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Individual Differences in Resting-state Brain Rhythms Uniquely Predict Second Language Learning Rate and Willingness to Communicate in Adults.

Prat CS, Yamasaki BL, Peterson ER.

J Cogn Neurosci. 2018 Sep 21:1-17. doi: 10.1162/jocn_a_01337. [Epub ahead of print]


The European Virus Archive goes global: A growing resource for research.

Romette JL, Prat CM, Gould EA, de Lamballerie X, Charrel R, Coutard B, Fooks AR, Bardsley M, Carroll M, Drosten C, Drexler JF, Günther S, Klempa B, Pinschewer D, Klimkait T, Avsic-Zupanc T, Capobianchi MR, Dicaro A, Ippolito G, Nitsche A, Koopmans M, Reusken C, Gorbalenya A, Raoul H, Bourhy H, Mettenleiter T, Reiche S, Batten C, Sabeta C, Paweska JT, Eropkin M, Zverev V, Hu Z, Mac Cullough S, Mirazimi A, Pradel F, Lieutaud P.

Antiviral Res. 2018 Oct;158:127-134. doi: 10.1016/j.antiviral.2018.07.017. Epub 2018 Jul 29. Review.


Persistent Isolation of Staphylococcus aureus in Mechanically-ventilated Patients: Impact of Host-Pathogen Factors on Outcome.

Lacoma A, Gomes-Fernandes M, Mesalles E, Arméstar F, Prat C.

Arch Bronconeumol. 2018 Jul 3. pii: S0300-2896(18)30200-X. doi: 10.1016/j.arbres.2018.05.010. [Epub ahead of print] English, Spanish. No abstract available.


Collagen Degradation and Formation Are Elevated in Exacerbated COPD Compared With Stable Disease.

Schumann DM, Leeming D, Papakonstantinou E, Blasi F, Kostikas K, Boersma W, Louis R, Milenkovic B, Aerts J, Sand JMB, Wouters EFM, Rohde G, Prat C, Torres A, Welte T, Tamm M, Karsdal M, Stolz D.

Chest. 2018 Oct;154(4):798-807. doi: 10.1016/j.chest.2018.06.028. Epub 2018 Jun 30.


Characterization of clinically relevant model bacterial strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa for anti-biofilm testing of materials.

Rzhepishevska O, Limanska N, Galkin M, Lacoma A, Lundquist M, Sokol D, Hakobyan S, Sjöstedt A, Prat C, Ramstedt M.

Acta Biomater. 2018 Aug;76:99-107. doi: 10.1016/j.actbio.2018.06.019. Epub 2018 Jun 12.


Human performance across decision making, selective attention, and working memory tasks: Experimental data and computer simulations.

Stocco A, Yamasaki BL, Prat CS.

Data Brief. 2018 Feb 21;17:907-914. doi: 10.1016/j.dib.2018.01.056. eCollection 2018 Apr.


The bilingual language network: Differential involvement of anterior cingulate, basal ganglia and prefrontal cortex in preparation, monitoring, and execution.

Seo R, Stocco A, Prat CS.

Neuroimage. 2018 Jul 1;174:44-56. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2018.02.010. Epub 2018 Feb 24.


Immune-mediated inflammatory diseases differently affect IGRAs' accuracy for latent tuberculosis infection diagnosis in clinical practice.

Latorre I, Mínguez S, Carrascosa JM, Naves J, Villar-Hernández R, Muriel B, Prat C, García-García E, Casas I, Domènech E, Ferrándiz C, Mateo L, Domínguez J.

PLoS One. 2017 Dec 7;12(12):e0189202. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0189202. eCollection 2017.


Effectiveness of treatment with nebulized colistin in patients with COPD.

Bruguera-Avila N, Marin A, Garcia-Olive I, Radua J, Prat C, Gil M, Ruiz-Manzano J.

Int J Chron Obstruct Pulmon Dis. 2017 Oct 5;12:2909-2915. doi: 10.2147/COPD.S138428. eCollection 2017.


Oldest epiphyseal osteochondroma in a subadult from Ancient Egypt.

Isidro A, Catalán JM, Prat C, Torner F.

J Clin Orthop Trauma. 2017 Aug;8(Suppl 1):S1-S2. doi: 10.1016/j.jcot.2017.05.003. Epub 2017 May 20.


Investigating intracellular persistence of Staphylococcus aureus within a murine alveolar macrophage cell line.

Lacoma A, Cano V, Moranta D, Regueiro V, Domínguez-Villanueva D, Laabei M, González-Nicolau M, Ausina V, Prat C, Bengoechea JA.

Virulence. 2017 Nov 17;8(8):1761-1775. doi: 10.1080/21505594.2017.1361089. Epub 2017 Sep 12.


PyroTyping, a novel pyrosequencing-based assay for Mycobacterium tuberculosis genotyping.

Molina-Moya B, Lacoma A, García-Sierra N, Blanco S, Haba L, Samper S, Ruiz-Manzano J, Prat C, Arnold C, Domínguez J.

Sci Rep. 2017 Jul 28;7(1):6777. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-06760-5.


Use of IFN-γ and IP-10 detection in the diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection in patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases.

Villar-Hernández R, Latorre I, Mínguez S, Díaz J, García-García E, Muriel-Moreno B, Lacoma A, Prat C, Olivé A, Ruhwald M, Mateo L, Domínguez J.

J Infect. 2017 Oct;75(4):315-325. doi: 10.1016/j.jinf.2017.07.004. Epub 2017 Jul 25.


Molecular Characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strains with TB-SPRINT.

Molina-Moya B, Gomgnimbou MK, Lafoz C, Lacoma A, Prat C, Refrégier G, Samper S, Dominguez J, Sola C.

Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2017 Sep;97(3):806-809. doi: 10.4269/ajtmh.16-0782. Epub 2017 Jul 19.


Brain-based individual difference measures of reading skill in deaf and hearing adults.

Mehravari AS, Emmorey K, Prat CS, Klarman L, Osterhout L.

Neuropsychologia. 2017 Jul 1;101:153-168. doi: 10.1016/j.neuropsychologia.2017.05.004. Epub 2017 May 4.


Accessory gene regulator (Agr) functionality in Staphylococcus aureus derived from lower respiratory tract infections.

Gomes-Fernandes M, Laabei M, Pagan N, Hidalgo J, Molinos S, Villar Hernandez R, Domínguez-Villanueva D, Jenkins ATA, Lacoma A, Prat C.

PLoS One. 2017 Apr 14;12(4):e0175552. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0175552. eCollection 2017.


Individual differences in the Simon effect are underpinned by differences in the competitive dynamics in the basal ganglia: An experimental verification and a computational model.

Stocco A, Murray NL, Yamasaki BL, Renno TJ, Nguyen J, Prat CS.

Cognition. 2017 Jul;164:31-45. doi: 10.1016/j.cognition.2017.03.001. Epub 2017 Mar 28.


Apoptosis, Toll-like, RIG-I-like and NOD-like Receptors Are Pathways Jointly Induced by Diverse Respiratory Bacterial and Viral Pathogens.

Martínez I, Oliveros JC, Cuesta I, de la Barrera J, Ausina V, Casals C, de Lorenzo A, García E, García-Fojeda B, Garmendia J, González-Nicolau M, Lacoma A, Menéndez M, Moranta D, Nieto A, Ortín J, Pérez-González A, Prat C, Ramos-Sevillano E, Regueiro V, Rodriguez-Frandsen A, Solís D, Yuste J, Bengoechea JA, Melero JA.

Front Microbiol. 2017 Mar 1;8:276. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.00276. eCollection 2017.


Factors influencing cardiometabolic risk profile in patients with psoriasis.

Curcó N, Barriendos N, Barahona MJ, Arteaga C, García M, Yordanov S, De La Barrera O, Prat C, Vives P, Giménez N.

Australas J Dermatol. 2018 May;59(2):e93-e98. doi: 10.1111/ajd.12577. Epub 2017 Feb 27.


Myocilin expression is regulated by retinoic acid in the trabecular meshwork-derived cellular environment.

Prat C, Belville C, Comptour A, Marceau G, Clairefond G, Chiambaretta F, Sapin V, Blanchon L.

Exp Eye Res. 2017 Feb;155:91-98. doi: 10.1016/j.exer.2017.01.006. Epub 2017 Jan 30.


Seroprevalence of West Nile virus antibodies in equids in the North-East of Algeria and detection of virus circulation in 2014.

Lafri I, Prat CM, Bitam I, Gravier P, Besbaci M, Zeroual F, Ben-Mahdi MH, Davoust B, Leparc-Goffart I.

Comp Immunol Microbiol Infect Dis. 2017 Feb;50:8-12. doi: 10.1016/j.cimid.2016.11.005. Epub 2016 Nov 15.


MRSA infections among patients in the emergency department: a European multicentre study.

Bouchiat C, Curtis S, Spiliopoulou I, Bes M, Cocuzza C, Codita I, Dupieux C, Giormezis N, Kearns A, Laurent F, Molinos S, Musumeci R, Prat C, Saadatian-Elahi M, Tacconelli E, Tristan A, Schulte B, Vandenesch F; ESCMID Study Group on Staphylococci and Staphylococcal Infections (ESGS).

J Antimicrob Chemother. 2017 Feb;72(2):372-375. doi: 10.1093/jac/dkw431. Epub 2016 Oct 17.


Pediatric cryoglobulinemic vasculitis successfully managed with rituximab.

Giménez-Roca C, Iglesias E, Vicente MA, Bou R, Calzada-Hernández J, Prat C, García M, Antón J.

Dermatol Ther. 2017 Mar;30(2). doi: 10.1111/dth.12430. Epub 2016 Oct 28. No abstract available.


Bacteria in the respiratory tract-how to treat? Or do not treat?

Prat C, Lacoma A.

Int J Infect Dis. 2016 Oct;51:113-122. doi: 10.1016/j.ijid.2016.09.005. Review.


Basal ganglia impairments in autism spectrum disorder are related to abnormal signal gating to prefrontal cortex.

Prat CS, Stocco A, Neuhaus E, Kleinhans NM.

Neuropsychologia. 2016 Oct;91:268-281. doi: 10.1016/j.neuropsychologia.2016.08.007. Epub 2016 Aug 16.


Systemic Biomarkers of Collagen and Elastin Turnover Are Associated With Clinically Relevant Outcomes in COPD.

Stolz D, Leeming DJ, Kristensen JHE, Karsdal MA, Boersma W, Louis R, Milenkovic B, Kostikas K, Blasi F, Aerts J, Sand JMB, Wouters EFM, Rohde G, Prat C, Torres A, Welte T, Roth M, Papakonstantinou E, Tamm M.

Chest. 2017 Jan;151(1):47-59. doi: 10.1016/j.chest.2016.08.1440. Epub 2016 Aug 26.


Correction for Molina-Moya et al., Evaluation of GenoFlow DR-MTB Array Test for Detection of Rifampin and Isoniazid Resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Molina-Moya B, Kazdaglis G, Lacoma A, Prat C, Gómez A, Villar-Hernández R, García-García E, Haba L, Maldonado J, Samper S, Ruiz-Manzano J, Domínguez J.

J Clin Microbiol. 2016 Aug;54(8):2211. doi: 10.1128/JCM.01181-16. No abstract available.


Resting-state qEEG predicts rate of second language learning in adults.

Prat CS, Yamasaki BL, Kluender RA, Stocco A.

Brain Lang. 2016 Jun-Jul;157-158:44-50. doi: 10.1016/j.bandl.2016.04.007. Epub 2016 May 8.


A case of Mayaro virus infection imported from French Guiana.

Llagonne-Barets M, Icard V, Leparc-Goffart I, Prat C, Perpoint T, André P, Ramière C.

J Clin Virol. 2016 Apr;77:66-8. doi: 10.1016/j.jcv.2016.02.013. Epub 2016 Feb 20. Review.


Evaluation of GenoFlow DR-MTB Array Test for Detection of Rifampin and Isoniazid Resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Molina-Moya B, Kazdaglis G, Lacoma A, Prat C, Gómez A, Villar-Hernández R, García-García E, Haba L, Maldonado J, Samper S, Ruiz-Manzano J, Domínguez J.

J Clin Microbiol. 2016 Apr;54(4):1160-3. doi: 10.1128/JCM.03341-15. Epub 2016 Feb 10. Erratum in: J Clin Microbiol. 2016 Aug;54(8):2211.


A network-level analysis of cognitive flexibility reveals a differential influence of the anterior cingulate cortex in bilinguals versus monolinguals.

Becker TM, Prat CS, Stocco A.

Neuropsychologia. 2016 May;85:62-73. doi: 10.1016/j.neuropsychologia.2016.01.020. Epub 2016 Jan 18.


[Blood cultures in the emergency department: Do we need a new approach?].

Tudela P, Giménez M, Mòdol JM, Prat C.

Med Clin (Barc). 2016 May 20;146(10):455-9. doi: 10.1016/j.medcli.2015.11.026. Epub 2016 Jan 6. Spanish. No abstract available.


Voxel-Based Lesion Symptom Mapping of Coarse Coding and Suppression Deficits in Patients With Right Hemisphere Damage.

Yang Y, Tompkins CA, Meigh KM, Prat CS.

Am J Speech Lang Pathol. 2015 Nov;24(4):S939-52. doi: 10.1044/2015_AJSLP-14-0149.


Playing 20 Questions with the Mind: Collaborative Problem Solving by Humans Using a Brain-to-Brain Interface.

Stocco A, Prat CS, Losey DM, Cronin JA, Wu J, Abernethy JA, Rao RP.

PLoS One. 2015 Sep 23;10(9):e0137303. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0137303. eCollection 2015.


Pyrosequencing for rapid detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis second-line drugs and ethambutol resistance.

Lacoma A, Molina-Moya B, Prat C, Pimkina E, Diaz J, Dudnyk A, García-Sierra N, Haba L, Maldonado J, Samper S, Ruiz-Manzano J, Ausina V, Dominguez J.

Diagn Microbiol Infect Dis. 2015 Nov;83(3):263-9. doi: 10.1016/j.diagmicrobio.2015.07.004. Epub 2015 Jul 11.


Aquaporins and Fetal Membranes From Diabetic Parturient Women: Expression Abnormalities and Regulation by Insulin.

Bouvier D, Rouzaire M, Marceau G, Prat C, Pereira B, Lemarié R, Deruelle P, Fajardy I, Gallot D, Blanchon L, Vambergue A, Sapin V.

J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2015 Oct;100(10):E1270-9. doi: 10.1210/jc.2015-2057. Epub 2015 Jul 24.


All-trans-retinoic acid regulates aquaporin-3 expression and related cellular membrane permeability in the human amniotic environment.

Prat C, Bouvier D, Comptour A, Marceau G, Belville C, Clairefond G, Blanc P, Gallot D, Blanchon L, Sapin V.

Placenta. 2015 Aug;36(8):881-7. doi: 10.1016/j.placenta.2015.05.010. Epub 2015 May 19.


Chikungunya outbreak in Montpellier, France, September to October 2014.

Delisle E, Rousseau C, Broche B, Leparc-Goffart I, L'Ambert G, Cochet A, Prat C, Foulongne V, Ferre JB, Catelinois O, Flusin O, Tchernonog E, Moussion IE, Wiegandt A, Septfons A, Mendy A, Moyano MB, Laporte L, Maurel J, Jourdain F, Reynes J, Paty MC, Golliot F.

Euro Surveill. 2015 Apr 30;20(17). pii: 21108.


Diagnostic accuracy study of multiplex PCR for detecting tuberculosis drug resistance.

Molina-Moya B, Lacoma A, Prat C, Pimkina E, Diaz J, García-Sierra N, Haba L, Maldonado J, Samper S, Ruiz-Manzano J, Ausina V, Dominguez J.

J Infect. 2015 Aug;71(2):220-30. doi: 10.1016/j.jinf.2015.03.011. Epub 2015 Apr 30.


Chikungunya Virus Infection and Bilateral Stromal Keratouveitis.

Hayek S, Rousseau A, Bouthry E, Prat CM, Labetoulle M.

JAMA Ophthalmol. 2015 Jul;133(7):849-50. doi: 10.1001/jamaophthalmol.2015.0698. No abstract available.


Novel blaROB-1-bearing plasmid conferring resistance to β-lactams in Haemophilus parasuis isolates from healthy weaning pigs.

Moleres J, Santos-López A, Lázaro I, Labairu J, Prat C, Ardanuy C, González-Zorn B, Aragon V, Garmendia J.

Appl Environ Microbiol. 2015 May 1;81(9):3255-67. doi: 10.1128/AEM.03865-14. Epub 2015 Mar 6.


Draft Genome Sequences of Mycobacterium setense Type Strain DSM-45070 and the Nonpathogenic Strain Manresensis, Isolated from the Bank of the Cardener River in Manresa, Catalonia, Spain.

Rech G, Vilaplana C, Velasco J, Pluvinet R, Santín S, Prat C, Julián E, Alcaide F, Comas I, Sumoy L, Cardona PJ.

Genome Announc. 2015 Feb 5;3(1). pii: e01485-14. doi: 10.1128/genomeA.01485-14.


A novel whole-blood miRNA signature for a rapid diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Latorre I, Leidinger P, Backes C, Domínguez J, de Souza-Galvão ML, Maldonado J, Prat C, Ruiz-Manzano J, Sánchez F, Casas I, Keller A, von Briesen H, Knobel H, Meese E, Meyerhans A.

Eur Respir J. 2015 Apr;45(4):1173-6. doi: 10.1183/09031936.00221514. Epub 2015 Feb 5. No abstract available.


Evaluation of commercially available serologic diagnostic tests for chikungunya virus.

Prat CM, Flusin O, Panella A, Tenebray B, Lanciotti R, Leparc-Goffart I.

Emerg Infect Dis. 2014 Dec;20(12):2129-32. doi: 10.3201/eid2012.141269.


A direct brain-to-brain interface in humans.

Rao RP, Stocco A, Bryan M, Sarma D, Youngquist TM, Wu J, Prat CS.

PLoS One. 2014 Nov 5;9(11):e111332. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0111332. eCollection 2014.


Immunogenicity of 60 novel latency-related antigens of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Serra-Vidal MM, Latorre I, Franken KL, Díaz J, de Souza-Galvão ML, Casas I, Maldonado J, Milà C, Solsona J, Jimenez-Fuentes MÁ, Altet N, Lacoma A, Ruiz-Manzano J, Ausina V, Prat C, Ottenhoff TH, Domínguez J.

Front Microbiol. 2014 Oct 8;5:517. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2014.00517. eCollection 2014.


AID TB resistance line probe assay for rapid detection of resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in clinical samples.

Molina-Moya B, Lacoma A, Prat C, Diaz J, Dudnyk A, Haba L, Maldonado J, Samper S, Ruiz-Manzano J, Ausina V, Dominguez J.

J Infect. 2015 Apr;70(4):400-8. doi: 10.1016/j.jinf.2014.09.010. Epub 2014 Oct 12.


Bilingualism trains specific brain circuits involved in flexible rule selection and application.

Stocco A, Prat CS.

Brain Lang. 2014 Oct;137:50-61. doi: 10.1016/j.bandl.2014.07.005. Epub 2014 Aug 24.


Diagnosis of tuberculosis infection by interferon-gamma release assays in patients with psoriasis.

Latorre I, Carrascosa JM, Vilavella M, Díaz J, Prat C, Domínguez J, Ferrándiz C.

J Infect. 2014 Dec;69(6):600-6. doi: 10.1016/j.jinf.2014.07.026. Epub 2014 Aug 19.


IP-10 is an accurate biomarker for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in children.

Latorre I, Díaz J, Mialdea I, Serra-Vidal M, Altet N, Prat C, Díez N, Escribano A, Casas I, Rodrigo C, Ausina V, Ruhwald M, Domínguez J.

J Infect. 2014 Dec;69(6):590-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jinf.2014.06.013. Epub 2014 Jun 27.


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