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Evolution of functional polymorphism in the gene coding for the Helicobacter pylori cytotoxin.

Ji X, Frati F, Barone S, Pagliaccia C, Burroni D, Xu G, Rappuoli R, Reyrat JM, Telford JL.

FEMS Microbiol Lett. 2002 Jan 10;206(2):253-8.


How the loop and middle regions influence the properties of Helicobacter pylori VacA channels.

Tombola F, Pagliaccia C, Campello S, Telford JL, Montecucco C, Papini E, Zoratti M.

Biophys J. 2001 Dec;81(6):3204-15.


Cell specificity of Helicobacter pylori cytotoxin is determined by a short region in the polymorphic midregion.

Ji X, Fernandez T, Burroni D, Pagliaccia C, Atherton JC, Reyrat JM, Rappuoli R, Telford JL.

Infect Immun. 2000 Jun;68(6):3754-7.


Structure and interaction of VacA of Helicobacter pylori with a lipid membrane.

Pagliaccia C, Wang XM, Tardy F, Telford JL, Ruysschaert JM, Cabiaux V.

Eur J Biochem. 2000 Jan;267(1):104-9.


Helicobacter pylori VacA cytotoxin associated with the bacteria increases epithelial permeability independently of its vacuolating activity.

Pelicic V, Reyrat JM, Sartori L, Pagliaccia C, Rappuoli R, Telford JL, Montecucco C, Papini E.

Microbiology. 1999 Aug;145 ( Pt 8):2043-2050. doi: 10.1099/13500872-145-8-2043.


3D imaging of the 58 kDa cell binding subunit of the Helicobacter pylori cytotoxin.

Reyrat JM, Lanzavecchia S, Lupetti P, de Bernard M, Pagliaccia C, Pelicic V, Charrel M, Ulivieri C, Norais N, Ji X, Cabiaux V, Papini E, Rappuoli R, Telford JL.

J Mol Biol. 1999 Jul 9;290(2):459-70.


Characterisation of a monoclonal antibody and its use to purify the cytotoxin of Helicobacter pylori.

Reyrat JM, Charrel M, Pagliaccia C, Burroni D, Lupetti P, de Bernard M, Ji X, Norais N, Papini E, Dallai R, Rappuoli R, Telford JL.

FEMS Microbiol Lett. 1998 Aug 1;165(1):79-84.


The m2 form of the Helicobacter pylori cytotoxin has cell type-specific vacuolating activity.

Pagliaccia C, de Bernard M, Lupetti P, Ji X, Burroni D, Cover TL, Papini E, Rappuoli R, Telford JL, Reyrat JM.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1998 Aug 18;95(17):10212-7.


Protection against Helicobacter pylori infection in mice by intragastric vaccination with H. pylori antigens is achieved using a non-toxic mutant of E. coli heat-labile enterotoxin (LT) as adjuvant.

Marchetti M, Rossi M, Giannelli V, Giuliani MM, Pizza M, Censini S, Covacci A, Massari P, Pagliaccia C, Manetti R, Telford JL, Douce G, Dougan G, Rappuoli R, Ghiara P.

Vaccine. 1998 Jan;16(1):33-7.


Pertactin antigens extracted from Bordetella pertussis and Bordetella bronchiseptica differ in the isoelectric point.

Pagliaccia C, Manetti R, Rappuoli R.

Arch Microbiol. 1997 Nov;168(5):437-40.


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