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Transection of the cervical sympathetic trunk inhibits the progression of pulmonary arterial hypertension via ERK-1/2 Signalling.

Zhao Y, Xiang R, Peng X, Dong Q, Li D, Yu G, Xiao L, Qin S, Huang W.

Respir Res. 2019 Jun 14;20(1):121. doi: 10.1186/s12931-019-1090-2.


ERK1/2 communicates GPCR and EGFR signaling pathways to promote CTGF-mediated hypertrophic cardiomyopathy upon Ang-II stimulation.

Liu X, Lin L, Li Q, Ni Y, Zhang C, Qin S, Wei J.

BMC Mol Cell Biol. 2019 Jun 14;20(1):14. doi: 10.1186/s12860-019-0202-7.


Protective effect of agmatine against hyperoxia-induced acute lung injury via regulating lncRNA gadd7.

Liu G, Mei H, Chen M, Qin S, Li K, Zhang W, Chen T.

Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2019 Jun 10. pii: S0006-291X(19)30815-0. doi: 10.1016/j.bbrc.2019.04.164. [Epub ahead of print]


Protected area downgrading, downsizing, and degazettement as a threat to iconic protected areas.

Qin S, Golden Kroner RE, Cook C, Tesfaw AT, Braybrook R, Rodriguez CM, Poelking C, Mascia MB.

Conserv Biol. 2019 Jun 13. doi: 10.1111/cobi.13365. [Epub ahead of print]


Transfer Free Energies of Test Proteins Into Crowded Protein Solutions Have Simple Dependence on Crowder Concentration.

Nguemaha V, Qin S, Zhou HX.

Front Mol Biosci. 2019 May 29;6:39. doi: 10.3389/fmolb.2019.00039. eCollection 2019.


Novel Yersinia enterocolitica Prophages and a Comparative Analysis of Genomic Diversity.

Liang J, Kou Z, Qin S, Chen Y, Li Z, Li C, Duan R, Hao H, Zha T, Gu W, Huang Y, Xiao M, Jing H, Wang X.

Front Microbiol. 2019 May 29;10:1184. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2019.01184. eCollection 2019.


Why not see a doctor when ill? Evidence from the Chinese elderly.

Qin S, Ding Y.

BMC Health Serv Res. 2019 Jun 10;19(1):365. doi: 10.1186/s12913-019-4212-0.


Combined effects of ZnO nanoparticles and toxic Microcystis on life-history traits of Daphnia magna.

Wang Y, Qin S, Li Y, Wu G, Sun Y, Zhang L, Huang Y, Lyu K, Chen Y, Yang Z.

Chemosphere. 2019 Jun 3;233:482-492. doi: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2019.05.269. [Epub ahead of print]


Total knee arthroplasty for a valgus deformity angle of >90°: A case report.

Guo J, Cao G, Zhang Y, Song W, Qin S, Ma T, Wang Y, Yang W.

Medicine (Baltimore). 2019 Jun;98(23):e15745. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000015745.


Reactive Astrocytes in Neurodegenerative Diseases.

Li K, Li J, Zheng J, Qin S.

Aging Dis. 2019 Jun 1;10(3):664-675. doi: 10.14336/AD.2018.0720. eCollection 2019 Jun. Review.


Programmable spectral processor based on spatial polarization manipulation with liquid crystal on silicon.

Xu J, Chen K, Qin S, Liu C, Fu S, Liu D.

Opt Express. 2019 May 13;27(10):14809-14818. doi: 10.1364/OE.27.014809.


Attitude-correlated frames adding approach to improve signal-to-noise ratio of star image for star tracker.

Ni Y, Dai D, Tan W, Wang X, Qin S.

Opt Express. 2019 May 27;27(11):15548-15564. doi: 10.1364/OE.27.015548.


Liquid crystal-optical phased arrays (LC-OPA)-based optical beam steering with microradian resolution enabled by double gratings.

Qin S, Liu C, Wang J, Chen K, Xu J, Fu S, Liu D, Ran Y.

Appl Opt. 2019 May 20;58(15):4091-4098. doi: 10.1364/AO.58.004091.


Weekly albumin-bound paclitaxel/cisplatin versus gemcitabine/cisplatin as first-line therapy for patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer: A phase II open-label clinical study.

Qin S, Yu H, Wu X, Luo Z, Wang H, Sun S, Huang M, Jin J, Tao Z, Qiao J, Feng Y, Wang J, Chang J.

Chin J Cancer Res. 2019 Apr;31(2):339-348. doi: 10.21147/j.issn.1000-9604.2019.02.08.


[Influence of Toll-like receptor 7 on CD8(+) T lymphocytes in patients with breast cancer].

Qin S, Dong LP, Bai B, Xue HC.

Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi. 2019 May 28;99(20):1562-1566. doi: 10.3760/cma.j.issn.0376-2491.2019.20.009. Chinese.


Downregulation of circ_0132266 in chronic lymphocytic leukemia promoted cell viability through miR-337-3p/PML axis.

Wu W, Wu Z, Xia Y, Qin S, Li Y, Wu J, Liang J, Wang L, Zhu H, Fan L, Fu J, Xu W, Jin H, Li J.

Aging (Albany NY). 2019 Jun 1. doi: 10.18632/aging.101997. [Epub ahead of print]


The uncertain future of protected lands and waters.

Golden Kroner RE, Qin S, Cook CN, Krithivasan R, Pack SM, Bonilla OD, Cort-Kansinally KA, Coutinho B, Feng M, Martínez Garcia MI, He Y, Kennedy CJ, Lebreton C, Ledezma JC, Lovejoy TE, Luther DA, Parmanand Y, Ruíz-Agudelo CA, Yerena E, Morón Zambrano V, Mascia MB.

Science. 2019 May 31;364(6443):881-886. doi: 10.1126/science.aau5525.


Understanding the strain effect of Au@Pd nanocatalysts by in situ surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy.

Wei J, Zhang YJ, Qin SN, Yang WM, Zhang H, Yang ZL, Tian ZQ, Li JF.

Chem Commun (Camb). 2019 May 29. doi: 10.1039/c9cc02639h. [Epub ahead of print]


Community Composition and Metabolic Potential of Endophytic Actinobacteria From Coastal Salt Marsh Plants in Jiangsu, China.

Chen P, Zhang C, Ju X, Xiong Y, Xing K, Qin S.

Front Microbiol. 2019 May 14;10:1063. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2019.01063. eCollection 2019.


Interlayer Difference of Bilayer-Stacked MoS2 Structure: Probing by Photoluminescence and Raman Spectroscopy.

Zhang X, Zhang R, Zheng X, Zhang Y, Zhang X, Deng C, Qin S, Yang H.

Nanomaterials (Basel). 2019 May 24;9(5). pii: E796. doi: 10.3390/nano9050796.


Simultaneous removal of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes from pharmaceutical wastewater using the combinations of up-flow anaerobic sludge bed, anoxic-oxic tank, and advanced oxidation technologies.

Hou J, Chen Z, Gao J, Xie Y, Li L, Qin S, Wang Q, Mao D, Luo Y.

Water Res. 2019 Aug 1;159:511-520. doi: 10.1016/j.watres.2019.05.034. Epub 2019 May 14.


CMAB009 plus irinotecan versus irinotecan-only as second-line treatment after fluoropyrimidine and oxaliplatin failure in KRAS wild-type metastatic colorectal cancer patients: promising findings from a prospective, open-label, randomized, phase III trial.

Shi Y, Li J, Xu J, Sun Y, Wang L, Cheng Y, Liu W, Sun G, Chen Y, Bai L, Zhang Y, He X, Luo Y, Wang Z, Liu Y, Yao Q, Li Y, Qin S, Hu X, Bi F, Zheng R, Ouyang X.

Cancer Commun (Lond). 2019 May 24;39(1):28. doi: 10.1186/s40880-019-0374-8.


Leukocyte proteomic profiling in first-episode schizophrenia patients: does oxidative stress play central roles in the pathophysiology network of schizophrenia?

Jiang J, Peng C, Sun L, Li J, Qing Y, Hu X, Yang X, Li Y, Xu C, Zhang J, Min J, Li X, Qin S, Lin M, Tan L, Wan C.

Antioxid Redox Signal. 2019 May 24. doi: 10.1089/ars.2019.7805. [Epub ahead of print]


Compare the accuracy and precision of Coulter LH780, Mindray BC-6000 Plus, and Sysmex XN-9000 with the international reference flow cytometric method in platelet counting.

Sun Y, Hu Z, Huang Z, Chen H, Qin S, Jianing Z, Chen S, Qin X, Ye Y, Wang C.

PLoS One. 2019 May 24;14(5):e0217298. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0217298. eCollection 2019.


Electrochemiluminescence for the identification of electrochemically active bacteria.

You LX, Chen NJ, Wang L, Chen J, Qin SF, Rensing C, Lin ZY, Zhou SG.

Biosens Bioelectron. 2019 Jul 15;137:222-228. doi: 10.1016/j.bios.2019.04.062. Epub 2019 May 3.


Editorial: Actinobacteria in Special and Extreme Habitats: Diversity, Function Roles and Environmental Adaptations, Second Edition.

Qin S, Li WJ, Klenk HP, Hozzein WN, Ahmed I.

Front Microbiol. 2019 Apr 30;10:944. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2019.00944. eCollection 2019. No abstract available.


Oxidative stress induces senescence in breast cancer stem cells.

Zhong G, Qin S, Townsend D, Schulte BA, Tew KD, Wang GY.

Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2019 Jul 5;514(4):1204-1209. doi: 10.1016/j.bbrc.2019.05.098. Epub 2019 May 17.


Efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Heart Failure.

Peng Y, Fang J, Huang W, Qin S.

Int Heart J. 2019 May 30;60(3):665-670. doi: 10.1536/ihj.18-408. Epub 2019 May 17.


Generation of refractory schizophrenia patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cell line UJSi001-A.

Sun J, Zhang X, Cong Q, Wang C, Chen D, Wang Y, Wang X, Yi Z, Qin S.

Stem Cell Res. 2019 May 9;38:101460. doi: 10.1016/j.scr.2019.101460. [Epub ahead of print]


Flavisolibacter nicotianae sp. nov., isolated from rhizosphere soil of Nicotiana tabacum L.

Li YD, Zhou XK, Mo MH, Jiao JY, Yang DQ, Li WJ, Zhang TK, Qin SC, Duan YQ.

Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 2019 May 17. doi: 10.1099/ijsem.0.003440. [Epub ahead of print]


Accelerating the Throughput of Affinity Mass Spectrometry-Based Ligand Screening toward a G Protein-Coupled Receptor.

Lu Y, Qin S, Zhang B, Dai A, Cai X, Ma M, Gao ZG, Yang D, Stevens RC, Jacobson KA, Wang MW, Shui W.

Anal Chem. 2019 Jun 12. doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.9b00477. [Epub ahead of print]


Regulating nitrate excess in lettuce-planted greenhouse soil with available carbon addition through irrigation.

Qin S, Quan Z, Ma J, Chen X, Shi Y, Huang B.

Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. 2019 May 8. doi: 10.1007/s11356-019-05125-x. [Epub ahead of print]


Synthesis of Negatively Charged Polyol-Functional PSF Membranes with Good Hydrophilic and Efficient Boron Removal Properties.

Jin J, Du X, Yu J, Qin S, He M, Zhang K, Yang J.

Polymers (Basel). 2019 May 1;11(5). pii: E780. doi: 10.3390/polym11050780.


Silver nanoparticles exert concentration-dependent influences on biofilm development and architecture.

Guo J, Qin S, Wei Y, Liu S, Peng H, Li Q, Luo L, Lv M.

Cell Prolif. 2019 May 3:e12616. doi: 10.1111/cpr.12616. [Epub ahead of print]


Reply to C. Kersten et al and D.A. Parikh et al.

Qin S, Liu T, Li J.

J Clin Oncol. 2019 May 2:JCO1802369. doi: 10.1200/JCO.18.02369. [Epub ahead of print] No abstract available.


Analysis of AMB-FUBINACA Biotransformation Pathways in Human Liver Microsome and Zebrafish Systems by Liquid Chromatography-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry.

Xu DQ, Zhang WF, Li J, Wang JF, Qin SY, Lu JH.

Front Chem. 2019 Apr 16;7:240. doi: 10.3389/fchem.2019.00240. eCollection 2019.


The regulation of crecropin-A and gloverin 2 by the silkworm Toll-like gene 18 wheeler in immune response.

Wang XY, Li T, Johannes M, Xu JP, Sun X, Qin S, Xu PZ, Li MW, Wu YC.

J Invertebr Pathol. 2019 Jun;164:49-58. doi: 10.1016/j.jip.2019.04.006. Epub 2019 Apr 23.


IRF6 Is Directly Regulated by ZEB1 and ELF3, and Predicts a Favorable Prognosis in Gastric Cancer.

Li D, Cheng P, Wang J, Qiu X, Zhang X, Xu L, Liu Y, Qin S.

Front Oncol. 2019 Apr 4;9:220. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2019.00220. eCollection 2019.


Preparation and characterization of general-purpose gelatin-based co-loading flavonoids nano-core structure.

Song X, Gan K, Qin S, Chen L, Liu X, Chen T, Liu H.

Sci Rep. 2019 Apr 24;9(1):6365. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-42909-0.


HIV infection is an independent risk factor for decreased 6-minute walk test distance.

Robertson TE, Nouraie M, Qin S, Crothers KA, Kessinger CJ, McMahon D, Chandra D, Kingsley LA, Greenblatt RM, Huang L, Fitzpatrick ME, Morris A.

PLoS One. 2019 Apr 24;14(4):e0212975. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0212975. eCollection 2019.


Probiotic potential of Weissella strains isolated from horse feces.

Xia Y, Qin S, Shen Y.

Microb Pathog. 2019 Jul;132:117-123. doi: 10.1016/j.micpath.2019.04.032. Epub 2019 Apr 19.


[Different types of molecular hydrogen donors and their pharmacokinetics in vivo].

Liu BY, Qin SC.

Sheng Li Xue Bao. 2019 Apr 25;71(2):371-377. Chinese.


Validation of a new measure of quality of life in obesity trials: Impact of Weight on Quality of Life-Lite Clinical Trials Version.

Kolotkin RL, Williams VSL, Ervin CM, Williams N, Meincke HH, Qin S, von Huth Smith L, Fehnel SE.

Clin Obes. 2019 Jun;9(3):e12310. doi: 10.1111/cob.12310. Epub 2019 Apr 16.


Overexpression of miR-664 is associated with poor overall survival and accelerates cell proliferation, migration and invasion in hepatocellular carcinoma.

Wang X, Zhou Z, Zhang T, Wang M, Xu R, Qin S, Zhang S.

Onco Targets Ther. 2019 Mar 28;12:2373-2381. doi: 10.2147/OTT.S188658. eCollection 2019.


Randomized controlled trial of lobaplatin plus etoposide vs. cisplatin plus etoposide as first-line therapy in patients with extensive-stage small cell lung cancer.

Cheng Y, Fan Y, Liu X, Liu Y, Liu J, Wang D, Yu Y, Qin S, Liu W, Huang C, Zhang H, Liang J, Shi J, Sheng L, Yu H.

Oncol Lett. 2019 May;17(5):4701-4709. doi: 10.3892/ol.2019.10125. Epub 2019 Mar 8.


The Perturbation of Infant Gut Microbiota Caused by Cesarean Delivery Is Partially Restored by Exclusive Breastfeeding.

Liu Y, Qin S, Song Y, Feng Y, Lv N, Xue Y, Liu F, Wang S, Zhu B, Ma J, Yang H.

Front Microbiol. 2019 Mar 26;10:598. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2019.00598. eCollection 2019.


RATIONALE 301 study: tislelizumab versus sorafenib as first-line treatment for unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma.

Qin S, Finn RS, Kudo M, Meyer T, Vogel A, Ducreux M, Macarulla TM, Tomasello G, Boisserie F, Hou J, Li X, Song J, Zhu AX.

Future Oncol. 2019 Jun;15(16):1811-1822. doi: 10.2217/fon-2019-0097. Epub 2019 Apr 10.


Structure and Properties Study of PA6 Nanocomposites Flame Retarded by Aluminium Salt of Diisobutylphosphinic Acid and Different Organic Montmorillonites.

He WT, Liao ST, Xiang YS, Long LJ, Qin SH, Yu J.

Polymers (Basel). 2018 Mar 13;10(3). pii: E312. doi: 10.3390/polym10030312.


Comparative analysis of sequencing technologies for single-cell transcriptomics.

Natarajan KN, Miao Z, Jiang M, Huang X, Zhou H, Xie J, Wang C, Qin S, Zhao Z, Wu L, Yang N, Li B, Hou Y, Liu S, Teichmann SA.

Genome Biol. 2019 Apr 9;20(1):70. doi: 10.1186/s13059-019-1676-5.

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