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Machine Learning Algorithm Helps Identify Non-Diagnosed Prodromal Alzheimer's Disease Patients in the General Population.

Uspenskaya-Cadoz O, Alamuri C, Wang L, Yang M, Khinda S, Nigmatullina Y, Cao T, Kayal N, O'Keefe M, Rubel C.

J Prev Alzheimers Dis. 2019;6(3):185-191. doi: 10.14283/jpad.2019.10.


Influence of biases in numerical magnitude allocation on human prosocial decision making.

Arshad Q, Nigmatullina Y, Siddiqui S, Franka M, Mediratta S, Ramachandaran S, Lobo R, Malhotra PA, Roberts RE, Bronstein AM.

J Neurophysiol. 2017 Dec 1;118(6):3007-3013. doi: 10.1152/jn.00372.2017. Epub 2017 Sep 13.


Lateralisation of the Vestibular Cortex Is More Pronounced in Left-Handers.

Nigmatullina Y, Siddiqui S, Khan S, Sander K, Lobo R, Bronstein AM, Arshad Q.

Brain Stimul. 2016 Nov - Dec;9(6):942-944. doi: 10.1016/j.brs.2016.08.001. Epub 2016 Aug 3. No abstract available.


Perceived state of self during motion can differentially modulate numerical magnitude allocation.

Arshad Q, Nigmatullina Y, Roberts RE, Goga U, Pikovsky M, Khan S, Lobo R, Flury AS, Pettorossi VE, Cohen-Kadosh R, Malhotra PA, Bronstein AM.

Eur J Neurosci. 2016 Sep;44(6):2369-74. doi: 10.1111/ejn.13335. Epub 2016 Aug 10.


Bidirectional Modulation of Numerical Magnitude.

Arshad Q, Nigmatullina Y, Nigmatullin R, Asavarut P, Goga U, Khan S, Sander K, Siddiqui S, Roberts RE, Cohen Kadosh R, Bronstein AM, Malhotra PA.

Cereb Cortex. 2016 May;26(5):2311-2324. doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhv344. Epub 2016 Feb 14.


Temporoparietal encoding of space and time during vestibular-guided orientation.

Kaski D, Quadir S, Nigmatullina Y, Malhotra PA, Bronstein AM, Seemungal BM.

Brain. 2016 Feb;139(Pt 2):392-403. doi: 10.1093/brain/awv370. Epub 2015 Dec 30.


Right hemisphere dominance directly predicts both baseline V1 cortical excitability and the degree of top-down modulation exerted over low-level brain structures.

Arshad Q, Siddiqui S, Ramachandran S, Goga U, Bonsu A, Patel M, Roberts RE, Nigmatullina Y, Malhotra P, Bronstein AM.

Neuroscience. 2015 Dec 17;311:484-9. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2015.10.045. Epub 2015 Oct 27.


Electrocortical therapy for motion sickness.

Arshad Q, Cerchiai N, Goga U, Nigmatullina Y, Roberts RE, Casani AP, Golding JF, Gresty MA, Bronstein AM.

Neurology. 2015 Oct 6;85(14):1257-9. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000001989. Epub 2015 Sep 4. No abstract available.


Role of handedness-related vestibular cortical dominance upon the vestibular-ocular reflex.

Arshad Q, Patel M, Goga U, Nigmatullina Y, Bronstein AM.

J Neurol. 2015;262(4):1069-71. doi: 10.1007/s00415-015-7690-y. Epub 2015 Mar 6. No abstract available.


How imagery changes self-motion perception.

Nigmatullina Y, Arshad Q, Wu K, Seemungal BM, Bronstein AM, Soto D.

Neuroscience. 2015 Apr 16;291:46-52. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2015.01.021. Epub 2015 Jan 28.


Applications of neuromodulation to explore vestibular cortical processing; new insights into the effects of direct current cortical modulation upon pursuit, VOR and VOR suppression.

Ahmad H, Arshad Q, Siddiqui S, Nigmatullina Y, Patel M, Bronstein AM, Roberts RE.

J Vestib Res. 2014;24(5-6):453-8. doi: 10.3233/VES-140530.


Effects of prochlorperazine on normal vestibular ocular and perceptual responses: a randomised, double-blind, crossover, placebo-controlled study.

Patel M, Nigmatullina Y, Seemungal BM, Golding JF, Bronstein AM.

Audiol Neurootol. 2014;19(2):91-6. doi: 10.1159/000357028. Epub 2013 Dec 21.


Unidirectional visual motion adaptation induces reciprocal inhibition of human early visual cortex excitability.

Arshad Q, Nigmatullina Y, Bronstein AM.

Clin Neurophysiol. 2014 Apr;125(4):798-804. doi: 10.1016/j.clinph.2013.09.009. Epub 2013 Oct 11.


Separate attentional components modulate early visual cortex excitability.

Arshad Q, Nigmatullina Y, Bhrugubanda V, Asavarut P, Obrocki P, Bronstein AM, Roberts RE.

Cortex. 2013 Nov-Dec;49(10):2938-40. doi: 10.1016/j.cortex.2013.08.016. Epub 2013 Sep 5. No abstract available.


The neuroanatomical correlates of training-related perceptuo-reflex uncoupling in dancers.

Nigmatullina Y, Hellyer PJ, Nachev P, Sharp DJ, Seemungal BM.

Cereb Cortex. 2015 Feb;25(2):554-62. doi: 10.1093/cercor/bht266. Epub 2013 Sep 26.


Left cathodal trans-cranial direct current stimulation of the parietal cortex leads to an asymmetrical modulation of the vestibular-ocular reflex.

Arshad Q, Nigmatullina Y, Roberts RE, Bhrugubanda V, Asavarut P, Bronstein AM.

Brain Stimul. 2014 Jan-Feb;7(1):85-91. doi: 10.1016/j.brs.2013.07.002. Epub 2013 Jul 30.


Handedness-related cortical modulation of the vestibular-ocular reflex.

Arshad Q, Nigmatullina Y, Bronstein AM.

J Neurosci. 2013 Feb 13;33(7):3221-7. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.2054-12.2013.


Suboptimal maternal nutrition, during early fetal liver development, promotes lipid accumulation in the liver of obese offspring.

Hyatt MA, Gardner DS, Sebert S, Wilson V, Davidson N, Nigmatullina Y, Chan LL, Budge H, Symonds ME.

Reproduction. 2011 Jan;141(1):119-26. doi: 10.1530/REP-10-0325. Epub 2010 Nov 2.

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