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Identification and Classification of Hubs in microRNA Target Gene Networks in Human Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells following Japanese Encephalitis Virus Infection.

Mukherjee S, Akbar I, Bhagat R, Hazra B, Bhattacharyya A, Seth P, Roy D, Basu A.

mSphere. 2019 Oct 2;4(5). pii: e00588-19. doi: 10.1128/mSphere.00588-19.


Changes in Opioid-Involved Overdose Deaths by Opioid Type and Presence of Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, and Methamphetamine - 25 States, July-December 2017 to January-June 2018.

Gladden RM, O'Donnell J, Mattson CL, Seth P.

MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. 2019 Aug 30;68(34):737-744. doi: 10.15585/mmwr.mm6834a2.


Design And Synthesis Of An Azabicyclic Nucleoside Phosphoramidite For Oligonucleotide Antisense Constructs.

Salinas JC, Seth PP, Hanessian S.

Nucleosides Nucleotides Nucleic Acids. 2019 Aug 5:1-23. doi: 10.1080/15257770.2019.1646916. [Epub ahead of print]


Friends Turn Foe-Astrocytes Contribute to Neuronal Damage in NeuroAIDS.

Pandey HS, Seth P.

J Mol Neurosci. 2019 Oct;69(2):286-297. doi: 10.1007/s12031-019-01357-1. Epub 2019 Jun 25. Review.


Lactate Is a Natural Suppressor of RLR Signaling by Targeting MAVS.

Zhang W, Wang G, Xu ZG, Tu H, Hu F, Dai J, Chang Y, Chen Y, Lu Y, Zeng H, Cai Z, Han F, Xu C, Jin G, Sun L, Pan BS, Lai SW, Hsu CC, Xu J, Chen ZZ, Li HY, Seth P, Hu J, Zhang X, Li H, Lin HK.

Cell. 2019 Jun 27;178(1):176-189.e15. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2019.05.003. Epub 2019 May 30.


Fatty acid conjugation enhances potency of antisense oligonucleotides in muscle.

Prakash TP, Mullick AE, Lee RG, Yu J, Yeh ST, Low A, Chappell AE, Østergaard ME, Murray S, Gaus HJ, Swayze EE, Seth PP.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2019 Jul 9;47(12):6029-6044. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkz354.


An Oncolytic Adenovirus Targeting Transforming Growth Factor β Inhibits Protumorigenic Signals and Produces Immune Activation: A Novel Approach to Enhance Anti-PD-1 and Anti-CTLA-4 Therapy.

Yang Y, Xu W, Peng D, Wang H, Zhang X, Wang H, Xiao F, Zhu Y, Ji Y, Gulukota K, Helseth DL Jr, Mangold KA, Sullivan M, Kaul K, Wang E, Prabhakar BS, Li J, Wu X, Wang L, Seth P.

Hum Gene Ther. 2019 Sep;30(9):1117-1132. doi: 10.1089/hum.2019.059. Epub 2019 Jul 1.


Conjugation of hydrophobic moieties enhances potency of antisense oligonucleotides in the muscle of rodents and non-human primates.

Østergaard ME, Jackson M, Low A, E Chappell A, G Lee R, Peralta RQ, Yu J, Kinberger GA, Dan A, Carty R, Tanowitz M, Anderson P, Kim TW, Fradkin L, Mullick AE, Murray S, Rigo F, Prakash TP, Bennett CF, Swayze EE, Gaus HJ, Seth PP.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2019 Jul 9;47(12):6045-6058. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkz360.


A multifunctional therapeutic approach: Synthesis, biological evaluation, crystal structure and molecular docking of diversified 1H-pyrazolo[3,4-b]pyridine derivatives against Alzheimer's disease.

Umar T, Shalini S, Raza MK, Gusain S, Kumar J, Seth P, Tiwari M, Hoda N.

Eur J Med Chem. 2019 Aug 1;175:2-19. doi: 10.1016/j.ejmech.2019.04.038. Epub 2019 Apr 24.


Drug Overdose Deaths Involving Cocaine and Psychostimulants with Abuse Potential - United States, 2003-2017.

Kariisa M, Scholl L, Wilson N, Seth P, Hoots B.

MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. 2019 May 3;68(17):388-395. doi: 10.15585/mmwr.mm6817a3.


Chemical modification of PS-ASO therapeutics reduces cellular protein-binding and improves the therapeutic index.

Shen W, De Hoyos CL, Migawa MT, Vickers TA, Sun H, Low A, Bell TA 3rd, Rahdar M, Mukhopadhyay S, Hart CE, Bell M, Riney S, Murray SF, Greenlee S, Crooke RM, Liang XH, Seth PP, Crooke ST.

Nat Biotechnol. 2019 Jun;37(6):640-650. doi: 10.1038/s41587-019-0106-2. Epub 2019 Apr 29.


Site-specific replacement of phosphorothioate with alkyl phosphonate linkages enhances the therapeutic profile of gapmer ASOs by modulating interactions with cellular proteins.

Migawa MT, Shen W, Wan WB, Vasquez G, Oestergaard ME, Low A, De Hoyos CL, Gupta R, Murray S, Tanowitz M, Bell M, Nichols JG, Gaus H, Liang XH, Swayze EE, Crooke ST, Seth PP.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2019 Jun 20;47(11):5465-5479. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkz247.


Blockade of Lactate Dehydrogenase-A (LDH-A) Improves Efficacy of Anti-Programmed Cell Death-1 (PD-1) Therapy in Melanoma.

Daneshmandi S, Wegiel B, Seth P.

Cancers (Basel). 2019 Mar 29;11(4). pii: E450. doi: 10.3390/cancers11040450.


Trends and Patterns of Geographic Variation in Opioid Prescribing Practices by State, United States, 2006-2017.

Schieber LZ, Guy GP Jr, Seth P, Young R, Mattson CL, Mikosz CA, Schieber RA.

JAMA Netw Open. 2019 Mar 1;2(3):e190665. doi: 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2019.0665. Erratum in: JAMA Netw Open. 2019 May 3;2(5):e194307.


The Role of Lactate Metabolism in Prostate Cancer Progression and Metastases Revealed by Dual-Agent Hyperpolarized 13C MRSI.

Bok R, Lee J, Sriram R, Keshari K, Sukumar S, Daneshmandi S, Korenchan DE, Flavell RR, Vigneron DB, Kurhanewicz J, Seth P.

Cancers (Basel). 2019 Feb 22;11(2). pii: E257. doi: 10.3390/cancers11020257.


Regulation of MicroRNA Machinery and Development by Interspecies S-Nitrosylation.

Seth P, Hsieh PN, Jamal S, Wang L, Gygi SP, Jain MK, Coller J, Stamler JS.

Cell. 2019 Feb 21;176(5):1014-1025.e12. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2019.01.037.


Selective tissue targeting of synthetic nucleic acid drugs.

Seth PP, Tanowitz M, Bennett CF.

J Clin Invest. 2019 Mar 1;129(3):915-925. doi: 10.1172/JCI125228. Epub 2019 Jan 28. Review.


Notes from the Field: Fentanyl Drug Submissions - United States, 2010-2017.

Springer YP, Gladden RM, O'Donnell J, Seth P.

MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. 2019 Jan 18;68(2):41-43. doi: 10.15585/mmwr.mm6802a4. No abstract available.


S-Acyl-2-Thioethyl: A Convenient Base-Labile Protecting Group for the Synthesis of siRNAs Containing 5'-Vinylphosphonate.

Nikan M, Li W, Kinberger GA, Seth PP, Swayze EE, Prakash TP.

Molecules. 2019 Jan 9;24(2). pii: E225. doi: 10.3390/molecules24020225.


Drug and Opioid-Involved Overdose Deaths - United States, 2013-2017.

Scholl L, Seth P, Kariisa M, Wilson N, Baldwin G.

MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. 2018 Jan 4;67(5152):1419-1427. doi: 10.15585/mmwr.mm675152e1.


Phosphoinositide-3-kinase inhibition elevates ferritin level resulting depletion of labile iron pool and blocking of glioma cell proliferation.

Gupta P, Singh P, Pandey HS, Seth P, Mukhopadhyay CK.

Biochim Biophys Acta Gen Subj. 2019 Mar;1863(3):547-564. doi: 10.1016/j.bbagen.2018.12.013. Epub 2018 Dec 23.


Identification and epigenetic analysis of divergent long non-coding RNAs in multilineage differentiation of human Neural Progenitor Cells.

Prajapati B, Fatma M, Maddhesiya P, Sodhi MK, Fatima M, Dargar T, Bhagat R, Seth P, Sinha S.

RNA Biol. 2019 Jan;16(1):13-24. doi: 10.1080/15476286.2018.1553482. Epub 2018 Dec 27.


Characterization of the interactions of chemically-modified therapeutic nucleic acids with plasma proteins using a fluorescence polarization assay.

Gaus HJ, Gupta R, Chappell AE, Østergaard ME, Swayze EE, Seth PP.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2019 Feb 20;47(3):1110-1122. doi: 10.1093/nar/gky1260.


Targeted delivery of antisense oligonucleotides to pancreatic β-cells.

Ämmälä C, Drury WJ 3rd, Knerr L, Ahlstedt I, Stillemark-Billton P, Wennberg-Huldt C, Andersson EM, Valeur E, Jansson-Löfmark R, Janzén D, Sundström L, Meuller J, Claesson J, Andersson P, Johansson C, Lee RG, Prakash TP, Seth PP, Monia BP, Andersson S.

Sci Adv. 2018 Oct 17;4(10):eaat3386. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aat3386. eCollection 2018 Oct.


Evaluation of the effect of 2'-O-methyl, fluoro hexitol, bicyclo and Morpholino nucleic acid modifications on potency of GalNAc conjugated antisense oligonucleotides in mice.

Prakash TP, Yu J, Kinberger GA, Low A, Jackson M, Rigo F, Swayze EE, Seth PP.

Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2018 Dec 15;28(23-24):3774-3779. doi: 10.1016/j.bmcl.2018.10.011. Epub 2018 Oct 10.


Huntingtin suppression restores cognitive function in a mouse model of Huntington's disease.

Southwell AL, Kordasiewicz HB, Langbehn D, Skotte NH, Parsons MP, Villanueva EB, Caron NS, Østergaard ME, Anderson LM, Xie Y, Cengio LD, Findlay-Black H, Doty CN, Fitsimmons B, Swayze EE, Seth PP, Raymond LA, Frank Bennett C, Hayden MR.

Sci Transl Med. 2018 Oct 3;10(461). pii: eaar3959. doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aar3959.


Opportunities to Prevent Overdose Deaths Involving Prescription and Illicit Opioids, 11 States, July 2016-June 2017.

Mattson CL, O'Donnell J, Kariisa M, Seth P, Scholl L, Gladden RM.

MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. 2018 Aug 31;67(34):945-951. doi: 10.15585/mmwr.mm6734a2.


Metabolic Switch in the Tumor Microenvironment Determines Immune Responses to Anti-cancer Therapy.

Wegiel B, Vuerich M, Daneshmandi S, Seth P.

Front Oncol. 2018 Aug 13;8:284. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2018.00284. eCollection 2018. Review.


Conception and Synthesis of Oxabicyclic Nucleoside Phosphonates as Internucleotidic Phosphate Surrogates in Antisense Oligonucleotide Constructs.

Salinas JC, Yu J, Østergaard M, Seth PP, Hanessian S.

Org Lett. 2018 Sep 7;20(17):5296-5299. doi: 10.1021/acs.orglett.8b02233. Epub 2018 Aug 27.


Targeting T Cell Metabolism for Improvement of Cancer Immunotherapy.

Le Bourgeois T, Strauss L, Aksoylar HI, Daneshmandi S, Seth P, Patsoukis N, Boussiotis VA.

Front Oncol. 2018 Aug 3;8:237. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2018.00237. eCollection 2018. Review.


Zika virus E protein alters the properties of human fetal neural stem cells by modulating microRNA circuitry.

Bhagat R, Prajapati B, Narwal S, Agnihotri N, Adlakha YK, Sen J, Mani S, Seth P.

Cell Death Differ. 2018 Nov;25(10):1837-1854. doi: 10.1038/s41418-018-0163-y. Epub 2018 Jul 26.


Studies directed toward the asialoglycoprotein receptor mediated delivery of 5-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine for hepatocellular carcinoma.

Rico L, Østergaard ME, Bell M, Seth PP, Hanessian S.

Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2018 Aug 15;28(15):2652-2654. doi: 10.1016/j.bmcl.2018.06.002. Epub 2018 Jun 1.


Oncolytic Adenovirus rAd.DCN Inhibits Breast Tumor Growth and Lung Metastasis in an Immune-Competent Orthotopic Xenograft Model.

Zhao H, Wang H, Kong F, Xu W, Wang T, Xiao F, Wang L, Huang D, Seth P, Yang Y, Wang H.

Hum Gene Ther. 2019 Feb;30(2):197-210. doi: 10.1089/hum.2018.055. Epub 2018 Oct 2.


Decorin-Modified Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) Attenuate Radiation-Induced Lung Injuries via Regulating Inflammation, Fibrotic Factors, and Immune Responses.

Liu D, Kong F, Yuan Y, Seth P, Xu W, Wang H, Xiao F, Wang L, Zhang Q, Yang Y, Wang H.

Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2018 Jul 15;101(4):945-956. doi: 10.1016/j.ijrobp.2018.04.007. Epub 2018 Apr 16.


Overdose Deaths Involving Opioids, Cocaine, and Psychostimulants - United States, 2015-2016.

Seth P, Scholl L, Rudd RA, Bacon S.

MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. 2018 Mar 30;67(12):349-358. doi: 10.15585/mmwr.mm6712a1.


Structural Determinants for the Interactions of Chemically Modified Nucleic Acids with the Stabilin-2 Clearance Receptor.

Gaus H, Miller CM, Seth PP, Harris EN.

Biochemistry. 2018 Apr 10;57(14):2061-2064. doi: 10.1021/acs.biochem.8b00126. Epub 2018 Mar 30.


Vital Signs: Trends in Emergency Department Visits for Suspected Opioid Overdoses - United States, July 2016-September 2017.

Vivolo-Kantor AM, Seth P, Gladden RM, Mattson CL, Baldwin GT, Kite-Powell A, Coletta MA.

MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. 2018 Mar 9;67(9):279-285. doi: 10.15585/mmwr.mm6709e1.


Quantifying the Epidemic of Prescription Opioid Overdose Deaths.

Seth P, Rudd RA, Noonan RK, Haegerich TM.

Am J Public Health. 2018 Apr;108(4):500-502. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2017.304265. No abstract available.


Biomarkers for detection, prognosis and therapeutic assessment of neurological disorders.

Singh S, Gupta SK, Seth PK.

Rev Neurosci. 2018 Sep 25;29(7):771-789. doi: 10.1515/revneuro-2017-0097. Review.


Previously Diagnosed HIV-Positive Persons: The Role of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-Funded HIV Testing Programs in Addressing Their Needs.

Seth P, Wang G, Belcher L.

Sex Transm Dis. 2018 Jun;45(6):377-381. doi: 10.1097/OLQ.0000000000000766.


Endosomal Escape of Antisense Oligonucleotides Internalized by Stabilin Receptors Is Regulated by Rab5C and EEA1 During Endosomal Maturation.

Miller CM, Wan WB, Seth PP, Harris EN.

Nucleic Acid Ther. 2018 Apr;28(2):86-96. doi: 10.1089/nat.2017.0694. Epub 2018 Feb 13.


Receptor-Mediated Uptake of Phosphorothioate Antisense Oligonucleotides in Different Cell Types of the Liver.

Miller CM, Tanowitz M, Donner AJ, Prakash TP, Swayze EE, Harris EN, Seth PP.

Nucleic Acid Ther. 2018 Jun;28(3):119-127. doi: 10.1089/nat.2017.0709. Epub 2018 Feb 9. Review.


Asialoglycoprotein receptor 1 mediates productive uptake of N-acetylgalactosamine-conjugated and unconjugated phosphorothioate antisense oligonucleotides into liver hepatocytes.

Tanowitz M, Hettrick L, Revenko A, Kinberger GA, Prakash TP, Seth PP.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2017 Dec 1;45(21):12388-12400. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkx960.


Towards a First-Principles Determination of Effective Coulomb Interactions in Correlated Electron Materials: Role of Intershell Interactions.

Seth P, Hansmann P, van Roekeghem A, Vaugier L, Biermann S.

Phys Rev Lett. 2017 Aug 4;119(5):056401. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.119.056401. Epub 2017 Aug 4.


Trends in Deaths Involving Heroin and Synthetic Opioids Excluding Methadone, and Law Enforcement Drug Product Reports, by Census Region - United States, 2006-2015.

O'Donnell JK, Gladden RM, Seth P.

MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. 2017 Sep 1;66(34):897-903. doi: 10.15585/mmwr.mm6634a2.


miR-217-casein kinase-2 cross talk regulates ERK activation in ganglioglioma.

Majumdar A, Ahmad F, Sheikh T, Bhagat R, Pathak P, Joshi SD, Seth P, Tandon V, Tripathi M, Saratchandra P, Sarkar C, Sen E.

J Mol Med (Berl). 2017 Nov;95(11):1215-1226. doi: 10.1007/s00109-017-1571-z. Epub 2017 Aug 25.


Estimation of the Percentage of Newly Diagnosed HIV-Positive Persons Linked to HIV Medical Care in CDC-Funded HIV Testing Programs.

Wang G, Pan Y, Seth P, Song R, Belcher L.

Eval Health Prof. 2018 Dec;41(4):474-492. doi: 10.1177/0163278717725372. Epub 2017 Aug 23.


Lactate dehydrogenase activity drives hair follicle stem cell activation.

Flores A, Schell J, Krall AS, Jelinek D, Miranda M, Grigorian M, Braas D, White AC, Zhou JL, Graham NA, Graeber T, Seth P, Evseenko D, Coller HA, Rutter J, Christofk HR, Lowry WE.

Nat Cell Biol. 2017 Sep;19(9):1017-1026. doi: 10.1038/ncb3575. Epub 2017 Aug 14.


Roles of quorum sensing molecules from Rhizobium etli RT1 in bacterial motility and biofilm formation.

Dixit S, Dubey RC, Maheshwari DK, Seth PK, Bajpai VK.

Braz J Microbiol. 2017 Oct - Dec;48(4):815-821. doi: 10.1016/j.bjm.2016.08.005. Epub 2017 Jul 8.


Citrate Suppresses Tumor Growth in Multiple Models through Inhibition of Glycolysis, the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle and the IGF-1R Pathway.

Ren JG, Seth P, Ye H, Guo K, Hanai JI, Husain Z, Sukhatme VP.

Sci Rep. 2017 Jul 3;7(1):4537. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-04626-4.

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