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Identification of proteins expressed by Babesia bigemina kinetes.

Bohaliga GAR, Johnson WC, Taus NS, Hussein HE, Bastos RG, Suarez CE, Scoles GA, Ueti MW.

Parasit Vectors. 2019 May 28;12(1):271. doi: 10.1186/s13071-019-3531-7.


Silencing expression of the Rhipicephalus microplus vitellogenin receptor gene blocks Babesia bovis transmission and interferes with oocyte maturation.

Hussein HE, Johnson WC, Taus NS, Suarez CE, Scoles GA, Ueti MW.

Parasit Vectors. 2019 Jan 5;12(1):7. doi: 10.1186/s13071-018-3270-1.


Discovery of a novel species, Theileria haneyi n. sp., infective to equids, highlights exceptional genomic diversity within the genus Theileria: implications for apicomplexan parasite surveillance.

Knowles DP, Kappmeyer LS, Haney D, Herndon DR, Fry LM, Munro JB, Sears K, Ueti MW, Wise LN, Silva M, Schneider DA, Grause J, White SN, Tretina K, Bishop RP, Odongo DO, Pelzel-McCluskey AM, Scoles GA, Mealey RH, Silva JC.

Int J Parasitol. 2018 Aug;48(9-10):679-690. doi: 10.1016/j.ijpara.2018.03.010. Epub 2018 Jun 6.


Range-wide genetic analysis of Dermacentor variabilis and its Francisella-like endosymbionts demonstrates phylogeographic concordance between both taxa.

Kaufman EL, Stone NE, Scoles GA, Hepp CM, Busch JD, Wagner DM.

Parasit Vectors. 2018 May 18;11(1):306. doi: 10.1186/s13071-018-2886-5.


Laboratory colonization stabilizes the naturally dynamic microbiome composition of field collected Dermacentor andersoni ticks.

Gall CA, Scoles GA, Magori K, Mason KL, Brayton KA.

Microbiome. 2017 Oct 4;5(1):133. doi: 10.1186/s40168-017-0352-9.


Validation of an improved Anaplasma antibody competitive ELISA for detection of Anaplasma ovis antibody in domestic sheep.

Mason KL, Gonzalez MV, Chung C, Mousel MR, White SN, Taylor JB, Scoles GA.

J Vet Diagn Invest. 2017 Sep;29(5):763-766. doi: 10.1177/1040638717709494. Epub 2017 May 8.


The transcription factor Relish controls Anaplasma marginale infection in the bovine tick Rhipicephalus microplus.

Capelli-Peixoto J, Carvalho DD, Johnson WC, Scoles GA, Fogaça AC, Daffre S, Ueti MW.

Dev Comp Immunol. 2017 Sep;74:32-39. doi: 10.1016/j.dci.2017.04.005. Epub 2017 Apr 10.


Detection of Theileria parva in tissues of cattle undergoing severe East Coast fever disease show significant parasite DNA accumulation in the spleen.

Olds CL, Paul T, Scoles GA.

Vet Parasitol. 2016 Dec 15;232:32-35. doi: 10.1016/j.vetpar.2016.11.012. Epub 2016 Nov 11.


Ixodid ticks in the megapolis of Kyiv, Ukraine.

Rogovskyy AS, Nebogatkin IV, Scoles GA.

Ticks Tick Borne Dis. 2017 Jan;8(1):99-102. doi: 10.1016/j.ttbdis.2016.10.004. Epub 2016 Oct 14.


Expression of 6-Cys Gene Superfamily Defines Babesia bovis Sexual Stage Development within Rhipicephalus microplus.

Alzan HF, Lau AO, Knowles DP, Herndon DR, Ueti MW, Scoles GA, Kappmeyer LS, Suarez CE.

PLoS One. 2016 Sep 26;11(9):e0163791. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0163791. eCollection 2016.


Induction of humoral immune response to multiple recombinant Rhipicephalus appendiculatus antigens and their effect on tick feeding success and pathogen transmission.

Olds CL, Mwaura S, Odongo DO, Scoles GA, Bishop R, Daubenberger C.

Parasit Vectors. 2016 Sep 2;9(1):484. doi: 10.1186/s13071-016-1774-0.


Cooperation of PD-1 and LAG-3 Contributes to T-Cell Exhaustion in Anaplasma marginale-Infected Cattle.

Okagawa T, Konnai S, Deringer JR, Ueti MW, Scoles GA, Murata S, Ohashi K, Brown WC.

Infect Immun. 2016 Sep 19;84(10):2779-90. doi: 10.1128/IAI.00278-16. Print 2016 Oct.


Superinfection Exclusion of the Ruminant Pathogen Anaplasma marginale in Its Tick Vector Is Dependent on the Time between Exposures to the Strains.

Noh SM, Dark MJ, Reif KE, Ueti MW, Kappmeyer LS, Scoles GA, Palmer GH, Brayton KA.

Appl Environ Microbiol. 2016 May 16;82(11):3217-3224. doi: 10.1128/AEM.00190-16. Print 2016 Jun 1.


Cattle tick vaccine researchers join forces in CATVAC.

Schetters T, Bishop R, Crampton M, Kopáček P, Lew-Tabor A, Maritz-Olivier C, Miller R, Mosqueda J, Patarroyo J, Rodriguez-Valle M, Scoles GA, de la Fuente J.

Parasit Vectors. 2016 Feb 24;9:105. doi: 10.1186/s13071-016-1386-8.


The bacterial microbiome of Dermacentor andersoni ticks influences pathogen susceptibility.

Gall CA, Reif KE, Scoles GA, Mason KL, Mousel M, Noh SM, Brayton KA.

ISME J. 2016 Aug;10(8):1846-55. doi: 10.1038/ismej.2015.266. Epub 2016 Feb 16.


The characterization and manipulation of the bacterial microbiome of the Rocky Mountain wood tick, Dermacentor andersoni.

Clayton KA, Gall CA, Mason KL, Scoles GA, Brayton KA.

Parasit Vectors. 2015 Dec 10;8:632. doi: 10.1186/s13071-015-1245-z.


Targeted silencing of the Aquaporin 2 gene of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus reduces tick fitness.

Hussein HE, Scoles GA, Ueti MW, Suarez CE, Adham FK, Guerrero FD, Bastos RG.

Parasit Vectors. 2015 Dec 2;8:618. doi: 10.1186/s13071-015-1226-2.


Factors affecting larval tick feeding success: host, density and time.

Jones CR, Brunner JL, Scoles GA, Owen JP.

Parasit Vectors. 2015 Jun 24;8:340. doi: 10.1186/s13071-015-0955-6.


A Virulent Babesia bovis Strain Failed to Infect White-Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus).

Ueti MW, Olafson PU, Freeman JM, Johnson WC, Scoles GA.

PLoS One. 2015 Jun 17;10(6):e0131018. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0131018. eCollection 2015.


Loss of Immunization-Induced Epitope-Specific CD4 T-Cell Response following Anaplasma marginale Infection Requires Presence of the T-Cell Epitope on the Pathogen and Is Not Associated with an Increase in Lymphocytes Expressing Known Regulatory Cell Phenotypes.

Brown WC, Turse JE, Lawrence PK, Johnson WC, Scoles GA, Deringer JR, Sutten EL, Han S, Norimine J.

Clin Vaccine Immunol. 2015 Jul;22(7):742-53. doi: 10.1128/CVI.00168-15. Epub 2015 Apr 29.


Evaluation of the Importance of VlsE Antigenic Variation for the Enzootic Cycle of Borrelia burgdorferi.

Rogovskyy AS, Casselli T, Tourand Y, Jones CR, Owen JP, Mason KL, Scoles GA, Bankhead T.

PLoS One. 2015 Apr 20;10(4):e0124268. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0124268. eCollection 2015.


Vector ecology of equine piroplasmosis.

Scoles GA, Ueti MW.

Annu Rev Entomol. 2015 Jan 7;60:561-80. doi: 10.1146/annurev-ento-010814-021110. Review.


Thirty years of tick population genetics: a comprehensive review.

Araya-Anchetta A, Busch JD, Scoles GA, Wagner DM.

Infect Genet Evol. 2015 Jan;29:164-79. doi: 10.1016/j.meegid.2014.11.008. Epub 2014 Nov 18. Review.


Multiple mutations in the para-sodium channel gene are associated with pyrethroid resistance in Rhipicephalus microplus from the United States and Mexico.

Stone NE, Olafson PU, Davey RB, Buckmeier G, Bodine D, Sidak-Loftis LC, Giles JR, Duhaime R, Miller RJ, Mosqueda J, Scoles GA, Wagner DM, Busch JD.

Parasit Vectors. 2014 Oct 1;7:456. doi: 10.1186/s13071-014-0456-z.


Tick passage results in enhanced attenuation of Babesia bovis.

Sondgeroth KS, McElwain TF, Ueti MW, Scoles GA, Reif KE, Lau AO.

Infect Immun. 2014 Oct;82(10):4426-34. doi: 10.1128/IAI.02126-14. Epub 2014 Aug 11.


Proteomics informed by transcriptomics identifies novel secreted proteins in Dermacentor andersoni saliva.

Mudenda L, Pierlé SA, Turse JE, Scoles GA, Purvine SO, Nicora CD, Clauss TR, Ueti MW, Brown WC, Brayton KA.

Int J Parasitol. 2014 Nov;44(13):1029-37. doi: 10.1016/j.ijpara.2014.07.003. Epub 2014 Aug 7.


Immunization-induced Anaplasma marginale-specific T-lymphocyte responses impaired by A. marginale infection are restored after eliminating infection with tetracycline.

Turse JE, Scoles GA, Deringer JR, Fry LM, Brown WC.

Clin Vaccine Immunol. 2014 Sep;21(9):1369-75. doi: 10.1128/CVI.00246-14. Epub 2014 Jul 9.


Knockdown of the Rhipicephalus microplus cytochrome c oxidase subunit III gene is associated with a failure of Anaplasma marginale transmission.

Bifano TD, Ueti MW, Esteves E, Reif KE, Braz GR, Scoles GA, Bastos RG, White SN, Daffre S.

PLoS One. 2014 May 30;9(5):e98614. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0098614. eCollection 2014. Erratum in: PLoS One. 2014;9(9):e106877.


Global transcriptional analysis reveals surface remodeling of Anaplasma marginale in the tick vector.

Hammac GK, Pierlé SA, Cheng X, Scoles GA, Brayton KA.

Parasit Vectors. 2014 Apr 21;7:193. doi: 10.1186/1756-3305-7-193.


Invasive potential of cattle fever ticks in the southern United States.

Giles JR, Peterson AT, Busch JD, Olafson PU, Scoles GA, Davey RB, Pound JM, Kammlah DM, Lohmeyer KH, Wagner DM.

Parasit Vectors. 2014 Apr 17;7:189. doi: 10.1186/1756-3305-7-189.


Widespread movement of invasive cattle fever ticks (Rhipicephalus microplus) in southern Texas leads to shared local infestations on cattle and deer.

Busch JD, Stone NE, Nottingham R, Araya-Anchetta A, Lewis J, Hochhalter C, Giles JR, Gruendike J, Freeman J, Buckmeier G, Bodine D, Duhaime R, Miller RJ, Davey RB, Olafson PU, Scoles GA, Wagner DM.

Parasit Vectors. 2014 Apr 17;7:188. doi: 10.1186/1756-3305-7-188.


Comparative off-host survival of larval Rocky Mountain Wood Ticks (Dermacentor andersoni) collected from ecologically distinct field populations.

Owen JP, Vander Vliet A, Scoles GA.

Med Vet Entomol. 2014 Sep;28(3):341-4. doi: 10.1111/mve.12049. Epub 2014 Mar 25.


Amblyomma cajennense is an intrastadial biological vector of Theileria equi.

Scoles GA, Ueti MW.

Parasit Vectors. 2013 Oct 23;6(1):306. doi: 10.1186/1756-3305-6-306.


The ovarian transcriptome of the cattle tick, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus, feeding upon a bovine host infected with Babesia bovis.

Heekin AM, Guerrero FD, Bendele KG, Saldivar L, Scoles GA, Dowd SE, Gondro C, Nene V, Djikeng A, Brayton KA.

Parasit Vectors. 2013 Sep 23;6:276. doi: 10.1186/1756-3305-6-276.


Improved diagnostic performance of a commercial Anaplasma antibody competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using recombinant major surface protein 5-glutathione S-transferase fusion protein as antigen.

Chung C, Wilson C, Bandaranayaka-Mudiyanselage CB, Kang E, Adams DS, Kappmeyer LS, Knowles DP, McElwain TF, Evermann JF, Ueti MW, Scoles GA, Lee SS, McGuire TC.

J Vet Diagn Invest. 2014 Jan;26(1):61-71. doi: 10.1177/1040638713511813. Epub 2013 Dec 6.


Lymphocytes and macrophages are infected by Theileria equi, but T cells and B cells are not required to establish infection in vivo.

Ramsay JD, Ueti MW, Johnson WC, Scoles GA, Knowles DP, Mealey RH.

PLoS One. 2013 Oct 7;8(10):e76996. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0076996. eCollection 2013.


Gut transcriptome of replete adult female cattle ticks, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus, feeding upon a Babesia bovis-infected bovine host.

Heekin AM, Guerrero FD, Bendele KG, Saldivar L, Scoles GA, Dowd SE, Gondro C, Nene V, Djikeng A, Brayton KA.

Parasitol Res. 2013 Sep;112(9):3075-90. doi: 10.1007/s00436-013-3482-4. Epub 2013 Jun 10.


Protective immunity induced by immunization with a live, cultured Anaplasma marginale strain.

Hammac GK, Ku PS, Galletti MF, Noh SM, Scoles GA, Palmer GH, Brayton KA.

Vaccine. 2013 Aug 2;31(35):3617-22. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2013.04.069. Epub 2013 May 9.


Hybridization in natural sympatric populations of Dermacentor ticks in northwestern North America.

Araya-Anchetta A, Scoles GA, Giles J, Busch JD, Wagner DM.

Ecol Evol. 2013 Mar;3(3):714-24. doi: 10.1002/ece3.496. Epub 2013 Feb 14.


Genetic characterization of Theileria equi infecting horses in North America: evidence for a limited source of U.S. introductions.

Hall CM, Busch JD, Scoles GA, Palma-Cagle KA, Ueti MW, Kappmeyer LS, Wagner DM.

Parasit Vectors. 2013 Feb 11;6:35. doi: 10.1186/1756-3305-6-35.


Subdominant antigens in bacterial vaccines: AM779 is subdominant in the Anaplasma marginale outer membrane vaccine but does not associate with protective immunity.

Albarrak SM, Brown WC, Noh SM, Reif KE, Scoles GA, Turse JE, Norimine J, Ueti MW, Palmer GH.

PLoS One. 2012;7(9):e46372. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0046372. Epub 2012 Sep 28.


Identification of endosymbionts in ticks by broad-range polymerase chain reaction and electrospray ionization mass spectrometry.

Rounds MA, Crowder CD, Matthews HE, Philipson CA, Scoles GA, Ecker DJ, Schutzer SE, Eshoo MW.

J Med Entomol. 2012 Jul;49(4):843-50.


Analysis of Babesia bovis infection-induced gene expression changes in larvae from the cattle tick, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus.

Heekin AM, Guerrero FD, Bendele KG, Saldivar L, Scoles GA, Gondro C, Nene V, Djikeng A, Brayton KA.

Parasit Vectors. 2012 Aug 7;5:162. doi: 10.1186/1756-3305-5-162.


Expansion of variant diversity associated with a high prevalence of pathogen strain superinfection under conditions of natural transmission.

Ueti MW, Tan Y, Broschat SL, Castañeda Ortiz EJ, Camacho-Nuez M, Mosqueda JJ, Scoles GA, Grimes M, Brayton KA, Palmer GH.

Infect Immun. 2012 Jul;80(7):2354-60. doi: 10.1128/IAI.00341-12. Epub 2012 May 14.


Dispersion and sampling of adult Dermacentor andersoni in rangeland in Western North America.

Rochon K, Scoles GA, Lysyk TJ.

J Med Entomol. 2012 Mar;49(2):253-61.


Equine piroplasmosis associated with Amblyomma cajennense Ticks, Texas, USA.

Scoles GA, Hutcheson HJ, Schlater JL, Hennager SG, Pelzel AM, Knowles DP.

Emerg Infect Dis. 2011 Oct;17(10):1903-5. doi: 10.3201/eid1710.101182.


Dermacentor andersoni transmission of Francisella tularensis subsp. novicida reflects bacterial colonization, dissemination, and replication coordinated with tick feeding.

Reif KE, Palmer GH, Ueti MW, Scoles GA, Margolis JJ, Monack DM, Noh SM.

Infect Immun. 2011 Dec;79(12):4941-6. doi: 10.1128/IAI.05676-11. Epub 2011 Sep 19.


Assessment of bacterial diversity in the cattle tick Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus through tag-encoded pyrosequencing.

Andreotti R, Pérez de León AA, Dowd SE, Guerrero FD, Bendele KG, Scoles GA.

BMC Microbiol. 2011 Jan 6;11(1):6. doi: 10.1186/1471-2180-11-6.


The Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus Bm86 gene plays a critical role in the fitness of ticks fed on cattle during acute Babesia bovis infection.

Bastos RG, Ueti MW, Knowles DP, Scoles GA.

Parasit Vectors. 2010 Nov 19;3:111. doi: 10.1186/1756-3305-3-111.

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