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Nanoscale Heat Transfer from Magnetic Nanoparticles and Ferritin in an Alternating Magnetic Field.

Davis HC, Kang S, Lee JH, Shin TH, Putterman H, Cheon J, Shapiro MG.

Biophys J. 2020 Feb 1. pii: S0006-3495(20)30101-6. doi: 10.1016/j.bpj.2020.01.028. [Epub ahead of print]


Evolution of Machine Learning Algorithms in the Prediction and Design of Anticancer Peptides.

Basith Mail S, Manavalan B, Shin TH, Lee D, Lee G.

Curr Protein Pept Sci. 2020 Jan 17. doi: 10.2174/1389203721666200117171403. [Epub ahead of print]


The Effect of Co-Doping at the A-Site on the Structure and Oxide Ion Conductivity in (Ba0.5-xSrx)La0.5InO3-δ: A Molecular Dynamics Study.

Hwang KJ, Hwang HJ, Lee MH, Jeong SM, Shin TH.

Materials (Basel). 2019 Nov 13;12(22). pii: E3739. doi: 10.3390/ma12223739.


4mCpred-EL: An Ensemble Learning Framework for Identification of DNA N4-methylcytosine Sites in the Mouse Genome.

Manavalan B, Basith S, Shin TH, Lee DY, Wei L, Lee G.

Cells. 2019 Oct 28;8(11). pii: E1332. doi: 10.3390/cells8111332.


Effects of laparoscopic vs open abdominal surgery on costs and hospital readmission rate and its effect modification by surgeons' case volume.

Shin TH, Friedrich S, Brat GA, Rudolph MI, Sein V, Munoz-Acuna R, Houle TT, Ferrone CR, Eikermann M.

Surg Endosc. 2019 Oct 28. doi: 10.1007/s00464-019-07222-x. [Epub ahead of print]


Silica-Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles Decrease Human Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Migratory Activity by Reducing Membrane Fluidity and Impairing Focal Adhesion.

Shin TH, Lee DY, Ketebo AA, Lee S, Manavalan B, Basith S, Ahn C, Kang SH, Park S, Lee G.

Nanomaterials (Basel). 2019 Oct 17;9(10). pii: E1475. doi: 10.3390/nano9101475.


SDM6A: A Web-Based Integrative Machine-Learning Framework for Predicting 6mA Sites in the Rice Genome.

Basith S, Manavalan B, Shin TH, Lee G.

Mol Ther Nucleic Acids. 2019 Dec 6;18:131-141. doi: 10.1016/j.omtn.2019.08.011. Epub 2019 Aug 16.


Patient-derived lung cancer organoids as in vitro cancer models for therapeutic screening.

Kim M, Mun H, Sung CO, Cho EJ, Jeon HJ, Chun SM, Jung DJ, Shin TH, Jeong GS, Kim DK, Choi EK, Jeong SY, Taylor AM, Jain S, Meyerson M, Jang SJ.

Nat Commun. 2019 Sep 5;10(1):3991. doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-11867-6.


Current Strategies to Enhance Adipose Stem Cell Function: An Update.

Seo Y, Shin TH, Kim HS.

Int J Mol Sci. 2019 Aug 5;20(15). pii: E3827. doi: 10.3390/ijms20153827. Review.


AtbPpred: A Robust Sequence-Based Prediction of Anti-Tubercular Peptides Using Extremely Randomized Trees.

Manavalan B, Basith S, Shin TH, Wei L, Lee G.

Comput Struct Biotechnol J. 2019 Jul 3;17:972-981. doi: 10.1016/j.csbj.2019.06.024. eCollection 2019.


A one-stop microfluidic-based lung cancer organoid culture platform for testing drug sensitivity.

Jung DJ, Shin TH, Kim M, Sung CO, Jang SJ, Jeong GS.

Lab Chip. 2019 Sep 7;19(17):2854-2865. doi: 10.1039/c9lc00496c. Epub 2019 Aug 1.


A cell-loss-free concave microwell array based size-controlled multi-cellular tumoroid generation for anti-cancer drug screening.

Lee SW, Jeong SY, Shin TH, Min J, Lee D, Jeong GS.

PLoS One. 2019 Jul 25;14(7):e0219834. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0219834. eCollection 2019.


Endaural Laser-Assisted Single-Stage Inside-Out Cholesteatoma Surgery (LASIC) to Treat Advanced Congenital Cholesteatoma.

Lee CH, Kim MK, Kim HM, Won C, Shin TH, Kim SY.

Otol Neurotol. 2019 Aug;40(7):927-935. doi: 10.1097/MAO.0000000000002299.


Chemoresistance in the Human Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cell Line MDA-MB-231 Induced by Doxorubicin Gradient Is Associated with Epigenetic Alterations in Histone Deacetylase.

Han J, Lim W, You D, Jeong Y, Kim S, Lee JE, Shin TH, Lee G, Park S.

J Oncol. 2019 Jun 2;2019:1345026. doi: 10.1155/2019/1345026. eCollection 2019.


Meta-4mCpred: A Sequence-Based Meta-Predictor for Accurate DNA 4mC Site Prediction Using Effective Feature Representation.

Manavalan B, Basith S, Shin TH, Wei L, Lee G.

Mol Ther Nucleic Acids. 2019 Jun 7;16:733-744. doi: 10.1016/j.omtn.2019.04.019. Epub 2019 Apr 30.


An intravenous wire captures rare tumour cells.

Shin TH, Cheon J.

Nat Biomed Eng. 2018 Sep;2(9):635-636. doi: 10.1038/s41551-018-0294-y. No abstract available.


CRISPR/Cas9 PIG -A gene editing in nonhuman primate model demonstrates no intrinsic clonal expansion of PNH HSPCs.

Shin TH, Baek EJ, Corat MAF, Chen S, Metais JY, AlJanahi AA, Zhou Y, Donahue RE, Yu KR, Dunbar CE.

Blood. 2019 Jun 6;133(23):2542-2545. doi: 10.1182/blood.2019000800. Epub 2019 Apr 19. No abstract available.


A Molecular Dynamics Approach to Explore the Intramolecular Signal Transduction of PPAR-α.

Basith S, Manavalan B, Shin TH, Lee G.

Int J Mol Sci. 2019 Apr 3;20(7). pii: E1666. doi: 10.3390/ijms20071666.


Metabolomic approaches to polyamines including acetylated derivatives in lung tissue of mice with asthma.

Lee HS, Seo C, Hwang YH, Shin TH, Park HJ, Kim Y, Ji M, Min J, Choi S, Kim H, Park AK, Yee ST, Lee G, Paik MJ.

Metabolomics. 2019 Jan 5;15(1):8. doi: 10.1007/s11306-018-1470-5.


Silica-coated magnetic nanoparticles induce glucose metabolic dysfunction in vitro via the generation of reactive oxygen species.

Shin TH, Seo C, Lee DY, Ji M, Manavalan B, Basith S, Chakkarapani SK, Kang SH, Lee G, Paik MJ, Park CB.

Arch Toxicol. 2019 May;93(5):1201-1212. doi: 10.1007/s00204-019-02402-z. Epub 2019 Feb 8.


Megahertz-wave-transmitting conducting polymer electrode for device-to-device integration.

Kim T, Kim G, Kim H, Yoon HJ, Kim T, Jun Y, Shin TH, Kang S, Cheon J, Hwang D, Min BW, Shim W.

Nat Commun. 2019 Feb 8;10(1):653. doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-08552-z.


mAHTPred: a sequence-based meta-predictor for improving the prediction of anti-hypertensive peptides using effective feature representation.

Manavalan B, Basith S, Shin TH, Wei L, Lee G.

Bioinformatics. 2019 Aug 15;35(16):2757-2765. doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/bty1047.


iGHBP: Computational identification of growth hormone binding proteins from sequences using extremely randomised tree.

Basith S, Manavalan B, Shin TH, Lee G.

Comput Struct Biotechnol J. 2018 Oct 24;16:412-420. doi: 10.1016/j.csbj.2018.10.007. eCollection 2018.


A magnetic resonance tuning sensor for the MRI detection of biological targets.

Shin TH, Kang S, Park S, Choi JS, Kim PK, Cheon J.

Nat Protoc. 2018 Nov;13(11):2664-2684. doi: 10.1038/s41596-018-0057-y.


Tumor Lysis Syndrome After Bilobectomy for Typical Carcinoid Tumor of the Lung.

Shin TH, Inagaki E, Ganta T, Hartshorn K, Litle VR, Suzuki K.

Ann Thorac Surg. 2019 Mar;107(3):e199-e201. doi: 10.1016/j.athoracsur.2018.06.089. Epub 2018 Sep 12.


The Relationship of Pulse Pressure and Bone Mineral Density in Adult USA Population: Analysis of the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey.

McFarlane IM, Shin TH, Bhamra M, Alvarez MR, Leon SZ, Ozeri DJ, Saladini C, Saperstein Y, Freeman L, Khan MA, Wengrofsky P, Ojike N, Salifu MO.

Rheumatology (Sunnyvale). 2018;8(2). pii: 240. doi: 10.4172/2161-1149.1000240. Epub 2018 Jun 1.


Bidirectional Transcriptome Analysis of Rat Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Activated Microglia in an In Vitro Coculture System.

Lee DY, Jin MS, Manavalan B, Kim HK, Song JH, Shin TH, Lee G.

Stem Cells Int. 2018 Jul 29;2018:6126413. doi: 10.1155/2018/6126413. eCollection 2018.


PIP-EL: A New Ensemble Learning Method for Improved Proinflammatory Peptide Predictions.

Manavalan B, Shin TH, Kim MO, Lee G.

Front Immunol. 2018 Jul 31;9:1783. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2018.01783. eCollection 2018.


iBCE-EL: A New Ensemble Learning Framework for Improved Linear B-Cell Epitope Prediction.

Manavalan B, Govindaraj RG, Shin TH, Kim MO, Lee G.

Front Immunol. 2018 Jul 27;9:1695. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2018.01695. eCollection 2018.


Novel Extended-Release Multiple-Unit System of Imidafenacin Prepared by Fluid-Bed Coating Technique.

Shin TH, Im SH, Goh MS, Lee ES, Ho MJ, Kim CH, Kang MJ, Choi YW.

AAPS PharmSciTech. 2018 Aug;19(6):2639-2645. doi: 10.1208/s12249-018-1100-6. Epub 2018 Jun 21.


Machine-Learning-Based Prediction of Cell-Penetrating Peptides and Their Uptake Efficiency with Improved Accuracy.

Manavalan B, Subramaniyam S, Shin TH, Kim MO, Lee G.

J Proteome Res. 2018 Aug 3;17(8):2715-2726. doi: 10.1021/acs.jproteome.8b00148. Epub 2018 Jul 2.


Genetic Inactivation of CD33 in Hematopoietic Stem Cells to Enable CAR T Cell Immunotherapy for Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Kim MY, Yu KR, Kenderian SS, Ruella M, Chen S, Shin TH, Aljanahi AA, Schreeder D, Klichinsky M, Shestova O, Kozlowski MS, Cummins KD, Shan X, Shestov M, Bagg A, Morrissette JJD, Sekhri P, Lazzarotto CR, Calvo KR, Kuhns DB, Donahue RE, Behbehani GK, Tsai SQ, Dunbar CE, Gill S.

Cell. 2018 May 31;173(6):1439-1453.e19. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2018.05.013. Epub 2018 May 31.


A technique for a nano-textured gapless microlens array using self-formation characteristics of anodic alumina.

Park YM, Jang WK, Shin TH, Kim BH, Seo YH.

Nanoscale. 2018 May 31;10(21):10137-10147. doi: 10.1039/c7nr07440a.


Bilateral Congenital Cholesteatoma.

Lee CH, Kim MK, Kim HM, Won C, Shin TH, Kim SY.

Otol Neurotol. 2018 Jun;39(5):e336-e341. doi: 10.1097/MAO.0000000000001803.


AIPpred: Sequence-Based Prediction of Anti-inflammatory Peptides Using Random Forest.

Manavalan B, Shin TH, Kim MO, Lee G.

Front Pharmacol. 2018 Mar 27;9:276. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2018.00276. eCollection 2018.


PVP-SVM: Sequence-Based Prediction of Phage Virion Proteins Using a Support Vector Machine.

Manavalan B, Shin TH, Lee G.

Front Microbiol. 2018 Mar 16;9:476. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2018.00476. eCollection 2018.


DHSpred: support-vector-machine-based human DNase I hypersensitive sites prediction using the optimal features selected by random forest.

Manavalan B, Shin TH, Lee G.

Oncotarget. 2017 Dec 8;9(2):1944-1956. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.23099. eCollection 2018 Jan 5.


Regenerative potential of tonsil mesenchymal stem cells on surgical cutaneous defect.

Shin SC, Seo Y, Park HY, Jung DW, Shin TH, Son H, Kim YK, Lee JC, Sung ES, Jang JY, Kim HS, Lee BJ.

Cell Death Dis. 2018 Feb 7;9(2):183. doi: 10.1038/s41419-017-0248-4.


Design of Magnetically Labeled Cells (Mag-Cells) for in Vivo Control of Stem Cell Migration and Differentiation.

Yun S, Shin TH, Lee JH, Cho MH, Kim IS, Kim JW, Jung K, Lee IS, Cheon J, Park KI.

Nano Lett. 2018 Feb 14;18(2):838-845. doi: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.7b04089. Epub 2018 Feb 2.


Polyamine patterns in plasma of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and fever.

Kim HA, Lee HS, Shin TH, Jung JY, Baek WY, Park HJ, Lee G, Paik MJ, Suh CH.

Lupus. 2018 May;27(6):930-938. doi: 10.1177/0961203317751860. Epub 2018 Jan 7.


Integration of metabolomics and transcriptomics in nanotoxicity studies.

Shin TH, Lee DY, Lee HS, Park HJ, Jin MS, Paik MJ, Manavalan B, Mo JS, Lee G.

BMB Rep. 2018 Jan;51(1):14-20.


The impact of aging on primate hematopoiesis as interrogated by clonal tracking.

Yu KR, Espinoza DA, Wu C, Truitt L, Shin TH, Chen S, Fan X, Yabe IM, Panch S, Hong SG, Koelle S, Lu R, Bonifacino A, Krouse A, Metzger M, Donahue RE, Dunbar CE.

Blood. 2018 Mar 15;131(11):1195-1205. doi: 10.1182/blood-2017-08-802033. Epub 2018 Jan 2.


Formulation and in vivo pharmacokinetic evaluation of ethyl cellulose-coated sustained release multiple-unit system of tacrolimus.

Shin TH, Ho MJ, Kim SR, Im SH, Kim CH, Lee S, Kang MJ, Choi YW.

Int J Biol Macromol. 2018 Apr 1;109:544-550. doi: 10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2017.12.111. Epub 2017 Dec 23.


Analysis of the free fatty acid metabolome in the plasma of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and fever.

Shin TH, Kim HA, Jung JY, Baek WY, Lee HS, Park HJ, Min J, Paik MJ, Lee G, Suh CH.

Metabolomics. 2017 Dec 14;14(1):14. doi: 10.1007/s11306-017-1308-6.


Generation of patient specific human neural stem cells from Niemann-Pick disease type C patient-derived fibroblasts.

Sung EA, Yu KR, Shin JH, Seo Y, Kim HS, Koog MG, Kang I, Kim JJ, Lee BC, Shin TH, Lee JY, Lee S, Kang TW, Choi SW, Kang KS.

Oncotarget. 2017 Aug 7;8(49):85428-85441. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.19976. eCollection 2017 Oct 17.


MLACP: machine-learning-based prediction of anticancer peptides.

Manavalan B, Basith S, Shin TH, Choi S, Kim MO, Lee G.

Oncotarget. 2017 Aug 19;8(44):77121-77136. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.20365. eCollection 2017 Sep 29.


Correction to Ultrathin Interface Regime of Core-Shell Magnetic Nanoparticles for Effective Magnetism Tailoring.

Moon SH, Noh SH, Lee JH, Shin TH, Lim Y, Cheon J.

Nano Lett. 2017 Nov 8;17(11):7170. doi: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.7b04498. Epub 2017 Oct 30. No abstract available.


Integrated microHall magnetometer to measure the magnetic properties of nanoparticles.

Min C, Park J, Mun JK, Lim Y, Min J, Lim JW, Kang DM, Ahn HK, Shin TH, Cheon J, Lee HS, Weissleder R, Castro CM, Lee H.

Lab Chip. 2017 Nov 21;17(23):4000-4007. doi: 10.1039/c7lc00934h.


Synergism of Nanomaterials with Physical Stimuli for Biology and Medicine.

Shin TH, Cheon J.

Acc Chem Res. 2017 Mar 21;50(3):567-572. doi: 10.1021/acs.accounts.6b00559.


Metabolomic study for monitoring of biomarkers in mouse plasma with asthma by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.

Seo C, Hwang YH, Lee HS, Kim Y, Shin TH, Lee G, Son YJ, Kim H, Yee ST, Park AK, Paik MJ.

J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci. 2017 Sep 15;1063:156-162. doi: 10.1016/j.jchromb.2017.08.039. Epub 2017 Aug 30.


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