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Side-chain moieties from the N-terminal region of Aβ are Involved in an oligomer-stabilizing network of interactions.

Przygońska K, Poznański J, Mistarz UH, Rand KD, Dadlez M.

PLoS One. 2018 Aug 6;13(8):e0201761. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0201761. eCollection 2018.


Investigating the utility of minimized sample preparation and high-resolution mass spectrometry for quantification of monoclonal antibody drugs.

Nguyen TTTN, Mistarz UH, Costa N, Herbet A, Boquet D, Becher F, Rand KD.

J Pharm Biomed Anal. 2018 Sep 10;159:384-392. doi: 10.1016/j.jpba.2018.07.012. Epub 2018 Jul 30.


Substrate-modulated unwinding of transmembrane helices in the NSS transporter LeuT.

Merkle PS, Gotfryd K, Cuendet MA, Leth-Espensen KZ, Gether U, Loland CJ, Rand KD.

Sci Adv. 2018 May 11;4(5):eaar6179. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aar6179. eCollection 2018 May.


Installation, validation, and application examples of two instrumental setups for gas-phase HDX-MS analysis of peptides and proteins.

Mistarz UH, Rand KD.

Methods. 2018 Jul 15;144:113-124. doi: 10.1016/j.ymeth.2018.05.002. Epub 2018 May 18.


Unusual Self-Assembly of the Recombinant Chlamydia trachomatis Major Outer Membrane Protein-Based Fusion Antigen CTH522 Into Protein Nanoparticles.

Rose F, Karlsen K, Jensen PR, Jakobsen RU, Wood GK, Rand KD, Godiksen H, Andersen P, Follmann F, Foged C.

J Pharm Sci. 2018 Jun;107(6):1690-1700. doi: 10.1016/j.xphs.2018.02.005. Epub 2018 Feb 13.


Glycine Perturbs Local and Global Conformational Flexibility of a Transmembrane Helix.

Högel P, Götz A, Kuhne F, Ebert M, Stelzer W, Rand KD, Scharnagl C, Langosch D.

Biochemistry. 2018 Feb 27;57(8):1326-1337. doi: 10.1021/acs.biochem.7b01197. Epub 2018 Feb 9.


UV Photodissociation Mass Spectrometry Accurately Localize Sites of Backbone Deuteration in Peptides.

Mistarz UH, Bellina B, Jensen PF, Brown JM, Barran PE, Rand KD.

Anal Chem. 2018 Jan 16;90(2):1077-1080. doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.7b04683. Epub 2017 Dec 28.


A Poly-ADP-Ribose Trigger Releases the Auto-Inhibition of a Chromatin Remodeling Oncogene.

Singh HR, Nardozza AP, Möller IR, Knobloch G, Kistemaker HAV, Hassler M, Harrer N, Blessing C, Eustermann S, Kotthoff C, Huet S, Mueller-Planitz F, Filippov DV, Timinszky G, Rand KD, Ladurner AG.

Mol Cell. 2017 Dec 7;68(5):860-871.e7. doi: 10.1016/j.molcel.2017.11.019.


Conformational characterization of nerve growth factor-β reveals that its regulatory pro-part domain stabilizes three loop regions in its mature part.

Trabjerg E, Kartberg F, Christensen S, Rand KD.

J Biol Chem. 2017 Oct 6;292(40):16665-16676. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M117.803320. Epub 2017 Aug 10.


The extraordinary thermal stability of EstA from S. islandicus is independent of post translational modifications.

Stiefler-Jensen D, Schwarz-Linnet T, de Lichtenberg C, Nguyen TTTN, Rand KD, Huang L, She Q, Teilum K.

Protein Sci. 2017 Sep;26(9):1819-1827. doi: 10.1002/pro.3220. Epub 2017 Jul 13.


The T-Cell Receptor Can Bind to the Peptide-Bound Major Histocompatibility Complex and Uncomplexed β2-Microglobulin through Distinct Binding Sites.

Merkle PS, Irving M, Hongjian S, Ferber M, Jørgensen TJD, Scholten K, Luescher I, Coukos G, Zoete V, Cuendet MA, Michielin O, Rand KD.

Biochemistry. 2017 Aug 1;56(30):3945-3961. doi: 10.1021/acs.biochem.7b00385. Epub 2017 Jul 19.


Expression, Purification and Characterization of GMZ2'.10C, a Complex Disulphide-Bonded Fusion Protein Vaccine Candidate against the Asexual and Sexual Life-Stages of the Malaria-Causing Plasmodium falciparum Parasite.

Mistarz UH, Singh SK, Nguyen TTTN, Roeffen W, Yang F, Lissau C, Madsen SM, Vrang A, Tiendrebeogo RW, Kana IH, Sauerwein RW, Theisen M, Rand KD.

Pharm Res. 2017 Sep;34(9):1970-1983. doi: 10.1007/s11095-017-2208-1. Epub 2017 Jun 23.


Construct design, production, and characterization of Plasmodium falciparum 48/45 R0.6C subunit protein produced in Lactococcus lactis as candidate vaccine.

Singh SK, Roeffen W, Mistarz UH, Chourasia BK, Yang F, Rand KD, Sauerwein RW, Theisen M.

Microb Cell Fact. 2017 May 31;16(1):97. doi: 10.1186/s12934-017-0710-0.


Coordinates and intervals in graph-based reference genomes.

Rand KD, Grytten I, Nederbragt AJ, Storvik GO, Glad IK, Sandve GK.

BMC Bioinformatics. 2017 May 18;18(1):263. doi: 10.1186/s12859-017-1678-9.


Thiol-ene Monolithic Pepsin Microreactor with a 3D-Printed Interface for Efficient UPLC-MS Peptide Mapping Analyses.

Jönsson A, Svejdal RR, Bøgelund N, Nguyen TTTN, Flindt H, Kutter JP, Rand KD, Lafleur JP.

Anal Chem. 2017 Apr 18;89(8):4573-4580. doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.6b05103. Epub 2017 Apr 4.


Removal of N-Linked Glycosylations at Acidic pH by PNGase A Facilitates Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry Analysis of N-Linked Glycoproteins.

Jensen PF, Comamala G, Trelle MB, Madsen JB, Jørgensen TJ, Rand KD.

Anal Chem. 2016 Dec 20;88(24):12479-12488. doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.6b03951. Epub 2016 Nov 28.


A Two-pronged Binding Mechanism of IgG to the Neonatal Fc Receptor Controls Complex Stability and IgG Serum Half-life.

Jensen PF, Schoch A, Larraillet V, Hilger M, Schlothauer T, Emrich T, Rand KD.

Mol Cell Proteomics. 2017 Mar;16(3):451-456. doi: 10.1074/mcp.M116.064675. Epub 2017 Jan 6.


A simple sheathless CE-MS interface with a sub-micrometer electrical contact fracture for sensitive analysis of peptide and protein samples.

Nguyen TT, Petersen NJ, Rand KD.

Anal Chim Acta. 2016 Sep 14;936:157-67. doi: 10.1016/j.aca.2016.07.002. Epub 2016 Jul 5.


Fully Automated Electro Membrane Extraction Autosampler for LC-MS Systems Allowing Soft Extractions for High-Throughput Applications.

Fuchs D, Pedersen-Bjergaard S, Jensen H, Rand KD, Honoré Hansen S, Petersen NJ.

Anal Chem. 2016 Jul 5;88(13):6797-804. doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.6b01243. Epub 2016 Jun 15.


Investigating the Role of Artemin Glycosylation.

Danwen Q, Code C, Quan C, Gong BJ, Arndt J, Pepinsky B, Rand KD, Houde D.

Pharm Res. 2016 Jun;33(6):1383-98. doi: 10.1007/s11095-016-1880-x. Epub 2016 Feb 23.


Conformational Analysis of Proteins in Highly Concentrated Solutions by Dialysis-Coupled Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry.

Houde D, Nazari ZE, Bou-Assaf GM, Weiskopf AS, Rand KD.

J Am Soc Mass Spectrom. 2016 Apr;27(4):669-76. doi: 10.1007/s13361-015-1331-7. Epub 2016 Feb 9.


Direct coupling of a flow-flow electromembrane extraction probe to LC-MS.

Fuchs D, Gabel-Jensen C, Jensen H, Rand KD, Pedersen-Bjergaard S, Hansen SH, Petersen NJ.

Anal Chim Acta. 2016 Jan 28;905:93-9. doi: 10.1016/j.aca.2015.12.014. Epub 2015 Dec 18.


Probing the Binding Interfaces of Protein Complexes Using Gas-Phase H/D Exchange Mass Spectrometry.

Mistarz UH, Brown JM, Haselmann KF, Rand KD.

Structure. 2016 Feb 2;24(2):310-8. doi: 10.1016/j.str.2015.11.013. Epub 2015 Dec 31.


Conformational Destabilization of Immunoglobulin G Increases the Low pH Binding Affinity with the Neonatal Fc Receptor.

Walters BT, Jensen PF, Larraillet V, Lin K, Patapoff T, Schlothauer T, Rand KD, Zhang J.

J Biol Chem. 2016 Jan 22;291(4):1817-25. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M115.691568. Epub 2015 Dec 1.


Conformational analysis of large and highly disulfide-stabilized proteins by integrating online electrochemical reduction into an optimized H/D exchange mass spectrometry workflow.

Trabjerg E, Jakobsen RU, Mysling S, Christensen S, Jørgensen TJ, Rand KD.

Anal Chem. 2015 Sep 1;87(17):8880-8. doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.5b01996. Epub 2015 Aug 18.


Probing the Conformational and Functional Consequences of Disulfide Bond Engineering in Growth Hormone by Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry Coupled to Electron Transfer Dissociation.

Seger ST, Breinholt J, Faber JH, Andersen MD, Wiberg C, Schjødt CB, Rand KD.

Anal Chem. 2015 Jun 16;87(12):5973-80. doi: 10.1021/ac504782v. Epub 2015 May 29.


Rapid and simple preparation of thiol-ene emulsion-templated monoliths and their application as enzymatic microreactors.

Lafleur JP, Senkbeil S, Novotny J, Nys G, Bøgelund N, Rand KD, Foret F, Kutter JP.

Lab Chip. 2015 May 21;15(10):2162-72. doi: 10.1039/c5lc00224a.


Getting to the core of protein pharmaceuticals--Comprehensive structure analysis by mass spectrometry.

Leurs U, Mistarz UH, Rand KD.

Eur J Pharm Biopharm. 2015 Jun;93:95-109. doi: 10.1016/j.ejpb.2015.03.012. Epub 2015 Mar 17. Review.


Investigating the interaction between the neonatal Fc receptor and monoclonal antibody variants by hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry.

Jensen PF, Larraillet V, Schlothauer T, Kettenberger H, Hilger M, Rand KD.

Mol Cell Proteomics. 2015 Jan;14(1):148-61. doi: 10.1074/mcp.M114.042044. Epub 2014 Nov 6.


Simple setup for gas-phase H/D exchange mass spectrometry coupled to electron transfer dissociation and ion mobility for analysis of polypeptide structure on a liquid chromatographic time scale.

Mistarz UH, Brown JM, Haselmann KF, Rand KD.

Anal Chem. 2014 Dec 2;86(23):11868-76. doi: 10.1021/ac5035456. Epub 2014 Nov 20.


Dissecting the binding mode of low affinity phage display peptide ligands to protein targets by hydrogen/deuterium exchange coupled to mass spectrometry.

Leurs U, Lohse B, Ming S, Cole PA, Clausen RP, Kristensen JL, Rand KD.

Anal Chem. 2014 Dec 2;86(23):11734-41. doi: 10.1021/ac503137u. Epub 2014 Nov 11.


Measuring the hydrogen/deuterium exchange of proteins at high spatial resolution by mass spectrometry: overcoming gas-phase hydrogen/deuterium scrambling.

Rand KD, Zehl M, Jørgensen TJ.

Acc Chem Res. 2014 Oct 21;47(10):3018-27. doi: 10.1021/ar500194w. Epub 2014 Aug 29. Review.


Substrate- and cofactor-independent inhibition of histone demethylase KDM4C.

Leurs U, Lohse B, Rand KD, Ming S, Riise ES, Cole PA, Kristensen JL, Clausen RP.

ACS Chem Biol. 2014 Sep 19;9(9):2131-8. doi: 10.1021/cb500374f. Epub 2014 Jul 17.


A conformational investigation of propeptide binding to the integral membrane protein γ-glutamyl carboxylase using nanodisc hydrogen exchange mass spectrometry.

Parker CH, Morgan CR, Rand KD, Engen JR, Jorgenson JW, Stafford DW.

Biochemistry. 2014 Mar 11;53(9):1511-20. doi: 10.1021/bi401536m. Epub 2014 Feb 26.


Site-specific analysis of gas-phase hydrogen/deuterium exchange of peptides and proteins by electron transfer dissociation.

Rand KD, Pringle SD, Morris M, Brown JM.

Anal Chem. 2012 Feb 21;84(4):1931-40. doi: 10.1021/ac202918j. Epub 2012 Feb 3.


Spatially resolved protein hydrogen exchange measured by matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization in-source decay.

Rand KD, Bache N, Nedertoft MM, Jørgensen TJ.

Anal Chem. 2011 Dec 1;83(23):8859-62. doi: 10.1021/ac202468v. Epub 2011 Nov 9.


Antibody mechanics on a membrane-bound HIV segment essential for GP41-targeted viral neutralization.

Kim M, Sun ZY, Rand KD, Shi X, Song L, Cheng Y, Fahmy AF, Majumdar S, Ofek G, Yang Y, Kwong PD, Wang JH, Engen JR, Wagner G, Reinherz EL.

Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2011 Oct 16;18(11):1235-43. doi: 10.1038/nsmb.2154.


ETD in a traveling wave ion guide at tuned Z-spray ion source conditions allows for site-specific hydrogen/deuterium exchange measurements.

Rand KD, Pringle SD, Morris M, Engen JR, Brown JM.

J Am Soc Mass Spectrom. 2011 Oct;22(10):1784-93. doi: 10.1007/s13361-011-0196-7. Epub 2011 Jul 9.


Conformational transitions in the membrane scaffold protein of phospholipid bilayer nanodiscs.

Morgan CR, Hebling CM, Rand KD, Stafford DW, Jorgenson JW, Engen JR.

Mol Cell Proteomics. 2011 Sep;10(9):M111.010876. doi: 10.1074/mcp.M111.010876. Epub 2011 Jun 29.


False EX1 signatures caused by sample carryover during HX MS analyses.

Fang J, Rand KD, Beuning PJ, Engen JR.

Int J Mass Spectrom. 2011 Apr 30;302(1-3):19-25.


Loss of ammonia during electron-transfer dissociation of deuterated peptides as an inherent gauge of gas-phase hydrogen scrambling.

Rand KD, Zehl M, Jensen ON, Jørgensen TJ.

Anal Chem. 2010 Dec 1;82(23):9755-62. doi: 10.1021/ac101889b. Epub 2010 Oct 29.


Conformational analysis of membrane proteins in phospholipid bilayer nanodiscs by hydrogen exchange mass spectrometry.

Hebling CM, Morgan CR, Stafford DW, Jorgenson JW, Rand KD, Engen JR.

Anal Chem. 2010 Jul 1;82(13):5415-9. doi: 10.1021/ac100962c.


Conformational dynamics of the Escherichia coli DNA polymerase manager proteins UmuD and UmuD'.

Fang J, Rand KD, Silva MC, Wales TE, Engen JR, Beuning PJ.

J Mol Biol. 2010 Apr 23;398(1):40-53. doi: 10.1016/j.jmb.2010.02.040. Epub 2010 Mar 4.


Gas-phase hydrogen/deuterium exchange in a traveling wave ion guide for the examination of protein conformations.

Rand KD, Pringle SD, Murphy JP 3rd, Fadgen KE, Brown J, Engen JR.

Anal Chem. 2009 Dec 15;81(24):10019-28. doi: 10.1021/ac901897x.


Protein hydrogen exchange measured at single-residue resolution by electron transfer dissociation mass spectrometry.

Rand KD, Zehl M, Jensen ON, Jørgensen TJ.

Anal Chem. 2009 Jul 15;81(14):5577-84. doi: 10.1021/ac9008447.


Electron transfer dissociation facilitates the measurement of deuterium incorporation into selectively labeled peptides with single residue resolution.

Zehl M, Rand KD, Jensen ON, Jørgensen TJ.

J Am Chem Soc. 2008 Dec 24;130(51):17453-9. doi: 10.1021/ja805573h.


Gas-phase fragmentation of peptides by MALDI in-source decay with limited amide hydrogen (1H/2H) scrambling.

Bache N, Rand KD, Roepstorff P, Jørgensen TJ.

Anal Chem. 2008 Aug 15;80(16):6431-5. doi: 10.1021/ac800902a. Epub 2008 Jul 22.


Hydrogen atom scrambling in selectively labeled anionic peptides upon collisional activation by MALDI tandem time-of-flight mass spectrometry.

Bache N, Rand KD, Roepstorff P, Ploug M, Jørgensen TJ.

J Am Soc Mass Spectrom. 2008 Dec;19(12):1719-25. doi: 10.1016/j.jasms.2008.05.021. Epub 2008 Jun 11.


Crystal structure of a prolactin receptor antagonist bound to the extracellular domain of the prolactin receptor.

Svensson LA, Bondensgaard K, Nørskov-Lauritsen L, Christensen L, Becker P, Andersen MD, Maltesen MJ, Rand KD, Breinholt J.

J Biol Chem. 2008 Jul 4;283(27):19085-94. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M801202200. Epub 2008 May 8.

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