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Transthyretin stabilization activity of the catechol-O-methyltransferase inhibitor tolcapone (SOM0226) in hereditary ATTR amyloidosis patients and asymptomatic carriers: proof-of-concept study.

Gamez J, Salvadó M, Reig N, Suñé P, Casasnovas C, Rojas-Garcia R, Insa R.

Amyloid. 2019 Jun;26(2):74-84. doi: 10.1080/13506129.2019.1597702. Epub 2019 May 23.


Repositioning tolcapone as a potent inhibitor of transthyretin amyloidogenesis and associated cellular toxicity.

Sant'Anna R, Gallego P, Robinson LZ, Pereira-Henriques A, Ferreira N, Pinheiro F, Esperante S, Pallares I, Huertas O, Almeida MR, Reixach N, Insa R, Velazquez-Campoy A, Reverter D, Reig N, Ventura S.

Nat Commun. 2016 Feb 23;7:10787. doi: 10.1038/ncomms10787.


Maturation modulates caspase-1-independent responses of dendritic cells to Anthrax lethal toxin.

Reig N, Jiang A, Couture R, Sutterwala FS, Ogura Y, Flavell RA, Mellman I, van der Goot FG.

Cell Microbiol. 2008 May;10(5):1190-207. doi: 10.1111/j.1462-5822.2008.01121.x. Epub 2008 Jan 14.


The role of the inflammasome in cellular responses to toxins and bacterial effectors.

Freche B, Reig N, van der Goot FG.

Semin Immunopathol. 2007 Sep;29(3):249-60. Epub 2007 Sep 6. Review.


Functional and structural characterization of the first prokaryotic member of the L-amino acid transporter (LAT) family: a model for APC transporters.

Reig N, del Rio C, Casagrande F, Ratera M, Gelpí JL, Torrents D, Henderson PJ, Xie H, Baldwin SA, Zorzano A, Fotiadis D, Palacín M.

J Biol Chem. 2007 May 4;282(18):13270-81. Epub 2007 Mar 6.


LC-MS ion maps for the characterization of aniline derivatives of fatty acids and triglycerides in laboratory-denatured rapeseed oil.

Reig N, Calaf RE, Messeguer A, Morató A, Escabros J, Gelpí E, Abian J.

J Mass Spectrom. 2007 Apr;42(4):527-41.


About lipids and toxins.

Reig N, van der Goot FG.

FEBS Lett. 2006 Oct 9;580(23):5572-9. Epub 2006 Aug 28. Review.


On the generation and outcome of 3-(N-phenylamino)propane-1,2-diol derivatives in deodorized model oils related to toxic oil syndrome.

Morató A, Escabrós J, Manich A, Reig N, Castaño Y, Abián J, Messeguer A.

Chem Res Toxicol. 2005 Apr;18(4):665-74.


Anthrax toxin: the long and winding road that leads to the kill.

Abrami L, Reig N, van der Goot FG.

Trends Microbiol. 2005 Feb;13(2):72-8. Review.


The light subunit of system b(o,+) is fully functional in the absence of the heavy subunit.

Reig N, Chillarón J, Bartoccioni P, Fernández E, Bendahan A, Zorzano A, Kanner B, Palacín M, Bertran J.

EMBO J. 2002 Sep 16;21(18):4906-14.


Functional analysis of mutations in SLC7A9, and genotype-phenotype correlation in non-Type I cystinuria.

Font MA, Feliubadaló L, Estivill X, Nunes V, Golomb E, Kreiss Y, Pras E, Bisceglia L, d'Adamo AP, Zelante L, Gasparini P, Bassi MT, George AL Jr, Manzoni M, Riboni M, Ballabio A, Borsani G, Reig N, Fernández E, Zorzano A, Bertran J, Palacín M; International Cystinuria Consortium.

Hum Mol Genet. 2001 Feb 15;10(4):305-16.


Non-type I cystinuria caused by mutations in SLC7A9, encoding a subunit (bo,+AT) of rBAT.

Feliubadaló L, Font M, Purroy J, Rousaud F, Estivill X, Nunes V, Golomb E, Centola M, Aksentijevich I, Kreiss Y, Goldman B, Pras M, Kastner DL, Pras E, Gasparini P, Bisceglia L, Beccia E, Gallucci M, de Sanctis L, Ponzone A, Rizzoni GF, Zelante L, Bassi MT, George AL Jr, Manzoni M, De Grandi A, Riboni M, Endsley JK, Ballabio A, Borsani G, Reig N, Fernández E, Estévez R, Pineda M, Torrents D, Camps M, Lloberas J, Zorzano A, Palacín M; International Cystinuria Consortium.

Nat Genet. 1999 Sep;23(1):52-7.


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