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Patterns of comorbidity and disease characteristics among patients with ankylosing spondylitis-a cross-sectional study.

Ljung L, Sundström B, Smeds J, Ketonen M, Forsblad-d'Elia H.

Clin Rheumatol. 2018 Mar;37(3):647-653. doi: 10.1007/s10067-017-3894-0. Epub 2017 Nov 8.


[Immunosuppression may mask severe infection. Septic arthritis in tocilizumab treatment yielded only modest acute-phase reaction].

Ljung L, Smeds J, Persson G, Jirlén L, Toolanen G.

Lakartidningen. 2012 Sep 19-26;109(38):1678-9. Swedish. No abstract available.


Effect of surface treatments and aging in water on bond strength to zirconia.

Lindgren J, Smeds J, Sjögren G.

Oper Dent. 2008 Nov-Dec;33(6):675-81. doi: 10.2341/08-12.


Inhibitory effects of estrogen receptor beta on specific hormone-responsive gene expression and association with disease outcome in primary breast cancer.

Lin CY, Ström A, Li Kong S, Kietz S, Thomsen JS, Tee JB, Vega VB, Miller LD, Smeds J, Bergh J, Gustafsson JA, Liu ET.

Breast Cancer Res. 2007;9(2):R25.


Quantitative real-time PCR analysis and microarray-based RNA expression of HER2 in relation to outcome.

Bergqvist J, Ohd JF, Smeds J, Klaar S, Isola J, Nordgren H, Elmberger GP, Hellborg H, Bjohle J, Borg AL, Skoog L, Bergh J.

Ann Oncol. 2007 May;18(5):845-50. Epub 2007 Mar 9.


Genetic reclassification of histologic grade delineates new clinical subtypes of breast cancer.

Ivshina AV, George J, Senko O, Mow B, Putti TC, Smeds J, Lindahl T, Pawitan Y, Hall P, Nordgren H, Wong JE, Liu ET, Bergh J, Kuznetsov VA, Miller LD.

Cancer Res. 2006 Nov 1;66(21):10292-301.


Gene expression in 16q is associated with survival and differs between Sørlie breast cancer subtypes.

Wennmalm K, Calza S, Ploner A, Hall P, Bjöhle J, Klaar S, Smeds J, Pawitan Y, Bergh J.

Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 2007 Jan;46(1):87-97.


Gene expression preferentially regulated by tamoxifen in breast cancer cells and correlations with clinical outcome.

Frasor J, Chang EC, Komm B, Lin CY, Vega VB, Liu ET, Miller LD, Smeds J, Bergh J, Katzenellenbogen BS.

Cancer Res. 2006 Jul 15;66(14):7334-40.


Intrinsic molecular signature of breast cancer in a population-based cohort of 412 patients.

Calza S, Hall P, Auer G, Bjöhle J, Klaar S, Kronenwett U, Liu ET, Miller L, Ploner A, Smeds J, Bergh J, Pawitan Y.

Breast Cancer Res. 2006;8(4):R34.


Hormone-replacement therapy influences gene expression profiles and is associated with breast-cancer prognosis: a cohort study.

Hall P, Ploner A, Bjöhle J, Huang F, Lin CY, Liu ET, Miller LD, Nordgren H, Pawitan Y, Shaw P, Skoog L, Smeds J, Wedrén S, Ohd J, Bergh J.

BMC Med. 2006 Jun 30;4:16.


Gene expression profiling in breast cancer: understanding the molecular basis of histologic grade to improve prognosis.

Sotiriou C, Wirapati P, Loi S, Harris A, Fox S, Smeds J, Nordgren H, Farmer P, Praz V, Haibe-Kains B, Desmedt C, Larsimont D, Cardoso F, Peterse H, Nuyten D, Buyse M, Van de Vijver MJ, Bergh J, Piccart M, Delorenzi M.

J Natl Cancer Inst. 2006 Feb 15;98(4):262-72.


Gene expression profiling spares early breast cancer patients from adjuvant therapy: derived and validated in two population-based cohorts.

Pawitan Y, Bjöhle J, Amler L, Borg AL, Egyhazi S, Hall P, Han X, Holmberg L, Huang F, Klaar S, Liu ET, Miller L, Nordgren H, Ploner A, Sandelin K, Shaw PM, Smeds J, Skoog L, Wedrén S, Bergh J.

Breast Cancer Res. 2005;7(6):R953-64. Epub 2005 Oct 3.


An expression signature for p53 status in human breast cancer predicts mutation status, transcriptional effects, and patient survival.

Miller LD, Smeds J, George J, Vega VB, Vergara L, Ploner A, Pawitan Y, Hall P, Klaar S, Liu ET, Bergh J.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005 Sep 20;102(38):13550-5. Epub 2005 Sep 2. Erratum in: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005 Dec 6;102(49):17882.


Gene profile and response to treatment.

Smeds J, Miller LD, Bjöhle J, Hall P, Klaar S, Liu ET, Pawitan Y, Ploner A, Bergh J.

Ann Oncol. 2005;16 Suppl 2:ii195-202. Review. No abstract available.


Low frequency of BRAF and CDKN2A mutations in endometrial cancer.

Salvesen HB, Kumar R, Stefansson I, Angelini S, MacDonald N, Smeds J, Jacobs IJ, Hemminki K, Das S, Akslen LA.

Int J Cancer. 2005 Jul 20;115(6):930-4.


A novel polymorphism (-88 C>A) in the 5' UTR of the p53R2 gene.

Smeds J, Nava M, Kumar R, Hemminki K.

Hum Mutat. 2001;17(1):82. No abstract available.


Analysis of G(1)/S checkpoint regulators in metastatic melanoma.

Sauroja I, Smeds J, Vlaykova T, Kumar R, Talve L, Hahka-Kemppinen M, Punnonen K, Jansèn CT, Hemminki K, Pyrhönen S.

Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 2000 Aug;28(4):404-14.


[Renal findings with sequential scintillation camera during late pregnancy].

Smeds JE, Laakso L, Jungar H.

Duodecim. 1976;92(12):675-9. Finnish. No abstract available.


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