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Human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles reduce hepatic stellate cell activation and liver fibrosis.

Povero D, Pinatel EM, Leszczynska A, Goyal NP, Nishio T, Kim J, Kneiber D, de Araujo Horcel L, Eguchi A, Ordonez PM, Kisseleva T, Feldstein AE.

JCI Insight. 2019 Jun 11;5. pii: 125652. doi: 10.1172/jci.insight.125652.


Identification of a gene encoding polygalacturonase expressed specifically in short styles in distylous common buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum).

Takeshima R, Nishio T, Komatsu S, Kurauchi N, Matsui K.

Heredity (Edinb). 2019 May 10. doi: 10.1038/s41437-019-0227-x. [Epub ahead of print]


Activated Hepatic Stellate Cells and Portal Fibroblasts contribute to cholestatic liver fibrosis in MDR2 knockout mice.

Nishio T, Hu R, Koyama Y, Liang S, Rosenthal SB, Yamamoto G, Karin D, Baglieri J, Ma HY, Xu J, Liu X, Dhar D, Iwaisako K, Taura K, Brenner DA, Kisseleva T.

J Hepatol. 2019 May 6. pii: S0168-8278(19)30273-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jhep.2019.04.012. [Epub ahead of print]


A novel risk analysis of clinical reference dosimetry based on failure modes and effects analysis.

Ochi Y, Saito A, Kawahara D, Suzuki T, Tsuneda M, Tanaka S, Nishio T, Ozawa S, Murakami Y, Nagata Y.

Phys Med. 2019 Feb;58:59-65. doi: 10.1016/j.ejmp.2019.01.014. Epub 2019 Jan 29.


Dependence of neutrons generated by 7Li(p,n) reaction on Li thickness under free-air condition in accelerator-based boron neutron capture therapy system employing solid-state Li target.

Nakamura S, Igaki H, Okamoto H, Wakita A, Ito M, Imamichi S, Nishioka S, Iijima K, Nakayama H, Takemori M, Kobayashi K, Abe Y, Okuma K, Takahashi K, Inaba K, Murakami N, Nakayama Y, Nishio T, Masutani M, Itami J.

Phys Med. 2019 Feb;58:121-130. doi: 10.1016/j.ejmp.2019.02.010. Epub 2019 Feb 16.


SCR-22 of pollen-dominant S haplotype class is recessive to SCR-44 of pollen-recessive S haplotype class in Brassica rapa.

Wang CL, Zhang ZP, Oikawa E, Kitashiba H, Nishio T.

Hortic Res. 2019 Feb 1;6:25. doi: 10.1038/s41438-018-0103-5. eCollection 2019.


Automatic calibration of an arbitrarily-set near-infrared camera for patient surface respiratory monitoring.

Saito A, Ohashi A, Nishio T, Hashimoto D, Maekawa H, Murakami Y, Ozawa S, Suitani M, Tsuneda M, Ikenaga K, Nagata Y.

Med Phys. 2019 Mar;46(3):1163-1174. doi: 10.1002/mp.13377. Epub 2019 Feb 4.


Predictive gamma passing rate by dose uncertainty potential accumulation model.

Shiba E, Saito A, Furumi M, Murakami Y, Ohguri T, Tsuneda M, Yahara K, Nishio T, Korogi Y, Nagata Y.

Med Phys. 2019 Feb;46(2):999-1005. doi: 10.1002/mp.13333. Epub 2018 Dec 28.


Efficiency of acoustic radiation force impulse imaging for the staging of graft fibrosis after liver transplantation.

Yoshino K, Taura K, Okuda Y, Ikeno Y, Uemoto Y, Nishio T, Yamamoto G, Tanabe K, Koyama Y, Seo S, Kaido T, Okajima H, Imai T, Tanaka S, Uemoto S.

Hepatol Res. 2019 Apr;49(4):394-403. doi: 10.1111/hepr.13289. Epub 2019 Jan 2.


NADPH Oxidase 1 in Liver Macrophages Promotes Inflammation and Tumor Development in Mice.

Liang S, Ma HY, Zhong Z, Dhar D, Liu X, Xu J, Koyama Y, Nishio T, Karin D, Karin G, Mccubbin R, Zhang C, Hu R, Yang G, Chen L, Ganguly S, Lan T, Karin M, Kisseleva T, Brenner DA.

Gastroenterology. 2019 Mar;156(4):1156-1172.e6. doi: 10.1053/j.gastro.2018.11.019. Epub 2018 Nov 13.


Rapid Detection of the Macrolide Sensitivity of Pneumonia-Causing Mycoplasma pneumoniae Using Quenching Probe Polymerase Chain Reaction (GENECUBE®).

Ito Y, Iwashima S, Hayano S, Nishio T, Shiozawa R, Yata S, Kubota T, Kubota A, Uemura K.

Mol Diagn Ther. 2018 Dec;22(6):737-747. doi: 10.1007/s40291-018-0360-x.


An end-to-end postal audit test to examine the coincidence between the imaging isocenter and treatment beam isocenter of the IGRT linac system for Japan Clinical Oncology Group (JCOG) clinical trials.

Kumazaki Y, Ozawa S, Nakamura M, Kito S, Minemura T, Tachibana H, Nishio T, Ishikura S, Nishimura Y.

Phys Med. 2018 Sep;53:145-152. doi: 10.1016/j.ejmp.2018.08.010. Epub 2018 Sep 11.


The effect of stem growth habit on single seed weight and seed uniformity in soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill).

Kato S, Sayama T, Ishimoto M, Yumoto S, Kikuchi A, Nishio T.

Breed Sci. 2018 Jun;68(3):352-359. doi: 10.1270/jsbbs.17137. Epub 2018 Jun 29.


Accidental Mechanical Asphyxia from a Window-Blind Cord.

Yamamoto K, Iwashima S, Nishio T, Shiozawa R, Kubota A.

Indian J Pediatr. 2018 Dec;85(12):1138. doi: 10.1007/s12098-018-2723-z. Epub 2018 Jun 13. No abstract available.


Branched-Chain Polyamine Found in Hyperthermophiles Induces Unique Temperature-Dependent Structural Changes in Genome-Size DNA.

Nishio T, Yoshikawa Y, Fukuda W, Umezawa N, Higuchi T, Fujiwara S, Imanaka T, Yoshikawa K.

Chemphyschem. 2018 Sep 18;19(18):2299-2304. doi: 10.1002/cphc.201800396. Epub 2018 Jul 10.


Evaluation of deformation parameters for deformable image registration-based ventilation imaging using an air-ventilating non-rigid phantom.

Miyakawa S, Tachibana H, Moriya S, Kurosawa T, Nishio T.

Phys Med. 2018 Jun;50:20-25. doi: 10.1016/j.ejmp.2018.05.016. Epub 2018 May 26.


Design and development of a nonrigid phantom for the quantitative evaluation of DIR-based mapping of simulated pulmonary ventilation.

Miyakawa S, Tachibana H, Moriya S, Kurosawa T, Nishio T, Sato M.

Med Phys. 2018 May 28. doi: 10.1002/mp.13017. [Epub ahead of print]


Identification and characterization of a novel bacterial β-glucosidase that is highly specific for the β-1,2-glucosidic linkage of sesaminol triglucoside.

Sakurai A, Hongo S, Nair A, Waki T, Oikawa D, Nishio T, Shimoyama T, Takahashi S, Yamashita S, Nakayama T.

Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 2018 Sep;82(9):1518-1521. doi: 10.1080/09168451.2018.1476123. Epub 2018 May 26.


[Study of Dose Recalculation Method on Overriding Lung Density Using CBCT Image in the Thorax].

Watanabe H, Ozawa S, Ohashi A, Ikenaga K, Miki K, Saito A, Nishio T, Murakami Y, Nagata Y.

Nihon Hoshasen Gijutsu Gakkai Zasshi. 2018;74(5):465-472. doi: 10.6009/jjrt.2018_JSRT_74.5.465. Japanese.


Establishment of postal audit system in intensity-modulated radiotherapy by radiophotoluminescent glass dosimeters and a radiochromic film.

Okamoto H, Minemura T, Nakamura M, Mizuno H, Tohyama N, Nishio T, Wakita A, Nakamura S, Nishioka S, Iijima K, Fujiyama D, Itami J, Nishimura Y.

Phys Med. 2018 Apr;48:119-126. doi: 10.1016/j.ejmp.2018.03.013. Epub 2018 Apr 24.


Activation of Self-Incompatibility Signaling in Transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana Is Independent of AP2-Based Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis.

Yamamoto M, Nishio T, Nasrallah JB.

G3 (Bethesda). 2018 Jul 2;8(7):2231-2239. doi: 10.1534/g3.118.200231.


Low Preoperative Platelet Count Predicts Risk of Subclinical Posthepatectomy Liver Failure in Right Lobe Donors for Liver Transplantation.

Yoshino K, Taura K, Ikeno Y, Okuda Y, Nishio T, Yamamoto G, Seo S, Yagi S, Hata K, Kaido T, Okajima H, Uemoto S.

Liver Transpl. 2018 Sep;24(9):1178-1185. doi: 10.1002/lt.25181.


A novel verification method using a plastic scintillator imagining system for assessment of gantry sag in radiotherapy.

Tsuneda M, Nishio T, Saito A, Tanaka S, Suzuki T, Kawahara D, Matsushita K, Nishio A, Ozawa S, Karasawa K, Nagata Y.

Med Phys. 2018 Jun;45(6):2411-2424. doi: 10.1002/mp.12922. Epub 2018 May 9.


Bladder squamous cell cancer accompanied by Trousseau's syndrome: a case report.

Kayukawa S, Ina K, Furuta R, Nishio T, Miyashita T, Umeda S, Kataoka T.

Clin Case Rep. 2018 Feb 21;6(4):653-657. doi: 10.1002/ccr3.1433. eCollection 2018 Apr.


Identification of Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Human Golgi Mannosidase via a Drug Repositioning Screen.

Koyama R, Hakamata W, Hirano T, Nishio T.

Chem Pharm Bull (Tokyo). 2018 Jun 1;66(6):678-681. doi: 10.1248/cpb.c17-01009. Epub 2018 Mar 13.


Sensitive mutant detection by concentrating mutant DNA with allele-specific capture and its application to analysis of contaminated grains in rice.

Kohata R, Koitabashi K, Kitashiba H, Nishio T.

Plant Cell Rep. 2018 Jun;37(6):865-872. doi: 10.1007/s00299-018-2274-9. Epub 2018 Mar 12.


Measurement of nuclear reaction cross sections by using Cherenkov radiation toward high-precision proton therapy.

Masuda T, Kataoka J, Arimoto M, Takabe M, Nishio T, Matsushita K, Miyake T, Yamamoto S, Inaniwa T, Toshito T.

Sci Rep. 2018 Feb 7;8(1):2570. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-20906-z.


Chemoenzymatic synthesis of sucuronic acid using d-glucurono-6,3-lactone and sucrose as raw materials, and properties of the product.

Hosaka H, Mizoguchi S, Tashiro M, Fujimoto T, Hirano T, Hakamata W, Nishio T.

Enzyme Microb Technol. 2018 Mar;110:53-60. doi: 10.1016/j.enzmictec.2017.12.006. Epub 2017 Dec 21.


Improved proton CT imaging using a bismuth germanium oxide scintillator.

Tanaka S, Nishio T, Tsuneda M, Matsushita K, Kabuki S, Uesaka M.

Phys Med Biol. 2018 Feb 2;63(3):035030. doi: 10.1088/1361-6560/aaa515.


Evaluation of radioactivity in the bodies of mice induced by neutron exposure from an epi-thermal neutron source of an accelerator-based boron neutron capture therapy system.

Nakamura S, Imamichi S, Masumoto K, Ito M, Wakita A, Okamoto H, Nishioka S, Iijima K, Kobayashi K, Abe Y, Igaki H, Kurita K, Nishio T, Masutani M, Itami J.

Proc Jpn Acad Ser B Phys Biol Sci. 2017;93(10):821-831. doi: 10.2183/pjab.93.051.


Usefulness of a new online patient-specific quality assurance system for respiratory-gated radiotherapy.

Kurosawa T, Tachibana H, Moriya S, Miyakawa S, Nishio T, Sato M.

Phys Med. 2017 Nov;43:63-72. doi: 10.1016/j.ejmp.2017.10.011. Epub 2017 Oct 31.


Impact of statin use on the prognosis of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma undergoing liver resection: a subgroup analysis of patients without chronic hepatitis viral infection.

Nishio T, Taura K, Nakamura N, Seo S, Yasuchika K, Kaido T, Okajima H, Hatano E, Uemoto S.

Surgery. 2018 Feb;163(2):264-269. doi: 10.1016/j.surg.2017.09.026. Epub 2017 Nov 20.


Immediate elimination of injured white matter tissue achieves a rapid axonal growth across the severed spinal cord in adult rats.

Nishio T, Fujiwara H, Kanno I.

Neurosci Res. 2018 Jun;131:19-29. doi: 10.1016/j.neures.2017.10.011. Epub 2017 Nov 10.


Pancreatic Stellate Cells Have Distinct Characteristics From Hepatic Stellate Cells and Are Not the Unique Origin of Collagen-Producing Cells in the Pancreas.

Yamamoto G, Taura K, Iwaisako K, Asagiri M, Ito S, Koyama Y, Tanabe K, Iguchi K, Satoh M, Nishio T, Okuda Y, Ikeno Y, Yoshino K, Seo S, Hatano E, Uemoto S.

Pancreas. 2017 Oct;46(9):1141-1151. doi: 10.1097/MPA.0000000000000901.


Whole-body biodistribution and the influence of body activity on brain kinetic analysis of the 11C-PiB PET scan.

Akamatsu G, Nishio T, Adachi K, Ikari Y, Senda M.

Radiol Phys Technol. 2017 Dec;10(4):464-474. doi: 10.1007/s12194-017-0419-0. Epub 2017 Sep 11.


Analyses of sizable ZFS and magnetic tensors of high spin metallocomplexes.

Yamane T, Sugisaki K, Nakagawa T, Matsuoka H, Nishio T, Kinjyo S, Mori N, Yokoyama S, Kawashima C, Yokokura N, Sato K, Kanzaki Y, Shiomi D, Toyota K, Dolphin DH, Lin WC, McDowell CA, Tadokoro M, Takui T.

Phys Chem Chem Phys. 2017 Sep 20;19(36):24769-24791. doi: 10.1039/c7cp03850j.


Patient Preference for Aggressive Medication Therapies with Potentially Stronger Adverse Drug Reactions Revealed Using a Scenario-based Survey.

Iihara N, Ohara E, Nishio T, Muguruma H, Matsuoka E, Houchi H, Kirino Y.

Yakugaku Zasshi. 2017;137(9):1161-1167. doi: 10.1248/yakushi.17-00086.


Synthesis of Chitin Oligosaccharides Using Dried Stenotrophomonas maltophilia Cells Containing a Transglycosylation Reaction-Catalyzing β-N-Acetylhexosaminidase as a Whole-Cell Catalyst.

Uehara A, Takahashi N, Moriyama M, Hirano T, Hakamata W, Nishio T.

Appl Biochem Biotechnol. 2018 Feb;184(2):673-684. doi: 10.1007/s12010-017-2585-2. Epub 2017 Aug 24.


Immunohistochemical expression analysis of leucine-rich PPR-motif-containing protein (LRPPRC), a candidate colorectal cancer biomarker identified by shotgun proteomics using iTRAQ.

Nishio T, Kurabe N, Goto-Inoue N, Nakamura T, Sugimura H, Setou M, Maekawa M.

Clin Chim Acta. 2017 Aug;471:276-282. doi: 10.1016/j.cca.2017.06.011. Epub 2017 Jun 13.


Airway basophils are increased and activated in eosinophilic asthma.

Suzuki Y, Wakahara K, Nishio T, Ito S, Hasegawa Y.

Allergy. 2017 Oct;72(10):1532-1539. doi: 10.1111/all.13197. Epub 2017 Jun 14.


Modeling the detection efficiency of an HP-Ge detector for use in boron neutron capture therapy.

Nakamura S, Wakita A, Ito M, Okamoto H, Nishioka S, Iijima K, Kobayashi K, Nishio T, Igaki H, Itami J.

Appl Radiat Isot. 2017 Jul;125:80-85. doi: 10.1016/j.apradiso.2017.03.027. Epub 2017 Apr 2.


Educational outcomes of a medical physicist program over the past 10 years in Japan.

Kadoya N, Karasawa K, Sumida I, Arimura H, Kakinohana Y, Kabuki S, Monzen H, Nishio T, Shirato H, Yamada S.

J Radiat Res. 2017 Sep 1;58(5):669-674. doi: 10.1093/jrr/rrx016.


Nardilysin promotes hepatocellular carcinoma through activation of signal transducer and activator of transcription 3.

Kasai Y, Toriguchi K, Hatano E, Nishi K, Ohno M, Yoh T, Fukuyama K, Nishio T, Okuno M, Iwaisako K, Seo S, Taura K, Kurokawa M, Kunichika M, Uemoto S, Nishi E.

Cancer Sci. 2017 May;108(5):910-917. doi: 10.1111/cas.13204. Epub 2017 Apr 24.


Ror2 signaling regulates Golgi structure and transport through IFT20 for tumor invasiveness.

Nishita M, Park SY, Nishio T, Kamizaki K, Wang Z, Tamada K, Takumi T, Hashimoto R, Otani H, Pazour GJ, Hsu VW, Minami Y.

Sci Rep. 2017 Jan 26;7(1):1. doi: 10.1038/s41598-016-0028-x.


Marginal prescription equivalent to the isocenter prescription in lung stereotactic body radiotherapy: preliminary study for Japan Clinical Oncology Group trial (JCOG1408).

Kawahara D, Ozawa S, Kimura T, Saito A, Nishio T, Nakashima T, Ohno Y, Murakami Y, Nagata Y.

J Radiat Res. 2017 Jan;58(1):149-154. doi: 10.1093/jrr/rrw096. Epub 2016 Oct 19.


Dosimetric impact of Lipiodol in stereotactic body radiation therapy on liver after trans-arterial chemoembolization.

Kawahara D, Ozawa S, Saito A, Nishio T, Kimura T, Suzuki T, Hioki K, Nakashima T, Ohno Y, Murakami Y, Nagata Y.

Med Phys. 2017 Jan;44(1):342-348. doi: 10.1002/mp.12028.


A 2-Oxoglutarate-Dependent Dioxygenase Mediates the Biosynthesis of Glucoraphasatin in Radish.

Kakizaki T, Kitashiba H, Zou Z, Li F, Fukino N, Ohara T, Nishio T, Ishida M.

Plant Physiol. 2017 Mar;173(3):1583-1593. doi: 10.1104/pp.16.01814. Epub 2017 Jan 18.


Hepatic vagus nerve regulates Kupffer cell activation via α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.

Nishio T, Taura K, Iwaisako K, Koyama Y, Tanabe K, Yamamoto G, Okuda Y, Ikeno Y, Yoshino K, Kasai Y, Okuno M, Seo S, Sakurai T, Asagiri M, Hatano E, Uemoto S.

J Gastroenterol. 2017 Aug;52(8):965-976. doi: 10.1007/s00535-016-1304-z. Epub 2017 Jan 2.


Inter-rater variability of visual interpretation and comparison with quantitative evaluation of 11C-PiB PET amyloid images of the Japanese Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (J-ADNI) multicenter study.

Yamane T, Ishii K, Sakata M, Ikari Y, Nishio T, Ishii K, Kato T, Ito K, Senda M; J-ADNI Study Group.

Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2017 May;44(5):850-857. doi: 10.1007/s00259-016-3591-2. Epub 2016 Dec 13.


Simultaneous recovery of phosphorus and potassium as magnesium potassium phosphate from synthetic sewage sludge effluent.

Nakao S, Nishio T, Kanjo Y.

Environ Technol. 2017 Oct;38(19):2416-2426. doi: 10.1080/09593330.2016.1264485. Epub 2016 Dec 11.


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