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Circulating cell-free DNA levels are associated with adverse outcomes in heart failure: testing liquid biopsy in heart failure.

Salzano A, Israr MZ, Garcia DF, Middleton L, D'Assante R, Marra AM, Arcopinto M, Yazaki Y, Bernieh D, Cassambai S, Page K, Rengo G, Bossone E, Cittadini A, Shaw JA, Suzuki T.

Eur J Prev Cardiol. 2020 Mar 25:2047487320912375. doi: 10.1177/2047487320912375. [Epub ahead of print] No abstract available.


Cardioprotective Effects of Dietary Phytochemicals on Oxidative Stress in Heart Failure by a Sex-Gender-Oriented Point of View.

Komici K, Conti V, Davinelli S, Bencivenga L, Rengo G, Filippelli A, Ferrara N, Corbi G.

Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2020 Jan 6;2020:2176728. doi: 10.1155/2020/2176728. eCollection 2020. Review.


Is the Hitman in Cardiac Death Hidden in the Sympathetic Nervous System Remodeling?

Pagano G, Cannavo A, Rengo G.

J Am Coll Cardiol. 2020 Jan 7;75(1):14-16. doi: 10.1016/j.jacc.2019.11.018. No abstract available.


Impact of body mass index on cardiac adrenergic derangement in heart failure patients: a 123I-mIBG imaging study.

Komici K, Bencivenga L, Paolillo S, Gargiulo P, Formisano R, Assante R, Nappi C, Marsico F, D'Antonio A, De Simini G, Cittadini A, Vitale DF, Cuocolo A, Filardi PP, Ferrara N, Rengo G.

Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2019 Dec 24. doi: 10.1007/s00259-019-04658-0. [Epub ahead of print]


Renal function and cardiac adrenergic impairment in patients affected by heart failure.

Marsico F, Paolillo S, Gargiulo P, Parisi V, Nappi C, Assante R, Dell'Aversana S, Esposito I, Renga F, Esposito L, Bardi L, Rengo G, Dellegrottaglie S, Marciano C, Leosco D, Cuocolo A, Filardi PP.

J Nucl Cardiol. 2019 Dec 5. doi: 10.1007/s12350-019-01975-7. [Epub ahead of print]


Inter-relationships between Gender, Frailty and 10-Year Survival in Older Italian Adults: an observational longitudinal study.

Corbi G, Cacciatore F, Komici K, Rengo G, Vitale DF, Furgi G, Pagano G, Bencivenga L, Davinelli S, Ferrara N.

Sci Rep. 2019 Dec 5;9(1):18416. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-54897-2.


Combined effects of growth hormone and testosterone replacement treatment in heart failure.

Salzano A, Marra AM, Arcopinto M, D'Assante R, Triggiani V, Coscioni E, Pasquali D, Rengo G, Suzuki T, Bossone E, Cittadini A.

ESC Heart Fail. 2019 Dec;6(6):1216-1221. doi: 10.1002/ehf2.12520. Epub 2019 Nov 7.


Aldosterone Jeopardizes Myocardial Insulin and β-Adrenergic Receptor Signaling via G Protein-Coupled Receptor Kinase 2.

Cannavo A, Marzano F, Elia A, Liccardo D, Bencivenga L, Gambino G, Perna C, Rapacciuolo A, Cittadini A, Ferrara N, Paolocci N, Koch WJ, Rengo G.

Front Pharmacol. 2019 Aug 9;10:888. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2019.00888. eCollection 2019.


β-Adrenergic Receptor Signaling and Heart Failure: From Bench to Bedside.

Bencivenga L, Liccardo D, Napolitano C, Visaggi L, Rengo G, Leosco D.

Heart Fail Clin. 2019 Jul;15(3):409-419. doi: 10.1016/j.hfc.2019.02.009. Epub 2019 Apr 6. Review.


Periodontal Disease: A Risk Factor for Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease.

Liccardo D, Cannavo A, Spagnuolo G, Ferrara N, Cittadini A, Rengo C, Rengo G.

Int J Mol Sci. 2019 Mar 20;20(6). pii: E1414. doi: 10.3390/ijms20061414. Review.


Elimination of Senescent Cells: Prospects According to the Subtelomere-Telomere Theory.

Libertini G, Ferrara N, Rengo G, Corbi G.

Biochemistry (Mosc). 2018 Dec;83(12):1477-1488. doi: 10.1134/S0006297918120064. Review.


Aldosterone and Myocardial Pathology.

Cannavo A, Elia A, Liccardo D, Rengo G, Koch WJ.

Vitam Horm. 2019;109:387-406. doi: 10.1016/bs.vh.2018.09.005. Epub 2018 Dec 1. Review.


Impact of Malnutrition on Long-Term Mortality in Elderly Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction.

Komici K, Vitale DF, Mancini A, Bencivenga L, Conte M, Provenzano S, Grieco FV, Visaggi L, Ronga I, Cittadini A, Corbi G, Trimarco B, Morisco C, Leosco D, Ferrara N, Rengo G.

Nutrients. 2019 Jan 22;11(2). pii: E224. doi: 10.3390/nu11020224.


Imaging and Molecular Mechanisms of Alzheimer's Disease: A Review.

Femminella GD, Thayanandan T, Calsolaro V, Komici K, Rengo G, Corbi G, Ferrara N.

Int J Mol Sci. 2018 Nov 22;19(12). pii: E3702. doi: 10.3390/ijms19123702. Review.


Statin therapy modulates thickness and inflammatory profile of human epicardial adipose tissue.

Parisi V, Petraglia L, D'Esposito V, Cabaro S, Rengo G, Caruso A, Grimaldi MG, Baldascino F, De Bellis A, Vitale D, Formisano R, Ferro A, Paolillo S, Davin L, Lancellotti P, Formisano P, Perrone Filardi P, Ferrara N, Leosco D.

Int J Cardiol. 2019 Jan 1;274:326-330. doi: 10.1016/j.ijcard.2018.06.106. Epub 2018 Jun 28.


Aldosterone and Mineralocorticoid Receptor System in Cardiovascular Physiology and Pathophysiology.

Cannavo A, Bencivenga L, Liccardo D, Elia A, Marzano F, Gambino G, D'Amico ML, Perna C, Ferrara N, Rengo G, Paolocci N.

Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2018 Sep 19;2018:1204598. doi: 10.1155/2018/1204598. eCollection 2018. Review.


The Management of Combined Antithrombotic Therapy in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: A Particularly Complex Challenge, Especially in the Elderly.

Bencivenga L, Komici K, Corbi G, Cittadini A, Ferrara N, Rengo G.

Front Physiol. 2018 Jul 9;9:876. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2018.00876. eCollection 2018. Review.


Predisposing factors to heart failure in diabetic nephropathy: a look at the sympathetic nervous system hyperactivity.

Komici K, Femminella GD, de Lucia C, Cannavo A, Bencivenga L, Corbi G, Leosco D, Ferrara N, Rengo G.

Aging Clin Exp Res. 2019 Mar;31(3):321-330. doi: 10.1007/s40520-018-0973-2. Epub 2018 Jun 1. Review.


Klinefelter syndrome, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes: review of literature and clinical perspectives.

Salzano A, D'Assante R, Heaney LM, Monaco F, Rengo G, Valente P, Pasquali D, Bossone E, Gianfrilli D, Lenzi A, Cittadini A, Marra AM, Napoli R.

Endocrine. 2018 Aug;61(2):194-203. doi: 10.1007/s12020-018-1584-6. Epub 2018 Mar 23. Review.


Long-Term Caloric Restriction Improves Cardiac Function, Remodeling, Adrenergic Responsiveness, and Sympathetic Innervation in a Model of Postischemic Heart Failure.

de Lucia C, Gambino G, Petraglia L, Elia A, Komici K, Femminella GD, D'Amico ML, Formisano R, Borghetti G, Liccardo D, Nolano M, Houser SR, Leosco D, Ferrara N, Koch WJ, Rengo G.

Circ Heart Fail. 2018 Mar;11(3):e004153. doi: 10.1161/CIRCHEARTFAILURE.117.004153.


Sleep-disordered breathing and epicardial adipose tissue in patients with heart failure.

Parisi V, Paolillo S, Rengo G, Formisano R, Petraglia L, Grieco F, D'Amore C, Dellegrottaglie S, Marciano C, Ferrara N, Leosco D, Filardi PP.

Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis. 2018 Feb;28(2):126-132. doi: 10.1016/j.numecd.2017.09.012. Epub 2017 Oct 13.


GRK2 as a therapeutic target for heart failure.

Cannavo A, Komici K, Bencivenga L, D'amico ML, Gambino G, Liccardo D, Ferrara N, Rengo G.

Expert Opin Ther Targets. 2018 Jan;22(1):75-83. doi: 10.1080/14728222.2018.1406925. Epub 2017 Nov 23. Review.


Pressure injuries in elderly with acute myocardial infarction.

Komici K, Vitale DF, Leosco D, Mancini A, Corbi G, Bencivenga L, Mezzani A, Trimarco B, Morisco C, Ferrara N, Rengo G.

Clin Interv Aging. 2017 Sep 19;12:1495-1501. doi: 10.2147/CIA.S135676. eCollection 2017.


Sphingosine Kinases and Sphingosine 1-Phosphate Receptors: Signaling and Actions in the Cardiovascular System.

Cannavo A, Liccardo D, Komici K, Corbi G, de Lucia C, Femminella GD, Elia A, Bencivenga L, Ferrara N, Koch WJ, Paolocci N, Rengo G.

Front Pharmacol. 2017 Aug 23;8:556. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2017.00556. eCollection 2017. Review.


β1-Blockade Prevents Post-Ischemic Myocardial Decompensation Via β3AR-Dependent Protective Sphingosine-1 Phosphate Signaling.

Cannavo A, Rengo G, Liccardo D, Pun A, Gao E, George AJ, Gambino G, Rapacciuolo A, Leosco D, Ibanez B, Ferrara N, Paolocci N, Koch WJ.

J Am Coll Cardiol. 2017 Jul 11;70(2):182-192. doi: 10.1016/j.jacc.2017.05.020.


microRNA in Cardiovascular Aging and Age-Related Cardiovascular Diseases.

de Lucia C, Komici K, Borghetti G, Femminella GD, Bencivenga L, Cannavo A, Corbi G, Ferrara N, Houser SR, Koch WJ, Rengo G.

Front Med (Lausanne). 2017 Jun 12;4:74. doi: 10.3389/fmed.2017.00074. eCollection 2017. Review.


Antidiabetic Drugs in Alzheimer's Disease: Mechanisms of Action and Future Perspectives.

Femminella GD, Bencivenga L, Petraglia L, Visaggi L, Gioia L, Grieco FV, de Lucia C, Komici K, Corbi G, Edison P, Rengo G, Ferrara N.

J Diabetes Res. 2017;2017:7420796. doi: 10.1155/2017/7420796. Epub 2017 Jun 1. Review.


The anti-ageing molecule sirt1 mediates beneficial effects of cardiac rehabilitation.

Russomanno G, Corbi G, Manzo V, Ferrara N, Rengo G, Puca AA, Latte S, Carrizzo A, Calabrese MC, Andriantsitohaina R, Filippelli W, Vecchione C, Filippelli A, Conti V.

Immun Ageing. 2017 Mar 16;14:7. doi: 10.1186/s12979-017-0088-1. eCollection 2017.


GRK2 Regulates α2-Adrenergic Receptor-Dependent Catecholamine Release in Human Adrenal Chromaffin Cells.

Cannavo A, Liccardo D, Lymperopoulos A, Santangelo M, Femminella GD, Leosco D, Cittadini A, Ferrara N, Paolocci N, Koch WJ, Rengo G.

J Am Coll Cardiol. 2017 Mar 21;69(11):1515-1517. doi: 10.1016/j.jacc.2017.01.016. No abstract available.


Impact of aging on cardiac sympathetic innervation measured by 123I-mIBG imaging in patients with systolic heart failure.

Rengo G, Pagano G, Vitale DF, Formisano R, Komici K, Petraglia L, Parisi V, Femminella GD, de Lucia C, Paolillo S, Cannavo A, Attena E, Pellegrino T, Dellegrottaglie S, Memmi A, Trimarco B, Cuocolo A, Filardi PP, Leosco D, Ferrara N.

Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2016 Dec;43(13):2392-2400. Epub 2016 Jun 10.


Sleep-disordered breathing, impaired cardiac adrenergic innervation and prognosis in heart failure.

Scala O, Paolillo S, Formisano R, Pellegrino T, Rengo G, Gargiulo P, De Michele F, Starace A, Rapacciuolo A, Parisi V, Prastaro M, Piscopo V, Dellegrottaglie S, Bruzzese D, De Martino F, Parente A, Leosco D, Trimarco B, Cuocolo A, Perrone-Filardi P.

Heart. 2016 Nov 15;102(22):1813-1819. doi: 10.1136/heartjnl-2015-309215. Epub 2016 Jun 23.


Adrenergic Drugs Blockers or Enhancers for Cognitive Decline ? What to Choose for Alzheimer's Disease Patients?

Femminella GD, Leosco D, Ferrara N, Rengo G.

CNS Neurol Disord Drug Targets. 2016;15(6):665-71. Review.


Structure-activity relationship study of angiotensin II analogs in terms of β-arrestin-dependent signaling to aldosterone production.

Valero TR, Sturchler E, Jafferjee M, Rengo G, Magafa V, Cordopatis P, McDonald P, Koch WJ, Lymperopoulos A.

Pharmacol Res Perspect. 2016 Mar 8;4(2):e00226. doi: 10.1002/prp2.226. eCollection 2016 Apr.


Myocardial pathology induced by aldosterone is dependent on non-canonical activities of G protein-coupled receptor kinases.

Cannavo A, Liccardo D, Eguchi A, Elliott KJ, Traynham CJ, Ibetti J, Eguchi S, Leosco D, Ferrara N, Rengo G, Koch WJ.

Nat Commun. 2016 Mar 2;7:10877. doi: 10.1038/ncomms10877.


Increased Epicardial Adipose Tissue Volume Correlates With Cardiac Sympathetic Denervation in Patients With Heart Failure.

Parisi V, Rengo G, Perrone-Filardi P, Pagano G, Femminella GD, Paolillo S, Petraglia L, Gambino G, Caruso A, Grimaldi MG, Baldascino F, Nolano M, Elia A, Cannavo A, De Bellis A, Coscioni E, Pellegrino T, Cuocolo A, Ferrara N, Leosco D.

Circ Res. 2016 Apr 15;118(8):1244-53. doi: 10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.115.307765. Epub 2016 Feb 29.


Prognostic Value of Lymphocyte G Protein-Coupled Receptor Kinase-2 Protein Levels in Patients With Heart Failure.

Rengo G, Pagano G, Filardi PP, Femminella GD, Parisi V, Cannavo A, Liccardo D, Komici K, Gambino G, D'Amico ML, de Lucia C, Paolillo S, Trimarco B, Vitale DF, Ferrara N, Koch WJ, Leosco D.

Circ Res. 2016 Apr 1;118(7):1116-24. doi: 10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.115.308207. Epub 2016 Feb 16.


β Adrenergic Receptor Kinase C-Terminal Peptide Gene-Therapy Improves β2-Adrenergic Receptor-Dependent Neoangiogenesis after Hindlimb Ischemia.

Cannavo A, Liccardo D, Lymperopoulos A, Gambino G, D'Amico ML, Rengo F, Koch WJ, Leosco D, Ferrara N, Rengo G.

J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2016 Feb;356(2):503-13. doi: 10.1124/jpet.115.228411. Epub 2015 Nov 24. Erratum in: J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2019 Apr;369(1):65.


Subclinical Hypothyroidism and Cognitive Impairment: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Pasqualetti G, Pagano G, Rengo G, Ferrara N, Monzani F.

J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2015 Nov;100(11):4240-8. doi: 10.1210/jc.2015-2046. Epub 2015 Aug 25. Review.


Does comprehensive geriatric assessment improve the estimate of surgical risk in elderly patients? An Italian multicenter observational study.

Abete P, Cherubini A, Di Bari M, Vigorito C, Viviani G, Marchionni N, D'Ambrosio D, Golino A, Serra R, Zampi E, Bracali I, Mello A, Vitelli A, Rengo G, Cacciatore F, Rengo F.

Am J Surg. 2016 Jan;211(1):76-83.e2. doi: 10.1016/j.amjsurg.2015.04.016. Epub 2015 Jun 4.


Impact of an Innovative Educational Strategy on Medication Appropriate Use and Length of Stay in Elderly Patients.

Corbi G, Gambassi G, Pagano G, Russomanno G, Conti V, Rengo G, Leosco D, Bernabei R, Filippelli A, Ferrara N.

Medicine (Baltimore). 2015 Jun;94(24):e918. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000000918.


Alterations of left ventricular deformation and cardiac sympathetic derangement in patients with systolic heart failure: a 3D speckle tracking echocardiography and cardiac ¹²³I-MIBG study.

Leosco D, Parisi V, Pellegrino T, Pagano G, Femminella GD, Bevilacqua A, Paolillo S, Formisano R, Ferro G, de Lucia C, Prastaro M, Filardi PP, Cuocolo A, Rengo G, Ferrara N.

Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2015 Sep;42(10):1601-11. doi: 10.1007/s00259-015-3054-1. Epub 2015 May 7.


Insulin resistance is associated with impaired cardiac sympathetic innervation in patients with heart failure.

Paolillo S, Rengo G, Pellegrino T, Formisano R, Pagano G, Gargiulo P, Savarese G, Carotenuto R, Petraglia L, Rapacciuolo A, Perrino C, Piscitelli S, Attena E, Del Guercio L, Leosco D, Trimarco B, Cuocolo A, Perrone-Filardi P.

Eur Heart J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2015 Oct;16(10):1148-53. doi: 10.1093/ehjci/jev061. Epub 2015 Apr 5.


Ankylosing spondylitis and posture control: the role of visual input.

De Nunzio AM, Iervolino S, Zincarelli C, Di Gioia L, Rengo G, Multari V, Peluso R, Di Minno MN, Pappone N.

Biomed Res Int. 2015;2015:948674. doi: 10.1155/2015/948674. Epub 2015 Mar 3.


Epicardial adipose tissue has an increased thickness and is a source of inflammatory mediators in patients with calcific aortic stenosis.

Parisi V, Rengo G, Pagano G, D'Esposito V, Passaretti F, Caruso A, Grimaldi MG, Lonobile T, Baldascino F, De Bellis A, Formisano P, Ferrara N, Leosco D.

Int J Cardiol. 2015;186:167-9. doi: 10.1016/j.ijcard.2015.03.201. Epub 2015 Mar 18. No abstract available.


The lipid theory in the pathogenesis of calcific aortic stenosis.

Parisi V, Leosco D, Ferro G, Bevilacqua A, Pagano G, de Lucia C, Perrone Filardi P, Caruso A, Rengo G, Ferrara N.

Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis. 2015 Jun;25(6):519-25. doi: 10.1016/j.numecd.2015.02.001. Epub 2015 Feb 12. Review.


The emerging role of microRNAs in Alzheimer's disease.

Femminella GD, Ferrara N, Rengo G.

Front Physiol. 2015 Feb 12;6:40. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2015.00040. eCollection 2015. Review.


Impact of diabetes mellitus on lymphocyte GRK2 protein levels in patients with heart failure.

Rengo G, Pagano G, Paolillo S, de Lucia C, Femminella GD, Liccardo D, Cannavo A, Formisano R, Petraglia L, Komici K, Rengo F, Trimarco B, Ferrara N, Leosco D, Perrone-Filardi P.

Eur J Clin Invest. 2015 Feb;45(2):187-95. doi: 10.1111/eci.12395.


Different potencies of angiotensin receptor blockers at suppressing adrenal β-Arrestin1-dependent post-myocardial infarction hyperaldosteronism.

Lymperopoulos A, Sturchler E, Bathgate-Siryk A, Dabul S, Garcia D, Walklett K, Rengo G, McDonald P, Koch WJ.

J Am Coll Cardiol. 2014 Dec 30;64(25):2805-6. doi: 10.1016/j.jacc.2014.09.070. No abstract available.


The adrenergic system in cardiovascular pathophysiology: a translational science point of view.

Rengo G.

Front Physiol. 2014 Sep 17;5:356. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2014.00356. eCollection 2014. No abstract available.


Tailoring therapy for heart failure: the pharmacogenomics of adrenergic receptor signaling.

Femminella GD, Barrese V, Ferrara N, Rengo G.

Pharmgenomics Pers Med. 2014 Sep 9;7:267-73. doi: 10.2147/PGPM.S49799. eCollection 2014. Review.

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