128. doi: 10.1186/s40792-017-0402-3.


Laparoscopic colectomy after self-expanding metallic stent placement through the ileocecal valve for right-sided malignant colonic obstruction: A case report.

Takeyama H, Danno K, Kogita Y, Nishigaki T, Yamashita M, Yamazaki M, Yamakita T, Nishihara A, Hoshi M, Taniguchi H, Mizutani M, Nakamichi I, Yura M, Ikeda K, Kurokawa E.

Asian J Endosc Surg. 2018 Aug;11(3):262-265. doi: 10.1111/ases.12445. Epub 2017 Dec 12.


Downregulation of dual-specificity tyrosine-regulated kinase 2 promotes tumor cell proliferation and invasion by enhancing cyclin-dependent kinase 14 expression in breast cancer.

Imawari Y, Mimoto R, Hirooka S, Morikawa T, Takeyama H, Yoshida K.

Cancer Sci. 2018 Feb;109(2):363-372. doi: 10.1111/cas.13459. Epub 2018 Jan 13.


Broad ligament hernia successfully repaired by single-incision laparoscopy: A case report.

Takeyama H, Kogita Y, Nishigaki T, Yamashita M, Aikawa E, Hoshi M, Taniguchi H, Maruyama Y, Nakajima K, Yamamoto Y, Adachi K, Yamamoto H, Ikeda K, Kurokawa E.

Asian J Endosc Surg. 2018 Aug;11(3):274-276. doi: 10.1111/ases.12441. Epub 2017 Nov 8.


Impact of surgical treatment after sorafenib therapy for advanced hepatocellular carcinoma.

Takeyama H, Beppu T, Higashi T, Kaida T, Arima K, Taki K, Imai K, Nitta H, Hayashi H, Nakagawa S, Okabe H, Hashimoto D, Chikamoto A, Ishiko T, Tanaka M, Sasaki Y, Baba H.

Surg Today. 2018 Apr;48(4):431-438. doi: 10.1007/s00595-017-1603-x. Epub 2017 Nov 7.


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