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Antifungal Activity of Bacillus Species Against Fusarium and Analysis of the Potential Mechanisms Used in Biocontrol.

Khan N, Martínez-Hidalgo P, Ice TA, Maymon M, Humm EA, Nejat N, Sanders ER, Kaplan D, Hirsch AM.

Front Microbiol. 2018 Oct 2;9:2363. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2018.02363. eCollection 2018.


Error-Discovery Learning Boosts Student Engagement and Performance, while Reducing Student Attrition in a Bioinformatics Course.

Lee CJ, Toven-Lindsey B, Shapiro C, Soh M, Mazrouee S, Levis-Fitzgerald M, Sanders ER.

CBE Life Sci Educ. 2018 Sep;17(3):ar40. doi: 10.1187/cbe.17-04-0061.


Anatomy of STEM teaching in North American universities.

Stains M, Harshman J, Barker MK, Chasteen SV, Cole R, DeChenne-Peters SE, Eagan MK Jr, Esson JM, Knight JK, Laski FA, Levis-Fitzgerald M, Lee CJ, Lo SM, McDonnell LM, McKay TA, Michelotti N, Musgrove A, Palmer MS, Plank KM, Rodela TM, Sanders ER, Schimpf NG, Schulte PM, Smith MK, Stetzer M, Van Valkenburgh B, Vinson E, Weir LK, Wendel PJ, Wheeler LB, Young AM.

Science. 2018 Mar 30;359(6383):1468-1470. doi: 10.1126/science.aap8892. Epub 2018 Mar 29. No abstract available.


Implementation of a Learning Assistant Program Improves Student Performance on Higher-Order Assessments.

Sellami N, Shaked S, Laski FA, Eagan KM, Sanders ER.

CBE Life Sci Educ. 2017 Winter;16(4). pii: ar62. doi: 10.1187/cbe.16-12-0341.


Comparing the Impact of Course-Based and Apprentice-Based Research Experiences in a Life Science Laboratory Curriculum.

Shapiro C, Moberg-Parker J, Toma S, Ayon C, Zimmerman H, Roth-Johnson EA, Hancock SP, Levis-Fitzgerald M, Sanders ER.

J Microbiol Biol Educ. 2015 Dec 1;16(2):186-97. doi: 10.1128/jmbe.v16i2.1045. eCollection 2015 Dec.


Mining the phytomicrobiome to understand how bacterial coinoculations enhance plant growth.

Maymon M, Martínez-Hidalgo P, Tran SS, Ice T, Craemer K, Anbarchian T, Sung T, Hwang LH, Chou M, Fujishige NA, Villella W, Ventosa J, Sikorski J, Sanders ER, Faull KF, Hirsch AM.

Front Plant Sci. 2015 Sep 24;6:784. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2015.00784. eCollection 2015.


Differential item functioning due to cognitive status does not impact depressive symptom measures in four heterogeneous samples of older adults.

Fieo R, Mukherjee S, Dmitrieva NO, Fyffe DC, Gross AL, Sanders ER, Romero HR, Potter GG, Manly JJ, Mungas DM, Gibbons LE.

Int J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2015 Sep;30(9):911-8. doi: 10.1002/gps.4234. Epub 2014 Dec 5.


Immersing undergraduate students into research on the metagenomics of the plant rhizosphere: a pedagogical strategy to engage civic-mindedness and retain undergraduates in STEM.

Sanders ER, Hirsch AM.

Front Plant Sci. 2014 Apr 30;5:157. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2014.00157. eCollection 2014. No abstract available.


Cluster M mycobacteriophages Bongo, PegLeg, and Rey with unusually large repertoires of tRNA isotypes.

Pope WH, Anders KR, Baird M, Bowman CA, Boyle MM, Broussard GW, Chow T, Clase KL, Cooper S, Cornely KA, DeJong RJ, Delesalle VA, Deng L, Dunbar D, Edgington NP, Ferreira CM, Weston Hafer K, Hartzog GA, Hatherill JR, Hughes LE, Ipapo K, Krukonis GP, Meier CG, Monti DL, Olm MR, Page ST, Peebles CL, Rinehart CA, Rubin MR, Russell DA, Sanders ER, Schoer M, Shaffer CD, Wherley J, Vazquez E, Yuan H, Zhang D, Cresawn SG, Jacobs-Sera D, Hendrix RW, Hatfull GF.

J Virol. 2014 Mar;88(5):2461-80. doi: 10.1128/JVI.03363-13. Epub 2013 Dec 11.


Strategies for using peer-assisted learning effectively in an undergraduate bioinformatics course.

Shapiro C, Ayon C, Moberg-Parker J, Levis-Fitzgerald M, Sanders ER.

Biochem Mol Biol Educ. 2013 Jan-Feb;41(1):24-33. doi: 10.1002/bmb.20665.


Aseptic laboratory techniques: volume transfers with serological pipettes and micropipettors.

Sanders ER.

J Vis Exp. 2012 May 31;(63). pii: 2754. doi: 10.3791/2754.


Aseptic laboratory techniques: plating methods.

Sanders ER.

J Vis Exp. 2012 May 11;(63):e3064. doi: 10.3791/3064.


Intrasubunit and intersubunit interactions controlling assembly of active synaptic complexes during Hin-catalyzed DNA recombination.

Heiss JK, Sanders ER, Johnson RC.

J Mol Biol. 2011 Aug 26;411(4):744-64. doi: 10.1016/j.jmb.2011.06.021. Epub 2011 Jun 25.


Origin and evolution of the chloroplast trnK (matK) intron: a model for evolution of group II intron RNA structures.

Hausner G, Olson R, Simon D, Johnson I, Sanders ER, Karol KG, McCourt RM, Zimmerly S.

Mol Biol Evol. 2006 Feb;23(2):380-91. Epub 2005 Nov 2.


Stepwise dissection of the Hin-catalyzed recombination reaction from synapsis to resolution.

Sanders ER, Johnson RC.

J Mol Biol. 2004 Jul 16;340(4):753-66.


Occurrence of matK in a trnK group II intron in charophyte green algae and phylogeny of the Characeae.

Sanders ER, Karol KG, McCourt RM.

Am J Bot. 2003 Apr;90(4):628-33. doi: 10.3732/ajb.90.4.628.


Subunit exchange and the role of dimer flexibility in DNA binding by the Fis protein.

Merickel SK, Sanders ER, Vázquez-Ibar JL, Johnson RC.

Biochemistry. 2002 May 7;41(18):5788-98.


Socially sensitive dentists for a changing society; the approach of one dental school.

Sanders ER.

J Public Health Dent. 1968;28(1):27-31. No abstract available.


Current status of departments of social dentistry.

Sanders ER.

J Dent Educ. 1966 Dec;30(4):354-8. No abstract available.


Present status of Michigan's summer topical fluoride programs.

Below D, Sanders ER.

J Mich State Dent Assoc. 1965 Oct;47(10):296-8. No abstract available.


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