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Characterizing the impact of 2D and 3D culture conditions on the therapeutic effects of human mesenchymal stem cell secretome on corneal wound healing in vitro and ex vivo.

Carter K, Lee HJ, Na KS, Fernandes-Cunha GM, Blanco IJ, Djalilian A, Myung D.

Acta Biomater. 2019 Sep 17. pii: S1742-7061(19)30634-8. doi: 10.1016/j.actbio.2019.09.022. [Epub ahead of print]


Integrating a Next Generation Sequencing Panel into Clinical Practice in Ovarian Cancer.

Lee YJ, Kim D, Kim HS, Na K, Lee JY, Nam EJ, Kim SW, Kim S, Kim YT.

Yonsei Med J. 2019 Oct;60(10):914-923. doi: 10.3349/ymj.2019.60.10.914.


Hyperphosphatemia and risks of acute kidney injury, end-stage renal disease, and mortality in hospitalized patients.

Moon H, Chin HJ, Na KY, Joo KW, Kim YS, Kim S, Han SS.

BMC Nephrol. 2019 Sep 18;20(1):362. doi: 10.1186/s12882-019-1556-y.


A solvent-assisted active loading technology to prepare gambogic acid and all-trans retinoic acid co-encapsulated liposomes for synergistic anticancer therapy.

Na K, Liu K, Yu J, Wang X, Li M, Tian C, He H, He Y, Wang Y.

Drug Deliv Transl Res. 2019 Sep 16. doi: 10.1007/s13346-019-00669-4. [Epub ahead of print]


Tumor-specific Expression of Insulin-like Growth Factor II mRNA-binding Protein 3 Independently Predicts Worse Survival of Patients With Adenocarcinoma of the Ampulla of Vater.

Kim HG, Park MS, Sung JY, Kim YW, Kim HS, Na K.

Anticancer Res. 2019 Sep;39(9):4947-4955. doi: 10.21873/anticanres.13683.


Response: Incidence of Open-angle Glaucoma in Newly Diagnosed Retinal Vein Occlusion: A Nationwide Population-based Study.

Na KI, Park KH.

J Glaucoma. 2019 Sep 11. doi: 10.1097/IJG.0000000000001367. [Epub ahead of print] No abstract available.


Development of a New Mortality Scoring System for Acute Kidney Injury with Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy.

Kim Y, Park N, Kim J, Kim DK, Chin HJ, Na KY, Joo KW, Kim YS, Kim S, Han SS.

Nephrology (Carlton). 2019 Sep 5. doi: 10.1111/nep.13661. [Epub ahead of print]


Optimal systolic blood pressure in noncritically ill patients with acute kidney injury: A retrospective cohort study.

Baek SH, Chin HJ, Na KY, Chae DW, Kim S.

Kidney Res Clin Pract. 2019 Sep 30;38(3):356-364. doi: 10.23876/j.krcp.19.030.


Raptor genomes reveal evolutionary signatures of predatory and nocturnal lifestyles.

Cho YS, Jun JH, Kim JA, Kim HM, Chung O, Kang SG, Park JY, Kim HJ, Kim S, Kim HJ, Jang JH, Na KJ, Kim J, Park SG, Lee HY, Manica A, Mindell DP, Fuchs J, Edwards JS, Weber JA, Witt CC, Yeo JH, Kim S, Bhak J.

Genome Biol. 2019 Aug 29;20(1):181. doi: 10.1186/s13059-019-1793-1.


Primary Extraskeletal Osteosarcoma in the Anterior Mediastinum: A Case Report and Review.

Joo S, Song JW, Na KJ, Park S, Park IK, Kim YT, Kang CH.

Korean J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2019 Aug;52(4):243-246. doi: 10.5090/kjtcs.2019.52.4.243. Epub 2019 Aug 5.


Location of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Defects in Open-angle Glaucoma and Associated Factors.

Kim HU, Na KI.

Korean J Ophthalmol. 2019 Aug;33(4):379-385. doi: 10.3341/kjo.2018.0094.


Redox dual-responsive paclitaxel-doxorubicin heterodimeric prodrug self-delivery nanoaggregates for more effective breast cancer synergistic combination chemotherapy.

Wang Y, Wang J, Yang L, Wei W, Sun B, Na K, Song Y, Zhang H, He Z, Sun J, Wang Y.

Nanomedicine. 2019 Jul 24;21:102066. doi: 10.1016/j.nano.2019.102066. [Epub ahead of print]


Novel variants of the newly emerged Anaplasma capra from Korean water deer (Hydropotes inermis argyropus) in South Korea.

Amer S, Kim S, Yun Y, Na KJ.

Parasit Vectors. 2019 Jul 25;12(1):365. doi: 10.1186/s13071-019-3622-5.


Severe Hypocalcemia in a Patient with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex.

Kim K, Kim S, Na KY, Chae DW, Chin HJ.

Electrolyte Blood Press. 2019 Jun;17(1):21-24. doi: 10.5049/EBP.2019.17.1.21. Epub 2019 Jun 30.


Transient Blindness in a Patient with Severe Metformin-Associated Lactic Acidosis (MALA).

Jeon JW, Choi W, Kim HR, Ham YR, Choi DE, Na KR, Lee KW, Bae SY, Kim SH.

Electrolyte Blood Press. 2019 Jun;17(1):16-20. doi: 10.5049/EBP.2019.17.1.16. Epub 2019 Jun 30.


Genetic Variant of Notch Regulator DTX1 Predicts Survival After Lung Cancer Surgery.

Lee JH, Shin KM, Lee SY, Hong MJ, Choi JE, Kang HG, Do SK, Lee WK, Lee EB, Seok Y, Jeong JY, Yoo SS, Lee J, Cha SI, Kim CH, Cho S, Jheon S, Kim YC, Oh IJ, Na KJ, Kim MS, Lee JM, Yang HC, Jung CY, Park CK, Lee MK, Kim DK, Park JY.

Ann Surg Oncol. 2019 Oct;26(11):3756-3764. doi: 10.1245/s10434-019-07614-2. Epub 2019 Jul 16.


A Clonorchiasis Case of a Leopard Cat, Prionailurus bengalensis euptilurus, Diagnosed by Ultrasonography and Egg Detection in Republic of Korea.

Choe S, Jeong DH, Yang JJ, Kim J, Na KJ, Lee D, Park H, Jeon HK, Eom KS.

Korean J Parasitol. 2019 Jun;57(3):299-302. doi: 10.3347/kjp.2019.57.3.299. Epub 2019 Jun 30.


FusionPro, a Versatile Proteogenomic Tool for Identification of Novel Fusion Transcripts and Their Potential Translation Products in Cancer Cells.

Kim CY, Na K, Park S, Jeong SK, Cho JY, Shin H, Lee MJ, Han G, Paik YK.

Mol Cell Proteomics. 2019 Aug;18(8):1651-1668. doi: 10.1074/mcp.RA119.001456. Epub 2019 Jun 17.


Incomplete discussion of bipolar disorder and comorbid substance use disorder.

Na KS.

Lancet Glob Health. 2019 Jul;7(7):e846. doi: 10.1016/S2214-109X(19)30237-2. No abstract available.


Autophagic flux disruption contributes to Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide-induced apoptosis in human colorectal cancer cells via MAPK/ERK activation.

Pan H, Wang Y, Na K, Wang Y, Wang L, Li Z, Guo C, Guo D, Wang X.

Cell Death Dis. 2019 Jun 11;10(6):456. doi: 10.1038/s41419-019-1653-7.


Distribution and Characteristics of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction Subtypes: A Multicenter Study in South Korea.

Eom Y, Na KS, Cho KJ, Hwang HS, Kim SW, Chung TY, Jun RM, Song JS, Kim HS; Korea Meibomian Gland & Ocular Surface Study Group.

Korean J Ophthalmol. 2019 Jun;33(3):205-213. doi: 10.3341/kjo.2018.0104.


Prediction models for high risk of suicide in Korean adolescents using machine learning techniques.

Jung JS, Park SJ, Kim EY, Na KS, Kim YJ, Kim KG.

PLoS One. 2019 Jun 6;14(6):e0217639. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0217639. eCollection 2019.


Poisonous Caterpillar-Inspired Chitosan Nanofiber Enabling Dual Photothermal and Photodynamic Tumor Ablation.

Yu HS, Park H, Tran TH, Hwang SY, Na K, Lee ES, Oh KT, Oh DX, Park AJ.

Pharmaceutics. 2019 Jun 2;11(6). pii: E258. doi: 10.3390/pharmaceutics11060258.


Development of model to predict end-stage renal disease after coronary artery bypass grafting: The ACHE score.

Lee Y, Park J, Jang MJ, Moon HR, Kim DK, Oh KH, Joo KW, Lim CS, Kim YS, Na KY, Han SS.

Medicine (Baltimore). 2019 May;98(21):e15789. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000015789.


Effects on ocular discomfort and tear film dynamics of suturing 23-gauge pars plana vitrectomies.

Lee JH, Na KS, Kim TK, Oh HY, Lee MY.

Arq Bras Oftalmol. 2019 May-Jun;82(3):214-219. doi: 10.5935/0004-2749.20190038. Epub 2019 Feb 21.


Questioning the Beneficial Effects of Internet-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.

Cho SE, Na KS.

Psychother Psychosom. 2019;88(4):236. doi: 10.1159/000499681. Epub 2019 May 14. No abstract available.


Faden operation in consecutive esotropia.

Kim MJ, Na KH, Kim SH.

Eye (Lond). 2019 Sep;33(9):1504-1508. doi: 10.1038/s41433-019-0466-3. Epub 2019 May 9.


Polyaniline-grafted nanodiamonds for efficient photothermal tumor therapy.

Ahn GY, Yun TH, Park J, Lee MJ, Choi I, Ryu TK, Na K, Choi SW.

Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces. 2019 Aug 1;180:273-280. doi: 10.1016/j.colsurfb.2019.04.063. Epub 2019 Apr 30.


Current state of dialysis access management in Korea.

Kim YS, Kim Y, Shin SJ, Lee HS, Kim SG, Cho S, Na KR, Kim JK, Kim SJ, Kim YO, Jin DC.

J Vasc Access. 2019 May;20(1_suppl):15-19. doi: 10.1177/1129729818776913. Review.


Longitudinal analysis of meibomian gland dropout in patients with ocular graft-versus-host disease.

Hwang HS, Ha M, Kim HS, Na KS.

Ocul Surf. 2019 Jul;17(3):464-469. doi: 10.1016/j.jtos.2019.04.009. Epub 2019 Apr 20.


Interventions to reduce symptoms of common mental disorders and suicidal ideation in physicians.

Na KS.

Lancet Psychiatry. 2019 May;6(5):369. doi: 10.1016/S2215-0366(19)30084-7. No abstract available.


C1q nephropathy in adults is a form of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis in terms of clinical characteristics.

Kim K, Son HE, Ryu JY, Lee H, Han SH, Ryu DR, Paik JH, Kim S, Na KY, Chae DW, Chin HJ, Oh SW.

PLoS One. 2019 Apr 19;14(4):e0215217. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0215217. eCollection 2019.


Inhibitory effect of polysaccharide of Sargassum weizhouense on PCV2 induced inflammation in mice by suppressing histone acetylation.

Hai-Lan C, Hong-Lian T, Jian Y, Manling S, Heyu F, Na K, Wenyue H, Si-Yu C, Ying-Yi W, Ting-Jun H.

Biomed Pharmacother. 2019 Apr;112:108741. doi: 10.1016/j.biopha.2019.108741. Epub 2019 Mar 2.


Safety Evaluation of Paclitaxel-Eluting Biliary Metal Stent with Sodium Caprate in Porcine Biliary Tract.

Jang SI, Jeong S, Lee DH, Na K, Yang S, Lee DK.

Gut Liver. 2019 Apr 17;13(4):471-478. doi: 10.5009/gnl18454.


Concurrent Index-to-Little Finger Dorsal Dislocations of the Carpometacarpal Joints with Carpal Bone Fractures.

Na KT, Lee SU, Joo SY, Nho JY.

Indian J Orthop. 2019 Mar-Apr;53(2):374-376. doi: 10.4103/ortho.IJOrtho_550_17.


Prevalence and genotypes of Enterocytozoon bieneusi in wildlife in Korea: a public health concern.

Amer S, Kim S, Han JI, Na KJ.

Parasit Vectors. 2019 Apr 8;12(1):160. doi: 10.1186/s13071-019-3427-6.


Synchronous primary glomus tumor in a patient with adenocarcinoma of the ipsilateral lung.

Yun JS, Song SY, Na KJ, Kim S, Choi YD.

Thorac Cancer. 2019 May;10(5):1280-1284. doi: 10.1111/1759-7714.13067. Epub 2019 Apr 5.


Comparison of Efficacy and Safety of Bleb Needle Revision With and Without 5-Fluorouracil for Failing Trabeculectomy Bleb.

Kim JS, Kim HJ, Na KI, Kim YK, Park KH, Jeoung JW.

J Glaucoma. 2019 May;28(5):386-391. doi: 10.1097/IJG.0000000000001226.


Association between Blepharoptosis and Pterygium in Korea: A Population-Based Study during 2010-2012.

Paik JS, Yang SW, Cho WK, Kim HS, Na KS, Han K.

Semin Ophthalmol. 2019;34(2):98-105. doi: 10.1080/08820538.2019.1584227. Epub 2019 Mar 5.


A Machine Learning-Based Predictive Model of Return to Work After Sick Leave.

Na KS, Kim E.

J Occup Environ Med. 2019 May;61(5):e191-e199. doi: 10.1097/JOM.0000000000001567.


Short-term and long-term effects of low serum bicarbonate level at admission in hospitalised patients.

Lim SY, Park Y, Chin HJ, Na KY, Chae DW, Kim S.

Sci Rep. 2019 Feb 26;9(1):2798. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-38892-1.


Time-varying effects of body mass index on mortality among hemodialysis patients: Results from a nationwide Korean registry.

Kim S, Jeong JC, Ahn SY, Doh K, Jin DC, Na KY.

Kidney Res Clin Pract. 2019 Mar 31;38(1):90-99. doi: 10.23876/j.krcp.18.0094.


Evaluation of Hypertriglyceridemia as a Mediator Between Endocrine Diseases and Pancreatitis in Dogs.

Kim H, Kang JH, Heo TY, Kang BT, Kim G, Chang D, Na KJ, Yang MP.

J Am Anim Hosp Assoc. 2019 Mar/Apr;55(2):92-100. doi: 10.5326/JAAHA-MS-6791. Epub 2019 Jan 17.


Outcomes of end-stage renal disease patients on the waiting list for deceased donor kidney transplantation: A single-center study.

Jeon HJ, Bae HJ, Ham YR, Choi DE, Na KR, Ahn MS, Lee KW.

Kidney Res Clin Pract. 2019 Mar 31;38(1):116-123. doi: 10.23876/j.krcp.18.0068.


Efficacy and Safety of Lactobacillus Plantarum C29-Fermented Soybean (DW2009) in Individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment: A 12-Week, Multi-Center, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial.

Hwang YH, Park S, Paik JW, Chae SW, Kim DH, Jeong DG, Ha E, Kim M, Hong G, Park SH, Jung SJ, Lee SM, Na KH, Kim J, Chung YC.

Nutrients. 2019 Feb 1;11(2). pii: E305. doi: 10.3390/nu11020305.


Targeted next-generation sequencing panel (TruSight Tumor 170) in diffuse glioma: a single institutional experience of 135 cases.

Na K, Kim HS, Shim HS, Chang JH, Kang SG, Kim SH.

J Neurooncol. 2019 May;142(3):445-454. doi: 10.1007/s11060-019-03114-1. Epub 2019 Feb 1.


Dendritic Cell-Targeted pH-Responsive Extracellular Vesicles for Anticancer Vaccination.

Lee H, Park H, Yu HS, Na K, Oh KT, Lee ES.

Pharmaceutics. 2019 Jan 27;11(2). pii: E54. doi: 10.3390/pharmaceutics11020054.


Incidence of Open-angle Glaucoma in Newly Diagnosed Retinal Vein Occlusion: A Nationwide Population-based Study.

Na KI, Jeoung JW, Kim YK, Lee WJ, Park KH.

J Glaucoma. 2019 Feb;28(2):111-118. doi: 10.1097/IJG.0000000000001134.


Combination of photodynamic therapy (PDT) and anti-tumor immunity in cancer therapy.

Hwang HS, Shin H, Han J, Na K.

J Pharm Investig. 2018;48(2):143-151. doi: 10.1007/s40005-017-0377-x. Epub 2018 Nov 1. Review.

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