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NQO1-dependent, Tumor-selective Radiosensitization of Non-small Cell Lung Cancers.

Motea EA, Huang X, Singh N, Kilgore JA, Williams NS, Xie XJ, Gerber DE, Beg MS, Bey EA, Boothman DA.

Clin Cancer Res. 2019 Apr 15;25(8):2601-2609. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-18-2560. Epub 2019 Jan 7.


Kub5-Hera RPRD1B Deficiency Promotes "BRCAness" and Vulnerability to PARP Inhibition in BRCA-proficient Breast Cancers.

Motea EA, Fattah FJ, Xiao L, Girard L, Rommel A, Morales JC, Patidar P, Zhou Y, Porter A, Xie Y, Minna JD, Boothman DA.

Clin Cancer Res. 2018 Dec 15;24(24):6459-6470. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-17-1118. Epub 2018 Aug 14.


Aerosol delivery of stabilized polyester-siRNA nanoparticles to silence gene expression in orthotopic lung tumors.

Yan Y, Zhou K, Xiong H, Miller JB, Motea EA, Boothman DA, Liu L, Siegwart DJ.

Biomaterials. 2017 Feb;118:84-93. doi: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2016.12.001. Epub 2016 Dec 2.


Leveraging an NQO1 Bioactivatable Drug for Tumor-Selective Use of Poly(ADP-ribose) Polymerase Inhibitors.

Huang X, Motea EA, Moore ZR, Yao J, Dong Y, Chakrabarti G, Kilgore JA, Silvers MA, Patidar PL, Cholka A, Fattah F, Cha Y, Anderson GG, Kusko R, Peyton M, Yan J, Xie XJ, Sarode V, Williams NS, Minna JD, Beg M, Gerber DE, Bey EA, Boothman DA.

Cancer Cell. 2016 Dec 12;30(6):940-952. doi: 10.1016/j.ccell.2016.11.006.


XRN2 Links Transcription Termination to DNA Damage and Replication Stress.

Morales JC, Richard P, Patidar PL, Motea EA, Dang TT, Manley JL, Boothman DA.

PLoS Genet. 2016 Jul 20;12(7):e1006107. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1006107. eCollection 2016 Jul.


The Kub5-Hera/RPRD1B interactome: a novel role in preserving genetic stability by regulating DNA mismatch repair.

Patidar PL, Motea EA, Fattah FJ, Zhou Y, Morales JC, Xie Y, Garner HR, Boothman DA.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2016 Feb 29;44(4):1718-31. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkv1492. Epub 2016 Jan 26.


Kub5-Hera, the human Rtt103 homolog, plays dual functional roles in transcription termination and DNA repair.

Morales JC, Richard P, Rommel A, Fattah FJ, Motea EA, Patidar PL, Xiao L, Leskov K, Wu SY, Hittelman WN, Chiang CM, Manley JL, Boothman DA.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2014 Apr;42(8):4996-5006. doi: 10.1093/nar/gku160. Epub 2014 Mar 3.


Tumor-selective, futile redox cycle-induced bystander effects elicited by NQO1 bioactivatable radiosensitizing drugs in triple-negative breast cancers.

Cao L, Li LS, Spruell C, Xiao L, Chakrabarti G, Bey EA, Reinicke KE, Srougi MC, Moore Z, Dong Y, Vo P, Kabbani W, Yang CR, Wang X, Fattah F, Morales JC, Motea EA, Bornmann WG, Yordy JS, Boothman DA.

Antioxid Redox Signal. 2014 Jul 10;21(2):237-50. doi: 10.1089/ars.2013.5462. Epub 2014 Apr 3.


Insights into the roles of desolvation and π-electron interactions during DNA polymerization.

Motea EA, Lee I, Berdis AJ.

Chembiochem. 2013 Mar 4;14(4):489-98. doi: 10.1002/cbic.201200649. Epub 2013 Feb 12.


A non-natural nucleoside with combined therapeutic and diagnostic activities against leukemia.

Motea EA, Lee I, Berdis AJ.

ACS Chem Biol. 2012 Jun 15;7(6):988-98. doi: 10.1021/cb300038f. Epub 2012 Mar 13.


Development of a 'clickable' non-natural nucleotide to visualize the replication of non-instructional DNA lesions.

Motea EA, Lee I, Berdis AJ.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2012 Mar;40(5):2357-67. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkr980. Epub 2011 Nov 15.


Quantifying the energetic contributions of desolvation and π-electron density during translesion DNA synthesis.

Motea EA, Lee I, Berdis AJ.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2011 Mar;39(4):1623-37. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkq925. Epub 2010 Oct 15.


Terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase: the story of a misguided DNA polymerase.

Motea EA, Berdis AJ.

Biochim Biophys Acta. 2010 May;1804(5):1151-66. doi: 10.1016/j.bbapap.2009.06.030. Epub 2009 Jul 29. Review.

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