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J Bacteriol. 1983 Jul;155(1):254-64.

Cloning of the pif region of the F sex factor and identification of a pif protein product.


This paper reports a detailed investigation of the pif region of the F factor responsible for inhibition of development of T7 and related "female-specific" phages. We have mapped a series of pif::Tn5 insertions to a region between 39.6 and 42.8 kilobases on the physical map of F. All pif::Tn5 insertions plated T7 at full efficiency; most were clustered in a 1.8-kilobase interval on both sides of the EcoRI site located at F coordinate 40.3 kilobases. A 5.2-kilobase Pst-I fragment with F coordinates 38.9 to 44.1 has been cloned into a pSC101 vector to create the Pif+ plasmid pGS103. A series of Pif- deletion mutants and nonsense mutants were isolated from pGS103. Using minicells carrying pGS103 or its derivatives, we have identified a 70,000-dalton pif protein.

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