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Proposed risk factors for failure of transplanted eye bank-prepared descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty tissues.

Kanavi MR, Javadi MA, Chamani T, Rahmanian M, Kanavi MR, Kheiri B.

Cell Tissue Bank. 2020 Jan 6. doi: 10.1007/s10561-020-09808-5. [Epub ahead of print]


The effect of canola oil compared with sesame and sesame-canola oil on cardio-metabolic biomarkers in patients with type 2 diabetes: Design and research protocol of a randomized, triple-blind, three-way, crossover clinical trial.

Amiri M, Ghaneian MT, Zare-Sakhvidi MJ, Rahmanian M, Nadjarzadeh A, Moghtaderi F, Raeisi-Dehkordi H, Zimorovat A, Jafari F, Zavar-Reza J, Jahan-Mihan A, Reza Aghaei-Meybodi M, Salehi-Abargouei A.

ARYA Atheroscler. 2019 Jul;15(4):168-178. doi: 10.22122/arya.v15i4.1940.


Spiritual intelligence of adolescents with diabetes based on demographic components.

Rahmanian M, Hojat M, Fatemi NS, Mehran A, Parvizy S.

J Educ Health Promot. 2019 Oct 24;8:204. doi: 10.4103/jehp.jehp_361_18. eCollection 2019.


The Effect of Resveratrol Supplementation on Cardio-Metabolic Risk Factors in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: A Randomized, Double-Blind Controlled Trial.

Abdollahi S, Salehi-Abargouei A, Toupchian O, Sheikhha MH, Fallahzadeh H, Rahmanian M, Tabatabaie M, Mozaffari-Khosravi H.

Phytother Res. 2019 Dec;33(12):3153-3162. doi: 10.1002/ptr.6487. Epub 2019 Sep 1.


Ultrasonic-assisted synthesis and in vitro biological assessments of a novel herceptin-stabilized graphene using three dimensional cell spheroid.

Askari E, Naghib SM, Seyfoori A, Maleki A, Rahmanian M.

Ultrason Sonochem. 2019 Nov;58:104615. doi: 10.1016/j.ultsonch.2019.104615. Epub 2019 May 29.


Evaluation of the metformin effects on Anti-Müllerian Hormone in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome: A double-blind randomized clinical trial.

Rahmanian M.

Int J Reprod Biomed (Yazd). 2019 Mar 19;17(2). pii: ijrm.v17i2.3992. doi: 10.18502/ijrm.v17i2.3992. eCollection 2019 Feb. No abstract available.


The incidence rate of diabetes mellitus (type II) and its related risk factors: A 10-year longitudinal study of Yazd Healthy Heart Cohort (YHHC), Iran.

Namayandeh SM, Karimi A, Fallahzadeh H, Rahmanian M, Sadr Bafghi SM, Soltani M, Hadiani L.

Diabetes Metab Syndr. 2019 Mar - Apr;13(2):1437-1441. doi: 10.1016/j.dsx.2019.02.012. Epub 2019 Feb 5.


The effect of resveratrol supplementation on the expression levels of factors associated with cellular senescence and sCD163/sTWEAK ratio in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: study protocol for a double-blind controlled randomised clinical trial.

Abdollahi S, Salehi-Abargouei A, Tabatabaie M, Sheikhha MH, Fallahzadeh H, Rahmanian M, Toupchian O, Karimi-Nazari E, Mozaffari-Khosravi H.

BMJ Open. 2019 Jul 4;9(7):e026337. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-026337.


Microfluidic Brain-on-a-Chip: Perspectives for Mimicking Neural System Disorders.

Mofazzal Jahromi MA, Abdoli A, Rahmanian M, Bardania H, Bayandori M, Moosavi Basri SM, Kalbasi A, Aref AR, Karimi M, Hamblin MR.

Mol Neurobiol. 2019 Dec;56(12):8489-8512. doi: 10.1007/s12035-019-01653-2. Epub 2019 Jul 1. Review.


Kinetic studies on palm heart protein solubility and investigation of physicochemical, functional and thermal properties of palm heart protein isolate.

Hematian Sourki A, Rahmanian M.

J Food Sci Technol. 2019 Apr;56(4):1820-1828. doi: 10.1007/s13197-019-03626-8. Epub 2019 Feb 18.


Is hearing impairment in diabetic patients correlated to other complications?

Ashkezari SJ, Namiranian N, Rahmanian M, Atighechi S, Mohajeri-Tehrani MR, Gholami S.

J Diabetes Metab Disord. 2018 Sep 26;17(2):173-179. doi: 10.1007/s40200-018-0357-3. eCollection 2018 Dec.


Continuous-Flow Left Ventricular Assist Device Survival Improves With Multidisciplinary Approach.

Jorde UP, Shah AM, Sims DB, Madan S, Siddiqi N, Luke A, Saeed O, Patel SR, Murthy S, Shin J, Oviedo J, Watts S, Jakobleff W, Forest S, Vukelic S, Belov D, Puius Y, Minamoto G, Muggia V, Carlese A, Leung S, Rahmanian M, Leff J, Goldstein D.

Ann Thorac Surg. 2019 Aug;108(2):508-516. doi: 10.1016/j.athoracsur.2019.01.063. Epub 2019 Mar 7.


Comparison of risk factors of cardiovascular diseases in male and female nurses.

Hojat M, Jahromi MK, Koshkaki SR, Rahmanian M.

J Educ Health Promot. 2019 Jan 29;8:19. doi: 10.4103/jehp.jehp_221_18. eCollection 2019.


Association of food groups intake and physical activity with gestational diabetes mellitus in Iranian women.

Lotfi MH, Fallahzadeh H, Rahmanian M, Hosseinzadeh M, Lashkardoost H, Doaei S, Gholamalizadeh M, Hamedi A.

J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med. 2019 Feb 17:1-6. doi: 10.1080/14767058.2019.1579189. [Epub ahead of print]


Dose vitamin D supplementations improve peripheral diabetic neuropathy? A before-after clinical trial.

Ghadiri-Anari A, Mozafari Z, Gholami S, Khodaei SA, Aboutorabi-Zarchi M, Sepehri F, Nadjarzade A, Rahmanian M, Namiranian N.

Diabetes Metab Syndr. 2019 Jan - Feb;13(1):890-893. doi: 10.1016/j.dsx.2018.12.014. Epub 2018 Dec 20.


Self-filling microwell arrays (SFMAs) for tumor spheroid formation.

Seyfoori A, Samiei E, Jalili N, Godau B, Rahmanian M, Farahmand L, Majidzadeh-A K, Akbari M.

Lab Chip. 2018 Nov 6;18(22):3516-3528. doi: 10.1039/c8lc00708j.


Is there a relationship between body mass index and diabetic retinopathy in type II diabetic patients? A cross sectional study.

Sarrafan-Chaharsoughi Z, Manaviat MR, Namiranian N, Yazdian-Anari P, Rahmanian M.

J Diabetes Metab Disord. 2018 Apr 28;17(1):63-69. doi: 10.1007/s40200-018-0339-5. eCollection 2018 Jun.


The relationship between spiritual intelligence with self-efficacy in adolescents suffering type 1 diabetes.

Rahmanian M, Hojat M, Jahromi MZ, Nabiolahi A.

J Educ Health Promot. 2018 Aug 2;7:100. doi: 10.4103/jehp.jehp_21_18. eCollection 2018.


The predictive role of spiritual intelligence in self-management in adolescents with type 1 diabetes.

Rahmanian M, Hojat M, Fatemi NS, Mehran A, Parvizy S.

J Educ Health Promot. 2018 May 3;7:69. doi: 10.4103/jehp.jehp_182_17. eCollection 2018.


The role of clinical factors in the association of gestational diabetes amongst women aged 15-49 years residing in Yazd-Iran.

Lotfi MH, Fallahzadeh H, Rahmanian M, Lashkardoost H, Hamedi A.

Diabetes Metab Syndr. 2018 Sep;12(5):705-709. doi: 10.1016/j.dsx.2018.04.021. Epub 2018 Apr 16.


Technique Feature Analysis or Involvement Load Hypothesis: Estimating Their Predictive Power in Vocabulary Learning.

Gohar MJ, Rahmanian M, Soleimani H.

J Psycholinguist Res. 2018 Aug;47(4):859-869. doi: 10.1007/s10936-018-9568-5.


The Effect of Bilingualism and Trilingualism on Metacognitive Processing: Detrimental or Beneficial?

Soleimani H, Rahmanian M.

J Psycholinguist Res. 2018 Aug;47(4):803-815. doi: 10.1007/s10936-018-9563-x.


Short-term Outcome of Patients with Infective Endocarditis: A Single-center Prospective Study.

Saberi K, Salehi M, Bakhshandeh AR, Sharifi S, Rahmanian M, Sattarzadeh R, Tavoosi A.

Anesth Essays Res. 2017 Oct-Dec;11(4):1018-1021. doi: 10.4103/aer.AER_66_17.


Comparative Diagnostic Performance of Ultrasonography and 99mTc-Sestamibi Scintigraphy for Parathyroid Adenoma in Primary Hyperparathyroidism; Systematic Review and Meta- Analysis

Nafisi Moghadam R, Amlelshahbaz AP, Namiranian N, Sobhan-Ardekani M, Emami-Meybodi M, Dehghan A, Rahmanian M, Razavi-Ratki SK.

Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2017 Dec 28;18(12):3195-3200. Review.


Effects of an Herbal Combination on Glycemic Control and Lipid Profile in Diabetic Women: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial.

Shokoohi R, Kianbakht S, Faramarzi M, Rahmanian M, Nabati F, Mehrzadi S, Huseini HF.

J Evid Based Complementary Altern Med. 2017 Oct;22(4):798-804. doi: 10.1177/2156587217737683. Epub 2017 Nov 15.


Preparation and Thickness Profile of Endothelial Keratoplasty Lenticules from Donated Whole Eyes with Previous Photorefractive Keratectomy.

Kanavi MR, Fahim P, Rahmanian M, Chamani T, Kheiri B, Balagholi S, Javadi MA.

J Ophthalmic Vis Res. 2017 Oct-Dec;12(4):380-384. doi: 10.4103/jovr.jovr_179_16.


Appropriate blood component therapy can reduce postcardiac surgery acute kidney injury through packed cell transfusion reduction.

Saberi K, Salehi M, Rahmanian M, Bakhshandeh AR, Massoumi GR.

J Res Med Sci. 2017 Jun 21;22:80. doi: 10.4103/jrms.JRMS_910_15. eCollection 2017.


Repeated Remote Ischemic Conditioning Effect on Ankle-brachial Index in Diabetic Patients - A Randomized Control Trial.

Shahvazian N, Rafiee M, Rahmanian M, Razavi-Ratki SK, Farahzadi MH.

Adv Biomed Res. 2017 Mar 7;6:28. doi: 10.4103/2277-9175.201685. eCollection 2017.


Effects of bee propolis supplementation on glycemic control, lipid profile and insulin resistance indices in patients with type 2 diabetes: a randomized, double-blind clinical trial.

Samadi N, Mozaffari-Khosravi H, Rahmanian M, Askarishahi M.

J Integr Med. 2017 Mar;15(2):124-134. doi: 10.1016/S2095-4964(17)60315-7.


Assessment of limited chest x-ray technique in postcardiac surgery management.

Salehi M, Saberi K, Rahmanian M, Bakhshandeh AR, Sharifi S.

Ann Card Anaesth. 2017 Jan-Mar;20(1):38-41. doi: 10.4103/0971-9784.197829.


Central Obesity and Liver Iron Content: A Noninvasive Assessment in General Population by Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Radmard AR, Poustchi H, Hashemi Taheri AP, Gerami Seresht M, Mohammadinejad P, Yoonessi A, Dadgostar M, Rahmanian MS, Jafari E, Zeinoddini A, Malekzadeh R, Merat S.

Ann Nutr Metab. 2016;69(3-4):181-189. doi: 10.1159/000453111. Epub 2016 Nov 18.


Assessment of Abdominal Fat Distribution in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease by Magnetic Resonance Imaging: a Population-based Study.

Radmard AR, Rahmanian MS, Abrishami A, Yoonessi A, Kooraki S, Dadgostar M, Hashemi Taheri AP, Gerami Seresht M, Poustchi H, Jafari E, Malekzadeh R, Merat S.

Arch Iran Med. 2016 Oct;19(10):693-699.


Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting in Patients with Advanced Left Ventricular Dysfunction: Excellent Early Outcome with Improved Ejection Fraction.

Salehi M, Bakhshandeh A, Rahmanian M, Saberi K, Kahrom M, Sobhanian K.

J Tehran Heart Cent. 2016 Jan 13;11(1):6-10. Review.


Development of a Worldwide Consortium on Evolutionary Participatory Breeding in Quinoa.

Murphy KM, Bazile D, Kellogg J, Rahmanian M.

Front Plant Sci. 2016 May 9;7:608. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2016.00608. eCollection 2016.


Anesthetic implication of tricuspid valve replacement in a patient with acute intermittent porphyria.

Saberi K, Salehi M, Rahmanian M, Bakhshandeh AR, Mahlabani M.

Ann Card Anaesth. 2016 Apr-Jun;19(2):367-71. doi: 10.4103/0971-9784.179623.


Abdominal fat distribution and carotid atherosclerosis in a general population: a semi-automated method using magnetic resonance imaging.

Radmard AR, Poustchi H, Ansari L, Khorasanizadeh F, Yoonessi A, Hashemi Taheri AP, Rahmanian MS, Jafari E, Malekzadeh R, Merat S.

Jpn J Radiol. 2016 Jun;34(6):414-22. doi: 10.1007/s11604-016-0540-8. Epub 2016 Mar 25.


Hierarchical CuCo2S4 hollow nanoneedle arrays as novel binder-free electrodes for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors.

Moosavifard SE, Fani S, Rahmanian M.

Chem Commun (Camb). 2016 Mar 25;52(24):4517-20. doi: 10.1039/c6cc00215c.


A crossover study comparing gabapentin and fluoxetine for the treatment of vasomotor symptoms among postmenopausal women.

Rahmanian M, Mohseni A, Ghorbani R.

Int J Gynaecol Obstet. 2015 Oct;131(1):87-90. doi: 10.1016/j.ijgo.2015.04.042. Epub 2015 Jun 30.


Acute abdominal pain in a man with Cushing syndrome.

Rahmanian M, Nedooshan JJ, Rafat S, Rafie R, Rafiei M, Moghadam RN.

Acta Clin Belg. 2015 Oct;70(5):372-4. doi: 10.1179/2295333715Y.0000000025. Epub 2015 May 6.


The effect of low-dose intravenous ketamine on postoperative pain following cesarean section with spinal anesthesia: a randomized clinical trial.

Rahmanian M, Leysi M, Hemmati AA, Mirmohammadkhani M.

Oman Med J. 2015 Jan;30(1):11-6. doi: 10.5001/omj.2015.03.


Tumor necrosis factor-alpha polymorphism and susceptibility to multiple sclerosis in the Iranian population.

Rahmanian M, Kargar M.

Iran Red Crescent Med J. 2014 Dec 27;17(1):e18247. doi: 10.5812/ircmj.18247. eCollection 2015 Jan.


Migraine and type 2 diabetes; is there any association?

Haghighi FS, Rahmanian M, Namiranian N, Arzaghi SM, Dehghan F, Chavoshzade F, Sepehri F.

J Diabetes Metab Disord. 2016 Sep 8;15(1):37. doi: 10.1186/s40200-016-0241-y. eCollection 2015.


Maternal serum copper and zinc levels and premature rupture of the foetal membranes.

Rahmanian M, Jahed FS, Yousefi B, Ghorbani R.

J Pak Med Assoc. 2014 Jul;64(7):770-4.


Is the sex hormone binding globulin related to preeclampsia independent of insulin resistance?

Rahmanian M, Salari Z, Mirmohammadkhani M, Ghorbani R.

J Pak Med Assoc. 2014 Jun;64(6):640-3.


Massive pericardial effusion and rhabdomyolysis secondary to untreated severe hypothyroidism: the first report.

Zare-Khormizi MR, Rahmanian M, Pourrajab F, Akbarnia S.

Acta Clin Belg. 2014 Oct;69(5):375-8. doi: 10.1179/2295333714Y.0000000049. Epub 2014 Jul 24.


Incidental intrathecal injection of meglumine diatrizoate.

Masjedi M, Khosravi A, Sabetian G, Rahmanian MR.

Iran Red Crescent Med J. 2014 May;16(5):e9661. doi: 10.5812/ircmj.9661. Epub 2014 May 5.


Heart transplant survival rate in Iran: a single-center registry report.

Salehi M, Bakhshandeh AR, Latifi S, Rahmanian M.

Asian Cardiovasc Thorac Ann. 2014 Jun;22(5):534-8. doi: 10.1177/0218492313498758. Epub 2013 Oct 25.


Dual burden of body weight among Iranian children and adolescents in 2003 and 2010: the CASPIAN-III study.

Rahmanian M, Kelishadi R, Qorbani M, Motlagh ME, Shafiee G, Aminaee T, Ardalan G, Taslimi M, Poursafa P, Asayesh H, Larijani B, Heshmat R.

Arch Med Sci. 2014 Feb 24;10(1):96-103. doi: 10.5114/aoms.2014.40735. Epub 2014 Feb 23.


Ectopic Cushing syndrome associated with thymic carcinoid tumor as the first presentation of MEN1 syndrome-report of a family with MEN1 gene mutation.

Hasani-Ranjbar S, Rahmanian M, Ebrahim-Habibi A, Soltani A, Soltanzade A, Mahrampour E, Amoli MM.

Fam Cancer. 2014 Jun;13(2):267-72. doi: 10.1007/s10689-013-9692-1.


Can chest sonography predict and facilitate successful ventilator weaning?*.

Oropello J, Rahmanian M.

Crit Care Med. 2013 Aug;41(8):2065-7. doi: 10.1097/CCM.0b013e3182963e91. No abstract available.


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