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Phytochemistry. 2007 Apr;68(8):1206-11. Epub 2007 Mar 23.

Resolution of diastereomeric flavonoid (1S)-(-)-camphanic acid esters via reversed-phase HPLC.

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Department of Food Science and Technology, The Ohio State University, 2015 Fyffe Road, Columbus, OH 43210, USA.


Prenylflavonoids are an unique class of phytochemicals found in the inflorescences of the hop plant (Humulus lupulus). These flavonoids have demonstrated a wide range of biological activities, which may be influenced by their stereochemical configuration. Additionally, recent studies suggest that hop prenylflavonoids are subject to biotransformations which could alter or enrich their stereochemistry. In order to facilitate studies of the stereoisomers of flavanones, a facile method was developed for resolving the diastereomeric esters of flavanones via reversed-phase HPLC. Herein, a method for forming the tri-(1S)-(-)-camphanic acid esters of the 4',5,7-trihydroxy flavanones naringenin, 8-prenylnaringenin and 6-prenylnaringenin, is described. The respective diastereomers were separated using analytical reversed-phase HPLC. Diastereomeric esters were isolated by preparative HPLC to >98% d.e. based on HPLC, with their absolute configurations established by application of CD spectrometry.

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