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Integrated Extreme Real-Time PCR and High-Speed Melting Analysis in 52 to 87 Seconds.

Myrick JT, Pryor RJ, Palais RA, Ison SJ, Sanford L, Dwight ZL, Huuskonen JJ, Sundberg SO, Wittwer CT.

Clin Chem. 2019 Feb;65(2):263-271. doi: 10.1373/clinchem.2018.296608. Epub 2018 Nov 20.


Accurate diagnosis of spinal muscular atrophy and 22q11.2 deletion syndrome using limited deoxynucleotide triphosphates and high-resolution melting.

Zhang X, Wang B, Zhang L, You G, Palais RA, Zhou L, Fu Q.

BMC Genomics. 2018 Jun 20;19(1):485. doi: 10.1186/s12864-018-4833-4.


Quantifying variant differences in DNA melting curves: Effects of length, melting rate, and curve overlay.

Li M, Palais RA, Zhou L, Wittwer CT.

Anal Biochem. 2017 Dec 15;539:90-95. doi: 10.1016/j.ab.2017.10.015. Epub 2017 Oct 21.


High-Speed Melting Analysis: The Effect of Melting Rate on Small Amplicon Microfluidic Genotyping.

Pryor RJ, Myrick JT, Palais RA, Sundberg SO, Paek JY, Wittwer CT, Knight IT.

Clin Chem. 2017 Oct;63(10):1624-1632. doi: 10.1373/clinchem.2017.276147. Epub 2017 Aug 17.


Copy number assessment by competitive PCR with limiting deoxynucleotide triphosphates and high-resolution melting.

Zhou L, Palais RA, Paxton CN, Geiersbach KB, Wittwer CT.

Clin Chem. 2015 May;61(5):724-33. doi: 10.1373/clinchem.2014.236208. Epub 2015 Mar 10.


Microfluidic genotyping by rapid serial PCR and high-speed melting analysis.

Sundberg SO, Wittwer CT, Howell RM, Huuskonen J, Pryor RJ, Farrar JS, Stiles HM, Palais RA, Knight IT.

Clin Chem. 2014 Oct;60(10):1306-13. doi: 10.1373/clinchem.2014.223768. Epub 2014 Aug 12.


Genotyping accuracy of high-resolution DNA melting instruments.

Li M, Zhou L, Palais RA, Wittwer CT.

Clin Chem. 2014 Jun;60(6):864-72. doi: 10.1373/clinchem.2013.220160. Epub 2014 Apr 9.


Symmetric snapback primers for scanning and genotyping of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator gene.

Zhou L, Palais RA, Ye F, Chen J, Montgomery JL, Wittwer CT.

Clin Chem. 2013 Jul;59(7):1052-61. doi: 10.1373/clinchem.2013.202689. Epub 2013 Mar 15.


Snapback primer genotyping of the Gilbert syndrome UGT1A1 (TA)(n) promoter polymorphism by high-resolution melting.

Farrar JS, Palais RA, Wittwer CT.

Clin Chem. 2011 Sep;57(9):1303-10. doi: 10.1373/clinchem.2011.166306. Epub 2011 Jul 19.


Enrichment and detection of rare alleles by means of snapback primers and rapid-cycle PCR.

Zhou L, Palais RA, Smith GD, Anderson D, Rowe LR, Wittwer CT.

Clin Chem. 2010 May;56(5):814-22. doi: 10.1373/clinchem.2009.142034. Epub 2010 Mar 18.


Identifying common genetic variants by high-resolution melting.

Vandersteen JG, Bayrak-Toydemir P, Palais RA, Wittwer CT.

Clin Chem. 2007 Jul;53(7):1191-8. Epub 2007 May 24.


Quantitative heteroduplex analysis for single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping.

Palais RA, Liew MA, Wittwer CT.

Anal Biochem. 2005 Nov 1;346(1):167-75. Epub 2005 Aug 31.


Involvement of multiple signaling pathways in follicular lymphoma transformation: p38-mitogen-activated protein kinase as a target for therapy.

Elenitoba-Johnson KS, Jenson SD, Abbott RT, Palais RA, Bohling SD, Lin Z, Tripp S, Shami PJ, Wang LY, Coupland RW, Buckstein R, Perez-Ordonez B, Perkins SL, Dube ID, Lim MS.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003 Jun 10;100(12):7259-64. Epub 2003 May 19.

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