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Effect of methylprednisolone on acute kidney injury in patients undergoing cardiac surgery with a cardiopulmonary bypass pump: a randomized controlled trial.

Garg AX, Chan MTV, Cuerden MS, Devereaux PJ, Abbasi SH, Hildebrand A, Lamontagne F, Lamy A, Noiseux N, Parikh CR, Perkovic V, Quantz M, Rochon A, Royse A, Sessler DI, Shah PJ, Sontrop JM, Tagarakis GI, Teoh KH, Vincent J, Walsh M, Yared JP, Yusuf S, Whitlock RP; SIRS Investigators.

CMAJ. 2019 Mar 4;191(9):E247-E256. doi: 10.1503/cmaj.181644.


Non-reimbursed costs incurred by living kidney donors: A case study from Ontario, Canada.

Barnieh L, Klarenbach S, Arnold J, Cuerden M, Knoll G, Lok C, Sontrop JM, Miller M, Prasad GVR, Przech S, Garg AX; Donor Nephrectomy Outcomes Research (DONOR) Network.

Transplantation. 2019 Mar 1. doi: 10.1097/TP.0000000000002685. [Epub ahead of print]


Micro-Particle Curcumin for the Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease-1: Study Protocol for a Multicenter Clinical Trial.

Weir MA, Walsh M, Cuerden MS, Sontrop JM, Chambers LC, Garg AX.

Can J Kidney Health Dis. 2018 Dec 5;5:2054358118813088. doi: 10.1177/2054358118813088. eCollection 2018.


Financial Costs Incurred by Living Kidney Donors: A Prospective Cohort Study.

Przech S, Garg AX, Arnold JB, Barnieh L, Cuerden MS, Dipchand C, Feldman L, Gill JS, Karpinski M, Knoll G, Lok C, Miller M, Monroy M, Nguan C, Prasad GVR, Sarma S, Sontrop JM, Storsley L, Klarenbach S; Donor Nephrectomy Outcomes Research (DONOR) Network.

J Am Soc Nephrol. 2018 Dec;29(12):2847-2857. doi: 10.1681/ASN.2018040398. Epub 2018 Nov 7.


A matched case-control study to assess the association between non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug use and thrombotic microangiopathy.

Liu AR, Hildebrand AM, Dixon S, Sontrop JM, Clark WF, Lazo-Langner A, Nash D, Garg AX.

PLoS One. 2018 Aug 24;13(8):e0202801. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0202801. eCollection 2018.


Effect of Coaching to Increase Water Intake on Kidney Function Decline in Adults With Chronic Kidney Disease: The CKD WIT Randomized Clinical Trial.

Clark WF, Sontrop JM, Huang SH, Gallo K, Moist L, House AA, Cuerden MS, Weir MA, Bagga A, Brimble S, Burke A, Muirhead N, Pandeya S, Garg AX.

JAMA. 2018 May 8;319(18):1870-1879. doi: 10.1001/jama.2018.4930.


Risk of Acute Kidney Injury in Patients Randomized to a Restrictive Versus Liberal Approach to Red Blood Cell Transfusion in Cardiac Surgery: A Substudy Protocol of the Transfusion Requirements in Cardiac Surgery III Noninferiority Trial.

Garg AX, Shehata N, McGuinness S, Whitlock R, Fergusson D, Wald R, Parikh C, Bagshaw SM, Khanykin B, Gregory A, Syed S, Hare GMT, Cuerden MS, Thorpe KE, Hall J, Verma S, Roshanov PS, Sontrop JM, Mazer CD.

Can J Kidney Health Dis. 2018 Jan 3;5:2054358117749532. doi: 10.1177/2054358117749532. eCollection 2018.


Occupational Heat Stress and Kidney Health: From Farms to Factories.

Nerbass FB, Pecoits-Filho R, Clark WF, Sontrop JM, McIntyre CW, Moist L.

Kidney Int Rep. 2017 Aug 31;2(6):998-1008. doi: 10.1016/j.ekir.2017.08.012. eCollection 2017 Nov. Review.


Direct and indirect costs incurred by Australian living kidney donors.

Barnieh L, Kanellis J, McDonald S, Arnold J, Sontrop JM, Cuerden M, Klarenbach S, Garg AX, Boudville N; Donor Nephrectomy Outcomes Research (DONOR) Network.

Nephrology (Carlton). 2018 Dec;23(12):1145-1151. doi: 10.1111/nep.13205.


Antibiotic Prescribing for Nonbacterial Acute Upper Respiratory Infections in Elderly Persons.

Silverman M, Povitz M, Sontrop JM, Shariff SZ.

Ann Intern Med. 2017 Nov 21;167(10):758-759. doi: 10.7326/L17-0438. No abstract available.


The Chronic Kidney Disease Water Intake Trial: Protocol of a Randomized Controlled Trial.

Clark WF, Huang SH, Garg AX, Gallo K, House AA, Moist L, Weir MA, Sontrop JM.

Can J Kidney Health Dis. 2017 Aug 22;4:2054358117725106. doi: 10.1177/2054358117725106. eCollection 2017.


Antibiotic Prescribing for Nonbacterial Acute Upper Respiratory Infections in Elderly Persons.

Silverman M, Povitz M, Sontrop JM, Li L, Richard L, Cejic S, Shariff SZ.

Ann Intern Med. 2017 Jun 6;166(11):765-774. doi: 10.7326/M16-1131. Epub 2017 May 9.


Kidney Disease Among Registered Métis Citizens of Ontario: A Population-Based Cohort Study.

Hayward JS, McArthur E, Nash DM, Sontrop JM, Russell SJ, Khan S, Walker JD, Nesrallah GE, Sood MM, Garg AX.

Can J Kidney Health Dis. 2017 Apr 11;4:2054358117703071. doi: 10.1177/2054358117703071. eCollection 2017.


Increasing the Rate of Living Donor Kidney Transplantation in Ontario: Donor- and Recipient-Identified Barriers and Solutions.

Getchell LE, McKenzie SQ, Sontrop JM, Hayward JS, McCallum MK, Garg AX.

Can J Kidney Health Dis. 2017 Apr 5;4:2054358117698666. doi: 10.1177/2054358117698666. eCollection 2017.


Plasmapheresis for the treatment of kidney diseases.

Clark WF, Huang SS, Walsh MW, Farah M, Hildebrand AM, Sontrop JM.

Kidney Int. 2016 Nov;90(5):974-984. doi: 10.1016/j.kint.2016.06.009. Epub 2016 Aug 3. Review.


The role of plasma exchange in treating post-transplant focal segmental glomerulosclerosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis of 77 case-reports and case-series.

Kashgary A, Sontrop JM, Li L, Al-Jaishi AA, Habibullah ZN, Alsolaimani R, Clark WF.

BMC Nephrol. 2016 Jul 29;17(1):104. doi: 10.1186/s12882-016-0322-7. Review.


Hydration and Chronic Kidney Disease Progression: A Critical Review of the Evidence.

Clark WF, Sontrop JM, Huang SH, Moist L, Bouby N, Bankir L.

Am J Nephrol. 2016;43(4):281-92. doi: 10.1159/000445959. Epub 2016 May 3. Review.


Consecutive first-morning urine samples to measure change in the albumin-to-creatinine ratio: a pilot study of a home urine collection protocol.

Sontrop JM, Garg AX, Li L, Gallo K, Schumann V, Winick-Ng J, Clark WF, Weir MA.

Can J Kidney Health Dis. 2016 Feb 1;3:3. doi: 10.1186/s40697-016-0095-8. eCollection 2016.


Effect of increased water intake on plasma copeptin in patients with chronic kidney disease: results from a pilot randomised controlled trial.

Sontrop JM, Huang SH, Garg AX, Moist L, House AA, Gallo K, Clark WF.

BMJ Open. 2015 Nov 24;5(11):e008634. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2015-008634.


Primary and Secondary Thrombotic Microangiopathy Referred to a Single Plasma Exchange Center for Suspected Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura: 2000-2011.

Dahlan R, Sontrop JM, Li L, Ghadieh O, Clark WF.

Am J Nephrol. 2015;41(6):429-37. doi: 10.1159/000437001. Epub 2015 Jul 14.


Increasing Water Intake in Chronic Kidney Disease: Why? Safe? Possible?

Clark WF, Sontrop JM, Moist L, Huang SH.

Ann Nutr Metab. 2015;66 Suppl 3:18-21. doi: 10.1159/000381241. Epub 2015 Jun 18.


Characteristics and Outcomes of AKI Treated with Dialysis during Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period.

Hildebrand AM, Liu K, Shariff SZ, Ray JG, Sontrop JM, Clark WF, Hladunewich MA, Garg AX.

J Am Soc Nephrol. 2015 Dec;26(12):3085-91. doi: 10.1681/ASN.2014100954. Epub 2015 May 14.


Frequent hemodialysis fistula infectious complications.

Lok CE, Sontrop JM, Faratro R, Chan CT, Zimmerman DL.

Nephron Extra. 2014 Oct 14;4(3):159-67. doi: 10.1159/000366477. eCollection 2014 Sep.


GFR decline as an alternative end point in clinical trials to prevent ESRD: are we increasing treatment uncertainty for the sake of feasibility?

Sontrop JM, Al-Jaishi AA, Garg AX.

Am J Kidney Dis. 2014 Dec;64(6):841-4. doi: 10.1053/j.ajkd.2014.10.002. No abstract available.


Gestational hypertension and preeclampsia in living kidney donors.

Garg AX, Nevis IF, McArthur E, Sontrop JM, Koval JJ, Lam NN, Hildebrand AM, Reese PP, Storsley L, Gill JS, Segev DL, Habbous S, Bugeja A, Knoll GA, Dipchand C, Monroy-Cuadros M, Lentine KL; DONOR Network.

N Engl J Med. 2015 Jan 8;372(2):124-33. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1408932. Epub 2014 Nov 14.


Surrogate outcomes for ESRD risk: the case for a 30% reduction in estimated GFR over 2 years.

Sontrop JM, Weir MA, Garg AX.

Am J Kidney Dis. 2014 Dec;64(6):845-7. doi: 10.1053/j.ajkd.2014.08.009. Epub 2014 Sep 4. No abstract available.


Health-related lifestyle factors and mammography screening attendance in a Swedish cohort study.

Lagerlund M, Drake I, Wirfält E, Sontrop JM, Zackrisson S.

Eur J Cancer Prev. 2015 Jan;24(1):44-50. doi: 10.1097/CEJ.0000000000000025.


"Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to be healthy???".

Clark WF, Susan Huang SH, Garg AX, House A, Moist LM, Weir M, Sontrop JM.

Home Healthc Nurse. 2014 Apr;32(4):237-42. doi: 10.1097/NHH.0000000000000050.


Psychosocial factors and attendance at a population-based mammography screening program in a cohort of Swedish women.

Lagerlund M, Sontrop JM, Zackrisson S.

BMC Womens Health. 2014 Feb 24;14(1):33. doi: 10.1186/1472-6874-14-33.


The chronic kidney disease Water Intake Trial (WIT): results from the pilot randomised controlled trial.

Clark WF, Sontrop JM, Huang SH, Gallo K, Moist L, House AA, Weir MA, Garg AX.

BMJ Open. 2013 Dec 20;3(12):e003666. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2013-003666.


Timing of peritoneal dialysis initiation and mortality: analysis of the Canadian Organ Replacement Registry.

Jain AK, Sontrop JM, Perl J, Blake PG, Clark WF, Moist LM.

Am J Kidney Dis. 2014 May;63(5):798-805. doi: 10.1053/j.ajkd.2013.10.054. Epub 2013 Dec 12.


Choice of GFR estimating equation influences dialysis initiation and mortality.

Wilson B, Sontrop JM, Clark WF.

Nephrol Nurs J. 2013 Jul-Aug;40(4):339-46; quiz 347.


Retrieving clinical evidence: a comparison of PubMed and Google Scholar for quick clinical searches.

Shariff SZ, Bejaimal SA, Sontrop JM, Iansavichus AV, Haynes RB, Weir MA, Garg AX.

J Med Internet Res. 2013 Aug 15;15(8):e164. doi: 10.2196/jmir.2624.


Hypertension in pregnancy after Escherichia coli O157:H7 gastroenteritis: a cohort study.

Nevis IF, Sontrop JM, Clark WF, Huang A, McDonald S, Thabane L, Moist L, Macnab JJ, Suri R, Garg AX.

Hypertens Pregnancy. 2013 Nov;32(4):390-400. doi: 10.3109/10641955.2013.810238. Epub 2013 Jul 11.


Do reproductive and hormonal risk factors for breast cancer associate with attendance at mammography screening?

Lagerlund M, Sontrop JM, Zackrisson S.

Cancer Causes Control. 2013 Sep;24(9):1687-94. doi: 10.1007/s10552-013-0243-8. Epub 2013 Jun 5.


Association between water intake, chronic kidney disease, and cardiovascular disease: a cross-sectional analysis of NHANES data.

Sontrop JM, Dixon SN, Garg AX, Buendia-Jimenez I, Dohein O, Huang SH, Clark WF.

Am J Nephrol. 2013;37(5):434-42. doi: 10.1159/000350377. Epub 2013 Apr 17.


Cumulative patency of contemporary fistulas versus grafts (2000-2010).

Lok CE, Sontrop JM, Tomlinson G, Rajan D, Cattral M, Oreopoulos G, Harris J, Moist L.

Clin J Am Soc Nephrol. 2013 May;8(5):810-8. doi: 10.2215/CJN.00730112. Epub 2013 Jan 31.


Availability of renal literature in six bibliographic databases.

Shariff SZ, Sontrop JM, Iansavichus AV, Haynes RB, Weir MA, Gandhi S, Cuerden MS, Garg AX.

Clin Kidney J. 2012 Dec;5(6):610-617. Epub 2012 Nov 11.


Cardiovascular disease after Escherichia coli O157:H7 gastroenteritis.

Hizo-Abes P, Clark WF, Sontrop JM, Young A, Huang A, Thiessen-Philbrook H, Austin PC, Garg AX; Walkerton Health Study Investigators.

CMAJ. 2013 Jan 8;185(1):E70-7. doi: 10.1503/cmaj.112161. Epub 2012 Nov 19.


Impact of PubMed search filters on the retrieval of evidence by physicians.

Shariff SZ, Sontrop JM, Haynes RB, Iansavichus AV, McKibbon KA, Wilczynski NL, Weir MA, Speechley MR, Thind A, Garg AX.

CMAJ. 2012 Feb 21;184(3):E184-90. doi: 10.1503/cmaj.101661. Epub 2012 Jan 16. Erratum in: CMAJ. 2012 Sep 4;184(12):1394.


Urine volume and change in estimated GFR in a community-based cohort study.

Clark WF, Sontrop JM, Macnab JJ, Suri RS, Moist L, Salvadori M, Garg AX.

Clin J Am Soc Nephrol. 2011 Nov;6(11):2634-41. doi: 10.2215/CJN.01990211. Epub 2011 Sep 1.


Dipstick proteinuria as a screening strategy to identify rapid renal decline.

Clark WF, Macnab JJ, Sontrop JM, Jain AK, Moist L, Salvadori M, Suri R, Garg AX.

J Am Soc Nephrol. 2011 Sep;22(9):1729-36. doi: 10.1681/ASN.2010111217. Epub 2011 Aug 1.


Performance of the creatinine-based and the cystatin C-based glomerular filtration rate (GFR) estimating equations in a heterogenous sample of patients referred for nuclear GFR testing.

Huang SH, Macnab JJ, Sontrop JM, Filler G, Gallo K, Lindsay RM, Clark WF.

Transl Res. 2011 Jun;157(6):357-67. doi: 10.1016/j.trsl.2011.01.002. Epub 2011 Feb 5.


Patient attitudes towards the arteriovenous fistula: a qualitative study on vascular access decision making.

Xi W, Harwood L, Diamant MJ, Brown JB, Gallo K, Sontrop JM, MacNab JJ, Moist LM.

Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2011 Oct;26(10):3302-8. doi: 10.1093/ndt/gfr055. Epub 2011 Mar 15.


Searching for medical information online: a survey of Canadian nephrologists.

Shariff SZ, Bejaimal SA, Sontrop JM, Iansavichus AV, Weir MA, Haynes RB, Speechley MR, Thind A, Garg AX.

J Nephrol. 2011 Nov-Dec;24(6):723-32. doi: 10.5301/JN.2011.6373.


Association between estimated glomerular filtration rate at initiation of dialysis and mortality.

Clark WF, Na Y, Rosansky SJ, Sontrop JM, Macnab JJ, Glassock RJ, Eggers PW, Jackson K, Moist L.

CMAJ. 2011 Jan 11;183(1):47-53. doi: 10.1503/cmaj.100349. Epub 2010 Dec 6.


Genetically typed community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a Canadian hospital.

Chagla Z, Salvadori M, Sontrop JM, John M, Hussain Z, Chagla Y, Warshawsky B, Achiam C, Thompson B.

Can J Infect Dis Med Microbiol. 2009 Fall;20(3):e113-4. No abstract available.


Risk of pregnancy-related hypertension within 5 years of exposure to drinking water contaminated with Escherichia coli O157:H7.

Moist L, Sontrop JM, Garg AX, Clark WF, Suri RS, Gratton R, Salvadori M, Nevis I, Macnab JJ.

J Clin Hypertens (Greenwich). 2010 Aug;12(8):613-20. doi: 10.1111/j.1751-7176.2010.00288.x.


Effect of N-acetylcysteine on serum creatinine and kidney function: results of a randomized controlled trial.

Moist L, Sontrop JM, Gallo K, Mainra R, Cutler M, Freeman D, House AA.

Am J Kidney Dis. 2010 Oct;56(4):643-50. doi: 10.1053/j.ajkd.2010.03.028. Epub 2010 Jun 11.


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