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Exploring use of unsupervised clustering to associate signaling profiles of GPCR ligands to clinical response.

Benredjem B, Gallion J, Pelletier D, Dallaire P, Charbonneau J, Cawkill D, Nagi K, Gosink M, Lukasheva V, Jenkinson S, Ren Y, Somps C, Murat B, Van Der Westhuizen E, Le Gouill C, Lichtarge O, Schmidt A, Bouvier M, Pineyro G.

Nat Commun. 2019 Sep 9;10(1):4075. doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-11875-6.


Experimental warming alters the community composition, diversity, and N2 fixation activity of peat moss (Sphagnum fallax) microbiomes.

Carrell AA, Kolton M, Glass JB, Pelletier DA, Warren MJ, Kostka JE, Iversen CM, Hanson PJ, Weston DJ.

Glob Chang Biol. 2019 Sep;25(9):2993-3004. doi: 10.1111/gcb.14715. Epub 2019 Jul 2.


Mercury Uptake by Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ND132: Passive or Active?

An J, Zhang L, Lu X, Pelletier DA, Pierce EM, Johs A, Parks JM, Gu B.

Environ Sci Technol. 2019 Jun 4;53(11):6264-6272. doi: 10.1021/acs.est.9b00047. Epub 2019 May 16.


Modeling the communication-satisfaction relationship in hospital patients.

Pelletier D, Green-Demers I, Collerette P, Heberer M.

SAGE Open Med. 2019 Apr 29;7:2050312119847924. doi: 10.1177/2050312119847924. eCollection 2019.


Mesenchymal Hamartoma of the Liver and DICER1 Syndrome.

Apellaniz-Ruiz M, Segni M, Kettwig M, Glüer S, Pelletier D, Nguyen VH, Wagener R, López C, Muchantef K, Bouron-Dal Soglio D, Sabbaghian N, Wu MK, Zannella S, Fabian MR, Siebert R, Menke J, Priest JR, Foulkes WD.

N Engl J Med. 2019 May 9;380(19):1834-1842. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1812169.


Review of Remediation Goals at Contaminated Sediment Sites in the United States.

Pelletier D, Sacks VP, Sorensen M, Magar V.

Integr Environ Assess Manag. 2019 Sep;15(5):772-782. doi: 10.1002/ieam.4162. Epub 2019 Aug 7.


The Pancreas as a Site of Metastasis or Second Primary in Patients with Small Bowel Neuroendocrine Tumors.

Scott AT, Pelletier D, Maxwell JE, Sherman SK, Keck KJ, Li G, Dillon JS, O'Dorisio TM, Bellizzi AM, Howe JR.

Ann Surg Oncol. 2019 Aug;26(8):2525-2532. doi: 10.1245/s10434-019-07370-3. Epub 2019 Apr 22.


Oligoclonal bands increase the specificity of MRI criteria to predict multiple sclerosis in children with radiologically isolated syndrome.

Makhani N, Lebrun C, Siva A, Narula S, Wassmer E, Brassat D, Brenton JN, Cabre P, Carra Dallière C, de Seze J, Durand Dubief F, Inglese M, Langille M, Mathey G, Neuteboom RF, Pelletier J, Pohl D, Reich DS, Ignacio Rojas J, Shabanova V, Shapiro ED, Stone RT, Tenembaum S, Tintoré M, Uygunoglu U, Vargas W, Venkateswaren S, Vermersch P, Kantarci O, Okuda DT, Pelletier D; Observatoire Francophone de la Sclérose en Plaques (OFSEP), Société Francophone de la Sclérose en Plaques (SFSEP), the Radiologically Isolated Syndrome Consortium (RISC) and the Pediatric Radiologically Isolated Syndrome Consortium (PARIS).

Mult Scler J Exp Transl Clin. 2019 Mar 20;5(1):2055217319836664. doi: 10.1177/2055217319836664. eCollection 2019 Jan-Mar.


Tracing MYC Expression for Small Molecule Discovery.

Steinberger J, Robert F, Hallé M, Williams DE, Cencic R, Sawhney N, Pelletier D, Williams P, Igarashi Y, Porco JA Jr, Rodriguez AD, Kopp B, Bachmann B, Andersen RJ, Pelletier J.

Cell Chem Biol. 2019 May 16;26(5):699-710.e6. doi: 10.1016/j.chembiol.2019.02.007. Epub 2019 Mar 14.


Implementation Science in Nutrition: Concepts and Frameworks for an Emerging Field of Science and Practice.

Tumilowicz A, Ruel MT, Pelto G, Pelletier D, Monterrosa EC, Lapping K, Kraemer K, De Regil LM, Bergeron G, Arabi M, Neufeld L, Sturke R; Society for Implementation Science in Nutrition.

Curr Dev Nutr. 2018 Oct 13;3(3):nzy080. doi: 10.1093/cdn/nzy080. eCollection 2019 Mar.


Micronutrient Powder Programs: New Findings and Future Directions for Implementation Science.

Pelletier D, DePee S.

Matern Child Nutr. 2019 Mar 3:e12802. doi: 10.1111/mcn.12802. [Epub ahead of print] No abstract available.


Enhancing governance and strengthening advocacy for policy change of large Collective Impact initiatives.

Michaud-Létourneau I, Gayard M, Mathisen R, Phan LTH, Weissman A, Pelletier DL.

Matern Child Nutr. 2019 Feb;15 Suppl 2:e12728. doi: 10.1111/mcn.12728.


Contribution of the Alive & Thrive-UNICEF advocacy efforts to improve infant and young child feeding policies in Southeast Asia.

Michaud-Létourneau I, Gayard M, Pelletier DL.

Matern Child Nutr. 2019 Feb;15 Suppl 2:e12683. doi: 10.1111/mcn.12683.


Strengthening advocacy and policy change for infant and young child feeding.

Michaud-Létourneau I, Gayard M, Pelletier DL.

Matern Child Nutr. 2019 Feb;15 Suppl 2:e12749. doi: 10.1111/mcn.12749.


Translating the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes into national measures in nine countries.

Michaud-Létourneau I, Gayard M, Pelletier DL.

Matern Child Nutr. 2019 Feb;15 Suppl 2:e12730. doi: 10.1111/mcn.12730.


Imaging outcome measures of neuroprotection and repair in MS: A consensus statement from NAIMS.

Oh J, Ontaneda D, Azevedo C, Klawiter EC, Absinta M, Arnold DL, Bakshi R, Calabresi PA, Crainiceanu C, Dewey B, Freeman L, Gauthier S, Henry R, Inglese M, Kolind S, Li DKB, Mainero C, Menon RS, Nair G, Narayanan S, Nelson F, Pelletier D, Rauscher A, Rooney W, Sati P, Schwartz D, Shinohara RT, Tagge I, Traboulsee A, Wang Y, Yoo Y, Yousry T, Zhang Y, Sicotte NL, Reich DS; North American Imaging in Multiple Sclerosis Cooperative.

Neurology. 2019 Mar 12;92(11):519-533. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000007099. Epub 2019 Feb 20. Review. Erratum in: Neurology. 2019 Jul 2;93(1):46.


Periungual thumb papule on a 62-year-old man.

Pelletier DJ, Brown-Joel ZO, Swick BL.

Clin Exp Dermatol. 2019 Aug;44(6):670-673. doi: 10.1111/ced.13873. Epub 2019 Jan 28. No abstract available.


Multisite reliability and repeatability of an advanced brain MRI protocol.

Schwartz DL, Tagge I, Powers K, Ahn S, Bakshi R, Calabresi PA, Todd Constable R, Grinstead J, Henry RG, Nair G, Papinutto N, Pelletier D, Shinohara R, Oh J, Reich DS, Sicotte NL, Rooney WD; NAIMS Cooperative.

J Magn Reson Imaging. 2019 Sep;50(3):878-888. doi: 10.1002/jmri.26652. Epub 2019 Jan 16.


Chryseobacterium populi sp. nov., isolated from Populus deltoides endosphere.

Bortniak VL, Pelletier DA, Newman JD.

Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 2019 Feb;69(2):356-362. doi: 10.1099/ijsem.0.003140. Epub 2018 Dec 20.


Physical Therapist Student Readiness for Entrance Into the First Full-Time Clinical Experience: A Delphi Study.

Timmerberg JF, Dole R, Silberman N, Goffar SL, Mathur D, Miller A, Murray L, Pelletier D, Simpson MS, Stolfi A, Thompson A, Utzman R.

Phys Ther. 2019 Feb 1;99(2):131-146. doi: 10.1093/ptj/pzy134.


Body mass index, but not vitamin D status, is associated with brain volume change in MS.

Mowry EM, Azevedo CJ, McCulloch CE, Okuda DT, Lincoln RR, Waubant E, Hauser SL, Pelletier D.

Neurology. 2018 Dec 11;91(24):e2256-e2264. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000006644. Epub 2018 Nov 14.


Exploration of the Biosynthetic Potential of the Populus Microbiome.

Blair PM, Land ML, Piatek MJ, Jacobson DA, Lu TS, Doktycz MJ, Pelletier DA.

mSystems. 2018 Oct 2;3(5). pii: e00045-18. doi: 10.1128/mSystems.00045-18. eCollection 2018 Sep-Oct.


Implementation research: new imperatives and opportunities in global health.

Theobald S, Brandes N, Gyapong M, El-Saharty S, Proctor E, Diaz T, Wanji S, Elloker S, Raven J, Elsey H, Bharal S, Pelletier D, Peters DH.

Lancet. 2018 Nov 17;392(10160):2214-2228. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(18)32205-0. Epub 2018 Oct 9.


Diversity of Active Viral Infections within the Sphagnum Microbiome.

Stough JMA, Kolton M, Kostka JE, Weston DJ, Pelletier DA, Wilhelm SW.

Appl Environ Microbiol. 2018 Nov 15;84(23). pii: e01124-18. doi: 10.1128/AEM.01124-18. Print 2018 Dec 1.


A plant-responsive bacterial-signaling system senses an ethanolamine derivative.

Coutinho BG, Mevers E, Schaefer AL, Pelletier DA, Harwood CS, Clardy J, Greenberg EP.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018 Sep 25;115(39):9785-9790. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1809611115. Epub 2018 Sep 6.


Performance-Based Financing Empowers Health Workers Delivering Prevention of Vertical Transmission of HIV Services and Decreases Desire to Leave in Mozambique.

Schuster RC, de Sousa O, Reme AK, Vopelak C, Pelletier DL, Johnson LM, Mbuya M, Pinault D, Young SL.

Int J Health Policy Manag. 2018 Jan 1;7(7):630-644. doi: 10.15171/ijhpm.2017.137.


Capturing Changes in HIV-Infected Breastfeeding Mothers' Cognitive Processes from Before Delivery to 5 Months Postpartum: An Application of the Pile-Sorting Technique in Haiti.

Fox EL, Pelto GH, Bar H, Rasmussen KM, Young SL, Debrosse MG, Rouzier VA, Pape JW, Pelletier DL.

Curr Dev Nutr. 2018 Mar 28;2(6):nzy017. doi: 10.1093/cdn/nzy017. eCollection 2018 Jun.


Comprehensive systematic review summary: Disease-modifying therapies for adults with multiple sclerosis: Report of the Guideline Development, Dissemination, and Implementation Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology.

Rae-Grant A, Day GS, Marrie RA, Rabinstein A, Cree BAC, Gronseth GS, Haboubi M, Halper J, Hosey JP, Jones DE, Lisak R, Pelletier D, Potrebic S, Sitcov C, Sommers R, Stachowiak J, Getchius TSD, Merillat SA, Pringsheim T.

Neurology. 2018 Apr 24;90(17):789-800. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000005345. Review.


Practice guideline recommendations summary: Disease-modifying therapies for adults with multiple sclerosis: Report of the Guideline Development, Dissemination, and Implementation Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology.

Rae-Grant A, Day GS, Marrie RA, Rabinstein A, Cree BAC, Gronseth GS, Haboubi M, Halper J, Hosey JP, Jones DE, Lisak R, Pelletier D, Potrebic S, Sitcov C, Sommers R, Stachowiak J, Getchius TSD, Merillat SA, Pringsheim T.

Neurology. 2018 Apr 24;90(17):777-788. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000005347. Erratum in: Neurology. 2019 Jan 8;92(2):112.


Cerebrospinal fluid chitinase-3-like protein 1 level is not an independent predictive factor for the risk of clinical conversion in radiologically isolated syndrome.

Thouvenot E, Hinsinger G, Demattei C, Uygunoglu U, Castelnovo G, Pittion-Vouyovitch S, Okuda D, Kantarci O, Pelletier D, Lehmann S, Marin P, Siva A, Lebrun C.

Mult Scler. 2019 Apr;25(5):669-677. doi: 10.1177/1352458518767043. Epub 2018 Mar 22.


An emergency cash transfer program promotes weight gain and reduces acute malnutrition risk among children 6-24 months old during a food crisis in Niger.

Bliss J, Golden K, Bourahla L, Stoltzfus R, Pelletier D.

J Glob Health. 2018 Jun;8(1):010410. doi: 10.7189/jogh.08.010410.


Feasibility of integrating calcium and iron-folate supplementation to prevent preeclampsia and anemia in pregnancy in primary healthcare facilities in Kenya.

Omotayo MO, Dickin KL, Pelletier DL, Martin SL, Kung'u JK, Stoltzfus RJ.

Matern Child Nutr. 2018 Feb;14 Suppl 1. doi: 10.1111/mcn.12437.


Elucidating Duramycin's Bacterial Selectivity and Mode of Action on the Bacterial Cell Envelope.

Hasim S, Allison DP, Mendez B, Farmer AT, Pelletier DA, Retterer ST, Campagna SR, Reynolds TB, Doktycz MJ.

Front Microbiol. 2018 Feb 14;9:219. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2018.00219. eCollection 2018.


The fluid dynamics of Balanus glandula barnacles: Adaptations to sheltered and exposed habitats.

Vo M, Mehrabian S, Villalpando F, Etienne S, Pelletier D, Cameron CB.

J Biomech. 2018 Apr 11;71:225-235. doi: 10.1016/j.jbiomech.2018.02.011. Epub 2018 Feb 13.


An Automated Statistical Technique for Counting Distinct Multiple Sclerosis Lesions.

Dworkin JD, Linn KA, Oguz I, Fleishman GM, Bakshi R, Nair G, Calabresi PA, Henry RG, Oh J, Papinutto N, Pelletier D, Rooney W, Stern W, Sicotte NL, Reich DS, Shinohara RT; North American Imaging in Multiple Sclerosis Cooperative.

AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2018 Apr;39(4):626-633. doi: 10.3174/ajnr.A5556. Epub 2018 Feb 22.


Cervical spinal cord atrophy: An early marker of progressive MS onset.

Zeydan B, Gu X, Atkinson EJ, Keegan BM, Weinshenker BG, Tillema JM, Pelletier D, Azevedo CJ, Lebrun-Frenay C, Siva A, Okuda DT, Kantarci K, Kantarci OH.

Neurol Neuroimmunol Neuroinflamm. 2018 Jan 22;5(2):e435. doi: 10.1212/NXI.0000000000000435. eCollection 2018 Mar.


A monoclonal antibody against SV40 large T antigen (PAb416) does not label Merkel cell carcinoma.

Pelletier DJ, Czeczok TW, Bellizzi AM.

Histopathology. 2018 Jul;73(1):162-166. doi: 10.1111/his.13483. Epub 2018 Apr 19.


Abiotic Stresses Shift Belowground Populus-Associated Bacteria Toward a Core Stress Microbiome.

Timm CM, Carter KR, Carrell AA, Jun SR, Jawdy SS, Vélez JM, Gunter LE, Yang Z, Nookaew I, Engle NL, Lu TS, Schadt CW, Tschaplinski TJ, Doktycz MJ, Tuskan GA, Pelletier DA, Weston DJ.

mSystems. 2018 Jan 23;3(1). pii: e00070-17. doi: 10.1128/mSystems.00070-17. eCollection 2018 Jan-Feb.


Thalamic atrophy in multiple sclerosis: A magnetic resonance imaging marker of neurodegeneration throughout disease.

Azevedo CJ, Cen SY, Khadka S, Liu S, Kornak J, Shi Y, Zheng L, Hauser SL, Pelletier D.

Ann Neurol. 2018 Feb;83(2):223-234. doi: 10.1002/ana.25150. Epub 2018 Feb 9.


Genomic features of bacterial adaptation to plants.

Levy A, Salas Gonzalez I, Mittelviefhaus M, Clingenpeel S, Herrera Paredes S, Miao J, Wang K, Devescovi G, Stillman K, Monteiro F, Rangel Alvarez B, Lundberg DS, Lu TY, Lebeis S, Jin Z, McDonald M, Klein AP, Feltcher ME, Rio TG, Grant SR, Doty SL, Ley RE, Zhao B, Venturi V, Pelletier DA, Vorholt JA, Tringe SG, Woyke T, Dangl JL.

Nat Genet. 2017 Dec 18;50(1):138-150. doi: 10.1038/s41588-017-0012-9.


Root and Rhizosphere Bacterial Phosphatase Activity Varies with Tree Species and Soil Phosphorus Availability in Puerto Rico Tropical Forest.

Cabugao KG, Timm CM, Carrell AA, Childs J, Lu TS, Pelletier DA, Weston DJ, Norby RJ.

Front Plant Sci. 2017 Oct 30;8:1834. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2017.01834. eCollection 2017.


Anomalies Characteristic of Central Nervous System Demyelination: Radiologically Isolated Syndrome.

Lebrun C, Kantarci OH, Siva A, Pelletier D, Okuda DT; RISConsortium.

Neurol Clin. 2018 Feb;36(1):59-68. doi: 10.1016/j.ncl.2017.08.004. Review.


New Concepts Related to Disease Appreciation in Multiple Sclerosis.

Azevedo CJ, Jaberzadeh A, Pelletier D.

Neurol Clin. 2018 Feb;36(1):119-133. doi: 10.1016/j.ncl.2017.08.010. Review.


The NAIMS cooperative pilot project: Design, implementation and future directions.

Oh J, Bakshi R, Calabresi PA, Crainiceanu C, Henry RG, Nair G, Papinutto N, Constable RT, Reich DS, Pelletier D, Rooney W, Schwartz D, Tagge I, Shinohara RT, Simon JH, Sicotte NL; NAIMS Cooperative Steering Committee.

Mult Scler. 2018 Nov;24(13):1770-1772. doi: 10.1177/1352458517739990. Epub 2017 Nov 6.


Do mobile clinics provide high-quality antenatal care? A comparison of care delivery, knowledge outcomes and perception of quality of care between fixed and mobile clinics in central Haiti.

Phillips E, Stoltzfus RJ, Michaud L, Pierre GLF, Vermeylen F, Pelletier D.

BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 2017 Oct 16;17(1):361. doi: 10.1186/s12884-017-1546-7.


Boundary-spanning actors in complex adaptive governance systems: The case of multisectoral nutrition.

Pelletier D, Gervais S, Hafeez-Ur-Rehman H, Sanou D, Tumwine J.

Int J Health Plann Manage. 2018 Jan;33(1):e293-e319. doi: 10.1002/hpm.2468. Epub 2017 Oct 10.


Who knows what: An exploration of the infant feeding message environment and intracultural differences in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Fox EL, Pelto GH, Rasmussen KM, Debrosse MG, Rouzier VA, Pape JW, Pelletier DL.

Matern Child Nutr. 2018 Apr;14(2):e12537. doi: 10.1111/mcn.12537. Epub 2017 Oct 4.


Radiologically isolated syndrome in children: Clinical and radiologic outcomes.

Makhani N, Lebrun C, Siva A, Brassat D, Carra Dallière C, de Seze J, Du W, Durand Dubief F, Kantarci O, Langille M, Narula S, Pelletier J, Rojas JI, Shapiro ED, Stone RT, Tintoré M, Uygunoglu U, Vermersch P, Wassmer E, Okuda DT, Pelletier D.

Neurol Neuroimmunol Neuroinflamm. 2017 Sep 25;4(6):e395. doi: 10.1212/NXI.0000000000000395. eCollection 2017 Nov.


A Simplified Regimen Compared with WHO Guidelines Decreases Antenatal Calcium Supplement Intake for Prevention of Preeclampsia in a Cluster-Randomized Noninferiority Trial in Rural Kenya.

Omotayo MO, Dickin KL, Pelletier DL, Mwanga EO, Kung'u JK, Stoltzfus RJ.

J Nutr. 2017 Oct;147(10):1986-1991. doi: 10.3945/jn.117.251926. Epub 2017 Sep 6.


It Takes Time to Be Cool: On the Relationship between Hyperthermia and Body Cooling in a Migrating Seaduck.

Guillemette M, Polymeropoulos ET, Portugal SJ, Pelletier D.

Front Physiol. 2017 Jul 25;8:532. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2017.00532. eCollection 2017.

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