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A Phase 1 study of BAL101553, a novel tumor checkpoint controller targeting microtubules, administered as 48-h infusion in adult patients with advanced solid tumors.

Joerger M, Stathis A, Metaxas Y, Hess D, Mantiero M, Mark M, Volden M, Kaindl T, Engelhardt M, Larger P, Lane H, Hafner P, Levy N, Stuedeli S, Sessa C, von Moos R.

Invest New Drugs. 2019 Aug 30. doi: 10.1007/s10637-019-00850-z. [Epub ahead of print]


Late relapse in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: impact of rituximab on their incidence and outcome.

Vannata B, Conconi A, Winkler J, Cascione L, Margiotta Casaluci G, Nassi L, Moia R, Pirosa MC, Moccia AA, Stathis A, Rossi D, Gaidano G, Zucca E.

Br J Haematol. 2019 Nov;187(4):478-487. doi: 10.1111/bjh.16106. Epub 2019 Aug 5.


Single and combined BTK and PI3Kδ inhibition with acalabrutinib and ACP-319 in pre-clinical models of aggressive lymphomas.

Spriano F, Tarantelli C, Gaudio E, Gerlach MM, Priebe V, Cascione L, Bernasconi E, Targa A, Mascia M, Dirnhofer S, Stathis A, Zucca E, Bertoni F.

Br J Haematol. 2019 Dec;187(5):595-601. doi: 10.1111/bjh.16118. Epub 2019 Jul 29.


The ETS Inhibitors YK-4-279 and TK-216 Are Novel Antilymphoma Agents.

Spriano F, Chung EYL, Gaudio E, Tarantelli C, Cascione L, Napoli S, Jessen K, Carrassa L, Priebe V, Sartori G, Graham G, Selvanathan SP, Cavalli A, Rinaldi A, Kwee I, Testoni M, Genini D, Ye BH, Zucca E, Stathis A, Lannutti B, Toretsky JA, Bertoni F.

Clin Cancer Res. 2019 Aug 15;25(16):5167-5176. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-18-2718. Epub 2019 Jun 10.


The Novel TORC1/2 Kinase Inhibitor PQR620 Has Anti-Tumor Activity in Lymphomas as a Single Agent and in Combination with Venetoclax.

Tarantelli C, Gaudio E, Hillmann P, Spriano F, Sartori G, Aresu L, Cascione L, Rageot D, Kwee I, Beaufils F, Zucca E, Stathis A, Wymann MP, Cmiljanovic V, Fabbro D, Bertoni F.

Cancers (Basel). 2019 Jun 4;11(6). pii: E775. doi: 10.3390/cancers11060775.


Use of epirubicin to treat diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

Stathis A, Zucca E.

Lancet Haematol. 2019 Jun;6(6):e292-e293. doi: 10.1016/S2352-3026(19)30082-1. No abstract available.


Bromodomain and Extra-Terminal domain inhibitors for lymphoid malignancies.

Bertoni F, Stathis A.

Curr Opin Hematol. 2019 Jul;26(4):273-280. doi: 10.1097/MOH.0000000000000519.


The novel CD19-targeting antibody-drug conjugate huB4-DGN462 shows improved anti-tumor activity compared to SAR3419 in CD19-positive lymphoma and leukemia models.

Hicks SW, Tarantelli C, Wilhem A, Gaudio E, Li M, Arribas AJ, Spriano F, Bordone R, Cascione L, Lai KC, Qiu Q, Taborelli M, Rossi D, Stussi G, Zucca E, Stathis A, Sloss CM, Bertoni F.

Haematologica. 2019 Aug;104(8):1633-1639. doi: 10.3324/haematol.2018.211011. Epub 2019 Feb 7.


BET and EZH2 Inhibitors: Novel Approaches for Targeting Cancer.

Genta S, Pirosa MC, Stathis A.

Curr Oncol Rep. 2019 Feb 4;21(2):13. doi: 10.1007/s11912-019-0762-x. Review.


The Bruton tyrosine kinase inhibitor zanubrutinib (BGB-3111) demonstrated synergies with other anti-lymphoma targeted agents.

Tarantelli C, Zhang L, Curti E, Gaudio E, Spriano F, Priebe V, Cascione L, Arribas AJ, Zucca E, Rossi D, Stathis A, Bertoni F.

Haematologica. 2019 Jul;104(7):e307-e309. doi: 10.3324/haematol.2018.214759. Epub 2019 Jan 24. No abstract available.


Correlation between PSA kinetics and PSMA-PET in prostate cancer restaging: A meta-analysis.

Pereira Mestre R, Treglia G, Ferrari M, Pascale M, Mazzara C, Azinwi NC, Llado' A, Stathis A, Giovanella L, Roggero E.

Eur J Clin Invest. 2019 Mar;49(3):e13063. doi: 10.1111/eci.13063. Epub 2019 Jan 11.


In vitro demonstration of synergism with pixantrone combined with targeted agents in lymphomas.

Tarantelli C, Gaudio E, Cascione L, Stathis A, Zucca E, Bertoni F.

Br J Haematol. 2019 Jul;186(1):149-152. doi: 10.1111/bjh.15727. Epub 2018 Dec 19. No abstract available.


BET bromodomain inhibitor birabresib in mantle cell lymphoma: in vivo activity and identification of novel combinations to overcome adaptive resistance.

Tarantelli C, Bernasconi E, Gaudio E, Cascione L, Restelli V, Arribas AJ, Spriano F, Rinaldi A, Mensah AA, Kwee I, Ponzoni M M.D, Zucca E, Carrassa L, Riveiro ME, Rezai K, Stathis A, Cvitkovic E, Bertoni F.

ESMO Open. 2018 Sep 26;3(6):e000387. doi: 10.1136/esmoopen-2018-000387. eCollection 2018.


Reporting of immune checkpoint inhibitor-associated myocarditis.

Noseda R, Magro L, Stathis A, Ceschi A.

Lancet. 2018 Aug 4;392(10145):383-384. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(18)31557-5. No abstract available.


Bromodomain and extra-terminal domain inhibition modulates the expression of pathologically relevant microRNAs in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

Mensah AA, Cascione L, Gaudio E, Tarantelli C, Bomben R, Bernasconi E, Zito D, Lampis A, Hahne JC, Rinaldi A, Stathis A, Zucca E, Kwee I, Gattei V, Valeri N, Riveiro ME, Bertoni F.

Haematologica. 2018 Dec;103(12):2049-2058. doi: 10.3324/haematol.2018.191684. Epub 2018 Aug 3.


Experimental Study of the Structural Effect on the Nanosecond Nonlinear Optical Response of O-Doped Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.

Papadakis I, Bouza Z, Stathis A, Orfanos I, Couris S, Miletić T, Bonifazi D.

J Phys Chem A. 2018 Jun 14;122(23):5142-5152. doi: 10.1021/acs.jpca.8b02737. Epub 2018 May 31.


Phase Ib Trial With Birabresib, a Small-Molecule Inhibitor of Bromodomain and Extraterminal Proteins, in Patients With Selected Advanced Solid Tumors.

Lewin J, Soria JC, Stathis A, Delord JP, Peters S, Awada A, Aftimos PG, Bekradda M, Rezai K, Zeng Z, Hussain A, Perez S, Siu LL, Massard C.

J Clin Oncol. 2018 Oct 20;36(30):3007-3014. doi: 10.1200/JCO.2018.78.2292. Epub 2018 May 7.


Metabolic heterogeneity on baseline 18FDG-PET/CT scan is a predictor of outcome in primary mediastinal B-cell lymphoma.

Ceriani L, Milan L, Martelli M, Ferreri AJM, Cascione L, Zinzani PL, Di Rocco A, Conconi A, Stathis A, Cavalli F, Bellei M, Cozens K, Porro E, Giovanella L, Johnson PW, Zucca E.

Blood. 2018 Jul 12;132(2):179-186. doi: 10.1182/blood-2018-01-826958. Epub 2018 May 2.


Trabectedin is a novel chemotherapy agent for diffuse large B cell lymphoma.

Spriano F, Chung EY, Panini N, Cascione L, Rinaldi A, Erba E, Stathis A, D'Incalci M, Bertoni F, Gatta R.

Br J Haematol. 2019 Mar;184(6):1022-1025. doi: 10.1111/bjh.15212. Epub 2018 Apr 2. No abstract available.


Report of the 14th International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma (ICML) Closed Workshop on Future Design of Clinical Trials in Lymphomas.

Stathis A, Iasonos A, Seymour JF, Thieblemont C, Ribrag V, Zucca E, Younes A.

Clin Cancer Res. 2018 Jul 1;24(13):2993-2998. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-17-3021. Epub 2018 Mar 13.


Safety, tolerability, and preliminary activity of IMGN529, a CD37-targeted antibody-drug conjugate, in patients with relapsed or refractory B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma: a dose-escalation, phase I study.

Stathis A, Flinn IW, Madan S, Maddocks K, Freedman A, Weitman S, Zucca E, Munteanu MC, Lia Palomba M.

Invest New Drugs. 2018 Oct;36(5):869-876. doi: 10.1007/s10637-018-0570-4. Epub 2018 Feb 17.


Circulating tumor DNA reveals genetics, clonal evolution, and residual disease in classical Hodgkin lymphoma.

Spina V, Bruscaggin A, Cuccaro A, Martini M, Di Trani M, Forestieri G, Manzoni M, Condoluci A, Arribas A, Terzi-Di-Bergamo L, Locatelli SL, Cupelli E, Ceriani L, Moccia AA, Stathis A, Nassi L, Deambrogi C, Diop F, Guidetti F, Cocomazzi A, Annunziata S, Rufini V, Giordano A, Neri A, Boldorini R, Gerber B, Bertoni F, Ghielmini M, Stüssi G, Santoro A, Cavalli F, Zucca E, Larocca LM, Gaidano G, Hohaus S, Carlo-Stella C, Rossi D.

Blood. 2018 May 31;131(22):2413-2425. doi: 10.1182/blood-2017-11-812073. Epub 2018 Feb 15.


A Rare Case of Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma Diagnosed 10 Years after Liver Transplant.

Zhang L, Pereira Mestre R, Bihl F, Bühler M, Vannata B, Stathis A.

Case Rep Oncol. 2017 Oct 17;10(3):923-927. doi: 10.1159/000481452. eCollection 2017 Sep-Dec.


BET Proteins as Targets for Anticancer Treatment.

Stathis A, Bertoni F.

Cancer Discov. 2018 Jan;8(1):24-36. doi: 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-17-0605. Epub 2017 Dec 20. Review.


PQR309 Is a Novel Dual PI3K/mTOR Inhibitor with Preclinical Antitumor Activity in Lymphomas as a Single Agent and in Combination Therapy.

Tarantelli C, Gaudio E, Arribas AJ, Kwee I, Hillmann P, Rinaldi A, Cascione L, Spriano F, Bernasconi E, Guidetti F, Carrassa L, Pittau RB, Beaufils F, Ritschard R, Rageot D, Sele A, Dossena B, Rossi FM, Zucchetto A, Taborelli M, Gattei V, Rossi D, Stathis A, Stussi G, Broggini M, Wymann MP, Wicki A, Zucca E, Cmiljanovic V, Fabbro D, Bertoni F.

Clin Cancer Res. 2018 Jan 1;24(1):120-129. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-17-1041. Epub 2017 Oct 24.


Uncommon somatic mutations in metastatic NUT midline carcinoma.

Cavalieri S, Stathis A, Fabbri A, Sonzogni A, Perrone F, Tamborini E, Pelosi G, de Braud F, Platania M.

Tumori. 2017 Nov 15;103(Suppl. 1):e5-e8. doi: 10.5301/tj.5000685.


Preclinical evaluation of the BET bromodomain inhibitor BAY 1238097 for the treatment of lymphoma.

Bernasconi E, Gaudio E, Lejeune P, Tarantelli C, Cascione L, Kwee I, Spriano F, Rinaldi A, Mensah AA, Chung E, Stathis A, Siegel S, Schmees N, Ocker M, Zucca E, Haendler B, Bertoni F.

Br J Haematol. 2017 Sep;178(6):936-948. doi: 10.1111/bjh.14803. Epub 2017 Jun 27.


Outcome of patients older than 80 years with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) treated with "standard" immunochemotherapy: A large retrospective study from 4 institutions.

Gobba S, Moccia AA, Gulden-Sala W, Conconi A, Diem S, Cascione L, Iacoboni G, Margiotta-Casaluci G, Aprile von Hohenstaufen K, Stathis A, Hitz F, Pinotti G, Gaidano G, Zucca E.

Hematol Oncol. 2018 Feb;36(1):84-92. doi: 10.1002/hon.2447. Epub 2017 Jun 16.


Cancer-specific geriatric assessment and quality of life: important factors in caring for older patients with aggressive B-cell lymphoma.

Ribi K, Rondeau S, Hitz F, Mey U, Enoiu M, Pabst T, Stathis A, Fischer N, Clough-Gorr KM.

Support Care Cancer. 2017 Sep;25(9):2833-2842. doi: 10.1007/s00520-017-3698-4. Epub 2017 Apr 13.


Phase I trial of the oral smoothened inhibitor sonidegib in combination with paclitaxel in patients with advanced solid tumors.

Stathis A, Hess D, von Moos R, Homicsko K, Griguolo G, Joerger M, Mark M, Ackermann CJ, Allegrini S, Catapano CV, Xyrafas A, Enoiu M, Berardi S, Gargiulo P, Sessa C; Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK).

Invest New Drugs. 2017 Dec;35(6):766-772. doi: 10.1007/s10637-017-0454-z. Epub 2017 Mar 20.


Staining the target: CD37 expression in lymphomas.

Bertoni F, Stathis A.

Blood. 2016 Dec 29;128(26):3022-3023. doi: 10.1182/blood-2016-11-748137. No abstract available.


Photolysis Kinetics of Toluene, Ethylbenzene, and Xylenes at Ice Surfaces.

Stathis AA, Hendrickson-Stives AK, Kahan TF.

J Phys Chem A. 2016 Sep 1;120(34):6693-7. doi: 10.1021/acs.jpca.6b05595. Epub 2016 Aug 22.


Bromodomain inhibitor OTX015 (MK-8628) combined with targeted agents shows strong in vivo antitumor activity in lymphoma.

Gaudio E, Tarantelli C, Ponzoni M, Odore E, Rezai K, Bernasconi E, Cascione L, Rinaldi A, Stathis A, Riveiro E, Cvitkovic E, Zucca E, Bertoni F.

Oncotarget. 2016 Sep 6;7(36):58142-58147. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.10983.


Bromodomain inhibitor OTX015 in patients with lymphoma or multiple myeloma: a dose-escalation, open-label, pharmacokinetic, phase 1 study.

Amorim S, Stathis A, Gleeson M, Iyengar S, Magarotto V, Leleu X, Morschhauser F, Karlin L, Broussais F, Rezai K, Herait P, Kahatt C, Lokiec F, Salles G, Facon T, Palumbo A, Cunningham D, Zucca E, Thieblemont C.

Lancet Haematol. 2016 Apr;3(4):e196-204. doi: 10.1016/S2352-3026(16)00021-1. Epub 2016 Mar 18.


Clinical Response of Carcinomas Harboring the BRD4-NUT Oncoprotein to the Targeted Bromodomain Inhibitor OTX015/MK-8628.

Stathis A, Zucca E, Bekradda M, Gomez-Roca C, Delord JP, de La Motte Rouge T, Uro-Coste E, de Braud F, Pelosi G, French CA.

Cancer Discov. 2016 May;6(5):492-500. doi: 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-15-1335. Epub 2016 Mar 14.


Combination of the MEK inhibitor pimasertib with BTK or PI3K-delta inhibitors is active in preclinical models of aggressive lymphomas.

Gaudio E, Tarantelli C, Kwee I, Barassi C, Bernasconi E, Rinaldi A, Ponzoni M, Cascione L, Targa A, Stathis A, Goodstal S, Zucca E, Bertoni F.

Ann Oncol. 2016 Jun;27(6):1123-8. doi: 10.1093/annonc/mdw131. Epub 2016 Mar 8.


Histologic transformation in marginal zone lymphomas†.

Conconi A, Franceschetti S, Aprile von Hohenstaufen K, Margiotta-Casaluci G, Stathis A, Moccia AA, Bertoni F, Ramponi A, Mazzucchelli L, Cavalli F, Gaidano G, Zucca E.

Ann Oncol. 2015 Nov;26(11):2329-35. doi: 10.1093/annonc/mdv368. Epub 2015 Sep 23.


Designs of preoperative biomarkers trials in oncology: a systematic review of the literature.

Marous M, Bièche I, Paoletti X, Alt M, Razak AR, Stathis A, Kamal M, Le Tourneau C.

Ann Oncol. 2015 Dec;26(12):2419-28. doi: 10.1093/annonc/mdv378. Epub 2015 Sep 14. Review.


Phase I Population Pharmacokinetic Assessment of the Oral Bromodomain Inhibitor OTX015 in Patients with Haematologic Malignancies.

Odore E, Lokiec F, Cvitkovic E, Bekradda M, Herait P, Bourdel F, Kahatt C, Raffoux E, Stathis A, Thieblemont C, Quesnel B, Cunningham D, Riveiro ME, Rezaï K.

Clin Pharmacokinet. 2016 Mar;55(3):397-405. doi: 10.1007/s40262-015-0327-6.


Extranodal Marginal Zone Lymphoma of Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue of the Salivary Glands: A Multicenter, International Experience of 248 Patients (IELSG 41).

Jackson AE, Mian M, Kalpadakis C, Pangalis GA, Stathis A, Porro E, Conconi A, Cortelazzo S, Gaidano G, Lopez Guillermo A, Johnson PW, Martelli M, Martinelli G, Thieblemont C, McPhail ED, Copie-Bergman C, Pileri SA, Jack A, Campo E, Mazzucchelli L, Ristow K, Habermann TM, Cavalli F, Nowakowski GS, Zucca E.

Oncologist. 2015 Oct;20(10):1149-53. doi: 10.1634/theoncologist.2015-0180. Epub 2015 Aug 12.


The novel atypical retinoid ST5589 down-regulates Aurora Kinase A and has anti-tumour activity in lymphoma pre-clinical models.

Bernasconi E, Gaudio E, Kwee I, Rinaldi A, Cascione L, Tarantelli C, Mensah AA, Stathis A, Zucca E, Vesci L, Giannini G, Bertoni F.

Br J Haematol. 2015 Nov;171(3):378-86. doi: 10.1111/bjh.13595. Epub 2015 Aug 3.


Utility of baseline 18FDG-PET/CT functional parameters in defining prognosis of primary mediastinal (thymic) large B-cell lymphoma.

Ceriani L, Martelli M, Zinzani PL, Ferreri AJ, Botto B, Stelitano C, Gotti M, Cabras MG, Rigacci L, Gargantini L, Merli F, Pinotti G, Mannina D, Luminari S, Stathis A, Russo E, Cavalli F, Giovanella L, Johnson PW, Zucca E.

Blood. 2015 Aug 20;126(8):950-6. doi: 10.1182/blood-2014-12-616474. Epub 2015 Jun 18.


The new therapeutical scenario of Hodgkin lymphoma.

Stathis A, Younes A.

Ann Oncol. 2015 Oct;26(10):2026-33. doi: 10.1093/annonc/mdv256. Epub 2015 Jun 2. Review.


A case of Hodgkin lymphoma in a patient with a history of bone pain and an initial diagnosis of chronic osteomyelitis.

Griguolo G, Mazzucchelli L, Cavalli F, Ceriani L, Zucca E, Stathis A.

Tumori. 2015 Jun 25;101(3):e99-e102. doi: 10.5301/tj.5000283.


Novel HDAC inhibitors exhibit pre-clinical efficacy in lymphoma models and point to the importance of CDKN1A expression levels in mediating their anti-tumor response.

Mensah AA, Kwee I, Gaudio E, Rinaldi A, Ponzoni M, Cascione L, Fossati G, Stathis A, Zucca E, Caprini G, Bertoni F.

Oncotarget. 2015 Mar 10;6(7):5059-71.


Management of the marginal zone lymphomas.

Vannata B, Stathis A, Zucca E.

Cancer Treat Res. 2015;165:227-49. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-13150-4_9. Review.


The BET Bromodomain Inhibitor OTX015 Affects Pathogenetic Pathways in Preclinical B-cell Tumor Models and Synergizes with Targeted Drugs.

Boi M, Gaudio E, Bonetti P, Kwee I, Bernasconi E, Tarantelli C, Rinaldi A, Testoni M, Cascione L, Ponzoni M, Mensah AA, Stathis A, Stussi G, Riveiro ME, Herait P, Inghirami G, Cvitkovic E, Zucca E, Bertoni F.

Clin Cancer Res. 2015 Apr 1;21(7):1628-38. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-14-1561. Epub 2015 Jan 26.


A phase Ib dose-escalation study of the oral pan-PI3K inhibitor buparlisib (BKM120) in combination with the oral MEK1/2 inhibitor trametinib (GSK1120212) in patients with selected advanced solid tumors.

Bedard PL, Tabernero J, Janku F, Wainberg ZA, Paz-Ares L, Vansteenkiste J, Van Cutsem E, Pérez-García J, Stathis A, Britten CD, Le N, Carter K, Demanse D, Csonka D, Peters M, Zubel A, Nauwelaerts H, Sessa C.

Clin Cancer Res. 2015 Feb 15;21(4):730-8. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-14-1814. Epub 2014 Dec 10.


An Unusual Case of Plasmablastic Lymphoma Presenting as Paravertebral Mass Evaluated by (18) F-FDG PET/CT.

Treglia G, Paone G, Stathis A, Ceriani L, Giovanella L.

Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2014 Mar;48(1):89-90. doi: 10.1007/s13139-013-0251-3. Epub 2013 Nov 22. No abstract available.

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