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Probiotics Can Cure Oral Aphthous-Like Ulcers in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients: A Review of the Literature and a Working Hypothesis.

Cappello F, Rappa F, Canepa F, Carini F, Mazzola M, Tomasello G, Bonaventura G, Giuliana G, Leone A, Saguto D, Scalia F, Bucchieri F, Fucarino A, Campisi G.

Int J Mol Sci. 2019 Oct 11;20(20). pii: E5026. doi: 10.3390/ijms20205026. Review.


Immunomorphological Pattern of Molecular Chaperones in Normal and Pathological Thyroid Tissues and Circulating Exosomes: Potential Use in Clinics.

Caruso Bavisotto C, Cipolla C, Graceffa G, Barone R, Bucchieri F, Bulone D, Cabibi D, Campanella C, Marino Gammazza A, Pitruzzella A, Porcasi R, San Biagio PL, Tomasello G, Conway de Macario E, Macario AJL, Cappello F, Rappa F.

Int J Mol Sci. 2019 Sep 11;20(18). pii: E4496. doi: 10.3390/ijms20184496.


Exosomal Chaperones and miRNAs in Gliomagenesis: State-of-Art and Theranostics Perspectives.

Caruso Bavisotto C, Graziano F, Rappa F, Marino Gammazza A, Logozzi M, Fais S, Maugeri R, Bucchieri F, Conway de Macario E, Macario AJL, Cappello F, Iacopino DG, Campanella C.

Int J Mol Sci. 2018 Sep 5;19(9). pii: E2626. doi: 10.3390/ijms19092626. Review.


Chaperonology: The Third Eye on Brain Gliomas.

Graziano F, Bavisotto CC, Gammazza AM, Rappa F, de Macario EC, Macario AJL, Cappello F, Campanella C, Maugeri R, Iacopino DG.

Brain Sci. 2018 Jun 14;8(6). pii: E110. doi: 10.3390/brainsci8060110.


Immunohistochemistry of Human Hsp60 in Health and Disease: From Autoimmunity to Cancer.

Cappello F, Conway de Macario E, Rappa F, Zummo G, Macario AJL.

Methods Mol Biol. 2018;1709:293-305. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-7477-1_21.


Induction of cancer cell stemness by depletion of macrohistone H2A1 in hepatocellular carcinoma.

Lo Re O, Fusilli C, Rappa F, Van Haele M, Douet J, Pindjakova J, Rocha SW, Pata I, Valčíková B, Uldrijan S, Yeung RS, Peixoto CA, Roskams T, Buschbeck M, Mazza T, Vinciguerra M.

Hepatology. 2018 Feb;67(2):636-650. doi: 10.1002/hep.29519. Epub 2018 Jan 2.


Colorectal Carcinogenesis: Role of Oxidative Stress and Antioxidants.

Carini F, Mazzola M, Rappa F, Jurjus A, Geagea AG, Al Kattar S, Bou-Assi T, Jurjus R, Damiani P, Leone A, Tomasello G.

Anticancer Res. 2017 Sep;37(9):4759-4766. Review.


Colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases: effects of diet and antioxidants.

Carini F, Tomasello G, Jurjus A, Geagea A, Al Kattar S, Damiani P, Sinagra E, Rappa F, David S, Cappello F, Mazzola M, Leone A.

J Biol Regul Homeost Agents. 2017 Jul-Sep;31(3):791-795. Review.


Gut Dysbiosis and Adaptive Immune Response in Diet-induced Obesity vs. Systemic Inflammation.

Pindjakova J, Sartini C, Lo Re O, Rappa F, Coupe B, Lelouvier B, Pazienza V, Vinciguerra M.

Front Microbiol. 2017 Jun 22;8:1157. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.01157. eCollection 2017.


Colorectal cancer: an update on the effects of lycopene on tumor progression and cell proliferation.

Carini F, David S, Tomasello G, Mazzola M, Damiani P, Rappa F, Battaglia L, Gerges Geagea A, Jurjus R, Leone A.

J Biol Regul Homeost Agents. 2017 Jul-Sep;31(3):769-774. Review.


Fasting inhibits hepatic stellate cells activation and potentiates anti-cancer activity of Sorafenib in hepatocellular cancer cells.

Lo Re O, Panebianco C, Porto S, Cervi C, Rappa F, Di Biase S, Caraglia M, Pazienza V, Vinciguerra M.

J Cell Physiol. 2018 Feb;233(2):1202-1212. doi: 10.1002/jcp.25987. Epub 2017 Jul 11.


Correction: Fasting regulates EGR1 and protects from glucose- and dexamethasone-dependent sensitization to chemotherapy.

Di Biase S, Shim HS, Kim KH, Vinciguerra M, Rappa F, Wei M, Brandhorst S, Cappello F, Mirzaei H, Lee C, Longo VD.

PLoS Biol. 2017 May 1;15(5):e1002603. doi: 10.1371/journal.pbio.1002603. eCollection 2017 May.


Fasting regulates EGR1 and protects from glucose- and dexamethasone-dependent sensitization to chemotherapy.

Di Biase S, Shim HS, Kim KH, Vinciguerra M, Rappa F, Wei M, Brandhorst S, Cappello F, Mirzaei H, Lee C, Longo VD.

PLoS Biol. 2017 Mar 30;15(3):e2001951. doi: 10.1371/journal.pbio.2001951. eCollection 2017 Mar. Erratum in: PLoS Biol. 2017 May 1;15(5):e1002603.


Nandrolone decanoate interferes with testosterone biosynthesis altering blood-testis barrier components.

Barone R, Pitruzzella A, Marino Gammazza A, Rappa F, Salerno M, Barone F, Sangiorgi C, D'Amico D, Locorotondo N, Di Gaudio F, Cipolloni L, Di Felice V, Schiavone S, Rapisarda V, Sani G, Tambo A, Cappello F, Turillazzi E, Pomara C.

J Cell Mol Med. 2017 Aug;21(8):1636-1647. doi: 10.1111/jcmm.13092. Epub 2017 Feb 28.


Extracellular Superoxide Dismutase Expression in Papillary Thyroid Cancer Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells Modulates Cancer Cell Growth and Migration.

Parascandolo A, Rappa F, Cappello F, Kim J, Cantu DA, Chen H, Mazzoccoli G, Hematti P, Castellone MD, Salvatore M, Laukkanen MO.

Sci Rep. 2017 Feb 20;7:41416. doi: 10.1038/srep41416.


Histone macroH2A1.2 promotes metabolic health and leanness by inhibiting adipogenesis.

Pazienza V, Panebianco C, Rappa F, Memoli D, Borghesan M, Cannito S, Oji A, Mazza G, Tamburrino D, Fusai G, Barone R, Bolasco G, Villarroya F, Villarroya J, Hatsuzawa K, Cappello F, Tarallo R, Nakanishi T, Vinciguerra M.

Epigenetics Chromatin. 2016 Oct 25;9:45. eCollection 2016.


Assessment of the interaction of Portland cement-based materials with blood and tissue fluids using an animal model.

Schembri Wismayer P, Lung CY, Rappa F, Cappello F, Camilleri J.

Sci Rep. 2016 Sep 29;6:34547. doi: 10.1038/srep34547.


Probiotic mixture supplementation in the preventive management of trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid-induced inflammation in a murine model.

Traina G, Menchetti L, Rappa F, Casagrande-Proietti P, Barbato O, Leonardi L, Carini F, Piro F, Brecchia G.

J Biol Regul Homeost Agents. 2016 Jul-Sep;30(3):895-901.


Efficacy and epigenetic interactions of novel DNA hypomethylating agent guadecitabine (SGI-110) in preclinical models of hepatocellular carcinoma.

Jueliger S, Lyons J, Cannito S, Pata I, Pata P, Shkolnaya M, Lo Re O, Peyrou M, Villarroya F, Pazienza V, Rappa F, Cappello F, Azab M, Taverna P, Vinciguerra M.

Epigenetics. 2016 Oct 2;11(10):709-720. doi: 10.1080/15592294.2016.1214781. Epub 2016 Sep 20.


Quantitative patterns of Hsps in tubular adenoma compared with normal and tumor tissues reveal the value of Hsp10 and Hsp60 in early diagnosis of large bowel cancer.

Rappa F, Pitruzzella A, Marino Gammazza A, Barone R, Mocciaro E, Tomasello G, Carini F, Farina F, Zummo G, Conway de Macario E, Macario AJ, Cappello F.

Cell Stress Chaperones. 2016 Sep;21(5):927-33. doi: 10.1007/s12192-016-0721-5. Epub 2016 Aug 4.


Influence of endogenous glucagon-like peptide-2 on lipid disorders in mice fed a high-fat diet.

Baldassano S, Amato A, Rappa F, Cappello F, Mulè F.

Endocr Res. 2016 Nov;41(4):317-324. Epub 2016 Feb 23.


Lack of Dystrophin Affects Bronchial Epithelium in mdx Mice.

Morici G, Rappa F, Cappello F, Pace E, Pace A, Mudò G, Crescimanno G, Belluardo N, Bonsignore MR.

J Cell Physiol. 2016 Oct;231(10):2218-23. doi: 10.1002/jcp.25339. Epub 2016 Mar 10.


Alcoholic Liver Disease: A Mouse Model Reveals Protection by Lactobacillus fermentum.

Barone R, Rappa F, Macaluso F, Caruso Bavisotto C, Sangiorgi C, Di Paola G, Tomasello G, Di Felice V, Marcianò V, Farina F, Zummo G, Conway de Macario E, Macario AJ, Cocchi M, Cappello F, Marino Gammazza A.

Clin Transl Gastroenterol. 2016 Jan 21;7:e138. doi: 10.1038/ctg.2015.66.


DNA Hypomethylation and Histone Variant macroH2A1 Synergistically Attenuate Chemotherapy-Induced Senescence to Promote Hepatocellular Carcinoma Progression.

Borghesan M, Fusilli C, Rappa F, Panebianco C, Rizzo G, Oben JA, Mazzoccoli G, Faulkes C, Pata I, Agodi A, Rezaee F, Minogue S, Warren A, Peterson A, Sedivy JM, Douet J, Buschbeck M, Cappello F, Mazza T, Pazienza V, Vinciguerra M.

Cancer Res. 2016 Feb 1;76(3):594-606. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-15-1336. Epub 2016 Jan 15.


CD1A-positive cells and HSP60 (HSPD1) levels in keratoacanthoma and squamous cell carcinoma.

Cabibi D, Conway de Macario E, Ingrao S, Porcasi R, Zucco F, Macario AJL, Cappello F, Rappa F.

Cell Stress Chaperones. 2016 Jan;21(1):131-137. doi: 10.1007/s12192-015-0646-4. Epub 2015 Oct 6.


Heat shock protein 60 levels in tissue and circulating exosomes in human large bowel cancer before and after ablative surgery.

Campanella C, Rappa F, Sciumè C, Marino Gammazza A, Barone R, Bucchieri F, David S, Curcurù G, Caruso Bavisotto C, Pitruzzella A, Geraci G, Modica G, Farina F, Zummo G, Fais S, Conway de Macario E, Macario AJ, Cappello F.

Cancer. 2015 Sep 15;121(18):3230-9. doi: 10.1002/cncr.29499. Epub 2015 Jun 8.


GLP-2 as Beneficial Factor in the Glucose Homeostasis in Mice Fed a High Fat Diet.

Baldassano S, Rappa F, Amato A, Cappello F, Mulè F.

J Cell Physiol. 2015 Dec;230(12):3029-36. doi: 10.1002/jcp.25039.


Amphiregulin activates human hepatic stellate cells and is upregulated in non alcoholic steatohepatitis.

McKee C, Sigala B, Soeda J, Mouralidarane A, Morgan M, Mazzoccoli G, Rappa F, Cappello F, Cabibi D, Pazienza V, Selden C, Roskams T, Vinciguerra M, Oben JA.

Sci Rep. 2015 Mar 6;5:8812. doi: 10.1038/srep08812.


Modeling interactions between Human Equilibrative Nucleoside Transporter-1 and other factors involved in the response to gemcitabine treatment to predict clinical outcomes in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma patients.

Tavano F, Fontana A, Pellegrini F, Burbaci FP, Rappa F, Cappello F, Copetti M, Maiello E, Lombardi L, Graziano P, Vinciguerra M, di Mola FF, di Sebastiano P, Andriulli A, Pazienza V.

J Transl Med. 2014 Sep 10;12:248. doi: 10.1186/s12967-014-0248-4.


Comparative analysis of Hsp10 and Hsp90 expression in healthy mucosa and adenocarcinoma of the large bowel.

Rappa F, Sciume C, Lo Bello M, Bavisotto CC, Marino Gammazza A, Barone R, Campanella C, David S, Carini F, Zarcone F, Rizzuto S, Lena A, Tomasello G, Uzzo ML, Spatola GF, Bonaventura G, Leone A, Gerbino A, Cappello F, Bucchieri F, Zummo G, Farina F.

Anticancer Res. 2014 Aug;34(8):4153-9.


Lactobacillus casei and bifidobacterium lactis supplementation reduces tissue damage of intestinal mucosa and liver after 2,4,6-trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid treatment in mice.

Bellavia M, Rappa F, Lo Bello M, Brecchia G, Tomasello G, Leone A, Spatola G, Uzzo ML, Bonaventura G, David S, Damiani P, Hajj Hussein I, Zeenny MN, Jurjus A, Schembri-Wismayer P, Cocchi M, Zummo G, Farina F, Gerbino A, Cappello F, Traina G.

J Biol Regul Homeost Agents. 2014 Apr-Jun;28(2):251-61.


Genetic ablation of macrohistone H2A1 leads to increased leanness, glucose tolerance and energy expenditure in mice fed a high-fat diet.

Sheedfar F, Vermeer M, Pazienza V, Villarroya J, Rappa F, Cappello F, Mazzoccoli G, Villarroya F, van der Molen H, Hofker MH, Koonen DP, Vinciguerra M.

Int J Obes (Lond). 2015 Feb;39(2):331-8. doi: 10.1038/ijo.2014.91. Epub 2014 May 21.


Non-alcoholic fatty pancreas disease pathogenesis: a role for developmental programming and altered circadian rhythms.

Carter R, Mouralidarane A, Soeda J, Ray S, Pombo J, Saraswati R, Novelli M, Fusai G, Rappa F, Saracino C, Pazienza V, Poston L, Taylor PD, Vinciguerra M, Oben JA.

PLoS One. 2014 Mar 21;9(3):e89505. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0089505. eCollection 2014.


Elevated blood Hsp60, its structural similarities and cross-reactivity with thyroid molecules, and its presence on the plasma membrane of oncocytes point to the chaperonin as an immunopathogenic factor in Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

Marino Gammazza A, Rizzo M, Citarrella R, Rappa F, Campanella C, Bucchieri F, Patti A, Nikolic D, Cabibi D, Amico G, Conaldi PG, San Biagio PL, Montalto G, Farina F, Zummo G, Conway de Macario E, Macario AJ, Cappello F.

Cell Stress Chaperones. 2014 May;19(3):343-53. doi: 10.1007/s12192-013-0460-9. Epub 2013 Sep 22.


Gut microbiota imbalance and chaperoning system malfunction are central to ulcerative colitis pathogenesis and can be counteracted with specifically designed probiotics: a working hypothesis.

Bellavia M, Tomasello G, Romeo M, Damiani P, Lo Monte AI, Lozio L, Campanella C, Marino Gammazza A, Rappa F, Zummo G, Cocchi M, Conway de Macario E, Macario AJ, Cappello F.

Med Microbiol Immunol. 2013 Dec;202(6):393-406. doi: 10.1007/s00430-013-0305-2. Epub 2013 Jul 18. Review.


Different immunohistochemical levels of Hsp60 and Hsp70 in a subset of brain tumors and putative role of Hsp60 in neuroepithelial tumorigenesis.

Rappa F, Unti E, Baiamonte P, Cappello F, Scibetta N.

Eur J Histochem. 2013 Jun 28;57(2):e20. doi: 10.4081/ejh.2013.e20.


Mutual antagonism between circadian protein period 2 and hepatitis C virus replication in hepatocytes.

Benegiamo G, Mazzoccoli G, Cappello F, Rappa F, Scibetta N, Oben J, Greco A, Williams R, Andriulli A, Vinciguerra M, Pazienza V.

PLoS One. 2013 Apr 8;8(4):e60527. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0060527. Print 2013.


Silk fibroin scaffolds enhance cell commitment of adult rat cardiac progenitor cells.

Di Felice V, Serradifalco C, Rizzuto L, De Luca A, Rappa F, Barone R, Di Marco P, Cassata G, Puleio R, Verin L, Motta A, Migliaresi C, Guercio A, Zummo G.

J Tissue Eng Regen Med. 2015 Nov;9(11):E51-64. doi: 10.1002/term.1739. Epub 2013 Apr 17.


Immunopositivity for histone macroH2A1 isoforms marks steatosis-associated hepatocellular carcinoma.

Rappa F, Greco A, Podrini C, Cappello F, Foti M, Bourgoin L, Peyrou M, Marino A, Scibetta N, Williams R, Mazzoccoli G, Federici M, Pazienza V, Vinciguerra M.

PLoS One. 2013;8(1):e54458. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0054458. Epub 2013 Jan 23. Erratum in: PLoS One. 2013;8(3). doi:10.1371/annotation/b456329c-02fa-4055-afb8-2090cec17da6.


Glucagon-like peptide-2 and mouse intestinal adaptation to a high-fat diet.

Baldassano S, Amato A, Cappello F, Rappa F, Mulè F.

J Endocrinol. 2013 Mar 15;217(1):11-20. doi: 10.1530/JOE-12-0500. Print 2013 Apr.


Immunohistochemical expression of apoptotic factors, cytokeratins, and metalloproteinase-9 in periapical and epithelialized gingival lesions.

Leone A, Uzzo ML, Rappa F, Hajj Hussein IA, Gerbino A, Spatola GF, Jurjus A.

Folia Histochem Cytobiol. 2012;50(4):497-503. doi: 10.5603/20320.


HSP-molecular chaperones in cancer biogenesis and tumor therapy: an overview.

Rappa F, Farina F, Zummo G, David S, Campanella C, Carini F, Tomasello G, Damiani P, Cappello F, DE Macario EC, Macario AJ.

Anticancer Res. 2012 Dec;32(12):5139-50. Review.


Aldehyde dehydrogenase and HSP90 co-localize in human glioblastoma biopsy cells.

Rappa F, Cappello F, Halatsch ME, Scheuerle A, Kast RE.

Biochimie. 2013 Apr;95(4):782-6. doi: 10.1016/j.biochi.2012.11.007. Epub 2012 Nov 29.


Hsp10, Hsp70, and Hsp90 immunohistochemical levels change in ulcerative colitis after therapy.

Tomasello G, Sciumé C, Rappa F, Rodolico V, Zerilli M, Martorana A, Cicero G, De Luca R, Damiani P, Accardo FM, Romeo M, Farina F, Bonaventura G, Modica G, Zummo G, Conway de Macario E, Macario AJ, Cappello F.

Eur J Histochem. 2011 Oct 24;55(4):e38. doi: 10.4081/ejh.2011.e38.


Heat-shock protein 60 kDa and atherogenic dyslipidemia in patients with untreated mild periodontitis: a pilot study.

Rizzo M, Cappello F, Marfil R, Nibali L, Marino Gammazza A, Rappa F, Bonaventura G, Galindo-Moreno P, O'Valle F, Zummo G, Conway de Macario E, Macario AJ, Mesa F.

Cell Stress Chaperones. 2012 May;17(3):399-407. doi: 10.1007/s12192-011-0315-1. Epub 2012 Jan 4.


Changes in immunohistochemical levels and subcellular localization after therapy and correlation and colocalization with CD68 suggest a pathogenetic role of Hsp60 in ulcerative colitis.

Tomasello G, Rodolico V, Zerilli M, Martorana A, Bucchieri F, Pitruzzella A, Marino Gammazza A, David S, Rappa F, Zummo G, Damiani P, Accomando S, Rizzo M, de Macario EC, Macario AJ, Cappello F.

Appl Immunohistochem Mol Morphol. 2011 Dec;19(6):552-61. doi: 10.1097/PAI.0b013e3182118e5f.


Apoptosis is not involved in the mechanism of myocardial dysfunction after resuscitation in a rat model of cardiac arrest and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Song F, Shan Y, Cappello F, Rappa F, Ristagno G, Yu T, Li Volti G, Sun S, Weil MH, Tang W.

Crit Care Med. 2010 May;38(5):1329-34. doi: 10.1097/CCM.0b013e3181d9da8d.


Reliability of the bright liver echo pattern in diagnosing steatosis in patients with cryptogenic and HCV-related hypertransaminasaemia.

Soresi M, Giannitrapani L, Florena AM, La Spada E, Di Gesaro V, Rappa F, Alessandri A, Tripi S, Romano M, Montalto G.

Clin Radiol. 2009 Dec;64(12):1181-7. doi: 10.1016/j.crad.2009.06.013. Epub 2009 Oct 8.


Upon oxidative stress, the antiapoptotic Hsp60/procaspase-3 complex persists in mucoepidermoid carcinoma cells.

Campanella C, Bucchieri F, Ardizzone NM, Marino Gammazza A, Montalbano A, Ribbene A, Di Felice V, Bellafiore M, David S, Rappa F, Marasà M, Peri G, Farina F, Czarnecka AM, Conway de Macario E, Macario AJ, Zummo G, Cappello F.

Eur J Histochem. 2008 Oct-Dec;52(4):221-8.


CD1a down-regulation in primary invasive ductal breast carcinoma may predict regional lymph node invasion and patient outcome.

La Rocca G, Anzalone R, Corrao S, Magno F, Rappa F, Marasà S, Czarnecka AM, Marasà L, Sergi C, Zummo G, Cappello F.

Histopathology. 2008 Jan;52(2):203-12. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2559.2007.02919.x.


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