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Rcf1 Modulates Cytochrome c Oxidase Activity Especially Under Energy-Demanding Conditions.

Dawitz H, Schäfer J, Schaart JM, Magits W, Brzezinski P, Ott M.

Front Physiol. 2020 Jan 14;10:1555. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2019.01555. eCollection 2019.


Feasibility and clinical applications of multiple breath wash-out (MBW) testing using sulphur hexafluoride in adults with bronchial asthma.

Trinkmann F, Lenz SA, Schäfer J, Gawlitza J, Schroeter M, Gradinger T, Akin I, Borggrefe M, Ganslandt T, Saur J.

Sci Rep. 2020 Jan 30;10(1):1527. doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-58538-x.


Inferior vena cava ultrasound in acute decompensated heart failure: design rationale of the CAVA-ADHF-DZHK10 trial.

Jobs A, Vonthein R, König IR, Schäfer J, Nauck M, Haag S, Fichera CF, Stiermaier T, Ledwoch J, Schneider A, Valentova M, von Haehling S, Störk S, Westermann D, Lenz T, Arnold N, Edelmann F, Seppelt P, Felix S, Lutz M, Hedwig F, Borggrefe M, Scherer C, Desch S, Thiele H.

ESC Heart Fail. 2020 Jan 28. doi: 10.1002/ehf2.12598. [Epub ahead of print]


Comparative studies on similarities and differences of cyclodipeptide oxidases for installation of C-C double bonds at the diketopiperazine ring.

Mikulski L, Schäfer J, Brockmeyer K, Kraut R, Li SM.

Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 2020 Jan 27. doi: 10.1007/s00253-020-10392-7. [Epub ahead of print]


Tin-113 and Selenium-75 radiotracer adsorption and desorption kinetics in contrasting estuarine salinity and turbidity conditions.

Gil-Díaz T, Heberling F, Keller V, Fuss M, Böttle M, Eiche E, Schäfer J.

J Environ Radioact. 2020 Mar;213:106133. doi: 10.1016/j.jenvrad.2019.106133. Epub 2019 Dec 19.


ESCRTing endoplasmic reticulum to microautophagic degradation.

Schäfer JA, Schuck S.

Autophagy. 2020 Jan 20:1-2. doi: 10.1080/15548627.2020.1717206. [Epub ahead of print]


Leaflet-Dependent Distribution of PtdIns[4,5]P2 in Supported Model Membranes.

Schäfer J, Nehls J, Schön M, Mey I, Steinem C.

Langmuir. 2020 Feb 11;36(5):1320-1328. doi: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.9b03793. Epub 2020 Jan 30.


Positive electronic exchange interaction and predominance of minor triplet channel in CIDNP formation in short lived charge separated states of D-X-A dyads.

Zhukov I, Fishman N, Kiryutin A, Lukzen N, Panov M, Steiner U, Vieth HM, Schäfer J, Lambert C, Yurkovskaya A.

J Chem Phys. 2020 Jan 7;152(1):014203. doi: 10.1063/1.5131817.


Chemical Characterization and Bioactivity of Extracts from Thymus mastichina: A Thymus with a Distinct Salvianolic Acid Composition.

Taghouti M, Martins-Gomes C, Schäfer J, Santos JA, Bunzel M, Nunes FM, Silva AM.

Antioxidants (Basel). 2019 Dec 31;9(1). pii: E34. doi: 10.3390/antiox9010034.


Accuracy of augmented reality surgical navigation for minimally invasive pedicle screw insertion in the thoracic and lumbar spine with a new tracking device.

Peh S, Chatterjea A, Pfarr J, Schäfer JP, Weuster M, Klüter T, Seekamp A, Lippross S.

Spine J. 2019 Dec 19. pii: S1529-9430(19)31147-7. doi: 10.1016/j.spinee.2019.12.009. [Epub ahead of print]


Useful indices of thrombogenesis in the exclusion of intra-cardiac thrombus.

Ibebuogu UN, Schafer JH, Schwade MJ, Waller JL, Sharma GK, Robinson VJB.

Echocardiography. 2020 Jan;37(1):86-95. doi: 10.1111/echo.14562. Epub 2019 Dec 19.


Impact of a semi-structured briefing on the management of adverse events in anesthesiology: a randomized pilot study.

Neuhaus C, Schäfer J, Weigand MA, Lichtenstern C.

BMC Anesthesiol. 2019 Dec 18;19(1):232. doi: 10.1186/s12871-019-0913-5.


Targeted ErbB3 cancer therapy: A synergistic approach to effectively combat cancer.

Ali MY, Tariq I, Ali S, Amin MU, Engelhardt K, Pinnapireddy SR, Duse L, Schäfer J, Bakowsky U.

Int J Pharm. 2020 Feb 15;575:118961. doi: 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2019.118961. Epub 2019 Dec 14.


ESCRT machinery mediates selective microautophagy of endoplasmic reticulum in yeast.

Schäfer JA, Schessner JP, Bircham PW, Tsuji T, Funaya C, Pajonk O, Schaeff K, Ruffini G, Papagiannidis D, Knop M, Fujimoto T, Schuck S.

EMBO J. 2020 Jan 15;39(2):e102586. doi: 10.15252/embj.2019102586. Epub 2019 Dec 5.


The role of CRP and Pentraxin 3 in the prediction of systemic inflammatory response syndrome and death in acute pancreatitis.

Staubli SM, Schäfer J, Rosenthal R, Zeindler J, Oertli D, Nebiker CA.

Sci Rep. 2019 Dec 4;9(1):18340. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-54910-8.


Feasibility of a circulation model for the assessment of endovascular recanalization procedures and periprocedural thromboembolism in-vitro.

Rusch R, Trentmann J, Hummitzsch L, Rusch M, Aludin S, Haneya A, Albrecht M, Schäfer JP, Puehler T, Cremer J, Berndt R.

Sci Rep. 2019 Nov 22;9(1):17356. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-53607-2.


Novel NAXE variants as a cause for neurometabolic disorder: implications for treatment.

Trinh J, Imhoff S, Dulovic-Mahlow M, Kandaswamy KK, Tadic V, Schäfer J, Dobricic V, Nolte A, Werber M, Rolfs A, Münchau A, Klein C, Lohmann K, Brüggemann N.

J Neurol. 2020 Mar;267(3):770-782. doi: 10.1007/s00415-019-09640-2. Epub 2019 Nov 20.


Clinically stable disease is associated with a lower risk of both income loss and disability pension for patients with multiple sclerosis.

Chalmer TA, Buron M, Illes Z, Papp V, Theodorsdottir A, Schäfer J, Hansen V, Asgari N, Skejø PB, Jensen HB, Sørensen PS, Magyari M.

J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 2020 Jan;91(1):67-74. doi: 10.1136/jnnp-2019-321523. Epub 2019 Nov 14.


Changes in Body Mass Index and Atherosclerotic Disease Risk Score After Switching From Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate to Tenofovir Alafenamide.

Schafer JJ, Sassa KN, O'Connor JR, Shimada A, Keith SW, DeSimone JA.

Open Forum Infect Dis. 2019 Oct 4;6(10):ofz414. doi: 10.1093/ofid/ofz414. eCollection 2019 Oct.


Selective anti-ErbB3 aptamer modified sorafenib microparticles: In vitro and in vivo toxicity assessment.

Ali MY, Tariq I, Farhan Sohail M, Amin MU, Ali S, Pinnapireddy SR, Ali A, Schäfer J, Bakowsky U.

Eur J Pharm Biopharm. 2019 Dec;145:42-53. doi: 10.1016/j.ejpb.2019.10.003. Epub 2019 Oct 15.


Prospective Study of the Iliac Branch Device E-liac in Patients with Common Iliac Artery Aneurysms: 12 Month Results.

Brunkwall JS, Vaquero-Puerta C, Heckenkamp J, Egaña Barrenechea JM, Szopinski P, Mertikian G, Seifert S, Rümenapf G, Buz S, Assadian A, Majd P, Mylonas S, Calavia AR, Theis T, de Blas Bravo M, Pleban E, Schupp J, Esche M, Kocaer C, Hirsch K, Oberhuber A, Schäfer JP.

Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg. 2019 Dec;58(6):831-838. doi: 10.1016/j.ejvs.2019.06.020. Epub 2019 Oct 12.


Making Sense of Complex Carbon and Metal/Carbon Systems by Secondary Electron Hyperspectral Imaging.

Abrams KJ, Dapor M, Stehling N, Azzolini M, Kyle SJ, Schäfer J, Quade A, Mika F, Kratky S, Pokorna Z, Konvalina I, Mehta D, Black K, Rodenburg C.

Adv Sci (Weinh). 2019 Aug 7;6(19):1900719. doi: 10.1002/advs.201900719. eCollection 2019 Oct 2.


Membrane capacitance recordings resolve dynamics and complexity of receptor-mediated endocytosis in Wnt signalling.

Bandmann V, Mirsanaye AS, Schäfer J, Thiel G, Holstein T, Mikosch-Wersching M.

Sci Rep. 2019 Sep 10;9(1):12999. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-49082-4.


Correlation-Driven Charge Order in a Frustrated Two-Dimensional Atom Lattice.

Adler F, Rachel S, Laubach M, Maklar J, Fleszar A, Schäfer J, Claessen R.

Phys Rev Lett. 2019 Aug 23;123(8):086401. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.123.086401.


Detection of splenic microabscesses with ultrasound as a marker for extrapulmonary tuberculosis in patients with HIV: A systematic review.

Schafer JM, Welwarth J, Novack V, Balk D, Beals T, Naraghi L, Khattab EK, Hoffmann B.

S Afr Med J. 2019 Jul 26;109(8):570-576. doi: 10.7196/SAMJ.2019.v109i8.13783.


Diagnostic value of whole-body MRI in Opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome: a clinical case series (3 case reports).

Storz C, Bares R, Ebinger M, Handgretinger R, Tsiflikas I, Schäfer JF.

BMC Med Imaging. 2019 Aug 20;19(1):70. doi: 10.1186/s12880-019-0372-y.


Accuracy of Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (FAST) in Disaster Settings: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review.

Lee C, Balk D, Schafer J, Welwarth J, Hardin J, Yarza S, Novack V, Hoffmann B.

Disaster Med Public Health Prep. 2019 Dec;13(5-6):1059-1064. doi: 10.1017/dmp.2019.23.


Author Correction: Insufficient sleep reduces voting and other prosocial behaviours.

Holbein JB, Schafer JP, Dickinson DL.

Nat Hum Behav. 2019 Sep;3(9):1000. doi: 10.1038/s41562-019-0710-7.


The Incidence and Severity of Drug Interactions Before and After Antiretroviral Therapy Simplification in Treatment-Experienced Patients With HIV Infection.

Hastain NV, Santana A, Schafer JJ.

Ann Pharmacother. 2020 Jan;54(1):36-42. doi: 10.1177/1060028019867970. Epub 2019 Jul 31.


Functional Outcome Following Stroke Thrombectomy in Clinical Practice.

Wollenweber FA, Tiedt S, Alegiani A, Alber B, Bangard C, Berrouschot J, Bode FJ, Boeckh-Behrens T, Bohner G, Bormann A, Braun M, Dorn F, Eckert B, Flottmann F, Hamann GF, Henn KH, Herzberg M, Kastrup A, Kellert L, Kraemer C, Krause L, Lehm M, Liman J, Lowens S, Mpotsaris A, Papanagiotou P, Petersen M, Petzold GC, Pfeilschifter W, Psychogios MN, Reich A, von Rennenberg R, Röther J, Schäfer JH, Siebert E, Siedow A, Solymosi L, Thonke S, Wagner M, Wunderlich S, Zweynert S, Nolte CH, Gerloff C, Thomalla G, Dichgans M, Fiehler J.

Stroke. 2019 Sep;50(9):2500-2506. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.119.026005. Epub 2019 Jul 24.


The post-abscission midbody is an intracellular signaling organelle that regulates cell proliferation.

Peterman E, Gibieža P, Schafer J, Skeberdis VA, Kaupinis A, Valius M, Heiligenstein X, Hurbain I, Raposo G, Prekeris R.

Nat Commun. 2019 Jul 18;10(1):3181. doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-10871-0.


Process Intensification for an Insect Antimicrobial Peptide Elastin-Like Polypeptide Fusion Produced in Redox-Engineered Escherichia coli.

Joachim M, Maguire N, Schäfer J, Gerlach D, Czermak P.

Front Bioeng Biotechnol. 2019 Jun 27;7:150. doi: 10.3389/fbioe.2019.00150. eCollection 2019.


Power ultrasound as a tool to improve the processability of protein-enriched fermented milk gels for Greek yogurt manufacture.

Körzendörfer A, Schäfer J, Hinrichs J, Nöbel S.

J Dairy Sci. 2019 Sep;102(9):7826-7837. doi: 10.3168/jds.2019-16541. Epub 2019 Jul 10.


Photodynamic Therapy of Ovarian Carcinoma Cells with Curcumin-Loaded Biodegradable Polymeric Nanoparticles.

Duse L, Agel MR, Pinnapireddy SR, Schäfer J, Selo MA, Ehrhardt C, Bakowsky U.

Pharmaceutics. 2019 Jun 15;11(6). pii: E282. doi: 10.3390/pharmaceutics11060282.


Optimization of the Turnover in Artificial Enzymes via Directed Evolution Results in the Coupling of Protein Dynamics to Chemistry.

Schafer JW, Zoi I, Antoniou D, Schwartz SD.

J Am Chem Soc. 2019 Jul 3;141(26):10431-10439. doi: 10.1021/jacs.9b04515. Epub 2019 Jun 24.


REQUITE: A prospective multicentre cohort study of patients undergoing radiotherapy for breast, lung or prostate cancer.

Seibold P, Webb A, Aguado-Barrera ME, Azria D, Bourgier C, Brengues M, Briers E, Bultijnck R, Calvo-Crespo P, Carballo A, Choudhury A, Cicchetti A, Claßen J, Delmastro E, Dunning AM, Elliott RM, Fachal L, Farcy-Jacquet MP, Gabriele P, Garibaldi E, Gómez-Caamaño A, Gutiérrez-Enríquez S, Higginson DS, Johnson K, Lobato-Busto R, Mollà M, Müller A, Payne D, Peleteiro P, Post G, Rancati T, Rattay T, Reyes V, Rosenstein BS, De Ruysscher D, De Santis MC, Schäfer J, Schnabel T, Sperk E, Symonds RP, Stobart H, Taboada-Valladares B, Talbot CJ, Valdagni R, Vega A, Veldeman L, Ward T, Weißenberger C, West CML, Chang-Claude J; REQUITE consortium.

Radiother Oncol. 2019 Sep;138:59-67. doi: 10.1016/j.radonc.2019.04.034. Epub 2019 May 27.


Insufficient sleep reduces voting and other prosocial behaviours.

Holbein JB, Schafer JP, Dickinson DL.

Nat Hum Behav. 2019 May;3(5):492-500. doi: 10.1038/s41562-019-0543-4. Epub 2019 Mar 4. Erratum in: Nat Hum Behav. 2019 Sep;3(9):1000.


Non-contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging for visualization and quantification of endovascular aortic prosthesis, their endoleaks and aneurysm sacs at 1.5 T.

Salehi Ravesh M, Langguth P, Pfarr JA, Schupp J, Trentmann J, Koktzoglou I, Edelman RR, Graessner J, Greiser A, Hautemann D, Hennemuth A, Both M, Jansen O, Hövener JB, Schäfer JP.

Magn Reson Imaging. 2019 Jul;60:164-172. doi: 10.1016/j.mri.2019.05.012. Epub 2019 May 7.


Palatal Tremor with Progressive Ataxia Secondary to A Dural Arteriovenous Fistula.

Peikert K, Gerber J, Winzer S, Schäfer J, Reichmann H, Hermann A.

Mov Disord Clin Pract. 2019 Mar 18;6(4):327-329. doi: 10.1002/mdc3.12750. eCollection 2019 Apr. No abstract available.


Novel mutations in MYBPC1 are associated with myogenic tremor and mild myopathy.

Stavusis J, Lace B, Schäfer J, Geist J, Inashkina I, Kidere D, Pajusalu S, Wright NT, Saak A, Weinhold M, Haubenberger D, Jackson S, Kontrogianni-Konstantopoulos A, Bönnemann CG.

Ann Neurol. 2019 Jul;86(1):129-142. doi: 10.1002/ana.25494. Epub 2019 May 17.


Characterization of Miscanthus cell wall polymers.

Schäfer J, Sattler M, Iqbal Y, Lewandowski I, Bunzel M.

Glob Change Biol Bioenergy. 2019 Jan;11(1):191-205. doi: 10.1111/gcbb.12538. Epub 2018 Aug 13.


In-vivo treatment accuracy analysis of active motion-compensated liver SBRT through registration of plan dose to post-therapeutic MRI-morphologic alterations.

Boda-Heggemann J, Jahnke A, Chan MKH, Ernst F, Ghaderi AL, Attenberger U, Hunold P, Schäfer JP, Wurster S, Rades D, Hildebrandt G, Lohr F, Dunst J, Wenz F, Blanck O.

Radiother Oncol. 2019 May;134:158-165. doi: 10.1016/j.radonc.2019.01.023. Epub 2019 Feb 15.


Examiner Position in Ocular Point-of-Care Ultrasound: A Proposed Technique.

Khattab E, Hoffmann B, Schafer J, Naraghi L, Hardin J, Balk D, Beals T.

J Emerg Med. 2019 Jun;56(6):684-686. doi: 10.1016/j.jemermed.2019.03.027. Epub 2019 Apr 16.


Experimental Cutaneous Leishmaniasis: Mouse Models for Resolution of Inflammation Versus Chronicity of Disease.

Bogdan C, Debus A, Sebald H, Rai B, Schäfer J, Obermeyer S, Schleicher U.

Methods Mol Biol. 2019;1971:315-349. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-9210-2_18.


Point of care ultrasound is associated with decreased ED length of stay for symptomatic early pregnancy.

Beals T, Naraghi L, Grossestreuer A, Schafer J, Balk D, Hoffmann B.

Am J Emerg Med. 2019 Jun;37(6):1165-1168. doi: 10.1016/j.ajem.2019.03.025. Epub 2019 Mar 21.


Curcumin loaded nanoparticles as efficient photoactive formulations against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

Agel MR, Baghdan E, Pinnapireddy SR, Lehmann J, Schäfer J, Bakowsky U.

Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces. 2019 Jun 1;178:460-468. doi: 10.1016/j.colsurfb.2019.03.027. Epub 2019 Mar 16.


[From Xrays to PET/MR, and then? - Future imaging in pediatric radiology].

Staatz G, Daldrup-Link HE, Herrmann J, Hirsch FW, Schäfer JF, Seehofnerova A, Sorantin E, Theruvath AJ, Lollert A.

Rofo. 2019 Apr;191(4):357-366. doi: 10.1055/a-0853-2744. Epub 2019 Mar 21. German.


[Orphan drugs].

Schäfer JR, Vogelmeier CF.

Internist (Berl). 2019 Apr;60(4):396-398. doi: 10.1007/s00108-019-0582-y. German. No abstract available.


Diaphragmatic recovery in rats with cervical spinal cord injury induced by a theophylline nanoconjugate: Challenges for clinical use.

Liu F, Zhang Y, Schafer J, Mao G, Goshgarian HG.

J Spinal Cord Med. 2019 Nov;42(6):725-734. doi: 10.1080/10790268.2019.1577058. Epub 2019 Mar 7.


Nano spray dried antibacterial coatings for dental implants.

Baghdan E, Raschpichler M, Lutfi W, Pinnapireddy SR, Pourasghar M, Schäfer J, Schneider M, Bakowsky U.

Eur J Pharm Biopharm. 2019 Jun;139:59-67. doi: 10.1016/j.ejpb.2019.03.003. Epub 2019 Mar 2.


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