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3MAX catheter for thromboaspiration of downstream and new territory emboli after mechanical thrombectomy of large vessel occlusions: initial experience.

Settecase F.

Interv Neuroradiol. 2019 Jun;25(3):277-284. doi: 10.1177/1591019918811802. Epub 2018 Nov 21.


Technical factors affecting outcomes following endovascular treatment of posterior circulation atherosclerotic lesions.

Alexander MD, Rebhun JM, Hetts SW, Amans MR, Settecase F, Darflinger RJ, Dowd CF, Halbach VV, Higashida RT, Cooke DL.

Surg Neurol Int. 2017 Nov 20;8:284. doi: 10.4103/sni.sni_255_17. eCollection 2017.


Improving mechanical thrombectomy time metrics in the angiography suite: Stroke cart, parallel workflows, and conscious sedation.

Settecase F, McCoy DB, Darflinger R, Alexander MD, Cooke DL, Dowd CF, Hetts SW, Higashida RT, Halbach VV, Amans MR.

Interv Neuroradiol. 2018 Apr;24(2):168-177. doi: 10.1177/1591019917742326. Epub 2017 Nov 16.


Interventional magnetic resonance imaging guided carotid embolectomy using a novel resonant marker catheter: demonstration of preclinical feasibility.

Yang JK, Cote AM, Jordan CD, Kondapavulur S, Losey AD, McCoy D, Chu A, Yu JF, Moore T, Stillson C, Settecase F, Alexander MD, Nicholson A, Cooke DL, Saeed M, Barry D, Martin AJ, Wilson MW, Hetts SW.

Biomed Microdevices. 2017 Sep 25;19(4):88. doi: 10.1007/s10544-017-0225-9.


Intra-Arterial MR Perfusion Imaging of Meningiomas: Comparison to Digital Subtraction Angiography and Intravenous MR Perfusion Imaging.

Lum MA, Martin AJ, Alexander MD, McCoy DB, Cooke DL, Lillaney P, Moftakhar P, Amans MR, Settecase F, Nicholson A, Dowd CF, Halbach VV, Higashida RT, McDermott MW, Saloner D, Hetts SW.

PLoS One. 2016 Nov 1;11(11):e0163554. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0163554. eCollection 2016.


Effects on vessel measurement accuracy and subsequent occlusion after calcium channel blocker infusion during treatment of cerebral aneurysms with the Pipeline embolization device.

Alexander MD, Nicholson AD, Darflinger RJ, Settecase F, Cooke DL, Dowd CF, Amans MR, Higashida RT, Hetts SW, Halbach VV.

Interv Neuroradiol. 2017 Feb;23(1):47-51. doi: 10.1177/1591019916674916. Epub 2016 Oct 27.


Transvenous ethanol sclerotherapy of feeding arteries for treatment of a dural arteriovenous fistula.

Alexander MD, Halbach V, Nicholson A, Settecase F, Darflinger RJ, Amans MR.

J Neurointerv Surg. 2017 Mar;9(3):e12. doi: 10.1136/neurintsurg-2016-012450.rep. Epub 2016 Jul 20.


Transvenous ethanol sclerotherapy of feeding arteries for treatment of a dural arteriovenous fistula.

Alexander MD, Halbach V, Nicholson A, Settecase F, Darflinger RJ, Amans MR.

BMJ Case Rep. 2016 Jul 15;2016. pii: bcr2016012450. doi: 10.1136/bcr-2016-012450.


Initial clinical experience with near-infrared spectroscopy in assessing cerebral tissue oxygen saturation in cerebral vasospasm before and after intra-arterial verapamil injection.

Meng L, Settecase F, Xiao J, Yu Z, Flexman AM, Higashida RT.

J Clin Neurosci. 2016 Apr;26:63-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jocn.2015.10.020. Epub 2016 Jan 4.


Monitoring cerebral tissue oxygen saturation at frontal and parietal regions during carotid artery stenting.

Meng L, Hall M, Settecase F, Higashida RT, Gelb AW.

J Anesth. 2016 Apr;30(2):340-4. doi: 10.1007/s00540-015-2117-6. Epub 2015 Dec 16.


Onyx embolization of an intraosseous pseudoaneurysm of the middle meningeal artery in a patient with meningiomatosis, McCune-Albright syndrome, and gray platelet syndrome.

Settecase F, Nicholson AD, Amans MR, Higashida RT, Halbach VV, Cooke DL, Dowd CF, Hetts SW.

J Neurosurg Pediatr. 2016 Mar;17(3):324-9. doi: 10.3171/2015.9.PEDS15267. Epub 2015 Nov 20.


Superselective Intra-Arterial Ethanol Sclerotherapy of Feeding Artery and Nidal Aneurysms in Ruptured Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformations.

Settecase F, Hetts SW, Nicholson AD, Amans MR, Cooke DL, Dowd CF, Higashida RT, Halbach VV.

AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2016 Apr;37(4):692-7. doi: 10.3174/ajnr.A4584. Epub 2015 Nov 12.


Magnetic Resonance-Guided Passive Catheter Tracking for Endovascular Therapy.

Settecase F, Martin AJ, Lillaney P, Losey A, Hetts SW.

Magn Reson Imaging Clin N Am. 2015 Nov;23(4):591-605. doi: 10.1016/j.mric.2015.05.003. Epub 2015 Aug 12. Review.


Progressive versus Nonprogressive Intracranial Dural Arteriovenous Fistulas: Characteristics and Outcomes.

Hetts SW, Tsai T, Cooke DL, Amans MR, Settecase F, Moftakhar P, Dowd CF, Higashida RT, Lawton MT, Halbach VV.

AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2015 Oct;36(10):1912-9. doi: 10.3174/ajnr.A4391. Epub 2015 Jul 23.


Lesion location, stability, and pretreatment management: factors affecting outcomes of endovascular treatment for vertebrobasilar atherosclerosis.

Alexander MD, Rebhun JM, Hetts SW, Kim AS, Nelson J, Kim H, Amans MR, Settecase F, Dowd CF, Halbach VV, Higashida RT, Cooke DL.

J Neurointerv Surg. 2016 May;8(5):466-70. doi: 10.1136/neurintsurg-2014-011633. Epub 2015 Mar 20.


Multimodal CT provides improved performance for lacunar infarct detection.

Das T, Settecase F, Boulos M, Huynh T, d'Esterre CD, Symons SP, Zhang L, Aviv RI.

AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2015 Jun;36(6):1069-75. doi: 10.3174/ajnr.A4255. Epub 2015 Feb 26.


Digital subtraction MR angiography roadmapping for magnetic steerable catheter tracking.

Martin AJ, Lillaney P, Saeed M, Losey AD, Settecase F, Evans L, Arenson RL, Wilson MW, Hetts SW.

J Magn Reson Imaging. 2015 Apr;41(4):1157-62. doi: 10.1002/jmri.24651. Epub 2014 May 6.


System architecture for a magnetically guided endovascular microcatheter.

Sincic RS, Caton CJ, Lillaney P, Goodfriend S, Ni J, Martin AJ, Losey AD, Shah N, Yee EJ, Evans L, Malba V, Bernhardt AF, Settecase F, Cooke DL, Saeed M, Wilson MW, Hetts SW.

Biomed Microdevices. 2014 Feb;16(1):97-106. doi: 10.1007/s10544-013-9809-1.


Spontaneous lateral sphenoid cephaloceles: anatomic factors contributing to pathogenesis and proposed classification.

Settecase F, Harnsberger HR, Michel MA, Chapman P, Glastonbury CM.

AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2014 Apr;35(4):784-9. doi: 10.3174/ajnr.A3744. Epub 2013 Oct 3.


Endovascular catheter for magnetic navigation under MR imaging guidance: evaluation of safety in vivo at 1.5T.

Hetts SW, Saeed M, Martin AJ, Evans L, Bernhardt AF, Malba V, Settecase F, Do L, Yee EJ, Losey A, Sincic R, Lillaney P, Roy S, Arenson RL, Wilson MW.

AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2013 Nov-Dec;34(11):2083-91. doi: 10.3174/ajnr.A3530. Epub 2013 Jul 11.


RF Heating of MRI-Assisted Catheter Steering Coils for Interventional MRI.

Settecase F, Hetts SW, Martin AJ, Roberts TP, Bernhardt AF, Evans L, Malba V, Saeed M, Arenson RL, Kucharzyk W, Wilson MW.

Acad Radiol. 2011 Mar;18(3):277-85. doi: 10.1016/j.acra.2010.09.012. Epub 2010 Nov 13.


Steerable catheter microcoils for interventional MRI reducing resistive heating.

Bernhardt A, Wilson MW, Settecase F, Evans L, Malba V, Martin AJ, Saeed M, Roberts TP, Arenson RL, Hetts SW.

Acad Radiol. 2011 Mar;18(3):270-6. doi: 10.1016/j.acra.2010.09.010. Epub 2010 Nov 13.


Automated MRI measures predict progression to Alzheimer's disease.

Desikan RS, Cabral HJ, Settecase F, Hess CP, Dillon WP, Glastonbury CM, Weiner MW, Schmansky NJ, Salat DH, Fischl B; Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative.

Neurobiol Aging. 2010 Aug;31(8):1364-74. doi: 10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2010.04.023. Epub 2010 Jun 8.


Magnetically-assisted remote control (MARC) steering of endovascular catheters for interventional MRI: a model for deflection and design implications.

Settecase F, Sussman MS, Wilson MW, Hetts S, Arenson RL, Malba V, Bernhardt AF, Kucharczyk W, Roberts TP.

Med Phys. 2007 Aug;34(8):3135-42.


A new temperature-sensitive contrast mechanism for MRI: Curie temperature transition-based imaging.

Settecase F, Sussman MS, Roberts TP.

Contrast Media Mol Imaging. 2007 Jan-Feb;2(1):50-4.


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